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Fathers Against LIMBAUGH!!! Sarah says, "I'm Available!!" George Clooney!! An email about Rush from a very conservative woman!! Annd,The "Apology"

El Rushbo, El Rushbo, El Rushbo!!!!!

What's up, bro! Anything new?

But seriously, folks...

If Rush Limbaugh's disgusting verbal attack on the female Georgetown student was a stunt designed to reverse the large loss of listeners he's been experiencing, mission accomplished. Hell, this even got ME to listen the last four days.

The above four paragraphs are whacha call a "tease". I'm not done with this subject. Not by a long shot. But firrrst....

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Back to our lead story...

Rush Limbaugh began criticizing the female Georgetown student a day before last week's blog. I was aware of it, but initially, it was (in my view) simply Rush being his normal "Dinosaur self" picking on a woman when he's not picking on someone of color. But what he said about her last Friday was mean, meaner and mean-EST!!! And when I heard about that, I said, "WHOA!!!"

My first thought was that Rush had "lost it" and was trying to commit career suicide. Another thought was, is he popping PILLS again?!?

I wasn't the only one who was wondering what was going on. Rush Limbaugh comes across as a guy who is indestructible. And there are times when you hear some of the things he says, you can't help but believe he IS indestructible. A friend of mine wrote a column yesterday in which the conclusion was/is that Rush is, like the banks recently were, "Too big to fail!"

Buuuut....sometime on Saturday morning, Rush heard from an outfit called "Premiere" and I hope I spelled that correctly. They were concerned about what Rush had said and whatever it was that they told Rush, was something that caused Rush to issue an apology. I am safely assuming this because the "apology" was on a piece of paper that had the "Premiere" letterhead above it as opposed to Rush's name. Oh! Who is or are "Premiere"? Among other things, they're an outfit that gets worried, a little more than worried, and then they're angry when a bunch of sponsors have suddenly stopped BEING sponsors on a show they have an "interest" in.

My good friend Don Barrett, who is Owner-Publisher of the highly acclaimed LARadio. com, sent me a copy of Rush's "Apology" on that same Saturday. About a half hour or so later, I finished writing a response letter to that apology. It is a response letter that was sent to many people and was published by Don Barrett's and Jack Roberts' wonderful publication, "Hollywood Hills".

The reaction I've gotten is off the charts. I've had more emails sent to me about this subject than any other subject I've written about in the almost six years we've been doing this. I'm not going to include a copy of that letter in this blog, but if you would like me to send you a copy of it, all you have to do is ask for it at

When Rush Limbaugh did his show on Monday, I'm sure he was talking to the largest audience he's had in a long time. He said he was sorry for what he had said about the female Georgetown student. But it was a limited apology because he said he was sorry about two words he had used. Said words being, "Prostitute, Slut".

And before you could catch your breath, he was suddenly throwing blame for what he said at other people. I immediately wrote a note to Don Barrett; "Listening to this reminds me of what happens in every family that has children. Something unacceptable has been done by one of the children and their defense is to blame one of the other children."

But besides referring to the female Georgetown student as a prostitute and a slut, he also implied (in the form of a sarcastic question) that she had gotten birth control type products when she was in the 6th grade or Junior High School and also the fact that he wanted to see sex tapes of her. Yes, part of his short written apology was that he was joking.

Because Rush, (despite being married 4 times) has no children, here's something he's probably unaware of. There is (as a rule) a special bond between a mother and her son. There is also a special bond between a father and his daughter.

I have received emails from hundreds of fathers who have told me (in essence) that all they can think about is what they would do or want to do if the female Georgetown student who was verbally savaged by Rush had been THEIR daughter!

I haven't seen new numbers, but as of early this morning, 45 sponsors have made it clear they no longer want their commercials to be played on Rush's show.

Don Imus. Remember him and all the trouble he got into a few years ago? Imus said Limbaugh should have flown to meet Sandra Fluke (the Georgetown student) and apologize face-to-face, but instead he gave an on-air apology that proved he was "An insincere pig and a pill popping pinhead."

I am now going to print a note I got from married woman with two children who I have known for a long time. Politically, she's very conservative. Atilla the Hun conservative. And she often disagrees with me about things I've written.

