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While you ponder the question posed in the headline of this blog....

In last week's blog, I said I don't think anyone from Pakistan should be allowed to enter our country. I mentioned this because Pakistan is where Faisal Shahzad was from before he came here and became a U.S. citizen by marrying a woman who was a U.S. citizen. She and he apparently went back to Pakistan where he was trained in the art of bomb making along with who knows what other terrorist tricks of the trade he was taught.

There are two major stories about Pakistan in the latest issues of Time Magazine and Newsweek Magazine. Neither of these stories are what would be described as "complimentary" stories.

This comes as no surprise to me because since 2004, I've been hollering about this "ally of ours" status that has been bestowed upon Pakistan.

But here's something I found out a few days ago that did-DOES surprise me. Since 2001, we have been giving BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN U.S. AID TO THE PAKISTAN ARMY! Every year! Since 2001. Billions of U.S. aid dollars to Pakistan's army. Compliments of the Bush adminstration and the Obama administration.

And where's that change we can believe in?!? I mean, look at all the stuff that Bush was doing that Obama is continuing to do! Bad stuff!!! In some cases, really bad stuff!

The two stupid wars. Kissing Pakistan's ass while they refuse to help us find Osama bin Laden and they look the other way while terrorists are being trained in Pakistan to hurt and kill Americans. Being in favor of some kind of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Kissing the asses of banks and letting them pretty much do whatever they want to do. If big money interests are in favor of something, they were able to count on the Bush administration and now they seem to be able to count on the Obama administration.

Back to the "terrorism" thing for a second. In the new Newsweek, it's pointed out that over the past four decades, much Islamic terrorism has been traced back to two countries: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. In addition to kissing the asses of Pakistani leaders, President Obama was seen BOWING to some Saudi Arabian potentate! Before he left office, President Bush asked for a few favors from Saudi Arabia, but some King or Prince (in essence) patted Bush on the head, smiled and said, "No!" But when that same Saudi leader asked for some weapons from us, President Bush (in essence) dropped his head to ass level of the potentate, kissed it and promised him the weapons. And this was well after 9/11 when those people in the planes were all Saudi Arabians except (I think) one.

Fast forward to the end of President Bush's second term when those of us who were paying attention came to the conclusion that President George W. Bush was the worst President in our lifetimes and might in fact have been the worst President in our history.

Barack Obama, the man who promised us "change we can believe in" was elected President. But because almost a year and a half later we see that President Obama seems to be continuing so many of the same policies that had been championed by President Bush, I find myself asking this question; Is it possible that history will show us that the worst two Presidents of the United States served their terms back to back?

If so, who cares which one of 'em is worst and next to worst.

Gang, our country has a ton of problems right now. Problems that neither of our last two Presidents of the United States have had solutions for.

"CHANGE we can believe in"?!? I don't know about you, but I'm looking at REALITY
I can believe in!


In the 7th paragraph of this blog, I mentioned something about banks being able to do pretty much what they've felt like doing during (at least) the last ten years.

Patrick Emory is retired and living in Florida now, but at one time, he was a big time television news anchor. Places he made a big name for himself include Pittsburgh, St. Louis, here in Los Angeles and for many years on CNN.

I first met Patrick Emory more years ago than either of us admits to being old.

Patrick Emory sent me a Thomas Jefferson quote about banks that I would like to share with you.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Wise words from one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson.

And thank you, Patrick Emory.


I don't know about you, but I have never heard so much non-stop WHINING ever since Arizona passed a law that (in essence) states, "You must OBEY the law!"

Different cities (including here in Los Angeles) are passing resolutions designed to hurt the state of Arizona because they had the audicity to make the distinction between what is legal and what is illegal.

I know. These resolution passers claim they're fighting against "profiling" and people being asked to show some identification documents. Like a driver's license and yes, if you can't speak English, something like a Green Card. No, the Arizona police won't be patrolling sidewalks looking for brown skinned people who look like they might be Latinos. People who will possibly be asked questions about who they are, etc., will be people who have been stopped because they appear to have broken some other law. Like speeding, etc.

