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The Birth Certificate, Osama bin Laden, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Katie Couric and the REAL reason I stopped writing almost two months ago!!!

Okay...I stopped writing because...?

In my last blog, I mentioned that I would be on blog hiatus for a while because of a film I was going to be working on. A film I was very much looking forward to participating in. I was to play the role of a "silver tongued devil" who happened to be an ex-Texas Ranger, so he was a guy who was easy to trust. Bad mistake if you were one of those who really needed to trust this guy. For you see, this "silver tongued devil" was in fact, close to being the devil himself because this guy had figured out a way to make a lot of money by killing a lot of people who did trust him. Yes, gang, this is a horror film and needless to say, the character I was scheduled to play ends up (supposedly) getting killed near the end of the film. I say "supposedly" because if the film turns out to be a box office winner, the character I was scheduled to play would appear in a sequel. You know, like that character "Jason".

Right after we began pre-production, I got hit with a "medical surprise". Multiple kidney stones that needed to be removed. Kidney stones that required three procedures to remove. The producers of the film waited 4 weeks for me, but after that they had to move on. It was a decision that while disappointing, was a decision I understood totally.

Gang, if you've ever had to have kidney stones removed, you know about the pain that is associated with these surgeries. I didn't know about it, but I sure know about it NOW! And I wouldn't wish this on anyone. For close to a week, I've been recovering and am now free of medicinal drugs that kept me pretty much in a zombie-like state so that the pain would be manageable. The drugs also kept me from having any kind of appetite which resulted in my losing some weight which actually was a "good thing".

Now that my head is "clear", I can't help but be energized by what's been going on with President Obama and the desire to comment about some of this stuff is irresistible.

Osama bin Laden:

For those who have forgotten, the reason we were given by the Bush administration to go to Afghanistan was to get Osama bin Laden, dead or alive.

During many rants on more than one radio station and in/on this blog, I said (sometimes yelled) over and over again (for more than 7 years) that Pakistan was a "phony ally" and I even scripted a private conversation I thought that President Bush and (later) that President Obama should have with the Pakistan person who was in charge of that country. It was a conversation designed to privately convince Pakistan's leader that we (Americans) are/were serious as a heart attack about getting this no good butcher of Americans and that we Americans were prepared to do this the "easy way" or the "hard way". You can find exactly what I wrote by going through my past blogs.

As we now know, the plan approved by President Obama was not shared with any Pakistan leader and Osama bin Laden is now dead. Do I care that Osama bin Laden was killed even though he was apparently unarmed? Absolutely not. None of those passengers on the 9/11 planes or people in those towers were armed. Osama bin Laden didn't care about that and I don't care about how HE got killed. What I DO care about is that this took TOO DAMN LONG TO GET DONE!!!

And I blame both the Bush and Obama administrations for being off the charts incompetent for allowing us to get and stay involved in idiotic quagmires in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention the most recent "adventure" in Libya.

YO, PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! He's DEAD!!! The bogey-man is DEAD!!!

Now get us the hell OUT of Iraq and Afghanistan! NOW!!! Besides killing a bunch of the Afghans and Iraqis and watching countless numbers of American troops die or return to America minus a hand, both hands, an arm, both arms, a leg, both legs or ALL of those terrible things!!! And FOR WHAT?!? Not to mention the trillions of dollars these stupid wars have cost America, an America that is dangerously close to going broke. And don't you just love what these idiot so-called "conservative" types who say that the solution to our economic ills is to lower taxes, make life miserable for seniors by eliminating most of their "safety net" despite the fact that they willingly paid into the Social Security systems while they were working and absolutely NOTHING is said about reducing an off the charts bloated defense budget?!?

Donald Trump:

By the time the dust had settled, Donald Trump, at best, ended up looking like racist with all of his nonsense about President Obama quite possibly not being "eligible" to be a legal President of the United States because we hadn't seen a long form birth certificate.

Okay, we've seen that long form now and then Trump publicly wondered about President Obama's college grades.

Give it up, Donald! And if you've been paying attention, it appears that he has finally "gotten the message".

BUUUUT.... If you listened to some other things that Donald Trump said....Things that I happen to AGREE with....

Like? His idea about insisting that any country wanting military assistance from us would be given a bill for our services, if he, Trump, was President of the United States. If Trump was President of the United States, any money that we spend would be money that would stay in America. If Trump was President of the United States, he would order massive drilling of oil in America, a tactic that would bring the price of gasoline way down here in America.

Now if you're a REAL conservative, you get behind ideas like those ideas. For you see, a "real conservative" wants what's best for Americans. No, not illegal Americans. Real Americans. And if a painful answer to our economic problems is to have to raise taxes until we get squared away again, a "real conservative" gets behind a solution that in the final analysis is best for America.

If Donald Trump can come up with ideas that make a whole lot of sense for the condition our (America's) condition is in, certainly some other bright minds can come up with ideas that haven't (in the past) been unquestionably proven to be "Voodoo Economics".

Back to the "Birth Certificate" idiocy for minute:

Do you realize who two of the major-major players who started and kept the "Obama Birth Certificate" thing alive were? Orly Taitz is one of 'em. And we're supposed to believe her because she's a Soviet-born dentist and a former real estate agent?!? The other one? An American First Southern Baptist minister named Wiley Drake. A "Christian minister" who once called on his parishioners to "Pray for Obama's death"?!? And a whole bunch of Americans believed this nonsense espoused by two knuckleheads like these two shit-disturbers?!?

Man, oh man, oh man. Another example of how gullible so many of us have the capability of being. And is this where I say, "And may God have mercy on us all!!!"?

Thoughts and or comments? Write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP.


Katie Couric and Sarah Palin have been known to be "entertainers", right? As you have probably heard, Katie Couric will soon be leaving her job at CBS and we are told that she will begin a new talk show, two Septembers from now on ABC. Right after Couric's announcement about leaving CBS was made and before this ABC thing was mentioned, Sarah Palin was asked for a comment and "Mama-Grizzly", in a short comment made it clear she was still mad about those newspaper and magazine questions that Couric asked her. When I read that, I smiled. Those of us who care, saw the unedited interview, Governor Palin. The questions were off the chart simple. What magazines do you read? What newspapers do you read? I mean, mama-grizzly, all you had to say was the name of some Alaska newpaper or newspapers and an Alaska magazine or magazines. For crying out loud, you were the Governor of Alaska! Simple answers like the ones I just now described would have been very acceptable answers. But you froze, mama grizzly.

Television Shows:

To me, the hands down best show on television is still, "The Good Wife". I mean, that show is soooo good!!! Tuesday nights on CBS.

I'd like to call your attention to two new shows that began while I was undergoing surgeries. "Game of Thrones" on HBO and "Camelot" on Starz. Both of these shows are very well written and you can see them pretty much any evening of the week.

"American Idol". To me, this has been their best season ever!

"The Voice". A new show on NBC. The first show got very good ratings, so I decided to watch the second show. The judges and host are very charismatic but when I saw that one of the contestants was a contestant who couldn't cut it on "American Idol", I lost interest.

"Glee". Big hit for Fox. And Gwyneth Paltrow certainly helped the show with her terrific guest star performances. But this is a show that features a good number of attractive actresses who are very good singers as well as being whacha call, hot! And yeah, I have a favorite. Diana Agron.

Thoughts and or comments? Please write to me at and I will respond to you as quickly as possible. Please don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I won't be able to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

The NEXT blog? Hopefully, a week from now.



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