Here's what she wrote: "I agree with you on this one Scott. It was a jerk thing to say. By the way, I wonder how many Viagra, Lavitra and Cialis commercials are played on his show. I am so sick of all those ridiculous commercials. And those meds for MEN are covered and paid for! I change the station faster than a hummingbird beats his wings!"

Thank you for your thoughts, long time friend. Oh, heck. Let me say thank you by using a nickname I've given you. Thank you, hourglass lady. And eat your heart out, Rush.

A Sarah Palin comment followed by the dumbest commercial I think I've ever seen:

Sarah Palin, thinking that maybe a Republican candidate won't have been chosen when it's "Convention time" has let it be known that she'll be "Available". And if I'm some kind of big deal Republican official, my immediate response to her announcement is to be very nervous just before I ask her, "Available for WHAT?!?"

Have you seen the Jack in the Box commercial that ends up with the words, "You may now eat the bride"?!? Am I the only one who thinks that's the dumbest commercial I've ever seen?


George Clooney. Everybody knows who George Clooney is, right. I've never met him, but I've liked many of his films. If you were to stop and think about it, you might be inclined to think that George Clooney has led and is leading a very charmed life.

Well guess what? Despite his fame and all the great looking women he's dated, he's as insecure as the rest of us. One of the magazines I subscribe to is called "THE WEEK" and what you're about to read is a word for word story titled, "Clooney's painful awakening". After that, some stuff about a film I saw recently and some television shows.

Here's the Clooney story: George Clooney is acutely aware of his own mortality, said Tim Teeman in the London Times. While shooting "Syriana", in 2005, the actor suffered a serious injury to the base of his neck, which left him in agony, with spinal fluid leaking out of his nose. Lying in a hospital bed, he considered suicide. "I was in real trouble," says Clooney. "For the first time, I contemplated whether I had accomplished all I wanted. I felt I was going to die or have to die; I felt I couldn't live with so much pain." He had three operations, but the pain is still with him. "I know when I wake up it will always feel like a hangover, but I can't mourn what I used to be." His health aside, Clooney is also aware that the clock is ticking on his Hollywood career. "There's only a certain amount of time"...about 10 years, he thinks...."when you get the keys to the kingdom. I'm terrified of the moment when you're the guy who goes to the studio and says, 'I've got this idea', and they're like, "Thanks for stopping by,' and you walk out and they roll their eyes."

When a big star like George Clooney has problems, we know that there's pretty much no such thing as having a stress-free ride doing ANYTHING, right?

Films & TV Shows:

I didn't see any new films this past week, but I did see a 2010 film on Encore a couple of nights ago. "Secretariat" which starred Diane Lane, John Malkovich and several terrific supporting players. It's based on a true story, I knew how it was going to end, but I enjoyed this film big time. It's a Disney film so there are no "bad words" or sex scenes. But if you like beauty, you will see a very beautiful Diane Lane who never seems to look like she's gotten older.

A lot of television shows are showing reruns, but of the shows I saw that weren't reruns, I thought Sunday night's "The Good Wife" was, for the first time, not an excellent episode. Hey, nobody's perfect, right? Hopefully, this coming Sunday's episode will be the kind of episode were used to seeing because that show has spoiled us. Another good Sunday night episodes of "Shameless" on Showtime and "Californication" on Showtime which featured a terrific but short performance by Rob Lowe.

A fabulous episode of "Smash" on NBC, Monday night. I'm tellin' ya folks. If you haven't checked out "Smash" yet, you're missing out on some fun television.

Tuesday night, great episodes of "Southland" on TNT and "Justified" on FX. Good news for fans of "Justified". There will be a fourth season.

Very good "American Idol" show last night (Wednesday) and it got terrific ratings. Meanwhile, am I the only one who thinks that Jennifer Lopez is the hottest 42-year old on the planet?

"Game Change" will be on HBO this coming Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night. It stars Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin, Ed Harris as John McCain and Woody Harrelson as McCain's campaign strategist.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means there's no way for me to respond to you. I respond to all emails except for "Anonymous" emails. They're ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Thursday night, March 15 or very early Friday morning, March 16.

I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend, I hope that Rush decides to give that female Georgetown student the kind of apology she deserves and don't forget....AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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