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Some "WHY?" thoughts about SARAH PALIN!!!


Aren't we glad the elections are over? Yes, I know that some counting is still being done in a few places, but we won't have to worry about hearing or seeing political commercials that told us nothing about what the candidates would do if they got elected. But they did tell us more than we wanted to know about every nasty thing they could think of about the person they were running against.

In last week's blog, I made only one reference to the (then) upcoming elections. "I hope the voters are smarter than the radicals. Especially those voters in Alaska, California, Delaware and Nevada."

Wellll....Here in California, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina were beaten. I live in California and I'm very glad they didn't win. Both of these women were promising to get us jobs if they got elected, but while they were working in the private sector, Meg Whitman got more than a hundred million dollars in bonuses for outsourcing thousands of jobs to foreign countries and Carly Fiorina got something close to a hundred million dollars for doing the same thing. But we, the California voters were supposed to believe Whitman and Fiorina would get jobs for us if we elected them? "Fool me once, shame on YOU! Fool me twice, shame on ME!" We weren't fooled and they didn't get elected.

Okay that's California. The other states that I mentioned in last week's blog? In Delaware, the extremely unqualified Christine O'Donnell lost her bid to become a Senator. In Nevada, the very dangerous (if she had gotten elected) Sharron Angle lost her bid to become a Senator. And in Alaska, the votes are still being counted, but if there is "justice" in the final vote count, Lisa Murkowski will beat the ethics challenged and Sarah Palin recommended, Joe Miller. In fact, Sarah Palin supported all the losers I've mentioned here. Yes, she supported some winners as well, but what I'm getting an extra kick out of is listening to all these people who wonder if Sarah Palin will be a presidential candidate soon.

And I think. And I ponder. And then I throw my hands in the air and say...

What makes anyone think this woman is qualified to be PRESIDENT?!? Hell, she QUIT her job as Governor of Alaska! And we've never gotten a good answer as to WHY she quit! But no matter what the reason was, how can a "quitter" be remotely considered for what is arguably the most important job in the WORLD!

Katie Couric had the right idea when she asked Sarah Palin what kinds of books and magazines she reads or has read and what are/were the Supreme Court decisions that she (Palin) disagreed with. Sarah Palin stumbled, fumbled and mumbled all over those three questions. The books and magazines questions had to do with what Palin "might be made of". The Supreme Court questions had to do with what she had popped off about while she was on the campaign trail with John McCain.

What did we learn about Palin while she was giving her vocal support to candidates in this just concluded group of elections? Well, here's what I learned. She still has a weak command of basic English, she says things you can read on bumper stickers and she has become (or maybe she has always been) a big time ball breaker.

I will give Sarah Palin this; I do indeed recognize her charisma. I know that many people like her a lot because she decided to give birth to a "special needs" child. As opposed to aborting that child. I give her "props" for that, too.

But you know what I'm beginning to think people like about Sarah Palin the most? What a whole lot of folks don't like about Barack Obama is that he comes across as being too smart. I think that most folks who like Sarah Palin like her because deep down inside they think they're just as smart or smar-TER than Sarah Palin. And that fits what we keep hearing from people who think highly of her which is, "She's just like ME!" Or, "US!"

But in conclusion, I have to ask, "Doesn't it bother you at all that she QUIT her job as Governor of Alaska? Or that her answers to questions seem to be the same answers no matter WHAT the question is?"

Just askin'. It's what I do.

Other Stuff:

For those who agree with talk hosts and media celebrities that we should have more of a "religion/God" thing going on in our government as opposed to this "Separation of Church and State" thing? My answer to that is in the form of a question; How do you think that Church and State connection is working out in Muslim countries?

Now that Republicans have more seats in the House, we are hearing talk about the return of deregulation and how wonderful that would be for us. Well, if the "us" that's referred to is the richest of the rich, then that kind of thinking is true. But here's also what's true. Deregulation is the hands down biggest reason we're in the economic mess we're in.

The National Enquirer is going to file for bankruptcy.

