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$540 Million and Climbing! Left and Right; A Difference? ObamaCare & RomneyCare; A Difference? Sgt. Bales & the Muslim Major! My 6th Anniversary

I am beginning this blog early Thursday evening, March 29. Our subscribers will receive this blog early Friday morning, March 30. March 30 is this blogs sixth anniversary. Where DOES the time GO?!?

The architect of this blog is long time Entertainment Tonight Producer-Director, Kevin Gershan. He did all the "building", I do all the writing and he solves "modern technology problems" whenever they rear their ugly heads.

I am constantly amazed at the "REACH" of this little blog. We do no promoting, I am not (by any stretch of imagination) a household name, like....Oh, I dunno...Limbaugh? Well, I don't insult women or minorities so I'll never be known like Rush is. Beck? I don't cry or make up stuff, so I'll never be known like Beck is. Olbermann? I don't terrorize my co-workers or my employers, so I'll never be known like Keith is. But for whatever strange reason I have had people from almost every state in America email me questions and or comments about something I've written or that they would LIKE me to write about. I've also received emails from people in several foreign countries. No, these are not readers who always agree with me. I love the back and forth dialogue. For example, there's a guy in North Carolina who (I think) has read every blog of mine and he's constantly telling me how wrong he thinks I am. I listen to him and everyone else because every once in a while I end up changing my mind about something. And here's another thing many readers do that I'm very grateful for. I'm often the recipient of something I hadn't heard about and I immediately look into it. One of the constant providers of information like this is a Missouri beauty queen who is politically to the right of Attila the Hun.

I could go on and on with examples of the kind(s) of readers who let me know they're "out there" and I big time appreciate it. Thank you very much, I love all of you, this is the first time I've written about an "Anniversary" and if I do it again, it will be when I'm writing about a TWELFTH Anniversary.


If you live in an area that sells Mega Millions lottery tickets (I do), you know that this particular jackpot is at a number that's NEVER been this high and it's climbing by the minute. The last number I heard was/is five hundred forty MILLION DOLLARS!!! The next jackpot drawing will be Friday evening, March 30. If you're the winner and you say you want a lump sum payment, you'll receive "ONLY" something in the neighborhood of two hundred seventy million or so. If the jackpot reaches six hundred million, that would be a lump sum possibility of three hundred million or so. If you win and choose to be paid in twenty six yearly installments, you would receive a check for more than twenty million dollars a year, minus taxes.

I live in the Los Angeles area and I watched a whole lot of people buying lottery tickets today. $20, $40, $100, more than $100, etc., etc. While watching this, my first thought was that three or four days from now, a lot of people are going to be saying to their wives or husbands, "What do you MEAN we don't have enough money for MILK?!?"

I wish good luck to all of you, buuuut....Be CAREFUL!!!!


In a blog I wrote more than a year ago, I made the observation that we might be observing something that would appear to be beyond unbelievable. Many years from now, historians will have the final "say" on this, but have we been watching the two worst presidents in America's history, back to back.

I thought George W. Bush was the worst president I've seen in my lifetime and that's why, for the first time ever, I voted for a Democrat, Barack Obama. Hmmmm...Barack Obama, "Bush-Lite"?!? Or is it George W. Bush, "Obama-Lite"?!?

I mean seriously, folks. Think about it. Bush got us into that stupid-ass war in Iraq while spending our money like a drunken sailor and the only people who benefited were rich people. Obama continued the war in Afghanistan even AFTER he directed the assassination of Osama bin Laden, he's been spending our money like a drunken sailor and the only people who have benefited have been rich people.

Obama had what I thought was a pretty good idea regarding the health care thing he championed. If the Supreme Court ends up declaring this unconstitutional or any other reason to "kill" what is known (by most) as ObamaCare, it will probably be because he didn't "frame it" correctly.

Bush on the right, Obama on the left? Uh, huh. And the overall difference (if you allow your eyes to be open) isn't left or right. The numbers and actions, REAL numbers and REAL actions, speak for themselves. Black and white numbers. Or if you prefer, white and black. And yeah, we can have that conversation, too.

When I hear or read people saying (in essence) "Those blankety-blank LIBS!" or "Those blankety-blank right-wingers!", I want to puke. If you have to use LABELS to make your argument(s), what you're really doing is, "TALKING TO HEAR YOUR HEAD ROAR!!!"

This is America, people. We have problems. A lot of problems. That affect AMERICANS! Not "libs" or "right-wingers"! AMERICANS, damn it! AMERICA FIRST!

Mission statement: Cut out the childish bullshit and let's get about the business of solving some problems. TOGETHER!!!

One of the things we CAN'T do is to automatically cut our spending in half immediately. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. Do we have to cut and control our spending? Absolutely! We cannot control our spending by continuing to be the country that seems to always like being involved in wars and we cannot control our spending if we keep bending over for rich people, keep screwing the middle class and keep allowing lobbyists to control too many things. Things that they control by having politicians in their pockets. We absolutely MUST find a way to outlaw lobbyists.

Just sayin....Just askin....And now I'm out of breath.

