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Is Bill Clinton On A "Sabotage Obama" Mission?!? Jeb Bush Says Today's G.O.P. Is Short-Sighted!!! "On The Books" Federal Spending Growth Under Obama Is A Lot Less Than The Critics Are Telling You!!! Paul Ryan Might Be The Most Overrated "Economy Expert" EVER!!! By What Standard Is Mitt Romney A Successful Job Creator?!? And Will "I'll Have Another" WIN another???

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Headline #1:   Is Bill Clinton on a "Sabotage Obama" mission?

Ah, the original "Hound Dog Man" is in the news again.

Bill Clinton.   Big time former President of the United States.    Advertised as a Democrat.   I say "advertised" because I'll never forget what a famous actor who was a friend of then President Clinton said.   Off the record, he referred to Clinton as the best REPUBLICAN President we've ever had.

This of course is something that Rush Limbaugh or one of his clones would be beside themselves over if it turned out there was any possible truth to what the famous actor said.

And that reminds me of when (many years ago) I was offered the opportunity by some serious "money people" to be a candidate for the U.S. Senate.   I gave it very serious thought, spoke with a lot of other politicians and I eventually declined.   But there was one thing about that process that I will never forget.   When I was having one of many serious conversations with the "money people", the subject of my "party" affiliation was brought up.   I mentioned that I was a Republican.   Understand now, these were people who really wanted me to be a candidate.   Their immediate response to what I had just said was, "We don't CARE what you ARE, but what you're going to RUN as is a DEMOCRAT!   Once you get elected, do what you need to do.   But you'll RUN as a Democrat!"

I'm convinced that kind of thing happens more often than you would think.   Clinton, a Republican posing as a Democrat?   Anything's possible, folks.   NAFTA was something that was championed by Clinton and it was something that Republicans liked.   Same deal with radio and television consolidation, something that Clinton signed off on.   I can't speak for the television community, but I can speak for the radio community when I tell you that Clinton's signing of that bill ruined the lives of a thousands on top of thousands of radio people while fat cat "Bain" operators (Hi Mitt!) laughed all the way to the bank.

What does this have to do with Clinton saying the things he's been saying lately?   Things that Obama doesn't agree with?   Clinton has immediately apologized each time and then he says something else he has to apologize for.


Besides the "Trojan Horse" possible theory I'm kicking around here, how about one other possibility.    His WIFE!

President Clinton, are you still pissed off about your wife losing to Obama?   Is that what the things you've been saying lately is all about?

Just askin'.

Headline #2:   Jeb Bush says today's G.O.P. is short-sighted!

Jeb Bush said that on CBS "This Morning".   When I heard him say that, a couple of thoughts came to mind;   (1)   You're just now figuring that out, Jeb?    (2)   I remember when Ronald Reagan said, "I didn't leave the Democrat party, THEY left ME!"   In reverse, I say, I didn't leave the Republican party.   They left me.   I now have no party affiliation.

Headline #3:   "On the books" federal spending growth under Obama is a lot less than the critics are telling you!

For example:   The wars under the Bush administration WEREN'T "on the books".   In fact, federal spending growth that was put "on the books" is slower under Obama than any other president since Dwight Eisenhower.

Just sayin'.

Headline #4:   Paul Ryan might be the most overrated "Economy Expert" EVER!!!

Nothing else need be said.

Headline #5:   By what standard is Mitt Romney a successful job creator?  

The only time he ever held public office which was the one term he spent as Governor of Massachusetts, the state went from 37th in job creation to 47th in job creation.   That's his scorecard, folks.   His only scorecard.

Just sayin'.

ENTERTAINMENT STUFF, which leads us to,
Headline #6:   Will "I'll Have Another" WIN another?!?

That horse is a 4-5 favorite and if "I'll Have Another" wins this Saturday's Belmont Stakes, the horse will be only the 12th horse to win horse racing's Triple Crown.

The rest of what will be a short Entertainment Stuff section has to do with a television season finale, a 2011 film that's now on cable and a late starting actress who had a wonderful career before losing a gallant fight against lung cancer.

I saw every episode of "Magic City" on STARZ.   They showed their season finale last Friday night.   It was a very powerful cliff-hanger kind of episode and I can hardly wait for the new season to begin which will be sometime in 2013.   If you didn't see any of the episodes, you missed out on what I thought was very good television.   It's about Miami in the late 50's and early 60's.   Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the lead actor in this production.   He plays the role of a hotel owner named Ike who has a couple of people breathing down his neck in a bad way.   One is a crooked law enforcement guy and the other is a vicious mob guy who goes by the name of "The Butcher" and Danny Huston is perfect for this role.   There are also very fine performances turned in by Ike's wife, his children, several beautiful women who have problems and a very nice supporting turn by Kelly Lynch.   I will be very surprised if Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Danny Huston don't get Emmy nominations.   I think that Olga Kurylenko (Ike's wife) and Elena Satine (a woman who The Butcher wants dead) are deserving of Emmy consideration as well.

Last night, I saw a film on STARZ that was released last year.   "Straw Dogs", directed by Rod Lurie and starred James Marsden, the very beautiful and sexy Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard (from "True Blood), James Woods, Walter Goggins (from "Justified") and the always fun to look at, Willa Holland.    This is a violent film, folks.   Especially the ending.   I thought that Rod Lurie did a great job directing and writing and overall I thought he ended up with a very watchable film.   This is a film I plan to watch again.

Our last story is a sad story because of the way things ended, but I think that overall, this is a good story about an actress named Kathryn Joosten.

She went from being a nurse many miles away from Hollywood, but at the age of 45 she came here and started taking acting lessons.    I met Kathryn at an acting class and we ended up doing some scenes together over a period of time.   The first time people really took notice of Kathryn was when she played the role of Mrs. Landingham who was Martin Sheen's secretary on "The West Wing".   Near the end of "The West Wing's" run, Mrs. Landingham was killed.  It was one of many times she was killed on television.   She was hired by a lot of producers and directors to do different things on other shows after "The West Wing" ended and a few years ago she landed a job on another big show, "Desperate Housewives".   She played the role of nosy neighbor, Karen McKlusky on Wisteria Lane and she was great at it.   Two Emmy awards great.  Because of smoking, Kathryn developed a health problem.   She beat cancer a time or two, but ironically she (fake) died because of lung cancer on the final episode of "Desperate Housewives".   A few days after that last episode aired, Kathryn really did die (June 2nd) because of complications associated with lung cancer.   She was 72.

Kathryn, you done good, girl!   I mean REALLY good!   R.I.P, Kathryn Joosten and if there is an afterlife, I look forward to doing some more scenes with you.

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