Friday, July 27, 2007


It's had an incredible 18-year run on television, a run that shows no signs of ending soon, and now we have the movie!!! That's right, "The Simpsons" are on the big screens beginning today.
A lot of big screens!

I haven't seen it yet, but I've read a lot of reviews. Some are good, some are not so good. But ya know what? That's probably what would happen if these reviewers reviewed the television show.

Let me have a show of hands. How many of you knew that "The Simpsons" are still on television until I just now told you? If you're honest, not all of you are raising your hands which is quite a tribute to "The Simpsons" because it shows that they've managed to survive because new viewers continue to replace any viewers who leave.

That's why I think the audience for "The Simpsons", the movie, will be huge!!!

I won't see "The Simpsons" today, because I'm going to see Lindsay Lohan's new film, "I Know Who Killed Me". I'll get an idea about the attraction of "The Simpsons", because the cineplex I'm going to will (also) be showing "The Simpsons".

Speaking of Lohan's new film...I haven't seen one review of this film in any of the many newspapers I read. Ordinarily, that would mean the people producing the film didn't show screenings for critics because it....Well, there's no other word to use here. Because it stinks! But in this particular case it might simply be because of the recent bad publicity about Lohan, that she brought on herself.

I'm a fan of her work, but Monday, I'll give it to you straight. If I think it stinks, I'll tell you.

Another film opening today features a cast of actors that most people like. "No Reservations", starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin, Patricia Clarkson and Bob Balaban. The reviews for this film are so-so.

Have you seen "Chuck and Larry"? I haven't, but I'm told it's very funny.

All four of the films I've mentioned are playing in the same cineplex I'll be at later this morning. For that matter, so is "Hairspray". If I have enough money and I'm not too full of popcorn, maybe I'll spend the day at this cineplex.


Do you know who Pat Tillman was? The ex-professional football player who gave up the big money to join the military so he could fight terrorists? The guy who was killed and then awarded a Silver Star for bravery until....Oooops!!! It was revealed that Tillman had been killed by "friendly fire". In other words, one of his own guys! And this story's done nothing but gotten uglier ever since. In a story released yesterday, we learned that medical examiners have concluded that Tillman was killed by an M-16 that was fired from a distance of 10 yards or so!!! That suggests an assassination of some kind, or, to use a military term, "fragging".

Meanwhile, it appears that a 3-star General who was allegedly involved in the cover-up, is on the verge of losing one of his stars. And the investigation is continuing.


Speaking of investigations...Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been on a hot seat that appears to be getting hotter. There's talk about possible perjury charges. Charges he might be able to avoid if he would resign. By refusing, that investigation is continuing.


Speaking of investigations...A Grand Jury is still trying to figure out if they'll issue perjury and or tax evasion charges against Bonds while Bonds is busy trying to tie and break Hank Aaron's home run record. Bonds and the Giants host the Florida Marlins this weekend and then Bonds and the Giants will be here in Los Angeles for a three game series with the Dodgers beginning Tuesday.

Sudden Thought: Imagine if you were being investigated by a Grand Jury and everytime you opened a newspaper you were reminded of it. But even if you never open a newspaper, you're reminded about it from loud fans in left field. How many home runs do you think you could hit?

How about singles? Of course if you have no concerns about being found guilty of anything... Wouldn't it be something if that's how the Bonds story ends? That he was guilty of nothing! Except being a jerk!

Final Bonds note...A couple of days ago, Bob Costas hosted a show in which a couple of guys took off after Bonds, verbally. Bonds responded with a shot at Costas. Costas responded to Bonds. Bonds wrote something about it in his blog.

A friend of mine from Entertainment Tonight asked why I didn't mention the above in today's blog?

Here was my response to my ET friend: "I chose to ignore it. Costas had a couple of guys who were willing to pop off. Understandable. Bonds chose to react. Understandable. Costas chose to react to Bonds' reaction. High school. Bonds chose to apologize in his blog for calling Costas a midget."

Well, I guess I did end up writing about it, didn't I?

Full disclosure: Bob Costas and I got our first big break(s) at the same radio station in St. Louis at the same time. I've always liked Bob, but I wouldn't have reacted to Bonds. Off the record and to my friends, I would have simply said, "Midget this!", a response that can mean any number of things.

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