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Children Born In The U.S. To Parents Who Are Illegal Immigrants Should NOT Be Given Automatic Citizenship Here!!!

It seems like EVERYBODY is talking about this subject now. What has prompted this discussion is the fact that more than 90 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have cosponsored legislation to deny citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants.

This is something I have publicly been saying and writing about for more than SIX YEARS!!!

Illegal immigrants having children here is not accidental or "God's will". It happens on purpose and the children are then used as "sympathy cards" when there's even a hint of one of these illegal immigrants being deported. And by the way, when are the suckers who buy into this "sympathy card" business going to wake up and acknowledge the fact that they (the sympathetic suckers) are ENABLING CRIMINALS!!!

If you're doing something illegal, you're a criminal. Illegal immigrants are criminals. Why is this so hard to comprehend?

And what's with this crap about illegal immigrants being beneficial to this (our) country?

That's pure and unadulterated HORSE SHIT!!!

LEGAL immigrants are beneficial to this (our) country. ILLEGAL immigrants are CRIMINALS!!!

CHANGE that damn law, regulation or whatever the hell it is and make it clear that a baby born to illegal immigrant parents is classified the same way the parents are; Being in the United States of America, ILLEGALLY!!!


A lot of you expressed your appreciation to me about what Louisiana native son, Harold Sylvester wrote regarding this mess in last week's blog. I passed your comments along to Harold and he was pleased to hear from you.

That spill is now affecting Florida, too. We're hearing about gas prices going down, but if you look closely, you will see that most of the price drops are at BP stations, which here in California, are ARCO stations.

I don't know if the White House can honestly do anything about this horrible on top of horrible disaster, but I get the feeling that a lot of people would like President Obama to at least act like he's doing something. I guess maybe if President Obama decided to play like he was Sarah Palin at a Tea Party rally while being paid a hundred grand to say stupid and untrue things while acting like she was saying something serious, the complainers would then feel like we had a Commander in Chief showing "he's in charge".

Okay, I took a couple of what I think were deserved shots at the "Governor who quit" (yeah, that's real leadership), but honestly, folks, even those of you who voted for Obama (like I did), are you getting the sense he's doing what's necessary in this case?

Maybe it's time for President Obama to invite a bunch of TV crews into the White House so he can put on a show for them. Like...I dunno...Maybe hold his breath until his face turns red...That would probably be "Must see TV"....And then when he's ready to breathe, start pounding his fists on his desk until both of his hands start to bleed....And then while talking about the citizens of Louisiana, start to cry....And then threaten to send everyone associated with BP (British Petroleum) to PRISON!

Is something like what I just described what the American people want from this President?

Hey, it would be "Must see TV", just like that train wreck "Governor who quit" always is.


One of Sarah Palin's biggest admirers is Sean "I am a great American" Hannity. His radio show is heard here in the Los Angeles area on KABC. That is also the station that carries the Los Angeles Dodgers and whenever a day game is played, the Hannity show is preempted. A couple of weeks ago, the Dodgers were having some problems and after the game ended, "Dodger Talk" was on the air. One of the hosts, Ken Levine, is a guy I've known for a lot of years. Major, major television writing talent (shows like "Cheers", "Frazier", etc.) who has won multiple Emmy awards, but he's also a guy who's a huge baseball fan. In fact, Levine's done play by play for several major league baseball teams when he isn't making millions while writing for a hot television show.

Anywayyyy....Back to Ken Levine being on the air after a Dodgers day game and some people were calling to complain about the fact that they couldn't hear Sean Hannity. Levine decided to respond to their complaints when he said, "And for those of you who have called and are upset because you weren't able to hear Sean Hannity today, here's all you have to know; Hannity said that all the problems the Dodgers are having is Obama's fault!"

Friend or foe of the Hannity show knew exactly what Levine was referring to.

"American Idol"...

Those of us who are fans of "American Idol" know that there were some "goofy moments" on that show this past season and the fact that the singers weren't all that good might be why some of those "goofy moments" took place.

And nobody but nobody was goofier that Ryan Seacrest this past season. No, not all the time, but when he was, we noticed, shook our heads and wondered if he would be back next season.

If what I've been told is true, we're not the only ones who have been wondering that. So have "A.I." producers and so have officials at Fox.

As we all know, Simon Cowell "has left the building". A year ago, Paula Abdul "left the building". According to the television ratings this season, a whole bunch of viewers "left the building".

There has apparently been talk of cleaning house at "American Idol". For those of us who have spent time in the entertainment business here (like I have), conversations like this aren't unusual. Executives are always trying to figure out how to make things better and when executives decide they think someone is "losing it", they kick around the idea of a replacement. Or in this case, replace-MENTS!

What I am told is that no ironclad decisions have been made (yet), but serious conversations involving Ryan, Randy, Ellen and Kara have been kicked around. As in, which of these four might be "kicked to the curb". One of them? Two of them? All of them? None of them?

And don't forget, they're also looking for a replacement for Simon.

Here are some of the names that have been mentioned by these executives.

Adam Lambert. Justin Timberlake. Queen Latifah. Harry Connick Jr. Madonna. Shania Twain. Lindsay Lohan.

And here are my thoughts.

Adam Lambert? Yes!!!

Justin Timberlake? Hell, yes!!! Did you see him when he hosted The Espy's?

Queen Latifah? Hell, yes!!! Super, super personality, but because she's in big demand as an actor, she quite likely wouldn't have the time to do this show.

Harry Connick Jr? No! He was praised for his mentoring this season, but I wasn't as impressed with him as some others were.

Madonna? Yes and No! She would certainly get a lot of attention for the show, but I can't help but wonder what kind of team player she would be.

Shania Twain? Hell, yes! Drop dead gorgeous with a killer smile who has tons of musical street cred. And she also comes across as a very nice person.

Lindsay Lohan? Okay, I'm laughing with you. Seems preposterous to even consider her, doesn't it? But for train wreck value alone, she might be what fans missed when Paula Abdul left the show. But Paula always "showed up". Could "American Idol" producers be convinced that Lohan would always "show up"? If they could be convinced, a Lindsay Lohan hire could end up being exactly what "American Idol" needs.

Could any of these people possibly be Ryan Seacrest replacements? Yes! Two of them. Queen Latifah and Justin Timberlake. And maybe...Adam Lambert. I mean, how creative would that casting be?


Please write to me at and I will respond to you immediately. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you. Again... and I will gladly respond to you immediately.


Barring unforseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, June 9 or very early Thursday morning, June 10.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!


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