Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guns, Gays & God!!!

The big election will take place less than two weeks from now. Tuesday, November 2nd, to be exact.

All the experts are telling us that this will be a good election for Republicans. And a lot of people are suggesting that it will be a good election for Republicans because of the Tea Party's involvement in it.

Most folks are predicting that when the election is over, Republicans will be the majority party in the House and they have an outside chance of becoming the majority party in the Senate.

If either of those things happen, it will be because a lot of people don't think that President Obama and the Democrats have done a good job. In fact, a lot of people are expressing the belief that he and they have been doing a lousy job.

But let's go back to the Tea Party for a minute. Long time readers of this blog know that I have written my feeling(s) of admiration for the "getting involved" aspect of what they've been doing. And to those Tea Party people who have said (in essence), it's time to replace ALL of the "incumbents", the position here is that I tend to agree with them.

But recently, there have been some subjects that some of the loud Tea Party folks have focused on that make me say, "Whaaaat?!?" and "Why?!?"

And I'm not the only one wondering about this. So is one of the early Tea Party leaders and what he is saying and I'm agreeing with is that complaining about fear regarding guns being taken away, gay marriage or gays in the military or gays in general and demanding more of a "God" and "religion" official presence in our government is not what we, the Tea Party people were originally about.

Here's the deal, gang. I'm going to address all three of those arguments.

GUNS: Anyone who comes to my front door sees a circular sticker stuck at eye-level and what that sticker says is, "Member, National Rifle Association". That's usually all it takes to keep people from knocking on my door. If someone knocks or doesn't knock and breaks into my home? He better hope I'm not there, because if I am, a 12-gauge shotgun will be staring at him and if he does something stupid, I'm pointing at his gut.

Gang, all these silly rumors about our guns being taken away by our government is baloney with a CAPITAL "B"! These are rumors started by people who don't like Obama. Period! Gang, no one but no one, is going to take away our guns. Remember what Charelton Heston said about that? I'm the same way.

GAYS: I've told the story before about how I used to feel about gays. Back then, they were known as "queers". I was a very young man when I was in the military. Gays in the miltary? Fuh-git-about-it!!! Oh, I'm sure there were gays in the military, then. I vaguely remember some guys thinking they knew that one of the soldiers in our living quarters was gay (queer) and they made life a little miserable for that guy. At that time, that was how most folks felt about queers.

Now that I've gotten older, the passage of time has taught me that gay folks simply want the same things the rest of us want. To be loved, have a decent job and to share in the American Dream. Are there bad gay people? Of course there are. Just like there are bad straight people.

And for those of you who think that being gay is a "Lifestyle Choice?" You're wrong. They are born gay the same way you were born straight. Or (depending on who's reading this) vice-versa.

Gays in the military? The vast majority of people who are in the military now are people who socialized with gay people in school and on the job just like they socialized and worked on the job with different races. People who think there would be a problem if the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was eliminated are (to me) people like very old Generals who are clueless.

Gang, worrying about gays is a waste of time. As is worrying about guns. We have much bigger "fish to fry" while we try to climb out of this "economic ditch" we're in.

GOD: Here's a news-flash, gang. Our Constitution never once mentions God or Jesus. People like the "Mama Grizzly" crowd or highly publicized talk show hosts who mostly talk to hear their heads roar, are people who make a lot of noise about our country and religion and how the two should officially be meshed together more and if that happened, we'd all be so much the better for it.


There's a reason we have a separation between Church and State. A damn good reason.


Tea Party, Tea Party, Tea Party....You're onto something with your activism. A big something! And I'm rooting for a lot of what you're trying to accomplish. You talk a lot about our Constitution. Unfortunately, you have a few of your high profile members who don't know what they're talking about, but because they're loud they get a lot of publicity.

Conclusion: Nobody is going to or trying to take away your guns. Gays bleed the same blood you and I bleed. The Church and State are separate for a very good reason.


And speaking of Islam...

You've probably heard the story about Juan Williams, the long time broadcaster and writer who was fired by NPR after saying people wearing Muslim garb on airplanes make him nervous.

Wellll....No one can fire ME, but even if they could, I would say, without hesitation, I agree with Juan Williams. In fact, I've had it "up to here" with people who come here from other countries thinking they can run roughshod over our country with stunts the likes of which Juan Williams described. And they are stunts! They don't have to dress like that on American airplanes. You come to our country, you need to be willing to blend IN to our country. We should be required to blend in with YOU!!! And once again....Why in the hell do we have to push "1", if we speak English?!?

One more Muslim item.....You've probably read or heard about that psychiatrist who is a U.S. Army Major who also happens to be a Muslim who opened fire and killed a lot of unarmed American soldiers and seriously injured many others before HE was finally shot and arrested. Well, he's been in a military courtroom the last few days while witnesses told their horror stories about this Muslim terrorist who apparently did what he did because he was upset about Muslims who had been killed by American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is not a JFK kill-story where we wonder if in fact Lee Harvey Oswald was a convenient stooge while the real killer or killers got away.

