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Freedom Of Speech?!? A Double Hate Based Presidential Election?!? The Birthers Are At It Again!!! Sgt. Bales Facing 17 Counts of Murder!!!

If you think the persistence of "Birthers" is a good thing because you think President Obama fits the description of a "Manchurian Candidate" or he's just flat out "ineligible" because you don't believe he was born here, I can't help but wonder if you think that "Birthers" having accusatory eyes on one of the other presidential candidates is also a good thing?

I'm not making this up. This particular group of birthers is active here in California. Gotta love the name of the birthers' lawyer. Gary Kreep. Lawyer? Well, we all know what that usually means, right? A lawsuit. The lawsuit has to do with Obama not being "eligible" and (also) Mitt Romney possibly not being "eligible" because of the alleged long time that Romney's parents lived in Mexico. In other words, this fine group of birther battlers are suggesting that both Obama AND Romney might be ineligible and if it turned out they were right, does that mean that Joe Biden would suddenly become our president and the next presidential election wouldn't be able to be held until sometime in 2013 because all of a sudden we wouldn't have any "approved of" presidential nominees.

I mean, can the collective mind of our great nation stay SANE if we were suddenly faced with what appears to be the (above described) possible IN-sanity of it all?

Okay...I plead guilty to doing a little tongue-in-cheek writing about this, but I'm not kidding about what this particular group of birthers is/are trying to do.

Oh...One other thing about the guy who is the birthers' lawyer. Gary Kreep is apparently the big boss man of group that calls itself The United States Justice Foundation and he's also the lawyer who handled the 2009 lawsuit against President Obama by Wiley S. Drake, a minister who once asked (or told) his First Baptist Church members to pray for Obama's death.

True story.

Hmmm...A minister of a church asking his congregation to pray for the death of The President of The United States? Or anyone else, for that matter? Wellll....When you hear or read something like THIS, I guess it's a little easier to understand the collective covering up of thousands upon thousands of children who........

You get my drift, right?

One more religion/religious thing...

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Shoot, for a while, he was a Mormon Bishop and for all I know, maybe he's STILL a Mormon Bishop. I don't know and I don't care.

But here's what I DO know. A lot of very religious people think/believe that the Mormon religion is nothing more than a cult. Some seriously religious people have very bad thoughts about what the Mormon religion is all about. Hateful thoughts? If not, there are definitely some "suspicious thoughts". We all know there are some hateful thoughts directed at President Obama. And that leads me to the following question; Assuming that the birthers go nowhere with their lawsuits and our presidential nominees will be Obama and Romney, is it possible that this will be the biggest "hate election" in our history?

Just askin'...

One more thing. If it ever turns out that President Obama fooled us all and he really WASN'T born here? The first thing I would want done would be for every member of the Secret Service to be FIRED along with every other federal agent in Washington. WHY? Because when Hillary Clinton was Obama's main presidential competition, she and her husband had heard the same things about Obama possibly being a guy who wasn't born here. Her husband being, former President of The United States, Bill Clinton. As a former president, is there any doubt in your mind that he had the Secret Service and all other federal agencies looking into the "Was Obama born HERE?" question? And is there any legitimate doubt in your mind that the Secret Service and other federal law enforcement agents reported back with the words, "Mr. President, he (Obama) WAS born here!"?

Just sayin' and just askin'...

Freedom Of Speech:

There's a lot of talk about what Rush Limbaugh said about the female college student and what some local (Los Angeles) guys said on the same station that carries Rush's show here. Fans of their (at times) insulting and profane comments about minorities and women are defended with three words; "Freedom of Speech"!

Wrong arena, gang. In my 40+years associated with the broadcasting business, my peers and I always understood that TOTAL freedom of speech is something involving a book, a megaphone on the street, stuff taped or stapled onto a sign, etc., etc. On the air rules are known by everyone who ever got into this business. When there's a "crack in the (legal by law) armor", it generally has to do with management types who pretend they are deaf because the breaking of well known rules seem to be the primary reason that a lot of money is being made and ratings have gone up.

The REAL pros in this business, pros that I have been honored to work with are (or were) pros who knew how to (verbally) walk to the end of the ledge, but they never fell off a cliff.

"Sergeant Assassin" Will Be Charged With 17 Murders:

In last week's blog, I referred to him as "Sergeant Assassin" because we didn't know what his name was yet.

