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Legendary "Boss Radio" Engineer Speaks his Mind! Birth control fight more important than the economy? Koran defiling? Gallup's 2 worst Presidents!!!

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Before we get into the serious stuff, did you enjoy the Oscar show? It got good television ratings, but most critics thought the show was boring. Wellll....I didn't think it was THAT bad! Some ideas were good, some not so good. I believe the head writer of the Oscar show, a writer who's been there a long time, is a guy who probably should have been replaced several years ago. There's one big thing that most critics said after the show ended that I totally agree with and that's the belief that a couple of years from now the general consensus will be that the film voted as the "Best Picture" was a mistake.

Can you imagine how much fun the Oscar show might have been if the female cast of "Bridesmaids" had been hosting the show?

Just askin'.

One other Oscar observation. I thought the choosing of Tom Cruise to be the guy who would name all the "Best Picture" nominees and then the name of the winner was a brilliant and somewhat "tongue in cheek" choice. For you see, Tom Cruise was the star of a film that not only wasn't nominated for anything but his film sold more tickets and made more money than all the nine nominated films COMBINED!

Just sayin'.

Before switching to the political stuff, here comes a reminder about a film that's politically connected. "Game Change", a film that will be shown on HBO, Saturday night, March 10 and I'm sure it will be repeated often. It stars Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin, Ed Harris as John McCain and Woody Harrelson as McCain's chief assistant. This film is about the behind the scenes stuff that took place before the presidential election that McCain lost and that Obama won. Most people who really follow this kind of stuff will (quietly) tell you that if McCain hadn't been pressured to accept Palin that he, McCain, would probably be our President instead of Barack Obama. While on the campaign trail she was fun to look at, her enthusiasm was "top of the shelf" enthusiasm but the McCain camp was blindsided by the fact she was probably the most ill-prepared top of the ticket candidate in America's history as she proved several times in interviews that were embarrassing to watch. If you've been paying attention, you know that the only people she (now) allows to interview her are people who work for Fox News which is also a place that pays Palin a lot of money for those interviews. Have you ever seen one of those interviews? First class journalism, huh?


First of all, has anyone figured out why the Muslim "bible" is spelled two different ways? In this segment, I'm going to stick with "Koran".

You have probably heard about some U.S. soldiers who zipped down their flies and soaked a couple of Koran holy books in Afghanistan. Because people in that part of the world take their religion more seriously than (even) Rick Santorum does, some of our soldiers were killed. President Obama apologized on behalf of our country and the GOP presidential candidates criticized Obama FOR apologizing. Unlike the three who did the criticizing, I have served in the military and I understood why Obama did that. He was trying to prevent our troops from being in any more danger than they're already in. After the watering of the books happened, a number of other Koran books were thrown into cans and burned.

Okay. Sounds like school yard stuff, doesn't it? Well, it's considerably more dangerous than that, but I have to be honest with you. If I was in Afghanistan and knew in my heart of hearts that they (the majority of Afghans) didn't like me being there and I was continually hearing over and over again stuff about a religion (theirs) that I can't relate to at all, on top of hearing how much they hate Americans, I can easily imagine me, in a moment of frustration, seeing a Koran on the ground, on a table or in the crapper and me jerking MY fly down and pointing Mr. Happy at that Koran while giving it a bath.

Just sayin'.

Two quick hits before a commentary written by a reader of this blog:

This birth control fight. Is that more important than our economy? I ask this question because if any of our presidential candidates really believe that, I believe that American voters won't give them a ghost's chance in Hell to get elected.

Did you hear about this new Gallup poll showing the two best presidents in the last 40 years and the two worst presidents?

First, the two BEST presidents in the last 40 years? Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

The two WORST presidents in the last 40 years? Richard Nixon and George W. Bush.

As the late and great sportscaster Jim Healy used to say, "I don't make 'em up, pally!"


Before getting started on what Bill has to say, let me tell you that I think the world of this highly decorated WWII veteran and a guy who became a legend while being the engineer and producer for some of the biggest names in the history of radio broadcasting.

Having said that, please know that I don't agree with everything that Bill wrote and that you are about to read. An example would be (is) that his opinion of Mitt Romney differs greatly from my opinion of Mitt Romney. I don't agree with a couple of other things he has written either but what's about to happen will not be a debate. You will read what Bill has written and then I will switch to "ENTERTAINMENT STUFF".

