Thursday, August 02, 2012

Dick Cheney tells the truth about Sarah Palin!!! Mitt Romney is on the cover of the new Newsweek!!! Despite ratings that are falling, Rush Limbaugh is still saying mean and stupid stuff!!! Gas prices are going up again and that figures to be good news for Romney!!! Annnd...Legendary Radio Production/Engineer Bill Mouzis Shares Wise Words for us to Ponder!!!

Hi everybody!   Are you enjoying the Olympics?   Or don't you care?   Either way, there's nothing I can write that you don't know if you CARE or don't know because you DON'T care!   I'll mention only one thing;   Michael Phelps won his 16th Gold Medal today by being victorious in the Men's 200 Individual Medley.   He has won 4 other medals that weren't Gold.   Both the 16 and 20 numbers are (to me) pretty darn impressive.

As Owner/Publisher Don Barrett likes to say, I'm a guy "who keeps things close to his vest" when it comes to serious/personal stuff and he's right.

I mention this because I'm beginning today's blog a little later than usual because my mind has been consumed with thoughts about something that happened yesterday, last night and a little earlier today.

Besides a serious illness, what's the one thing that can occupy your mind more than any other thing?

Getting hired?   Getting a job promotion?   Getting fired?  

I think we'll all agree that during these worrisome times, at least one of the three things I've written are pretty much on the minds of everybody.

But I think that the number one mind consuming thing always has to do with a member of the opposite sex.   

I know that that's the case with me and it's been that way for more years than I admit to being old.

I got a call yesterday from someone who told me she had just gotten into town (for those of you don't know, I live in the Los Angeles area) and she was staying at a hotel and she wondered if I had time to see her.

I had never met her, but I had seen pictures of her because of email conversations we have had over the last few months.   Bona fide "knockout", looks-wise unless the pictures she had sent me were "bogus".   She had told me she is over 21, but not very close to 30.   I had told her that I was also over 21, but way past 30.   Yes, she had seen pictures of me.

And yes, I said I had time to see her.

And see her I did.   And yes, she looked like her pictures.

Smart, too.  

And I couldn't help but wonder what the over-under would be on how long a relationship with this way out of town beautiful creature could last.   "Way out of town" as in, thousands of miles away.   Different country, in fact.

We've all heard the term, "free spirit", right?

In addition to being smart, beautiful and a free spirit, she's also impulsive.   After having all of the email conversations we've had, she decided to jump on a plane and surprise me.  

In our new face to face to face position, we hit it off big, conversationally.   Yes, she speaks fluent English.

The day and the night seemed to fly, time wise.

This afternoon, she flew back home.

Did she leave with a smile on her face?   Yes.   Will she ever return?   I don't know.   Did I have a smile on my face?   As Sarah Palin might say, you betcha.

I'm leaving a few things out here (all good), but I felt a need to get what I've written off my chest so that I can get about the business of writing this new blog about things I'm used to writing about.

Does that make sense to you?   I hope it does, because it sure makes sense to me.   The ol' "mind consuming thing".   Having to do with a member of the opposite sex.   And if I never see her again, I will also never forget her.


Okay....Let's get busy!

Headline #1:   Dick Cheney tells the truth about Sarah Palin!

You've probably heard about this, but in case you haven't, Dick Cheney is saying that McCain's choice to have Palin as his running mate was a mistake.   Palin couldn't get on a Fox show fast enough so she could let everyone know how wrong Cheney is.

Wellll....Cheney isn't the only one who thinks this or thought it just prior to our last election.   What Sarah Palin brings to the table is conversation.   A lot of conversation and in a way that is sometimes mesmerizing.   But the fact of the matter is, what she says (after it's broken down) is more "noise" than anything constructive.   Don't forget, folks.   This is a lady that quit being Governor of Alaska after completing only 2 years of her 4-year term.   Or was it less than 2 years?   And she's never really explained why she quit.   I guess that's okay because.....Well, I guess it must be okay because she's Sarah Palin?!?

Headline #2:   Mitt Romney is on the new cover of Newsweek!

First of all, is it possible that when all is said and done that Mitt Romney is the male version of Sarah Palin?   I mean, recently, this guy figures to be running out of shoes because of all the times he's had his foot in his mouth.

Have you seen the words that are written next to Romney's face on the Newsweek cover?   Here they are:   "Romney:   The WIMP Factor.   Is He Just Too Insecure To Be President?"

Personally, I don't think of Romney as being a "wimp".   I do think that because of him being born with a "Silver Spoon" in his mouth which resulted in him never going past his "entitlement position" is something that will never go away.   Because the only people he can relate to are rich people, I think the idea of him being our next president during these terrible economic times is idiotic with a capitol "i".   I think Romney is capable of being "slick" and I think he has a lot "con" in him, like "con-man" and I can hardly wait to see how he'll do in the three debates with Obama that will begin on October 3rd.   And yes, I can hardly wait to see how Obama will do as well.   Right now I have serious questions about both of these guys.

