Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sometimes it's dry, sometimes it rains. RAIN is BETTER!!!

What the headline in this blog refers to is something that we all experience in our careers and life in general.

I'm sure you've all heard the expression, "When it rains, it pours."

When someone says that, it usually has a negative connotation to it. As in, "Woe is me, how much WORSE can it BE?!?"

When we do go through one of those periods, as a rule, we find out that things can get worse very easily.

Back to the headline...

Whenever we say something like, "It's dry, man! Things are DRY!!", we're referring to our careers or maybe even our personal lives. But when either situation changes, you might find yourself in the position of possibly having too much of a good thing.

We should all have that problem, right?

I bring this up for a personal reason. My acting career has been slow lately. Dry, actually.

But yesterday, that changed. I've been asked to star in a pilot for television as a guy who's not too fond of illegal immigrants. "Typecasting", perhaps? (Couldn't resist) No, my character's problem has to do with an illegal immigrant who killed my character's wife. The "hero" of this piece is played by the actor who plays my son. Both of us are very flawed human beings. I'll let you know if this gets picked up which would mean it would become a series on television. My four previous leading roles in pilots resulted in those pilots not being picked up. But I'm constantly reminded that George Clooney had more than ten pilots that weren't picked up before he hit it big. And just as I was getting ready to do some serious studying for this role, I've been asked to go to an office tomorrow and read for another lead role in a feature film. A different kind of complex character who happens to be the "head techie" of a big research center and he's also secretly in love with the owner of the research center.

I have my first rehearsal for the pilot tomorrow evening and the audition for the film, tomorrow afternoon. A whole lot of studying.

Sometimes it's dry, sometimes it rains. Yes, rain is better.

That also means this blog will be a little shorter than usual so I can devote more time to my studying.


No matter where you are in the United States, if there are CBS radio and or television stations where you are, some of your favorite people were fired yesterday and the announcement of those firings were made public today. Yes, yesterday was April Fool's day, but what happened wasn't funny for anyone!

Here in Los Angeles, we say goodbye to two long time television news anchors. Ann Martin and Harold Greene. As the days go on, we'll learn about more of our favorites who got (or will get)pink slipped.


I spent a lot of years in television newsrooms and radio studios in this city and it breaks my heart to see what's happening at stations that have been horribly mismanaged because of what is known as "consolidation". "Consolidation" allowed people who know NOTHING about radio and television stations to run them into the ground!

I take it back. There are THREE things these carpetbaggers know about radio and television stations. How to RAPE them, DOWNSIZE them and then SELL them. I'm referring to the owners who made managers be in charge of MULTIPLE stations when it's hard enough to (effectively) manage ONE!!!

You wanna know what the reason was for the massive amount of commercials that were played on your favorite radio and television station? Oh...You don't HAVE a favorite radio and television station anymore? Okay, but when you DID have one? All those commercials were related to greed. It had nothing to do with maintaining an audience because the idiots who own and in some cases manage these stations were convinced you'd NEVER leave!

And why are so many of your favorite radio and television personalities not ON that radio or television station you used to watch or listen to? For quite a while, a number of your favorites have stayed longer than they would have because they agreed to accept (in some cases) multiple pay cuts. But even after bending over, (time and time again) some of your favorites were still (in the eyes of the bean counters) MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY!!!

Someone much smarter than me once said, "You've gotta spend money to make money!" And when you're in business, you've got to RESPECT your customer(s). You DON'T take them for
GRANTED!!! Unless...Because of things pushed by the Clinton and Bush administrations the fat cats are allowed to do whatever the hell they want to. Customers and this country, be damned!

No, a possible depression isn't the fault of new radio and television station destroying owners, but it's one of the reasons we've been in a recession for several months and are in big danger of getting to the dreaded "D" word until we get rid of the leaders we now have and hope to god that we elect someone who will indeed give us "CHANGE!!!"

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Are you ready for the big college basketball games this coming Saturday and next Monday?
Number one UCLA against number one Memphis and number one North Carolina against number one Kansas. The winners of those two games will play for the championship of college basketball next Monday. I'm rooting for UCLA, but I think that North Carolina will win the title.


All the songs sung on American Idol last night were songs made famous by Dolly Parton who also acted as mentor to the 9 remaining A.I. contestants. What you're about to read are short notes I wrote about all of last night's singers, the songs they sang and who I think deserves to be eliminated tonight.

Last night's show began with Vanilla Deluxe Host Ryan Seacrest doing a dumb April Fool's joke. Do what you do best, Ryan! Make money and HOST!!!

1: Brooke sang, "Jolene". I thought Brooke started strong, was weak in the middle and so-so at the end. But when Paula Abdul finished HER "critique", I found myself shaking my head and writing these words; "What does Paula ADD to the show?" And the answer is, "NOTHING!!!"
And Paula Abdul was LIKE that ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Here's an idea. How about instead of eliminating one of the 9 remaining A.I. contestants tonight, the producers of A.I. eliminate PAULA tonight!

2: Older David sang, "Little Sparrow". I thought it was a bad choice and it didn't work. The judges all disagreed with me.

3: Ramiele sang, "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind". I thought it was so-so.

4: Jason sang, "Travelin' Through". I didn't like it.

5: Carly sang, "Here You Come Again". Carly is this year's enigma. She has (arguably) the best singing voice of all the singers, but I thought the song she chose resulted in a so-so performance. After she finished, Simon suggested a change of wardrobe. I'd suggest a change in her decision making regarding the songs she chooses.

6: Young David sang, "Smokey Mountain Memories". I thought his performance was very nice!

7: Kristy sang, "Coat of many Colors". I thought it was good and she passed my "Tingle test" again. Simon didn't like it and Kristy made a sarcastic (with a smile) remark to Simon about still loving him. Yo, Kristy! Nobody loves you like I do, but you gotta put a sock in it, baby. Take the hit and git. You dig?

8: Syesha sang, "I Will Always Love You". This is a great song that Syesha did a great job with, but only at the beginning. The rest of it wasn't bad, but her beginning was very powerful.

9: Michael sang, "It's All Wrong, But It's Alright". All three judges loved it. I thought it was awful.

Overall, I thought last night's singing was at best, so-so. And that means I wouldn't be surprised if just about any of the contestants got eliminated tonight. Here's who I think shouldn't be eliminated. Young David, Syesha, Carly, and Kristy.

Because only one will be eliminated, I will pick someone that the judges loved last night. They loved Older David and Michael. I thought they were the two worst. I believe that Michael is one of these guys who's going to be tough to get rid of because viewers like him. So my choice for elimination tonight is Older David. The loudest sigh of relief you'll hear if he isn't eliminated will come from Jason.


Unless something comes up, a week from today, I'll write the next one. And you know that at least one of the subjects will be something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

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