Short commentary: When you can no longer make money by writing lies about famous people, you know our economy is in the toilet!

Charlie O'Donnell!!!

For those who don't know, Charlie O'Donnell was the announcer for "Wheel of Fortune" for almost 30 years. He was also Dick Clark's original sidekick on "American Bandstand". He was the host of lots of other shows, but what he was best at was being the human being that he was.

I say "was" because the guy who (to his friends) was known as "Charlie O", died in his sleep this past Monday. owner/publisher Don Barrett sent the bulletin out on Monday and when I saw the bulletin, I was shocked.

Charlie O and I were both working on television news shows during the 80's and we used to make the legendary Los Angeles watering hole/eating establishment, Martoni's, our first stop when we got off the air. Over the close to 30 years I knew him, we talked about many things. One thing I never heard him say was something bad about anyone! I know a lot of people and I can honestly say I don't know anyone else who has never said something bad about someone. And that includes me! I mean, who the hell doesn't say SOMETHING bad about someone?!? Charlie O didn't.

Charlie O sent me a note less than a week ago telling me (among other things) how much he looked forward to reading this little blog every week. I'm sure he sent notes like that to a lot of people because that's the kind of considerate guy he was.

I'm not a funeral attending kind of person, but in this case I'm going to make an exception. A week from today I'll be at a church in North Hollywood, California along with a lot of other people who experienced the "goodness" that epitomized, Charlie O'Donnell.

R.I.P., my friend.


The Porn Star who was with Charlie Sheen a week or so ago is making noises about wanting to cause some trouble for Mr. Sheen. Trouble that could involve a judge and a jury. If a settlement isn't reached (it's always about the money, isn't it?), can you imagine being a member of the jury who would be asked to "pick a side"? I mean, you would have Charlie Sheen and his notorious rap sheet showing him to be a "bad guy" and a Porn Star who was paid 12-grand to be with Charlie that night. She doesn't seem to have physically been hurt. I'm sure her feelings got hurt because she somehow got locked into a bathroom or something, buuuut....

You know what? If I was on that jury, I'd be very surprised if anyone in the jury room with me could honestly rule for or against either of those two. And I believe at the end of the day, we would be tempted to tell the judge, "Your Honor, why are we here? For crying out loud, this is Charlie Sheen and a Porn Star!!! People like these two DESERVE each other!"

A few days ago, I saw a film on TMC that came out last year. "Crossing Over", starring Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and a hot young actress I had never seen before, Alice Eve. It's a film that's mostly about illegal immigration. There are a couple of points when the film tends to "drag" a little, but overall, I thought it was entertaining.

A new film that will open this Friday is a film I'm very interested in seeing. "Fair Game", starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. It's based on true events that involved deep cover CIA Agent, Valerie Plame and her husband, Joe Wilson. The term "Fair Game" was supposedly said by Karl Rove to MSNBC's Chris Matthews and that term was used to describe Valerie Plame. If it could have been proven that Rove "outed" Plame, that's a big time criminal offense that would have resulted in a jail sentence for Rove. The guy who took the fall, was Scooter Libby, a man who was very close to Vice President Dick Cheney. Libby had his jail sentence commuted by President Bush, but he wasn't given a pardon.

Two quick items about the television shows, "Brothers & Sisters" and "Dexter".

As far as "Brothers & Sisters" goes, I thought they were on the right track when it looked like they were about to end the Kevin-Scotty relationship. If they're not, they're making a mistake.

If you're not familiar with "Dexter", it's a show on Showtime about a serial killer who works for the Miami police department and who (during off hours) kills bad guys. One of the great things about this show is the kind of "Guest Star" they have each season. A "Guest Star" who usually gets killed by Dexter in the final episode of the season. This season's "Guest Star" is Julia Stiles and like all the previous "Guest Stars", she is terrific. But will this "Guest Star" end up being killed by Dexter? Ya gotta wonder, because Julia Stiles is playing the role of a victim. A victim who's big time pissed off and wants to do some "get even" killing. Needless to say, this is making Dexter's complicated life even more complicated.

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