The Bill Mouzis commentary begins right now:

I keep wondering why Obama is so heavily favored to win the presidency, particularly if Romney is the Republican nominee. In my humble opinion this could be one hell of a close race. Remember Bush?

What has Obama done for the people, the true middle class? After almost four years in office the economy continues to struggle badly. Unemployment remains above 8% and people continue to lose their homes. Jobs continue to be shipped overseas.

Regardless of his stand on illegal immigration, employers continue to violate our laws by hiring them with impunity. Law and order is out of the corrective process completely.

Gasoline prices are now out of control in an economy that simply cannot absorb them. Obama shows no genuine concern when in fact there is plenty of oil supply and gasoline production, but too much of it being exported for higher prices. He obviously is careful not to bite off the hand that feeds him with campaign monies by going after the oil companies too hard---only passive reaction.

Banks are allowed to withhold lending money that was given to them by our government. Money that would help in revitalizing the economy.

Interest rates on credit cards are sky high while interest on savings accounts are reduced to the lowest level in modern times.

We continue to lose American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan while sabre rattling against Iran. The war lords want another war. Remember what President Eisenhower said about "The Military Complex"?

Our streets, highways, bridges and infrastructure continue to rot without any sign of improving them.

The mention of God is being removed from all government displays or functions. I suppose if we can't mention the Muslims we must ban all language relating to Christianity.

Whatever happened with all the promises Obama made when running for office? Nothing but talk and more talk. Obama must be returned to the classrooms, but we also need stronger candidates to fix a slipping ship of state. The Republicans haven't furnished one so we can only hope for some intervention from Above.

Obama has in reality produced no results, but plenty of rhetoric.

I reiterate that if Romney starts to carefully tailor his campaign speeches to attack these vulnerable faults of Obama effectively he can pull the upset of modern times in beating him. Also, Romney appears much more presidential in appearance than any of the others seeking the nomination, and much more than George W. Bush EVER did.

Unless Romney makes a complete fool of himself from here on out or stumbles badly, watch out for the surprise of your life...he will win.

Thank you Bill Mouzis.


First of all, R.I.P., Davy Jones. I began my radio career as a rock ' roll disc jockey and I remember those hit songs by the Monkees very well. Davy was the guy all the girls wanted and guy fans of the Monkees got as close to Davy as they could because....Well, leftovers ain't always a bad deal, right?


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing "Safe House", starring Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Vera Farmiga, Sam Shepard, Robert Patrick, Ruben Blades and other very good supporting players. This is an action flick that has a lot of action and there's no way you'll be bored. I liked it a lot.

Today, I saw "The Vow", starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum who play a young married couple who are involved in a bad traffic accident that results in the McAdams character having a serious memory loss that includes not knowing who her husband is. This is one of those "pull at the heartstrings" kind of film that features Wendy Crewson as the very sympathetic doctor, Jessica Lange as the McAdams character mother, Sam Neill as the McAdams character father, Scott Speedman as the guy who tries to make a very serious move on the McAdams character and Tatiana Maslany as the poor young woman who listens to the Tatum character talk about his broken heart while it's obvious the Maslany character wishes that the Tatum character would feel about her the way she feels about him.

Gang, if you like a very believable story (it's based on a true story) that is written, acted and filmed very well, you'll LOVE "The Vow". There's a reason this film has done very well at the box office. The best description I can give you about how I felt while watching this film is to simply tell you, "I laughed, I cried, I almost died!"


HBO's Sunday show, "Luck" continues to be better and better....Outstanding episode of Monday's "Smash" on NBC ....An off the charts season finale of Tuesday's "Parenthood" on NBC....Also on Tuesday, great episodes of "Justified" on FX and "Southland" on TNT....On a week in which all kinds of nice stories were written about ABC's new hit, Wednesday's episode of "Revenge" continued to "top itself". And now we're told we won't see another new episode until sometime in April.....And the first two new serious episodes of the 11th season of "American Idol" on Fox got "killer ratings". I saw some good talent on the Tuesday and Wednesday shows. It'll be interesting to see how things play out while the copycat music shows keep eating "Idol dust".

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you. I respond to all emails ASAP unless it's an "Anonymous" email. Those are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring something unforseen, late Thursday night, March 8 or very early Friday morning, March 9.

I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend and don't forget..... AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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