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"Sergeant Assassin"! "Game Change"! Drill baby, Drill or Frack baby, Frack? Santorum wants to ban Porn! Time to go all-in on oil extraction?

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Because of other obligations, I'm beginning this blog much later than I usually do. A lot of interesting things have happened since last week's blog was posted and I won't be able to discuss everything that's happened, but I AM going to get into some areas I've never gotten into before. Areas that might challenge your belief structure. Or it might challenge what you SAY you believe as opposed to what you (deep down inside) REALLY believe.

Yeah, I know. Where I seem to be going has "heavy" written all over it.

Hey, we don't use any bells and whistles here, we don't publish any emails you send at the end of each blog, but what we DO do is respond to every email you send with an email from me or sometimes I talk to you on the phone. And yes, once in a while we publish something you've written (with your permission) in the MAIN part of this blog.

I proudly refer to this blog as a blog for thinkers. I have no agenda. I am an equal opportunity criticizer. Our readers represent both sides of the aisle. We get emails from all across the country and from some foreign countries.

I know. Some of you are (right now) saying, "Where's he (me) GOING with this?"


Okay...Nobody I know likes high gas prices. Some of you think President Obama prefers high gas prices so he can push his "clean air", etc. agenda. Is he right about that or is this part of a theory he's enamored with?

We are told that we have to be very careful about drilling, fracking or anything else because of possible problems with our environment, global warming and for all I know, a hangnail or two. There are a lot of people, like three of our Republican candidates who say they believe President Obama is wrong and he's hurting Americans by being reluctant to do some drilling and or fracking in areas that our candidates (and others) say is something we need to do, it's safe, it will help our economy, a lot of Americans will get jobs and gas prices will go down. WAY down! But what about the environment? Supporters of drilling say it wouldn't be an issue. Same deal with global warming because they think that's a scam.

We hear a lot of talk about our children and grandchildren being stuck with a bill they'll have to pay because of all the spending that's been done by our government. What we don't hear a lot of talk about is what kind of environment are we going to leave our children and grandchildren with or what are we seriously going to do about how the planet would (supposedly) be affected by global warming?

I wake up in the morning and see that gas prices have gone up again. We hear horror stories about the possibility in the future of $8 a gallon, if not higher. Where I live, the price is almost $5 a gallon. When you go to the pump and before your tank is full, how many times have you been wondering if you have enough money to PAY for a full tank? And at that moment are you wondering about children, the environment and or global warming?

Just askin'....But you know what? I'm inclined to think you might be thinking about SURVIVAL! Financial survival.

So....Here's a question I'd like you to ask yourself. Do you want to wait until some sort of wonderful new fuel products come along, mass transit of some kind that gets you to your job and back in ways you never imagined and the wonderful way you'll feel about protecting the environment OR .....Do you deep down inside not care about environment and or global warming conversations or what the planet might look like after you die? I mean, would you really like gas prices to go down sooner, much sooner and for a whole bunch of drilling and fracking to take place? Like RIGHT NOW!?!

Just askin'. And if your answer is "YES!!!" then you should probably vote for whichever of the three Republican candidates becomes the GOP's nominee and hope they haven't been lying to you. And this advice I'm giving you is advice from a guy (me) who voted for President Obama.

Now if Obama were to change HIS mind and do a flip-flop like the master flipper and flopper, Mitt Romney?

Just askin'.


Rick Santorum has announced that if he becomes our new President of the United States, he will try to get legislation passed that will outlaw Porn. Good luck with that, Senator. And you sure seem to like looking into our bedrooms, finding out what kinds of medicines women are getting for themselves, advocating a number of things that have to do with the bodies of women and a number of other things that should be none of your business. So... Senator Santorum, I have a question for you sir. If you can get out of our bedrooms for a minute, can you tell me how you plan to fix our economy if you become our next President of the United States? Uh, Senator?

Because of the American soldier that I'll simply refer to as "Sergeant Assassin" who went on a 16-person killing rampage in Afghanistan that involved killing mostly women and children coupled with the Koran books that have been peed on and or burned, Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants our troops confined to major bases which seems to be another way of saying he wants all the American troops "outta there". Yo, President Obama! Give President Karzai what he wants! Like right NOW!

