Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Except for a whole bunch of Americans getting killed or seriously wounded, what was accomplished?

Ah, the war hawks are beating their drums again.


I can guarantee the loudest of these war hawks never spent one minute in a military uniform. Here's something else I'm damn near willing to guarantee. These war hawks have a financial piece of some company, compan-ies or they're being financially encouraged by lobbyists who represent outfits like the former "Blackwater", etc.

Libya? American troops (maybe) in LIBYA? If this were to happen, we would be told that our troops wouldn't be there for very long.

Isn't that pretty much what we heard when we sent our troops to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan?

Here's a very serious question I'd like to ask. Besides a whole bunch of Americans getting killed or suffering life altering wounds and billions on top of billions of American dollars being spent, what did we actually accomplish that was "positive" in any of those places?

And here's a question I've asked before and I'll ask it again; When did the rest of the world, or ANY PART of the world say, "America, we want you to be our policeman!"

We once had a civil war HERE! What do you think our reaction would have been if a foreign country had come here and given/gave military support to our Blue or Gray army?

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Our Wonderful Economy:

How 'bout dem gas prices?!? In my part of the Los Angeles area, the lowest price is $3.97 a gallon and climbing. How 'bout dem food prices?!? Brutal, huh? When's the last time you got a raise at your job? OR...When's the last time you HAD a job?

Have you been paying attention to all these robots and other machines that are doing jobs that we Americans used to do? And how about all those patriotic American business owners who have outsourced thousands on top of thousands of what used to be jobs done by Americans to places like India? I heard Donald Trump tell David Letterman about how American Express "customer service" employees are now in India. As much money as an outfit like American Express makes from AMERICANS, you would think they might.....

But then again, why should they? They've got the politicians making sure their taxes are lower than low instead of being taxed surcharges for this "slight of hand" crap our political leaders let them get away with.

And then there's the issue of illegal immigrants. Some behind the scenes very influential people have to be the ones responsible for spreading the nonsense that illegal immigrants aren't any kind of "drain" on our economy. And are we sick and tired of hearing about how illegal immigrants do jobs here that Americans won't do? YO!!! REALITY CHECK TIME! If you have to provide for your family and you (as so many others have) were laid off (fired) because the company you were working for didn't want to pay your salary anymore, don't you think you would take a job picking grapes if that was the only job that was available? Or working at a 7/11, A&P, cleaning toilets, mowing lawns, etc. etc.? Of course you would! But as long as we have newspaper columnists and churches providing "cover" for these "criminals", we will continue to get closer and closer to becoming a 3rd world country if we don't rise and demand that our laws be enforced. REALLY enforced! Illegal immigrants cost this country billions and billions of dollars. Anyone who tells you they don't and that they (the illegals) are in fact a benefit to our country is LYING TO YOU!!! With one exception. The people that "champion" these illegals are, for the most part, people who HIRE illegals instead of Americans! And yes, those criminal illegal immigrants are a "benefit" to the criminal Americans who hire these criminals.


Okay....I'm going to lighten things up a little....

Jon Badeaux is a long time reader of this blog. In fact, when I first started writing this blog, I was writing it everyday. Jon owned three radio stations and he asked me to do a daily audio version of this blog which I did until I had to turn this blog into a once a week thing.

Jon wrote me a little joke before I started writing this blog and here it is:

There was a knock on the door this morning. I opened it to find a young man standing there who said, "I'm a Jehova's Witness."

I said, "Come in and sit down. What do you want to talk about?"

He said, "Beats the shit out of ME, I've never gotten this far before."

Ba-da-bing and thank you, Jon!!!

Political quote of the day:

"If GOP candidates continue to smear Obama about where he comes from, the president will be staying right where he is for another four years."

The person who said that was/is, Mark McKinnon. Who is Mark McKinnon? Former Bush and McCain strategist.


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she'll make a decision on whether or not to be a presidential candidate in a few months. She sometimes comes across as being a little wacky because of the way she often "stretches the truth", but I'll give her props for doing what Sarah Palin doesn't do and that's allowing herself to be on the air with people who will ask tough and or serious questions. If Bachmann does decide to be a presidential candidate, she has to know that along the way, someone will ask her about her son, Harrison.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, Palin's good friend Katie Couric is trying to get herself a syndicated deal of some kind. Why? Couric's contract with CBS expires in June and if Couric stays, she will do so with a salary that's considerably less than what her salary is now.

One more Palin item....Julianne Moore will play Sarah Palin in an HBO film that's about to be made. It will be called "Game Change" and it'll be about John McCain's unsuccessful presidential campaign. No announcement has been made about the actor who will play McCain.