Oh....While wearing my Columbo hat, I say, "Excuse me people, just one more thing." Why don't we call what Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts, "RomneyCare"?!? Hey, he's the father of ObamaCare. And yet, he continues to act like he's disowned his son. But that's typical Romney, isn't it? Stick your finger up in the air, find out which way the wind is blowing and VOILA....Mr. professional flip-flop has made his decision.
UNTIL....the wind is blowing in a DIFFERENT direction!

Hmmmm....Is it possible we're on the verge of possibly witnessing the THREE worst presidents in our history? Back to back to back?

Just askin'....And hopin'....I'm wrong.

Sgt. Bales and the Muslim Major:

I was asked about these two guys a couple of days ago. The concern in the question I was asked had to do with what looked like (to the reader) a whole of talking about putting Sgt. Bales on trial immediately and execute him while that infamous Muslim Major who killed (I think) close to 30 American soldiers here in America and no one seems to be anxious to even put him on trial.

To me, that's more nonsense that gets thrown around by people who think that Obama makes sure that Muslim bad guys are treated better than American bad guys. Obama ordered the assassinations of Osama bin Laden (Muslim) and that American citizen (Muslim) who was advocating terrorist strikes here.

Here's my take on Sgt. Bales and the Muslim Major. Sgt. Bales didn't allegedly kill anyone. It's pretty much agreed that he's responsible for 17 murders. Was he insane? I kind of think he might have been and perhaps still is. If that's the case, he figures to end up in a mental hospital of some kind. And maybe for life.

The Muslim Major? While killing all those American soldiers, he was saying or singing some kind of Muslim prayer or song before he was stopped by bullet wounds that caused him a great deal of pain.

I'm in no hurry to see this Muslim Major be executed. The longer I'm aware of him being in some kind of solitary confinement while experiencing severe pain, I feel that justice is being served. Does that make me a sadist? No it doesn't. It makes me (a military veteran) one pissed off S.O.B. at anyone who kills my brothers and sisters and I have no problem watching this Muslim Major suffer.



Magic Johnson being one of the new owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers is big news here in Los Angeles. The year that Jerry Buss bought the Lakers (1979), the year that Magic Johnson joined the Lakers and the year I arrived here and began covering the Lakers on radio and then television was the best trifecta I've ever been involved with. What was known as the "Showtime" era was fun, exciting, beyond exciting and what we all learned was that Magic Johnson was all about fun and winning. He's hands down one of the nicest people I've ever gotten to know. But to be fair, so was/is Jerry Buss. The Los Angeles Dodgers are very lucky to have a guy like Magic Johnson being their new "face".

Do you have any plans for April 4? In many cities all across America, a 3-D version of the great film, "Titanic" will be shown. For those of us who plan to see this special showing, I think we're all gonna mentally "FEEL" that water.

I did not see any of the new films this past week. I hope to see "The Hunger Games" sometime before the next blog.

TV shows: This past Sunday, "The Good Wife" introduced us to a new character that was played by Matthew Perry, a guy who in real life, is very good friends with Julianna Margulies, her own self. I thought Perry was terrific, all the other actors were terrific and when the show ended, I thought we had witnessed the best episode of "The Good Wife", EVER!!!

Unfortunately, we won't see the next episode until April 15.

Season ending episodes of "Shameless", "House of Lies" and "Californication" will be shown on Showtime this coming Sunday. It's been a very good season for all three of those shows and they've all been renewed for next season.

Goodbye "Luck"! I thought it was a good show, but most of America didn't agree with me.

I can't say enough good things about NBC's Monday night at 10 show. "Smash" is smashing good fun. Great story, great writing, great acting, cat fights, sneaky guys, affairs, I mean this show has EVERYTHING!

Tuesday nights on FX is fun because of the lead character played by Timothy Olyphant. I think the great writer Ken Levine refers to the Olyphant character as "The coolest cat on television!" Or something like that and I agree with Ken. "Justified" is the name of the show and your Tuesday nights will be justified if you watch it.

The show "Bones" returns to Fox this coming Monday night and it will be followed by the first of the final 8 episodes of "House". "House" has had one hell of great run, but nothing lasts forever.

Have you been missing the show "Glee"? Me too and it will finally return on April 10. They have a cliff hanger that will have to be resolved and this might be the episode that Lindsay Lohan will be guest starring in. If not, she'll definitely be in one of the later episodes. How old is Lindsay Lohan? 25? 26? Younger? Have you seen her lately? Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was drop dead gorgeous. She still has a great body, but when you look at her face, she looks like she's (at least) 20 years older and she's a walking example of what excessive drug consumption can do.

Did you see Wednesday (March 28) night's episode of "American Idol"? What is this? Their 11th year? I've seen almost every episode and Wednesday night's episode was the BEST episode I've EVER seen. And "American Idol" should figure out a way to use the famous singer Stevie Nicks more often. She gave those singers some terrific advice.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I won't be able to respond to you. I respond to everyone except "Anonymous" emails. Those are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, next Thursday night, April 5 or very early Friday morning, April 6.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a great weekend, a pleasant Palm Sunday and don't forget...

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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