Back to the guy I'm referring to as "Sergeant Assassin" for a minute. Three of our Republican presidential candidates are making noise about wanting us to be involved in MORE wars. Iran, Syria, etc., etc. And of course none of these brave candidates know the first damn thing about wars because none of them served in the military, but this "Sergeant Assassin" character is someone these wars and more wars supporters should take a long look at. This guy was deployed to Iraq three times before being sent to Afghanistan. He appears to be a guy who became a psychological MESS! I'm not defending what he did. But I am wondering why military doctors didn't see what this guy was becoming. And that has happened to a lot of soldiers who have had mulitple deployments. It's the same people doing the same dirty work in these wars all the time. If these wars are that damn important for our country, it's long past time for us to share the responsibility. You war hawks want more wars? Let's REINSTATE THE DRAFT!!! I'm just guessing here, but I get the feeling that if you were to try to get legislation passed to get that done, you'd find out the American people are tired of these wars.

Have you heard about these environmental friendly light bulbs that are now being sold? In addition to being expensive, they're also dangerous because of the mercury content. If you drop and break one of those suckers you have to be very VERY careful or you could end up being seriously injured. I've seen pictures of some of these injuries. Ghastly. We're told these bulbs last 40 years, but because I'm a suspicious kind of guy, I'd like to see the proof. For now, I'm very comfortable with the cheap 100 watt bulbs I've been buying like forever.

I thought that by now, the Rush Limbaugh complaints would have ended, but they haven't. Because of "Social Networking", the Limbaugh business is alive and while publicly stating otherwise, the Limbaugh people are concerned in ways they've never had to be concerned. More than 140 sponsors have made it clear they don't want to be on Limbaugh's show and thanks to a lot of fathers who have daughters along with women who are tired of fat old men telling them how they should be conducting themselves, the Limbaugh people have decided to try to save themselves by (also) using "Social Networking". In other words, the 2012 (verbal) version of "High Noon", "Gunfight at the OK Corral" and may the best networkers win.

Oh...Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will soon be a radio talk show host at the same time Rush is on the air. Right now, Rush has to be wondering how many different ways he's going to have to learn how to duck.


Because this is probably the longest blog I've ever written, I will try to make this segment as brief as possible.

"Game Change". If you love Sarah Palin, you probably didn't bother to watch this film but you told a lot of people how lousy it was/is. I saw the film. I liked it. A lot. It was the highest rated HBO original movie in eight years.

Yes, you see Sarah showing how much she didn't know about anything except Alaska, but there were a couple of instances I felt sorry for Palin. First of all, I thought Julianne Moore was terrific as Palin and I think Moore deserves an Emmy nomination. What I really felt sorry for Palin about was how much she was missing not having her baby with her and not being around her family as much as she wanted to be while the McCain camp was interested in one thing and one thing only. Winning the election. I came away from that film believing that no matter how much she didn't know about stuff she absolutely NEEDED to know if she was going to (possibly) be the Vice President of the United States, Sarah Palin, like her or not, was missing her kids, big time. And what that tells me is that she's a good mother and I think no woman with school age children (or younger) should EVER allow herself to be put through the rigors of what a presidential campaign is all about. No, I'm not being sexist. I'm being real.

In addition to Moore's performance, I think Emmy consideration should also be given to Woody Harrelson, Jamey Sheridan and Ron Livingston. I thought Ed Harris was good as McCain, but I didn't think he was on camera enough for Emmy consideration.

Quick TV stuff and one other film. "Love and other Drugs", 2010 film on Encore that starred Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway and some terrific supporting players. This was the second time I've seen this film. I loved it the first time I saw it and loved it again because I'm easy to entertain when I'm looking at a good love story.

Because of three dead horses, HBO's "Luck" has been cancelled. Or, I guess one thing might be obvious which is that a racetrack story in which three horses had NO luck, it was a good idea to cancel the show before some kind of bad luck RECORD got set.

Sunday's "The Good Wife" got it's groove back...Sensational episode of NBC's "Smash" on Monday night. That show gets better and Better and BETTER!...The two very fine cop shows, "Justified" (FX) and "Southland" (TNT)
are about to wrap up their seasons...And another outstanding "American Idol" on Wednesday. And by the way, this is hands down Ryan Seacrest's best season so far. Same deal with two of the judges. It helps when you have terrific singers. A lot of music shows out there but none of them are close to the show that "American Idol" is.

I plan to see the new film "21 Jump Street" before next week's blog. The reviews are terrific.

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, March 22 or early Friday morning, March 23.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and a very nice St. Patrick's Day. Green beer! Yay!

And don't forget...AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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