Headline #3:   Despite ratings that are falling, Rush Limbaugh is still saying mean and stupid stuff!

Good ol' Rush.   Another guy who cares only about the "haves".   It was yesterday or the day before when Rush said on his radio show, "We shouldn't remind people on Welfare when the election is!".   Ah, yes.   Rush.   The "man of the people".   The people who "have" and the people who buy into the US versus THEM stuff Rush and his kind are always preaching.

Headline #4:   Gas prices are going up again and that figures to be good for Romney!

I've never quite understood this thinking, but supposedly, when the price of gas goes down, that's good for Obama.   When the price of gas goes up, that's good for Romney.   If I'm part of the Romney team, I would want that kind of thinking to stop.   But when it comes to "thinking", Romney and his people apparently think it's okay to keep his tax information a secret.   I guess using that as an example, we can believe that maybe Romney is a guy who thinks he doesn't HAVE to think.   Much.   Mitt, If that's true, it's something we've found that's believable about you.

Just sayin'.

Headline #5:   Legendary Radio Production-Engineer Bill Mouzis shares wise words for us to ponder!

I've written about Bill Mouzis in previous blogs.   In addition to being a highly decorated Navy guy during World War II, Mouzis became a radio legend while working at what was known as 93/KHJ here in Los Angeles.   KHJ was a big part of the "Boss Radio" empire.   I was just now told by Entertainment Tonight Producer-Director Kevin Gershan that Mouzis was also "Shop Steward" while at KHJ and I can't help but imagine how Mouzis kept those rock 'n roll guys in line because knowing Mouzis like I do, I know (without knowing) that he most definitely kept them in line.   I had the opportunity to work with Mouzis when I was hired to be a part of Gene Autry's KMPC after Mouzis was hired there because the KHJ thing had ended.   If memory serves, I seem to recall Mouzis keeping me in line as well.

Okay....Enough with the memories stuff.   Bill Mouzis sent me an excerpt from a speech that was given by a Paris, France politician in 1910.   Bill thought this might be something I would be interested in and he was/is right.

We have an election coming up and I think what you're about to read is something that fits like a glove.   This excerpt is titled, "THE MAN IN THE ARENA".

And here it is:   "It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.   The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;  who strives valiantly;  who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

Bill, thanks for sending me this.


Not much to report because I was away from my television a lot this past week.

Sunday, I saw "True Blood" on HBO (liked it), "Political Animals" on the USA Network (loved it) and "The Newsroom" on HBO (absolutely LOVED it) and more on that in a minute, but first...

Also on USA that same Sunday night, I saw a rerun of "Law & Order-SVU".  This was an episode when Christopher Meloni was still on the show.   Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn played Meloni's "crazy mother" and she was OUTSTANDING.   As was the whole show.   I bring this up because Burstyn is playing Sigourney Weaver's mother on "Political Animals" and she's terrific in THIS show.   "Political Animals" is supposed to be a 6-episode show and bye-bye.   But because this show is so darned good, there is now serious talk about this show being extended.   I hope it is.

Back to Aaron Sorkin's HBO show, "The Newsroom".   A lot of critics have spoken up about how much they don't like this show, but they're also watching every episode.   It's only a television show, I have worked in television newsrooms and I find the show to be very believable and for the life of me I don't understand the griping.   Unless of course, you have problems with something in the way of a real event that's hurtful because it really happened.  This past Sunday's episode was an Olivia Munn showcase episode and I think it was the best episode of the season.   I didn't know anything about Olivia Munn until "The Newsroom" came on the air.   Ms. Munn is beautiful, sexy and a damn fine actress.   She and lead guy Jeff Daniels have great chemistry together and while watching the show and seeing Olivia Munn speak fluent Japanese for lengthy periods of time made me wonder what other tricks this fine actress has up her sleeve.   And Mr. Sorkin?   Bravo, bro!   Bravo!

I mentioned the fact that "Political Animals is on the USA Network.   Have you noticed what else this little (but growing like leaps and bounds) network has?   Shows that most of you probably have never heard of, but here are a few of them;   "Suits", "Burn Notice", "Covert Affairs", "White Collar" and probably some others I'm not (yet) aware of.   The USA Network.   Check it out, folks.   This might be the best kept secret you've been looking for.


I'm going to mention 3 films that are opening tomorrow.   "Total Recall".   The reviews aren't good.   Great cast, though.   "The Watch".   Great cast, lousy reviews.   "Hope Street" starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.  A film for adults.   Maybe older adults.   The reviews are good.   In some cases, very good.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS?   Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP.   Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you.   As long time readers know, I respond to everyone unless you refer to yourself as "Anonymous".   Those emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, next Thursday night, August 9 or very early Friday morning, August 10.

Meanwhile, here's hoping that you and yours have a very nice weekend and here's (also) hoping that our political leaders will jump on our bandwagon which is, AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       



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