It turns out that in addition to being what appears to have been a killer of 17, Sgt. Robert Bales is a guy who was a pretty good soldier but we're learning some things about his private life that aren't so good.

Meanwhile, isn't it time for us (our troops) to get the hell OUT of Afghanistan?

Just askin'....


Happy Birthday, Bob Costas. Bob and I got our first "big breaks" when we both were hired at what was then the legendary radio station, KMOX in St. Louis. I ended up here in Los Angeles doing radio and television sports before switching to acting and writing and Mr. Costas ended up being a BIG STAR for NBC. And still is.

A big and personal shout-out to Hall of Fame Music producer and promoter, Don Graham! In addition to being a guy who likes this little blog enough to have talked a whole bunch of people into being subscribers to this little blog, Don Graham was kind enough to give me a box set of music that's titled, "Encyclopedia of Recorded Comedy Music, RAY STEVENS".

Ray Stevens is a comedic music genius. And has been for many years. All of his hits are in this set and if you like to laugh, I wholeheartedly recommend that you buy this set. Because of all the laughing you'll do and the smiles you'll see on the faces of your friends, the close to $80 this set costs, will be "chump change!"

Thanks again, Don Graham!!!

Tim Tebow:

He was very entertaining while he was in Denver. Wouldn't it be something if he somehow gets the chance and succeeds at being entertaining while he's with the New York Jets?


I saw two movies this past week. The first one was a 2005 film on Showtime that I saw for the first time. "Capote". It stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Clifton Collins Jr. and some terrific supporting players. Hoffman won the Best Actor Oscar for this film, the film itself was nominated as was the director, Adapted Screenplay and Keener was also nominated. I thought Collins Jr. deserved a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Gang, if you haven't seen it, this film is most definitely worth your time. It's a heavy, heavy, heavy film, but there's a good reason for all the Oscar nominations this film received.

A couple of days ago I saw the film that sold the most tickets this past week. "21 Jump Street". This film stars Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and a cameo appearance by Johnny Depp. When Depp was asked to make the appearance (the "Jump Street TV show made Depp a star), Depp said he would make the appearance under one condition. If he got killed. Translation? He didn't want to make another appearance in what will probably be a sequel. I didn't think this was a great film, but I walked out of the theatre feeling I had been entertained. I have now seen three films in which Channing Tatum has been a lead actor. And I am convinced that this young man is going to have a terrific career.

TV Stuff: There are a lot of good shows on television these days. And that's because of all the good shows on cable which has forced the network stations to get good(er) shows to be produced. I wish I could tell you something about all the good shows, but I don't have the time to SEE them all.

Sunday's "The Good Wife" was (in my view) very, very good. Michael J. Fox guest starred again and he's always a terrific asset for that show. Matthew Perry will be added to the cast beginning this coming Sunday. And his character will apparently be the kind of character who will annoy and annoy and be a big time pain in the ass to "The Good Wife", her own self.

Showtime's Sunday showings of "Shameless" and "House of Lies" are, to me, big time fun to watch. Don Cheadle is the star of "House of Lies", but to me, the actor you can't take your eyes off of is the very sexy and beautiful, Kristen Bell. OW-WOOOO!!!!

"House" will soon end it's run on Fox, but it is going out with a bang! The other hot Fox show on Monday nights is "Alcatraz", a show I like a lot and it will be showing a 2-hour season finale this coming Monday.

If you haven't seen NBC's Monday night big hit, "Smash", you are soooo missing a terrific show. Former American Idol heart-throb, Katharine McPhee is outstanding on this show. As are all the other actors. Oh...
"Smash" will be back for a second season.

An absolutely wonderful season ending "Southland" was on TNT, Tuesday night. Hopefully, it'll be back next season. Another great Tuesday night for FX's "Justified". The main villain for the whole season on this show has been Neal McDonough and as far as villains go, they don't GET any better than Mr. McDonough.

Another great "American Idol", America's BEST music show last night and for the first time in a long time, I saw an episode of a show that's usually no lower than number 5 in the ratings. "NCIS", starring Mark Harmon. I picked a heck of a good episode to watch. Jamie Lee Curtis was the big guest star. She is still very beautiful, very sexy and the off the charts sexual tension between her and Harmon had me thinking those well known three words; "GET A ROOM!!!"

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Thursday night, March 29 or very early Friday morning, March 30.

I hope that all of you have a great weekend and don't forget...

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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