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Dick Clark!! The Jammer is a GURU?!? The NRA & Obama!! No color on "The Bachelor" or ""Bachelorette"!! GOP & Millionaires! Shut up, Ted Nugent!!

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Ordinarily, a story about a guy like this would be in our "ENTERTAINMENT STUFF" section, but because Dick Clark was much bigger than that.....

In case you hadn't heard, Dick Clark died on Wednesday, April 18. He was 82.

We all know the story about Dick Clark and "American Bandstand"! That's what started it all for Dick Clark, but he ended up being one of the most powerful show business people EVER! The quiz shows he hosted, the films he was in, the major shows that he produced like the "Golden Globes", "American Music Awards", "New Year's Rockin 'Eve", "TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes", etc. on top of etc....I mean there's no telling how much Dick Clark was WORTH when he died. So let's just settle for "A LOT!!!"

I knew Dick Clark. I'm not going to pretend to having been a bosom buddy of his, but I do have a couple of stories to share with you.

I've been a performer of one kind or another ever since I arrived (here) in Los Angeles the day after Thanksgiving, 1979. Prior to that I was the afternoon drive radio guy on KMOX in St. Louis.

I don't remember how it all began, but I had a few (brief) written and phone conversations with Dick Clark that were mostly about the "Golden Globes" show that he was the producer of and my belief that the Academy Awards people should have given Dick Clark "An offer he couldn't refuse".

And for all I know, maybe they DID, but Dick REFUSED!

Dick Clark did two off the charts very nice things for me. When I was the nightly sports anchor for Channel 9 here, one of Dick Clark's many shows was, "TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes". One night while I was doing my sports report, I did a local story about soccer and to make a point, I had a soccer ball with me and I gave it a slight kick. My foot caught it such a way that the ball ended up being a bulls-eye shot because it hit the camera lens that was focused on me right in the middle. A billion to one shot. And totally unintentional. In fact, I was scared to death that I might have to PAY for that camera. Fortunately for me, the camera wasn't damaged, we laughed about it on the set, end of story. Welllll...not exactly. Unbeknownst to me, long time "Entertainment Tonight" Producer-Director Kevin Gershan saw what happened, immediately got a copy of me kicking the ball and he gave it to Dick Clark. Dick Clark ended up playing that tape on his "Bloopers" show seven times that I'm aware of. And yes, nice checks were sent to me.

Here comes the other off the charts nice thing he did for me.

A few years later, I decided I wanted to stick my foot into the acting arena. After doing a few things, I put together a demo tape that I sent (unsolicited) to some film and television Casting Directors and Producers. I think it was thirty tapes. One of them went to Dick Clark. He responded with a very short note about how good he thought my tape was and he complemented my acting. After thinking about it, I wrote him a note asking if it would be all right with him if I included his very nice note with any other solicitation I might make. He responded immediately with his permission.

I then sent a copy of Dick Clark's note along with a note from me to Ed Scott who was the Executive Producer of "The Young & The Restless". I told Ed a white lie when I said I accidentally forgot to include Dick Clark's "endorsement" when I sent him (Ed Scott) a copy of my demo tape.

Because of Dick Clark's "approval of me" note, Ed looked at my tape and that resulted in my playing a very fun character named Stan who was an investigator for a few days. I also ended up doing some voice over work for that show. And it happened because one of the biggest names in Hollywood gave me a "Stamp of Acceptance note" to share with some industry folks.

Dick Clark is no longer with us, but until my dying day, I will know that Dick Clark was a very good man.

Because I can't figure out the perfect topic to follow the Dick Clark stories, I'll give you one more (in this case) very short story about ME and then get going with some political stuff that most of you look forward to reading about.

The Commercial I Just Finished Participating In:

In last week's blog, I mentioned a commercial I was about to participate in and that my character was an ageing hippie who is seen making passionate moves on a woman when her son walks in the door and is shocked.

The product is Direct TV and I ended up playing the role of a Hippie Guru who, in addition to having a lover of his own, is a guy who gives smiles and thumbs up kinds of encouragement to other hippies who want to make "Whoopee". I don't know when this commercial will be aired. I do know this; The cast and crew were some of the finest people I've ever had the pleasure/privilege of working with and "WORK" it WAS!!! I mean I was one worn out actor when we finished. And I say that with a big smile. Thank you for the great direction, TOM KURTZ!!

And now it's time to write about the kind of stuff we usually write about.

The NRA and Obama:

As you've probably heard, the National Rifle Association held their convention recently in St. Louis. I am a long time supporter of the NRA and I'm trying to figure out where all these rumors about President Obama wanting to take everyone's guns away from them is coming from.