If any of us are stopped because a cop thought we were speeding, weaving or some other infraction, we will be asked for identification. If we can't speak English, that results in a big, "Hmmmm!" from the officer who stopped you. And the color of your skin won't matter.

The state of Arizona is being chastised by people who don't seem to think it matters if you're in this country illegally. And a growing number of people want to punish Arizona in economic ways.

In my opinion, we have looked the other way too long! In fact, we should never have looked the other way. But we did, we lived with it and now MOST of us are SICK of it!!!

Other states and communities are trying to pass laws similar to the new Arizona law and I hope they're successful.

Living in the United States of America IS a PRIVILEGE for people who weren't born here. It is NOT their RIGHT to live here. Because we have looked the other way for so long, things have really gotten out of whack. Illegal immigrants get all sorts of free stuff that is paid for by tax money collected from people who live here legally. Even though they've been treated with kid gloves despite the fact they're criminals, way too many of them don't even TRY to learn how to speak English and that has resulted in organizations led by banks to force us to have to push different buttons on our phones so WE can speak ENGLISH with someone. The reason the banks were big leaders in this irritant is because of all the money banks make from illegal immigrants who want to send money back to the country they came from and continue to serve allegiance to.

Tell me again why we should be catering to these illegals?!?


But still talking about illegals, I call your attention to a little joke sent to me by World War II veteran and very legal U.S. citizen, Bill Mouzis.

And here it is...

A Mexican, an Arab and an Arizona girl were in the same bar. When the Mexican finished his beer, he threw the glass in the air, pulled out his pistol and shot the glass to pieces. He said, "In Mexico, our glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the same one twice."

The Arab, obviously impressed by this, finished his non-alcohol beer (because he's a Muslim), then threw his glass into the air, pulled out his AK-47, and shot the glass to pieces. He said, "In the Arab world, we have so much sand that we don't need to drink with the same glass twice, either."

The Arizona girl, cool as a cucumber, picked up her beer, downed it in one gulp, threw the glass into the air, whipped out her 45 and shot the Mexican and the Arab.

After catching her glass, setting it on the bar and calling for a refill, she said, "In Arizona, we have so MANY illegal aliens that we sure as hell don't have to DRINK with the same ones twice!"

Thank you, Bill. Folks, it's just a joke. And that's what illegal aliens think our laws are. A joke.


Only 3 more hours of (to me) the best adventure show we've had on television in a very long time. "24"!!! Kiefer Sutherland has been sensational in his role as Jack Bauer, America's best counter terrorism specialist. When these next three episodes have been shown, after 8 years, "24" will end. And it is obvious that Jack Bauer will not be riding off into the sunset peacefully. Jack is going out as a very troubled patriot and you can see it in his eyes. Folks, what Kiefer Sutherland is giving us right now is an "acting clinic" on how to play a well meaning, but very "disturbed" human being. Jack Bauer has always been a no-nonsense government agent, but right now, Jack Bauer has become something new. A murderer. An executioner, if you will. And he's being assisted by some great guest stars in these final episodes. This past Monday night, Michael Madsen was terrific as a guy who gave Jack some serious assistance.

"24" is seen on Fox, Monday nights at 9, 8 Central. It comes on right after another great show on Fox. "House", which featured a great guest starring performance from Andre Braugher this past Monday.

Another great episode of "The Good Wife" last night. This has been a good year for television because there have been a lot of good shows, but I believe the best show has been "The Good Wife". My favorite show has been "Brothers & Sisters", ABC, Sunday nights at 10, 9 Central. But "Brothers & Sisters" will be losing Rob Lowe after this season ends and the "sister" playing Lowe's wife, Kitty will be on the show only occasionally. In case you didn't know, Lowe's fictional wife is in fact Harrison Ford's real life wife.

This Sunday on ABC, "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters" will be showing season finales.



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