Thursday, September 06, 2012

A "heads-up" regarding this week's blog!!!

Hi Gang!!!

There's going to be a 1-day delay for this week's blog.

WHY?!?   Tonight is the last night of the Democrat Convention and I don't want to be writing about what was said (tonight) next week as opposed to this week which is what I'm going to end up doing regarding last week's Republican Convention.   Frankly, this is what I should have done LAST week.

What does this mean to you who are subscribers?    Tomorrow, (Friday) you will receive this message between 3 and 5AM, Pacific Time.   You will receive what is written tomorrow, Saturday morning between 3 and 5AM.  

I hope what I just now wrote makes sense.

Those who surf the net and or people I personally send the link to, are people who will be able to read this right after I finish this "heads-up" note.

In addition to comments about what Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and Clint Eastwood said last week and what President Obama, Vice President Biden and President Clinton said this week are described in the 7 paragraphs below.

One of the topics will be lies that were told.   Not all of them, just the ones that were stupid lies.   Lies that Fox News called a guy out on.   A guy that Fox News happens to love.   But not as much now as they did before he publicly "went stupid".

The "God" controversy!

Something stupid said by former GOP Chairman, Haley Barbour.

A second thought about Clint Eastwood's performance.

My thoughts about the documentary, "2016: Obama's America".

A new way I've discovered to lose some serious weight.   A way that costs you no money.

Entertainment Stuff about three films I saw on cable, big time actors who have been added to the 4th season of "The Good Wife", an honorary Oscar that will be presented to a friend of mine and my outrage directed at the Oscar folks for not including Doris Day.

Those topics and anything else that gets our attention by tomorrow, Friday, September 7th.

Thanks very much for your patience.

Most sincerely,

Scott "The Jammer with the Hammer" St. James


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