Thursday, July 01, 2010

More Bad Economic News! Sonia and the Second Amendment! "Gore The Groper"? Oprah for President? Blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants?

Are you getting ready for some fireworks? 4th of July this coming Sunday!

Meanwhile, plenty of fireworks here and more fireworks seem to be on the way.

I think today's (late by a day) blog will be more of a "notes" blog than it usually is. In other words, I'll probably be uncharacteristically brief with today's topics.

And in no particular order, here we go...

Uh, oh! More economic news! And it's all bad! You'll be reading about it and hearing about it. But if you're like me, you don't have to read or hear about it. You're FEELING it!!!

Because the company he works for allegedly wants him to take a pay cut, Ryan Seacrest might be getting out of the everyday aspect of the radio business. Is this something that anyone outside the radio industry even cares about?

After twenty five years, Larry King will leave the everyday aspect of the television talking business sometime in the next few months. King's top choice to be his replacement? Ryan Seacrest.

If you've been reading about those eleven so-called Russian spies that were recently arrested, you have probably also been reading all the attention that one of the "spies", Anna Chapman has been getting. Before getting arrested, Chapman was known for putting sultry pictures of herself on Facebook and videos on YouTube. Regulars at hot Manhattan night clubs she frequented thought she was a billionaire or a hooker. I'm not making that up. The first time I saw a picture of her and read the story about why she was arrested, I couldn't help but think of the James Bond film franchise. I mean, if she's a real spy, she already knows how to "ACT" and think of the extra publicity the new Bond film would get.

I've never written about the Second Amendment in this blog. That's the amendment in our Constitution that gives all American citizens "The Right To Bear Arms". As in, for the most part, guns. Sonia Sotomayor is our newest Supreme Court Justice or Judge. In a recent ruling that was related to the Second Amendment, her vote was part of the losing side of a 5-4 vote, a vote that she made that seems to show she might be against the Second Amendment. And that makes folks wonder if Elena Kagan, President Obama's choice to be our next new Supreme Court Justice is a person who might be against the Second Amendment.

Here's how I stand on the Second Amendment. I'm a gun owner. I have an "Enquiring Mind" negative curiosity regarding people who find it necessary to stockpile assault rifles and tremendous amounts of ammunition, but I (otherwise) wholeheartedly support the Second Amendment. Now here's why I'm writing about this subject for the first time; If President Obama, in his heart of hearts, wants to overturn the Second Amendment, that's NOT "The change you can believe in" that I supported when I voted for him!

Speaking of President Obama...I don't know if what Obama haters are saying about illegal immigration is true, but if it is....

IF... And this is a huge "IF", folks...If President Obama is about to seriously try to get a mass amnesty bill for illegal immigrants passed, I will admit to having made a serious mistake about voting for this guy and I would consider supporting any legal move to get him thrown out of office.

I'm big on "facts", folks! Let's see what the "facts" are, not rumors, before we go "crazy" over this rumor. Same deal with the Second Amendment allegations.

And how about some real "facts" regarding this Al Gore business. People who don't believe in Global Warming are loving the gossip stories that have emerged about Gore ever since he announced he was getting a divorce from his wife. Annnd (of course) this 4-year old "groping" allegation which was never pursued but has now been reopened for investigation by police in Portland. So let's all be ready for references to "Gore, the groper".


Afghanistan...I've been very clear about my position on this subject. I think that neither the Bush administration or the Obama administration have given us any good reason or reasons to be there for more than NINE YEARS and counting except for the original reason which was to capture and or kill Osama bin Laden. And by the way, how's that working out? We have the best military in the world and for more than nine years we haven't been able to find this guy?

Just for the sake of argument, let's assume there's a very GOOD reason we're there but that everyone we've elected during the last nine years or so is just too stupid to explain it to us.

And let's assume that this very good reason we're in Afghanistan is a military objective.

That means killing the enemy, folks. I mean, KILLING the enemy! Wiping them out! No mercy! And while we're doing this, don't be worrying about Afghanistan's health care, schools or anything else until the mission, the U.S. mission that two administrations think has been very important, is completed.

Now...If we CAN'T (for whatever reason) do the military mission, then damn it, get the hell out of there!

When are we as citizens of the greatest country in the world going to stand up to these so-called leaders we have and say, "ENOUGH!" ENOUGH with the concerns about people in places like Afghanistan and Iraq! ENOUGH! When are you, our leaders, going to concentrate on the problems, HUGE problems that WE have in THIS country? Problems that have absolutely NOTHING to do with improving the comfort zones of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, but in fact, have a LOT to do with getting them the hell OUT of here!"

Gang, we let that Bush group of incompetents run all over us. Are we going to continue to do that during this administration as well?

Here's the other political thing I want to throw out there:

My good friend Don Barrett (publisher-owner of and I had one of our many long conversations the other day and the subject of "leadership" was brought up. And Don threw a name at me and wondered what I thought about this name as possibly be a serious candidate to be a future President of our United States.


Above all, Don likes her overall positive nature about things and he believes we need more of what she's usually selling, which is optimism.

Right after he mentioned her name, in the middle of telling my why he mentioned her name, Don interrupted himself and said to me, "Don't laugh at me!", to which I said, "I'm NOT laughing! I'm listening!"

And in my mind, I was saying, "Hmmmmm...."

"KNIGHT and Day"!

That's the title of the new Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film. I saw it last Friday. Some reviewers liked the film, some didn't, but all reviewers seem to agree on this; "Knight and Day" is a film for adults.

Here's my take on "Knight and Day". When the film begins, Tom Cruise lights up the screen immediately even when he isn't saying or doing anything except listening.

Cameron Diaz is a perfect partner for him to have in this film. Not because she's being a wallflower or subservient, but because she is the exact opposite of those things.

I will honestly tell you that this action-adventure comedy has more holes in it than any slices of Swiss Cheese that you'll have on your plate(s) and there will be times when while your watching that the words "That's preposterous!" will enter your brain. But folks, I gotta tell ya that in the big picture of your "enjoyment" none of the holes or preposterousness will matter. When I was leaving the Cineplex after the film had ended, one thing I heard a person say that stands out to me was this; "That was SO bad, it was GOOD!"

This movie's not gonna win any awards, folks. "Knight and Day" is simply a "Fun Film" and a film that I thoroughly enjoyed! Check it out!

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, July 7.

Meanwhile, I hope that you and yours have a very happy and safe 4th of July weekend! And when you get a second, try to remember what the 4th of July is really about.


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