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Free At Last! Greedy Oil Companies are GOUGING us! War mongering candidates are clueless! Women scared of Santorum or is he scared of women?

My sincere thanks to all the nice readers who were asking me about my foot injury, telling me to "hang in there", etc., etc. Yesterday, my foot doctor told me I was/am 75% healed and that means that after almost two months, I can again wear regular shoes, I can again drive my car and I can again do auditions for television and film projects.



Did you watch last night's debate? I did. Most folks think last night's debate was the LAST Republican debate. And I thought last night's debate was a very disappointing debate. It's almost as though they were all trying to make sure they didn't say anything controversial, "hot button questions" were danced around and in a couple of instances, questions that were asked were ignored by candidates who simply responded with comments about stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with the question(s).

A hearty helping of baloney was served up about Obama last night and that's not me who's saying that. The "Fact Check" people blasted Romney and Gingrich hard about fibs they were telling, but that's how the political game is played, right?

I don't know about you, but the one thing in the debate that really interested me (no, not the earmark stuff, zzzz, snore, zzzz) was when they began talking about Iran. Of the four candidates, only Ron Paul ever served in the military. The other three? Well, they are simply following the lead of people like Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity. They were too busy to serve in the military, but they've never been too busy to wave flags and come across as tough guys by encouraging us to go to war. The three presidential candidates who would like us to go to war in Iran are the people who avoided military service. The candidate (Ron Paul) who has served in the military is a guy who prefers "patience".

And so do I. And yes, I have served in the military. There's an old military saying that I've always believed in; "Those who talk the most have seen the least!" Click, click! That's the sound of a camera exposing Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

And speaking of Santorum...

I know that a lot of women are scared to death of the thought of Rick Santorum becoming our next President of the United States. I know this because because of emails that have been sent to me. I get why women would be scared of a guy who seems to want to turn the clock back on women's rights etc., but I can't help but wonder if Santorum is more scared of women than women are scared of Santorum.

I get the feeling that Rick Santorum would like to go back to the days of "Ozzie and Harriet" in the 50's when all women were (supposedly) subservient. First of all, that was just a television show and what people claim to know about the way things were done in the 50's, are people who are reconstructing "history that didn't exist" which is consistent with other things that people like Santorum imagine.

Rick Santorum has been complaining about all the questions he gets about his "social issues" views. Well, you think that's (maybe) because you're being asked questions about things you've said that bother some people or that are things that have "energized" people? Can't have it both ways, dude.

Magazine columnist Howard Kurtz answered Santorum's complaint by saying, "It may seem unfair for the press to pile on one candidate and relentlessly vet his views about women and religion. But no one becomes president without going through this kind of media gauntlet. And if Santorum finds that painful, perhaps he should ask Foster Freiss for an Aspirin."

Here's a final Rick Santorum observation from me. Santorum lets us all know that he's a very religious guy who (among other things) is very much against abortion. Religious and against abortion? I'm inclined to think that the majority of Americans are like Santorum. To a point. All religions aren't the same and we in America tend to think there's no such thing as a "super religion". In other words, pray as you like, Rick. But don't tell me (or anyone else) that they should be praying like you pray. Ever hear of "Freedom of Religion", Rick? Practice it!

Oh....Your objection to abortion? Rick, I don't know anyone who is in favor of abortion. I've told my own (many years ago) personal abortion story that broke my heart. The law states (in essence) that it's the woman's right to choose. It's her body, Rick. And as much as I was hurt, I still recognize and respect what the law is.

Rick, one of the scary things women have about you is that you believe abortion shouldn't be allowed in cases of rape or incest "Because we have to make the best out of a bad situation." That's your exact quote, Rick and I'm going to play "Devil's Advocate".

Rick, in your world, a woman should give birth to a child that was the result of a rape or incest. Let's look for a second at the Woman's World. She is supposed to spend 9 or so months feeling something inside her that was the result of a rapist and then she looks at a child she has given birth to that has the rapist's DNA??? Same deal with having to feel something inside her that's the result of her despicable and sick brother or father and then looking at a child that has the DNA of that despicable and sick brother or father??? Rick, as much as you talk about your religious faith, etc., will you please tell me how the religious definition of MERCY comes into play when something you refer to as simply "A bad situation" is in the body of a woman who would be forced to suffer because...? Well, I guess it's because you sir, don't believe in a woman's right to choose. And am I the only one who thinks that kind of thinking is "Stone age thinking"?

