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General McChrystal is no longer involved with Afghanistan because he was stupid! And it's time to END the Bush bashing!

Like a lot of you, I stopped listening to Sean Hannity on a regular basis quite some time ago. Because of General McChrystal's stupidity, I decided to listen to some of Hannity's show today so I could hear him defend McChrystal and probably sound stupid doing it.

He didn't disappoint me.

Hannity has never been in the military, but he likes to talk a lot about the military and more times than not he comes across as a complete idiot to those of us who weren't too busy "to serve" a single enlistment, an enlistment that led to retirement or something in between.

Behind closed doors, a General can speak as openly he wants and for as long as he wants when he's speaking to his Commander in Chief, who is the President of the United States. A General can not go popping off publicly about policies put into play by his Commander in Chief. There's no gray area there. He simply can not do that! Why a smart guy like General McChrystal decided to do what he did is as baffling to me as the question I have about what the real and truthful reason was that President Bush decided to attack Iraq.

More on President Bush in a minute.

General McChrystal knows he was wrong and that's why he showed up in President Obama's office today with a letter of resignation. I heard only the first half hour of Hannity's show today, so it's entirely possible that someone talked to him during a break and got him straightened out, but what I heard was someone (Hannity) who was absolutely clueless while wailing like a stuck pig about the injustice suffered by McChrystal. No, Sean! There was no injustice. There's no wiggle room for what McChrystal did, McChrystal knew it, you, Sean Hannity, didn't know it, what else is new (sarcasm intended) and now we move on.

And here's what would really be nice. If we moved OUT! As in, out of Afghanistan.

We are accomplishing nothing there. We are accomplishing nothing in Iraq. And we are spending billions of dollars A DAY accomplishing nothing!

We also spend billions on top of billions helping other countries!


Because we're the "good guys" and we make it our business to help every country who needs our help?

At the risk of sounding like a "party pooper", am I out of line if I point out that while we're spending billions that turn into trillions in other countries with money from United States of America taxpayers.... that we are depriving OUR country, The United States of America, the use of billions that turn into trillions of dollars that we desperately need to solve OUR problems.

Is it too much to ask our leaders to quit playing the World's Policeman and the World's Santa Clause until we get our OWN shit taken care of?

I mean, we got some SERIOUS shit that has to be taken care of here!

Excuse my broken English and salty language, but it's way past time to get "simple" about this. And simply stated, We need to get THIS house in order! To hell with everybody else's house until THIS house is fixed.

Yes, I am calling for "isolationism". Let everyone else worry about fixing their problems instead of calling upon benevolent Uncle Sam to do their fixing for them!

It's time (long past time) for Uncle Sam to STAY HOME!

And when we get our shit together, then we can occasionally lend a helping hand if we're so inclined.

If you have any thoughts and or comments about what I'm suggesting, please write to me at and I will respond to you immediately.

Speaking of "it's time" or "long PAST time"... I believe it's time (or long past time) to stop bashing Bush. As in George W. Bush, the man I think is the worst president we've had in my lifetime and he might be the worst president we've had in America's history.

Bush bashing is something I began doing after he was elected for a second term about the time we were learning for certain that his administration had lied to us about reasons to go to Iraq and it appears his administration also lied to us about why we went to Afghanistan.

Look, this guy was a silver spooned frat boy with serious daddy issues who, if he had gotten his way, would have destroyed the Social Security system so that it could benefit his rich friends and he would have offered amnesty to pretty much all of the illegal immigrants. People like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity got voters to jam the White House switchboards with messages demanding "NO amnesty!" for illegal immigrants and Bush backed off. The switchboard assault campaign was also effective regarding the attempt to sabotage Social Security.

But if you're eyes are open, you can see that some people (maybe even President Obama) who seem to want to offer aid and comfort to illegal immigrants and there are dangerous candidates for office who are making new noise about screwing up Social Security in a way that will benefit their rich campaign contributors.


George W. Bush isn't our president anymore. Yeah, he was part of the problems we are suffering from, but a lot of these problems are problems he inherited, he didn't know how to fix them, so anything he did, made the problems worse.

But you know what? That's beginning to sound like a description of President Barack Obama, too! I mean, is it possible, that the two worst presidents in our history were-are our two most RECENT presidents? If true, may God have mercy on us all!


Yo, President Obama! Put a sock in it! And that's what the rest of us should do, too. Fuh-git about President Bush! He was yesterday and yesterday's gone. Let's concentrate on today and tomorrow.


Those of you who don't live here in the Los Angeles area might not know this, but right after the Lakers beat the Celtics in the championship game of the NBA Finals, there was a lot of celebrating outside Staples Center, which is where the game was played. Some of the people doing the "celebrating" set fire to things, did serious damage to automobiles, broke windows in buildings, etc., on top of law breaking etc. Some pictures of these criminals were taken and some of those pictures were published in newspapers. Would it surprise you if I told that many (if not all) of these criminals looked like people who should be asked if they are in this country legally? And would it surprise you if many (if not all) of these criminals ARE in this country illegally? It wouldn't surprise me, either.

Before going to the Entertainment Stuff, this final question:


Look, I know he probably figures that 660 million dollars he got the Catholic Church to pay was hush money for life, but should it be? Or should it have been?

Just wonderin'...


This past Saturday, I finally saw the film, "W." on The Movie Channel (TMC). Josh Brolin starred as George W. Bush, Elizabeth Banks played Laura Bush, James Cromwell played W's father and Richard Dreyfuss played Dick Cheney. In real life, Cheney and Dreyfuss are political opposites, but I thought Dreyfuss "played" Cheney terrifically.

In fact, I thought all the actors were good. Josh Brolin was, to me, a very believable "W."

And that's why I went to see Josh Brolin's new film, "Jonah Hex", a couple of days ago.

This film has gotten bad reviews and box office wise, it looks like it's going to lose a lot of money. It supposedly "only" cost 45 million or so to make, but it made less than 6 million last week and that's whacha call, "not good".

Besides Josh Brolin, "Jonah Hex" also has Megan Fox and some other fine actors. The actors all did their jobs well, Megan Fox was good and looking good, too....I wasn't bored while watching this film....I never looked at my watch....To me, "Jonah Hex" is not a bad-bad film, but I wouldn't call it a good film, either. "Passable" is what it was-is and "passable films" are films that should have gone straight to DVD.

I haven't seen the new Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film, "Knight and Day". Yet! It opened today and Kenneth Turan, the L.A. Times' lead film critic, raved about this film. And here's something I'LL rave about. In the new July issue of "Playboy", Cameron Diaz is "The Interview". I've never met Ms. Diaz, but after reading this interview, I have a better understanding of why so many people like her as much as they do. Especially guys. If you get a chance, I wholeheartedly recommend what I think is a fun read.

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Write to me at and I will respond to you immediately. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address so I won't be able to respond to you. Again..... and with pleasure, I'll respond to you immediately. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, June 30 or very early Thursday morning, July 1.


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