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Sometime in March, my good friend (Entertainment Tonight's) Kevin Gershan talked me into writing a blog. He showed me how to set it up and he wrote the bio that you see. Kevin Gershan used to be the producer for the late Hall of Fame broadcaster Robert W. Morgan. The first blog was written on the 28th of March. A few weeks ago, Jon Badeaux asked me to broadcast this blog on his three internet stations. Badeaux used to work with legendary broadcaster "The Real Don Steele". Having the advantage of this much talent at my disposal has made this blog a continuing one day at a time labor of love that's been a lot of fun. Comments from you readers and listeners have been interesting, helpful, most encouraging and much appreciated.


Headlines all across America pretty much say the same thing.


There are a number of things in play that politicians and social reformers of different stripes just don't seem to get! This so called "melting pot" that we pride ourselves in being a part of, is dangerously close to melting into a "3rd world" situation featuring an insistence on the allowance of multiple languages and lawlessness.

Citizens who are now (as the Peter Finch character in "Network" would say) "Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!" are letting people know that we want English spoken here, we want the immigration laws we now have enforced and just because you want to come here, doesn't mean we should allow you to come here. Legal citizens with their eyes wide open see that we're simply too crowded now. Traffic is an absolute mess and if lawmakers want some new laws about immigration on the books, how about a law that says children born to people who are here illegally are just as illegal as their parents are. A law that says because you're illegal, entitles you to nothing in the way of social services. Too harsh? How about the other side of that coin? Should we legal citizens have to put up with having to wade through different languages and watch while illegals take advantage of free services not available to most legal Americans? And for those who say all of these illegals should be made legal because it will make us a better country? If that's true, why aren't they in their country of origin making that country a better country?

Now that this latest immigration bill is dead, what do we do now? How about this? How about sending some agents into a couple very big American companies who hire, enable and take advantage of illegals so that they don't have to pay legal Americans a decent wage. Then those agents should walk straight to the offices of the CEO's and take those CEO's out of their buildings while wearing handcuffs. And then prosecute those CEO's to the full extent of the law.


The Paris and Larry show was watched by a lot of people on CNN Wednesday night. It beat all the other night time talk shows.

Speaking of ratings...Ratings for "The View" have gone down since Rosie left the show. Producers say they're looking for two new hosts. Whoopi Goldberg seems to have the inside track on one of those jobs. Will Paris Hilton be the other new host?

Michael Moore will be on CNN with Larry King tonight. Moore will be talking about his new film, "Sicko", a film about health insurance. Health insurance is a very serious problem in this country. Way too many Americans can't afford health insurance. Reader/listener LB writes, "Ha! Health insurance. You have to be kidding me. Screwed we are! 50 million, of those able to be counted, Americans without health insurance. The U.S. is ranked 37th in the world when it comes to health care. There is one thing we are ranking number 1 in. And that's being screwed more times than Ms. Hilton."

Okay...a little sarcastic. But another example of citizens taking the position that they're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.


I saw a film on HBO last night that I want to call your attention to. "Rumor Has It". It stars Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine, Mark Ruffalo, Richard Jenkins, Mena Suvari and is/was directed by Rob Reiner. This film has a "The Graduate" connection that you'll understand when you see this film. First of all, I loved the Shirley MacLaine character in "Rumor Has It". Jennifer Aniston, in her search for the truth, was adorable. Mark Ruffalo, playing the confused boyfriend was perfect in his role. Richard Jenkins is always good and Kevin Costner plays smooth, like butter. I laughed, I felt the emotional moments and I liked "Rumor Has It".

Sometime this weekend, I hope to see the new "Die Hard" film with Bruce Willis.

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MONDAY: We'll talk about those gambing agreements Governor Terminator made with the Indians...A great letter about the incompetence that is George W. Bush...and more entertainment news.



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