There is absolutely no question about what this Muslim terrorist did. And with that in mind, I can't help but wonder how much money we could save by having none of these courtroom conversations, no trial at all and just take that sorry son of a bitch to a tree and hang his pathetic ass.


As I've tried to point out in this blog, our main problems right now aren't gun issues, gay issues or God issues. Our number ONE problem is employment. Anything else that's big time important is a distant second.

Here in California, we have a couple of very rich women who have entered the political arena for the first time. Nothing wrong with them being rich. Nothing wrong with them being women.

They're both Republicans and there's nothing wrong with that, either.

Meg Whitman wants to be California's next Governor. Carly Fiorina wants to have the Senate seat that is currently held by Barbara Boxer.

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina have spent a lot of money on campaign advertising. Nothing wrong with spending a lot of money. Ain't nothin' cheap about running for office.

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina both claim that if we elect THEM, they'll get us all a bunch of new jobs.

Well, if you're running for office and you want to win, that's what you should be telling us. In fact, that's what Barack Obama should have been telling us (and doing it), but that's another story.

Back to Whitman and Fiorina. They're going to get us jobs if they get elected?


A little while ago, Carly Fiorina was a big time executive. I mean, BIG time executive. Before she left that company she was the big deal at, Carly Fiorina OUTSOURCED thousands of jobs to foreign countries. THOUSANDS of jobs outsourced which put THOUSANDS of AMERICANS out of work! And she was given a 45 million dollar bonus for that.

A little while ago, Meg Whitman was a big time executive. A BIG time executive. In fact, she was SO big, she never had time to vote. I'm not making that up. Never voted. But wants US to vote for HER! Anyway, before Meg Whitman left that company she was the big deal at, she OUTSOURCED thousands of jobs to foreign countries. THOUSANDS of jobs outsourced which put THOUSANDS of AMERICANS out of work! And Meg Whitman was given a bonus of more than A HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for doing that to all those Americans.

And I say to you voters, why would you want to vote for EITHER of those two people?

One of my readers defends those two women by telling me (in essence) that they were at the mercy of "board members" who wanted to do all that outsourcing.

And my response to that is that both of these rich and powerful women were in a great position to embarrass the hell out of those board members by publicly REFUSING to outsource ANY American worker's job.

I mean, that's what a LEADER would do if that's what they believed in.

And now they're saying that if we vote for them and they get elected, their "leadership" will get us all a bunch of new jobs?!?

Uh, huh. Remember that old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you? Fool me twice, shame on me"?

And (again) I say to you voters, why would you want to vote for EITHER of those two people?


Mel Gibson won't be doing that role he was booked to do in the upcoming film, "Hangover Two". We're told that a number of people involved with the film expressed loud negative reactions about Mel Gibson having anything to do with the film and the director and studio said, in essence, "Your wish has been granted!"

The new Clint Eastwood film that stars Matt Damon goes into wide release tomorrow (Friday) and I intend to see it. I'll tell you what I think of it in the next blog.

Television notes: I finally saw the new William Shatner sitcom, "Bleep, My Dad Says". I laughed a few times. Like "Old man River", William Shatner just keeps rolling along.

After the first few episodes, I think this might turn out to be the best ever season of "Dexter".

"Brothers & Sisters" did a great job this past Sunday in the way they gave Emily VanCamp, the actress who plays "Rebecca", a very nice way to leave the show. This was Van Camp's last appearance. At least for now.

Wednesday night's "Law & Order, SVU" ended up being a tear jerker. Especially at the end. This show is having it's best season ever, quality wise.

Tuesday night's "The Good Wife" was (again) off the charts terrific. I think a new "pain in the ass" character for "The Good Wife" is an actress who's mother is Meryl Streep. If I'm right, I'm not going to say I think she's as good as her mother, but she is damn good and it'll be interesting to see if we'll be allowed to see more of her. This is such a good show!!!

New episode of "Glee" next Tuesday! Yay!

BASEBALL PLAYOFFS: As of this moment, the Rangers lead the Yankees, three games to two and the next two games, if necessary, will be played at Texas. The Giants lead the Phils, three games to two and the next two games, if necessary, will be played at Philadelphia. The winners will end up playing each other in the World Series. At the risk of sounding like a front runner, I'm picking the Rangers and the Giants. I actually picked the Rangers before their series began. I didn't make a pick in the Giants-Phils series. All I said was that because of both teams' starting pitching, I wouldn't be surprised if either team won.

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you, ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address so I won't be able to respond to you. Again... and I will respond as quickly as possible. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Well, I was a day late this week because of an early morning film audition so unless something unforseen comes up, the next blog will be posted late Wednesday night, October 27 or early Thursday morning, October 28.

I hope that you all have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!


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