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A World War II Veteran Has A Few Things To Say About Karl Rove And The People He Supports!!!

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The World War II veteran I'm referring to is Bill Mouzis, a decorated soldier who fought for our country and then, not long after he returned to being a "citizen", he was on his way to becoming a radio legend. Anyone who was anyone in Los Angeles radio knows or knew who Bill Mouzis was. A legendary engineer-production whiz at 93/KHJ and after that, he spun his magic at 710/KMPC, "The Station of the Stars", a station I had the pleasure of working at three different times. Yes, that was the station that was owned by the VERY legendary, Gene Autry.

Because I know that many people who read this blog are people who often disagree with me, let me eliminate a couple of things you might think about Bill Mouzis while you're reading his commentary. Don't think for a minute that Mr. Mouzis is a soft-headed guy who probably would like to have everybody's guns' taken away. Mr. Mouzis knows how to use a gun and he believes in the 2nd Amendment. And because of some of what he writes in this commentary, don't think for one minute he has something against our country having a strong defense. Mr. Mouzis fought in World War II.

Before you see the commentary Mr. Mouzis wrote, let me preface what he has written by telling you that the deregulation of the financial services industry in the 80's (thank you, Mr. Reagan) and the 90's (thank you, Mr. Clinton), the real estate "bubble" (thank you, Mr. Bush), people going crazy with credit cards thinking they had "free money", (cash advances which began under Mr. Reagan) and the overall letting banks and financial institutions being virtually un-checked (thank you Mr. Reagan, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush) led to what we're facing now. Which is a first class mess because no one, but no one saw it coming. That "free money" we thought we were getting was addictive, bankruptcy lawyers are getting richer and the rest of us have that "what happened?" look on our faces.

Okay. I've given you the set-up. Here's the commentary from Bill Mouzis.

So we hear repeatedly today about turning the Democrats out in the upcoming election and turning around the economy.

I say, turning it around to what? The Bush years that henchmen like Karl Rove are wanting us to return to? The same Rove who said that all he wanted before Bush was elected was four years and that is all they would need to make the changes they wanted. The same Rove who is coming at us now under the banner of The Tea Party?

Let me see if I can recall some of the changes Rove concocted and implemented.

(a) A balanced budget becoming so unbalanced it literally bankrupted our country.

(b) A tax break for the very rich who do not even comprehend what the trickle-down policy is all about as they hoard their wealth.

(c) The other 96% of the wealthy who do understand the trickle-down policy and insist it works. Yep, we know for whom - certainly not for the people or small businesses.

(d) No prosecution of employers hiring illegal immigrants with no suitable protection of our borders and no apparent concern for the security of our country.

(e) No effective monitoring of the banking, investment and insurance industries that have literally thrown millions of people out of their homes and no curtailment of ever-increasing medical costs imposed by doctors and hospitals.

(f) No effective monitoring of Wall Street which resulted in one of the greatest crises in the history of our country and banks that were gift wrapped billions of dollars of taxpayer money to keep them in solvency. Also the vast amounts lost by investors in the stock market.

(g) Unemployment at heights mirroring that of the Great Depression with no signs of curtailing overseas employment that has stripped American citizens of the right to earn an affordable living under the free enterprise system.

(h) The war-mongering corporations who want us to remain in Iraq and Afghanistan to enrich their treasuries without any concern for American lives sacrificed.

Overall, the resultant effect of the Bush, Cheney and Rove leadership was deadly to the core with unemployment rates at record heights along with the millions who lost their homes and jobs. All this without even a health plan to rely on. Obviously this is what Rove and his cozy conspirator politicians mean when they continue to spout off about turning the economy around. They simply want it back to what it WAS!!! Hopefully, the American people will see the picture clearly this time and not make the same mistake it made ten years ago in electing George W. Bush. It may be recovering too slow for comfort right now but damage of the kind left behind takes time to repair and correct. I am confident though it will be done now that the President has taken the position of not relying solely on Congress and finally involving himself more individually. Hopefully the public will not make the wrong decisions in this critical time in our recovery. The Democrats are not perfect by any means but their faults pale in comparison with the greedy conniving right wing of our government.

In closing, I will repeat what I have said many times....

For the right to participate in the free enterprise system comes the grave responsibility of also serving and/or supporting our society as a whole, namely those not capable of making a survivable living in such a competitive world. This is the price we pay for a democratic form of government and this is something the corrupt entities and politicians in our country have never understood.

Again...All that you just finished reading is a commentary that was written by World War II warrior and L.A. radio legend, Bill Mouzis.

Thanks, Bill.

If you would like to make a comment about what Mr. Mouzis wrote and or what I wrote before showing you Mr. Mouzis's commentary, write to me at I read everything that's sent to me unless it's sent to me "anonymously". If you would like your response to be printed but without your name being included, I will be happy to do that.

Tip of the Cap:

How about that rescue job on behalf of those miners in Chile? Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

Sports items:

Should we really care about what the Minnesota Vikings quarterback did or didn't send to the Playboy model/cheerleader/sex symbol?

The Yankees will play the Rangers and the Giants will play the Phillies in two championship series' that will determine which teams will end up in the World Series. My choices are the Rangers and the Phillies, but a Giants win wouldn't shock me because of their pitching.

Personal item:

I will be on CRN again this Friday afternoon from 4-5, Pacific Time. My co-host will be my long time friend, Harold Sylvester who is also a very fine actor, writer, producer and director. We'll have movie reviews, pro football picks and conversation about whatever is hot in the political arena or whatever else we think is hot. If you'd like to check us out, all you have to do is click onto

Entertainment stuff:

I think the new Clint Eastwood film that stars Matt Damon opens this Friday and I plan to see it. I think the new film, "Red", starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and a lot of other "veteran" actors will open this Friday as well. That's another film I plan to see.

Coming soon will be the film, "Fair Game", starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. It's the story of former CIA agent, Valerie Plame-Wilson and her husband, Joe Wilson. Valerie was an undercover CIA agent who seems to have been "outed" by members of the Bush administration because they were ticked off at her husband. Scooter Libby ended up being the only one who was convicted of anything and Vice President Cheney was very disappointed/annoyed that President Bush didn't end up giving a "Pardon" to Libby. We'll probably never know the truth if I'm right, but in my heart of hearts I believe that a former boss of the CIA, a guy who also happens to have been a Vice President, President and the father of George W. Bush is the reason that George W. Bush didn't give Libby that "Pardon". And I will also always wonder if Karl Rove is very lucky he didn't end up in jail for what happened. And Rove, if he had anything to do with the "outing" of Agent Plame, is lucky he wasn't involved back when what he might have done was a firing squad offense.

As far as television goes, a new show I like has been cancelled already. "Outlaw", starring Jimmy Smits. This is a show that's been shown on Friday nights at 10, Pacific Time on NBC, but beginning immediately, the four unseen episodes of that show will be shown on Saturday nights.

"Brothers & Sisters" seems to be slowly getting it's groove back.

"The Event", Tuesday nights at 9, Pacific Time on NBC is a thriller of the first order. Jason Ritter is the star of this show and he's doing a terrific job. Jason Ritter also happens to be the son of former big time television star, John and the grandson of former Cowboy movie star and Country music star, Tex.

"Glee" just seems to outdo itself week after week.

"The Good Wife" is to me, the best show on television.

Television producer Dick Wolf is on fire right now. His "Law & Order, SVU" and "Law & Order, L.A." shows are hot, hot, hot. Especially his "SVU" show.

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I hope that all of you have a great rest of the week and an interesting weekend.


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