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Why Are Our Political Leaders and Judges Afraid To Call for the Arrest of and Prosecution of, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?!?

cI've written about Bill Mouzis in previous blogs. He's a friend of mine. WWII, combat veteran. He's a law abiding citizen who loves this country. He's backed up his love for this country by fighting to defend it. He has nothing against immigrants who come to this country, legally. Immigrants who come here legally, who learn to speak English, who learn to blend in and who have no other loyalty to any other country are welcomed with open arms by Bill Mouzis and other people who think the way Bill Mouzis thinks. Which according to surveys, is most of us. Including me.

But for reasons that defy logic, illegal immigrants are given the mother of free rides in this country. Free health care, free educations for children who get automatic citizenship when their illegal immigrant parents give birth to them, freedom (for the most part) from prosecution for being here illegally, etc. on top of stupid etc. And speaking of stupid... Automatic Citizenship For Children Born To Illegal Immigrants Is OFF THE CHARTS, STUPID!!!

And so I ask this question; What are our officials AFRAID OF?!? We have millions of lawbreakers here. Despite wonderfully choreographed propaganda to the contrary, the majority of these illegals have no interest in learning English and they have very little interest in their children learning English. I see and hear this ALL THE TIME!!! And I'll bet that you do, too!

There are a lot of people who joke about California becoming Mexifornia. And maybe that will happen. And if it does, we will be getting close to becoming a 3rd World country. Wouldn't that be fun? Huge drug wars? No respect for the police?

Would you take that sitting down? I wouldn't.

Again...What are our officials afraid of? We have millions of lawbreakers here. And we kiss their asses because.....WHY?!?

Back to my friend Bill Mouzis...He wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times that was published by them today. And here's what Bill wrote:

"I, like so many others, fail to understand why illegal immigration remains an issue. Simply put, the law is being broken; those breaking it are criminals; they must be punished; and politicians abetting the criminals must be thrown out of office and convicted of obstructing justice. End of discussion."

Bravo, Bill! I couldn't have said it better myself.

One more thing about that subject. The biggest enablers of illegal immigrants are the rich and the powerful. If the rich and the powerful really cared about our country, with a snap of their fingers, this problem would go away.

But historically, the rich and powerful don't give a good goddamn about anything!


A very interesting Newsweek cover story in the new June 14 issue that's headlined, "What The Spill Will Kill" And in this story, among other things, we learn more about what kinds of fine citizens these B.P. people are and the off the charts horrible havoc this spill continues to cause.

Also in the new Newsweek is a column written by George Will about an effort to reform our tax code in a bill called, "Wyden-Gregg". Those are the names of the two authors. Ron Wyden, Democrat Senator from Oregon and Judd Gregg, Republican Senator from New Hampshire.

In simple terms, they are calling for the elimination of almost all deductions and the number of income-tax brackets would be reduced to three; 15, 25 and 35 percent.

Like with all things, there's a little more to it than that, but anything that would result in SERIOUSLY simplifying our tax code is something I'd be in favor of just for the time it would save.

In 1981, I was doing a talk show here in Los Angeles and a once a week guest of mine was the then famous columnist, Jack Anderson. He was advocating a "flat tax", something I'm STILL in favor of. The more we talked about it, the more noise was made about it. At that time, I was working for the great cowboy star, Gene Autry who owned this radio station. Gene would end up hiring me three different times and I ended up writing, producing and narrating a 7-hour radio special about him and his career. The only time Gene Autry EVER said anything to me about what I was doing on the air was when (one day) he called me after I had finished my show and said, "We don't need no flat tax talk on this radio station!"

Needless to say, living by the code of, "mine is not to reason why, mine is simply to comply", I said, "Yes, sir!" and I never talked about it again on his radio station.

Gene Autry was great to me. I loved the man before he made that phone call to me and I loved him after he made that phone call to me. And I knew that he loved me.

But after he made that phone call to me, here's something else I knew. A "flat tax" would be better for everyone who wasn't-isn't, rich.


John Wooden, R.I.P.

And if there's an afterlife of some kind, I wonder if he'll say, "Thank you!" to Sam Gilbert.

Here in Los Angeles, we're pretty excited about the Lakers and right now, the Lakers are two wins away from winning another NBA Championship Trophy. GO LAKERS!!!


The season finale of "Justified" was on FX last night and I think we're about out of season finales, aren't we? "Justified" star Timothy Olyphant is going to be a serious Emmy contender this year. He is sooo good in that show. But so are all the supporting players.

Do you know who Adrien Brody is? If not, he won the best actor Oscar for his 2002 performance in "The Pianist". The award was presented to him by Halle Berry who was then shocked because Brody showed his excitement by giving her a full tongue lip-lock kiss. In any other setting, he goes to jail, but this was the Academy Awards and he was given a pass. Just like illegal immigrants get. (sorry, couldn't resist.)

Anyway, Brody is in a new film that just came out and I saw it Sunday afternoon. It's called, "Splice" and the reviews have been mostly good, but it's having trouble selling tickets. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley play brilliant and rebellious young scientists and an actress I wasn't familiar with, Delphine Chaneac, plays the role of a "living scientific experiment".

And as strange as that sounds, know this; This is a strange movie. But I was never bored. Not for one second.

When the film ended, I didn't know if I liked it or what I thought about it, but I couldn't help but think about Adrien Brody. And the films he's chosen to perform in ever since he won his Oscar. Adrien Brody seems to be doing films and playing characters that the young James Spader used to play and do. Interesting, strange, dangerous and with a hint of insanity.

That make any sense to you?

If you go see it, I don't think you'll think you wasted your money.


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