Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Because Of An Early Thursday Morning Film Audition, This Week's Blog Will Be Posted Thursday Afternoon or Evening!!!

Hi Gang!

This falls under the category of one of those "something unforseen" things.

An early Thursday (tomorrow) morning film audition is causing me to have to do some serious studying and not write the weekly blog until tomorrow afternoon which means it will be posted late tomorrow afternoon or early tomorrow evening.

Please wish me luck. The character I'll be auditioning for is an old cranky guy in a hospital who farts a lot. Despite his cranky-ness, the nurse who's taking care of him, adores him, farts and all.

Among other things in tomorrow's blog will be thoughts about the upcoming election, an election day that most folks feel will benefit Republicans and Tea Party candidates.

I will have thoughts about two high profile candidates who (in my opinion) deserve no votes from anyone unless they're very, very rich.

I will also point something out to the Mama Grizzly crowd about religion they continue to be very wrong about.

Annnd....Thoughts about what I think is an unnecessary murder trial....The sudden big hike in gas prices...Is it possible that the war in Afghanistan will end soon?....In order to raise much needed money for cities that are going broke, are we about to see citizens having to pay fees for fire and police protection and if they don't pay, they won't get that protection?....And are older Americans about to be targeted in ways that will make them "give up" which is what those behind the targeting are hoping for?....And if you're a poker player (hold 'em your game?), I'll give you some advice from an expert that might be helpful.

All the above and more, tomorrow afternoon or evening, October 21st.

Thanks for your patience.

Scott, "The Jammer with the Hammer", St. James


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