Charlie Sheen? While I'm writing this, I'm sure that Sheen is on his internet radio station complaining about how terribly he's been treated by CBS and Warner Brothers. The best thing (career wise) that could happen to Sheen is for his pal Sean Penn to get him on a plane to Haiti and keep him there for a few months.


As if the last couple of items weren't entertaining enough...

Two new films that are at your favorite multiplex...

"Unknown", starring Liam Neeson, January Jones and some other fine supporting actors. Neeson has become the big dog action guy and this is an action packed movie. I don't think this is as good as the Neeson's last film about his search for his kidnapped daughter, but if you like action films, you won't be wasting your money.

"Just Go With It", starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, 2 adorable kids and (what was to me) a surprisingly good performance from Brooklyn Decker. To the best of my knowledge, this is her first film and she plays a very big role. If her name sounds familiar it's because you heard the name a lot when she was last year's cover girl in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. This is by no means, a great film, but it is an entertaining film and worth the price of admission.

Speaking of movie stars, if you saw Tuesday night's episode of "Glee", you saw Gwyneth Paltrow make her second appearance on that show and she was (again) terrific. As was the whole show, a show that was about the subject of "sex". In between the great musical numbers, viewers got a little "sex-ed" that wasn't at all rammed down your throat. Charlie Sheen's friend John Stamos was also a part of the show. "Glee" has to me, become "Must See TV".

As is "American Idol". I've been a fan of "A.I" for several years, but with the new judges and new ways of doing things, I think this will end up being "American Idol's" BEST season!

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Gang, this is my LAST blog for maybe, quite a while!

I'll tell you "why" in a minute. This blog was the brain child of my long time friend, Kevin Gershan. I've known Kevin for more than 30 years and when I met him, he was the producer for the Hall of Fame broadcaster, Robert W. Morgan. Since then, Kevin has been a long time producer/director for a little television show you might have heard of. "Entertainment Tonight".

Kevin wrote the little bio about me that you see to the right of the most recent blog that's been posted. The title of the blog, "The Jammer With The Hammer" was also Kevin's idea. He came up with that title because that's the nickname that was given to me by Robert W. Morgan.

Kevin knew that I had written all my scripts for the nightly television sportscasts I did here for many years and he thought I might like to try writing for something like this. "THIS", being the blog.

Four or five years ago (or whenever it began), I think I was writing mostly about entertainment stuff. But it wasn't long before most of the blog became about topics having something to do with politics.

No bells and whistles associated with this blog. Not even pictures. I also didn't publish comments from readers that would normally appear below each new posting. As you readers know, I responded to every email you sent me and sometimes I would use an idea or complaint you sent to me and identified you by name.

I learned very quickly that people who have been regular readers are people who are very interested in and concerned about, the condition our country is in. Politically, readers of this blog are all over the map. Location wise and idea(s) wise. I have heard from people all over this country and many other countries like (in no particular order), Egypt, China, Russia, Germany, Canada and other countries I'll probably remember after I've posted this.

I have developed many email friendships over these last four or five years and I'm sure I'll be staying in touch with a lot of you. And I hope you know that many of you were responsible for keeping me "on my toes" so to speak. You "challenged" me and I enjoyed the dialogue immensely.

Okay....So why am I stepping aside?

This "labor of love" takes up a lot of my time. As most of you know, I'm not in the radio or television news or sports business anymore. I'm a sometimes actor who has recently "kicked myself" several times because I didn't study enough for roles I was going to audition for because of time I was spending researching something for or actually writing this blog.

And now something else has come up. I'm about to participate in pre-production of and actual shooting of a few scenes that when completed will be shopped to "money people" along with the whole script with the hope that we can produce the full length feature of what would be (if you're an illegal immigrant) a "horror film". My role would be the "villain". A smooth talking former Texas Ranger who sweet talks illegal immigrants into living (for a fee) at a very nice and secluded place where they will be given American identity papers and after they've given me all the money they can give me, they are given something else that is whacha call, "shocking".

Are there any guarantees for me? Absolutely not. In fact, this could end up costing me money, But because I like the project and I really like the role I would play, in my heart of hearts, I have to try! When I was much younger, I learned (the hard way) that if you never TRY, you're never gonna get the girl. Needless to say, this time I'm gonna TRY to "get the girl", so to speak.

Meanwhile, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for taking your precious time to check out my opinionated weekly musings and please know I will be as easy to contact now as I have been.

Oh...If this movie thing falls apart? Don't be surprised if a few weeks or months from now you see a new blog that begins with the words, "Anyone remember ME?!?"

Most sincerely,

Scott, "The Jammer with the Hammer", St. James


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