Just askin'.


Is there anything that's upsetting us more than these higher and higher and higher GAS PRICES?!?

Here in the Los Angeles area, another 20-25 cents a gallon hike today. We're now looking at $4.50 to a little over $5 a gallon depending on what part of town we live in. The oil companies claim that the prices are going up like this because of "shortages". What they DON'T mention is that reason the shortages exist is because of all the gasoline that these oil companies are selling to foreign countries.

Conclusion? Americans are suffering, prices for everything (like groceries, etc.) go up because of the gasoline hikes that continue to go up, up, up and a guy like me can't help but wonder what kind of Americans would allow brother and sister Americans to suffer while they fill their pockets and safe deposit boxes with cash, cash and more cash?!?

And the only answer I can come up with is that we are dealing with the greediest of the greedy and I begin to wonder that if this continues...??? Well, maybe it's time to try to put together some kind of "Imminent Domain" procedure that would take this kind of greedy authority AWAY from these (beyond) greedy bleeps who don't deserve to be American citizens.

Just sayin'.


Are you ready for the Best Film, Best Actor(s) Oscar show on ABC this Sunday? Billy Crystal will be back as the host and the largest group of very big name actors that I've ever seen at this show will be presenters. My preferences regarding winners can be seen in a blog that I wrote three or four blogs ago. It's easy to find.

Because of my foot injury, I didn't see any new films this past week. I definitely plan to see a new film or two before my next blog because my foot doctor has told me I've healed enough to be "normal" again.

Here are a couple of films I saw on cable this past week. "Absolute Power", a 1997 film that's currently on the Encore circuit. It's a thriller that stars Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Laura Linney, Scott Glenn, E.G. Marshall and Dennis Haysbert. Yes, that nice Dennis Haysbert. The same guy who does all those All State commercials. Well, in "Absolute Power", Haysbert is a ruthless assassin. This is a good popcorn film. If you haven't seen it, check it out.

I very much enjoyed two films I had seen before. Both are on the Encore circuit. "As Good as it Gets", a 1997 film starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear and a cute dog that darn near steals the film. Fun, fun, fun film.

"The American President", a 1995 film written by Aaron Sorkin and stars Michael Douglas, Annette Bening, Michael J. Fox, Martin Sheen and Richard Dreyfuss. This is the third time I've seen this film. It's a love story and yes, my eyes watered up more than once.

"Gone With The Wind", a 1939 film on TCM. I had never seen this film, but I certainly had heard a lot about it. The great (and late) Clark Gable starred in this film and I got a big kick out of seeing the chemistry oozing from this great actor. The film is close to four hours long and four actors were nominated for Oscars. Two of them won as did the film itself. 73 years old and that film still "holds up".


Another terrific episode of "The Good Wife" this past Sunday. It looks like the character "Will Gardner" played by Josh Charles has "left the building" and on March 25, Matthew Perry will be joining the cast.

Tuesday's episode of "Parenthood" has fans of that show a little nervous. The season finale will be this coming Tuesday, February 28 and because of what happened this past Tuesday and what the previews showed us about next Tuesday's show, we get the feeling that "Parenthood" might be on the chopping block. And if that turns out to be true, it'll be a darn shame because it's one of the very BEST shows on television.

A big cliff-hanger at the end of this past Tuesday's episode of "Glee". At the end of the show, the very pretty "Quinn" character, while driving, gets crashed into while she's on her way to a wedding. We won't find out what happens until the next episode is aired on....(pause)....April 10th!

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means there's no way for me to respond to you. I respond to all emails except "Anonymous" emails which are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, March 1 or very early Friday morning, March 2.

Meanwhile, I hope all of you have a great weekend annnnd please don't forget....AMERICA FIRST!!!


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