Gang, if I thought there was any truth to that, I'd be raising Holy HELL about this. There is no REAL evidence of this at all.

Annnd....You've probably heard that singer Ted Nugent was doing a lot of popping off at the convention. In fact, he was doing so MUCH popping off, that the Secret Service has told Nugent they want to have a conversation with Nugent. No, these are not the same Secret Service guys who were recently with a bunch of hookers who call themselves "Escorts". Most folks know that if you say something publicly about something that sounds like you're endorsing harm of some kind to the President of the United States, you will hear from the Secret Service who will tell you in essence that "You've got some 'splainin' to do!"

And if you heard the obscene descriptions Nugent publicly stated about two women who have important positions in the White House, your first thought might be the first thought that came to MY mind which was/is, what kinds of drugs are you taking, Ted. Or are you that stupid WITHOUT drugs? And Ted? You're not perceived as a guy who's simply "Tellin' it like it is!" at a major convention. You're coming across as an uneducated/no manners .......!!! Those dots represent seven letters. As uncouth and a "never been housebroken" kind of guy he comes across as being, I'm guessing he could tell you what those seven dots represent. Ted, you didn't think you're the only one capable of firing off insults, did you? But I do it with a little more "class" than you do. Now shut the bleep up!

A Lawsuit Against The Producers of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette".

WHY, you ask? For ten years and thirteen combined seasons, there's never been a person of "color" on either of these shows.

I've been thinking about this. First of all, I've never watched either of those shows, but I know they're shows about attractive people "hooking up". Once upon a time I guess the idea of thinking about acting upon a desire to pursue a gorgeous person who happens to be of a different color than you are was something that a lot of people were either afraid to do or found it disgusting to consider doing. This is 2012 and most young people don't have those hang-ups. Both of these shows' contestants are young people. So who is it that's preventing people of color from being on these shows? Much older executives who still think.....?!? And if they got rid of those executives, would things change?

Just askin' while trying to save you shows some lawsuit money.

The G.O.P's Love Affair with Millionaires:

Think about it. When you hear about ideas these so called elected and unelected "leaders" supposedly have, you always hear about protecting millionaires and billionaires from having to pay any higher taxes while doing absolutely nothing that would benefit people who AREN'T at that level, economically. Instead, people like the unelected Grover Norquist and his ilk get bought and paid for (by lobbyists) elected officials to say things about how they really are looking out for the middle class (and lower) amongst us by assuring us of how we'll "get ours" because of the "trickle down" money we'll get. It sounds good, but that kind of economic thinking has NEVER worked and it never will. Buuuuut....if you can get the suckers to BUY your horse manure.....

Just sayin'....

Uh, Oh!!! GAS prices will soon be going up AGAIN?!? Please!...PRETTY please! Say it ain't SO!!!


"The Hunger Games" has now sold more than $500,000,000 worth of tickets. And the 3-D version of "Titanic" has sold close to $100,000,000 worth of tickets on top of the more than a billion dollars worth of tickets the first time.

Did you hear about "The Rockford Files" being brought back as a television show. And a great show it was because of James Garner. Vince Vaughn would be Rockford. Vince Vaughn taking James Garner's place? What are the odds of THAT being a failure?

Only a few more episodes of "House" before that show goes "By-by!" They're going down swinging and we are led to believe that the final espisode will be off the charts terrific.

"The Good Wife" isn't going anywhere. An absolutely sensational episode this past Sunday night. Multiple conflicts, Matthew Perry is a terrific addition, some of the regular cast members who haven't been doing much lately will now appear to be "more involved" and that's a good thing for everyone.

"Revenge" isn't going anywhere either. Terrific episode this week and they're setting the stage for what appears be a season finale episode that will be a very dramatic cliff hanger.

Meanwhile, some cast members of "Glee" will be giving their goodbye speeches because they won't be returning NEXT season. The disco show "Glee" did this past week was fun to watch and to listen to. They'll be featuring Whitney Houston music next week.

By the way, the show that's now coming on AFTER "The Good Wife" is a new show that's called, "NYC 22". I saw the first episode and liked it.

"Magic City" on STARZ is getting better and better. Lots of beautiful people on this show and some of them are wearing clothes. The two main actors figure to be thanking their lucky stars for having been hired. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (good guy) and Danny Huston (bad guy who's nickname is The Butcher) have landed roles they were MEANT to play.

"The Client List" starring the very beautiful and sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt on Lifetime is not a great show, but it is in fact a very entertaining show. And all the supporting actors are good.

I still can't say enough good things about "SMASH" on NBC. Uma Thurman is currently guest starring and all the "regulars" on this show, "BRING IT!!!"

R.I.P., Dick Clark!!!

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