Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Scooter Libby won't be going to jail because President Bush commuted Libby's 30-month sentence yesterday. Bush said he thought the sentence was "excessive". The prosecutor, judge and a lot of other folks disagree.

Get over it, folks. Anybody with half a brain believes that a few days behind bars might turn Scooter into a "singer" and the Vice President's office would be embarrassed. The fact that this Vice President has been this country's biggest embarrassment in most of our lifetimes is irrelevant. As my agent likes to say, "It is what it is!" What President Bush did is legal. In about 18 months we can forget about this guy and his fumbling, bumbling administration and hope we get something better.

A letter written by Encino, California's Stan Gordon pretty much says it all; "During the 2000 presidential campaign, American voters had many opportunities to learn that George W. Bush had been a failure at everything he attempted in his adult life. Only his family's money and connections allowed this quintessential failure the opportunity to move up to his next venture. What induced the voters in all those red states to believe that, given the toughest job in the world, this man would somehow become competent? So after six years, it isn't surprising that we have the Hurricane Katrina mess, an unending and unwinnable war in the Middle East, the devaluation of our currency, exploding deficits, multiple scandals and a backward step in the sciences. What more will this stubborn, reckless man do in the next two years to turn this nation upside down?"

That pretty much says it all, doesn't it? If you disagree, I welcome your thoughts. Send 'em to scottstjames@sbcglobal.net


Did you hear about this bill that Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano signed yesterday? The New York Times describes it as the toughest state sanctions in the country against employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

The short version of what she signed is this: If employers fail to verify the legal status of their employees, they risk having their business licenses suspended. A second offense could result in the "business death penalty", which would prevent a business from operating in Arizona.

Short Commentary: That's a start. I still advocate having agents walk into the offices of a big company that everyone knows hires illegal immigrants and to haul the CEO of that company out of his building while wearing handcuffs.

In our 4th of July blog tomorrow, I'm going tell you about a letter I received from someone who is doing the work we're told that American citizens won't do and I'm going to tell you about another letter that's headlined, "Cheap Labor?" It's an eye opener.


Bruce Willis hadn't played the John McClane character in what? A dozen years? More? Well, it doesn't figure to be that long before he makes another John McClane film because of what happens in "Live Free or Die Hard". I saw this film yesterday. In almost any film you watch, your mind will drift. Maybe not for long, but it will drift. Not when you watch this film! I mean, get ready for action that never seems to stop, but in a film that actually has a pretty interesting story. About what might happen if a terrorist uses a computer to bring America to its knees. The terrorist is played by Timothy Olyphant who you might remember as the conflicted Sheriff in "Deadwood". Olyphant is very good at being bad and Bruce Willis is very good at being the baddest of the good. The kind of conflict that keeps you riveted. Willis' relationship with a computer expert/slash geek played by Justin Long is big time believable. And wait'll you see Mary Elizabeth Winstead's performance near the end of the film as McClane's (Willis') daughter. But if you like tough women, they don't come any tougher than the character Mai, played by Maggie Q. If you like thrill rides that include a story which'll make you think, you're gonna love "Live Free or Die Hard"!


Big front page story in today's L.A. Daily News about this city's Mayor. The question we're left with is very simple. Will the Mayor ever have the capability of keeping his pants on?

Here's a question for L.A. sports fans. Is Derek Fisher about to rejoin the Lakers?

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TOMORROW: A letter from an American citizen who does the work we're told that only illegals will do and another letter about the high costs of what we're continually told is cheap labor!


Blogger LB said...

I needed to sit on this Scooter thing for a little while before flying off the handle, but I'm cheezed and it's only getting worse.

At first the White House was making noise like the President might actually do the semi-right thing for a change and stay the hell out of the frey.

But, no.

That thing they call the thin blue line...I believe also applies to the justice system. Let's call that, the thin black line.

Those thin lines are what holds society together. It's like kid that weighs ought-nothing controling a half ton horse. If the horse realized it was only a thin kid controling him he'd run wild.

It's the same with the police, it's the same with the justice system. Now that the secret is out that you don't actually have to tell the truth to Congress, the FBI or the Judge, there will be no way to find truth.

You know, the Truth with a capital 'T' as in, Truth...Justice...the American way.

We aren't a nation of laws anymore as the President keeps saying. Hell, maybe we never were. Maybe I didn't get the Memo, or maybe I was the last one to find out the secret. Ppppppppppt!

6:54 PM  

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