Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If Our New Majority Politicians Want To Repeal Something, I Have A Better Idea Than The New Health Care Bill

Squawk, squawk, squawk!!!

Like a bunch of angry parakeets and or parrots, the new and orange Speaker of the House and his Tea Party Revolution wannabes are pretty much mouthing the same daily rhetoric; Let's make sure that Obama doesn't get a second term and let's repeal the new health care bill which they sarcastically refer to as Obama care.

Yo, orange guy! Yo, Tea Party Parrots! And speaking of parrots, how about that Tea Party darling, Michele Bachmann, the rocket scientist who lied up her skirt with the bogus rumor that Obama's trip to India was involving more than 3000 people at a cost to the American taxpayers of 200 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY!!!

This same dodo, who got Sean Hannity to donate $5000 to her campaign and is also demanding the number 4 leadership position in the House. Yes, (surprise, surprise) Bachmann is another one of these characters supported by Sarah Palin. I'll give Palin this; The ones she tends to support are easy characterize. Dumb and dumber.

And then there's Rush Limbaugh. No, he's not dumb or dumber. He's what he's always been. A slick con man. And he used Bachmann's "$200 million dollars a day" lie as cover for Limbaugh to roar to the heavens that Bachmann's lie was "gospel" and hinted at racial reasons as to why Obama would be spending this kind of money. And that reason was (or is), according to Limbaugh, because the Obama's (it suddenly became plural) felt "entitled" or that it "was owed to them" or some other imagined (by Limbaugh) nonsense. And by the way, the amount of people on this trip were the Obama's, about 200 business people looking to make deals in India and the normal amount of Secret Service folks. The amount of money this trip is costing? Nowhere near the "fear figure" thrown out there by the dodo and Rushbo.

But back to the new health care bill. Or Obama care bill. Whatever. The primary argument posed is that this bill will cost too much. And one of the primary missions of these new elected officials is to come up with ways to reduce costs or some way to improve the economic condition of our American citizens.

I'm definitely all for that! I have thought all along that it was a huge mistake to get involved in two wars and not require the American people to have to do some sacrificing financially to pay for those wars. Of course if that had been proposed, the odds are pretty good we'd have gotten out of those wars a long time ago. Like the man once said, "The Devil's in the DETAILS!"

Okay...We need to do something or some things to cut costs which will help cut the deficit and we need to come up with ANYTHING that will help individual Americans, financially.

Politicians learned a long time ago that the easiest way to become an EX-politician is to be messing around with and or making noises about cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits. Political suicide.

So what can we do that would big enough to have an impact and it would also benefit Americans in countless numbers of ways?


If someone made an honest assessment, they couldn't honestly come up with anything that's overall good about all of these lotteries that have popped up since about the time President Reagan was in the White House.

I know. There would initially be a lot of over the top screaming about how money from lotteries help the schools. My answer to that? HORSE SHIT!

If these lotteries were so damn helpful to schools, then why are schools constantly crying for more money?

The worse that economic conditions become, the more desperate our citizens become. And those are the people who spend the most on lotteries. Those are people who are among the first to file for bankruptcy. Those are people who resort to crime to get themselves bailed out of economic difficulty. Those are people....

You get the idea and I know you can come up with more examples than the ones I mentioned.

If you make it impossible for people to be able to walk a block or two from home and spend "food money" on lottery tickets, the economic condition of the United States of America would rise. Big time! I guaran-damn-tee-it!!!

Drastic measure? As Ms. Palin might say, "You betcha!" Because desperate times call for desperate measures. Measures that we can live with. And we can damn sure live without lotteries.


President George W. Bush's book tour has been getting a lot of news coverage. I haven't read his book yet, but I will. The one thing that stands out to me is the fact that President Bush is relaxed and has gone back to being that "guy" that Bob Costas once told me that if I ever met President Bush, I would really like him. I don't doubt that. He strikes me as a guy I would probably (if given the chance) enjoy hours of his company. But that wouldn't change my mind about what kind of president he was.

Have you been following the Keith Olbermann story? We're told that he was suspended without pay for a couple of days by MSNBC because of political contributions he gave to three candidates. NBC has a rule against doing that. Publisher-Owner, Don Barrett reported that an "insider" is saying the primary reason Olbermann was suspended had to do with money and Olbermann refusing to take a pay cut. Pay cuts are something that everyone in the broadcasting business (and pretty much every other business) are having to deal with. EVERYONE!!!

A lot of folks think that unless Olbermann agreed to some kind of pay cut during the last few days, he will be hit with a significant pay cut when his new contract is up for renewal and if he doesn't "play ball", he'll be gone.

I don't think Keith is that stupid. In fact, I happen to think that Keith Olbermann is smart, talented and an emotional train wreck. I somehow get the feeling that Bob Costas wouldn't try to convince me that if I ever met Keith Olbermann, I would really like him.

But a guy I really DID like....

Was Charlie O'Donnell. Most recently, the off-stage announcer for "Wheel of Fortune", a job he held for many years. Charlie O'Donnell passed away a little more than a week ago and this morning his funeral was held at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in North Hollywood, California. This is a huge church and the space was needed because of all the people who came to pay their respects. I mean we're talking about a whole lot of past and present game show hosts, radio personalities and show business executives. It was an absolutely wonderful service. R.I.P., Charlie O!


Sarah Palin's reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" begins this Sunday night on TLC.

After a great opening night, Conan lost a third of his viewers on his second night.

Showtime's "Dexter" continues to look more and more like that show's best season ever. And you can credit this season's new big Guest Star, Julia Stiles for that. It's beginning to look more and more like a romance will develop between Stiles and Dexter. And if I'm right, this will be a complicated romance in the sense that it would involve a professional killer and a person who's learning how to be a killer. And you thought YOUR past or current romances are or were complicated?!?

Sunday's episode of "Brothers & Sisters" was the worst episode of that show I've ever seen. For the first many years of this show's existence, "Brothers & Sisters" was my favorite show! When they started using less and less of Rob Lowe (who finally quit) and focused on other story lines, the show began to tank. Pretty soon, unless they get things turned out, "Brothers & Sisters" will need a resuscitator in order to survive.

Tuesday night's episode of "Glee" was extra terrific because of the performance turned in by the new actor who is playing the football coach. An actor who got that job thanks to the agent who is the agent I've had for many years, Sid Levin.

Tuesday night's episode of "The Good Wife" featured an absolutely terrific Guest Star performance from Michael J. Fox. As we all know, this very likeable actor has a physical handicap he has to overcome every time he performs. It's obvious that a handicap hasn't been invented that can keep Michael J. Fox from acting at a high level. "The Good Wife" is, in my view, the best show on television and last night's "The Good Wife" might have been that show's best episode of the season in a season that has featured great episodes EVERY week!

Personal show biz note: Monday, the 15th, through Tuesday, the 16th, I'll be performing in a low budget film that is currently titled (sometimes these titles change), "Chinese Takeout". I'll be playing a cranky old guy in a hospital who farts a lot and makes sexual harassment comments at a nurse who adores him, in spite of his crankiness. In the second scene that I'm in, I get killed. So much for adoration, huh?

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