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The Big Run On Gun Purchases!! Majority of Americans Prefer The Term, "Same-Sex Civil Unions"!! EXCEDRIN: Should Someone Contact The Police And File a "Missing Product Report"? Facebook Tax Dodgers! And What The Hell Are We Doing In Yemen?!?

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HEY!!!   I told you that you will read OPINIONS here!

Okay, let's get busy!


A lot of stores are hurting because of our bad economy, but one kind of store is making a LOT of money!   Gun stores!   There's a run on guns the likes of which we've not seen for quite a while and the reason for this is a rumor that's as bogus as bogus can be.   Said rumor being that President Obama is going to get legislation passed that will take your guns away from you or he will somehow get law enforcement people of some kind to knock on your door and take your guns away from you or......Wellll....I could keep going here, but every "fact checker" that we know of has verified what I've known all along which is that this rumor is just another rumor designed to show that we supposedly have a president who can somehow make something like this happen.    Look, I know we have some frightened citizens who think that President Obama has the power to do what no other president in our history has ever had the power to do, so let me make this simple for you.   He has NEVER stated a desire to have our guns taken from us, but even if he DID (which he didn't), a majority of Democrats or Republicans would never approve of that kind of legislation.   Trust me gang.   The 2nd Amendment is safe.   I'm a long time supporter of the NRA, but I bow to no one who isn't God so I'm just going to pose a question here;   You don't really need machine guns to hunt ducks or deer, do you?

Just askin'.


If you read last week's blog, you know I did a commentary about same-sex marriage and I made the point that many people (especially older people) are offended by the idea of calling something a marriage that doesn't involve a man and a woman.   My suggestion was (and still is) that our gay friends should fight for what I think is their right but that they (for the sake of peace and harmony) should agree to not call what they want to legally do, a "marriage".

And yes, I got a few emails about this subject and everyone who wrote to me got a response from me except for the one "Anonymous" email I received.    The reaction I got pretty much matches what the polls say.   50% agreed, 50% didn't agree.   And yes, we had some interesting conversations.

Meanwhile, some new polls came out about what was suggested here and we've been told that the majority of Americans prefer the term, "Same-Sex Civil Unions."   

We are also told that more and more people are okay with these behind closed door relationships and this has not been lost on some Republican leaders who don't want to get into a fight that they think they would lose, politically.

Just sayin'.


If you take over the counter medicine for pain, there's a good chance that you or someone you know has used Excedrin.   I have been using Excedrin for YEARS!!   Until a few months ago.   Or has it been longer than THAT?!?
They are apparently not officially out of business, but does anyone know when (or if) the Excedrin folks will supposedly be selling that product again?

Just askin'.


Let me have a show of hands indicating how many of you are users of Facebook.    Needless to say, I can't count that high.

The amount of money that the people at the top of the Facebook operation are worth numbers that are way above my pay grade.

You'd think that guys who did this well in this country would be guys who wouldn't mind paying taxes here because of an opportunity they had HERE that they wouldn't have had anywhere else.

I would certainly think that, but Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has decided to renounce his citizenship here and run off to another country so he can avoid the vast majority of tax money he would owe.   Gang, a move like this is analogous to what other American CEO's do when they have a successful company here and they decide to move it to another country which results in a lot of American jobs being lost.   Along with a lot of potential tax money.   And who does the loudest cheering when this happens?   Mostly right wing politicians who seem to believe that pretty much nothing should be taxed and if people are struggling because of this kind of thinking, these politicians pretty much don't care.

And now we're hearing that Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is thinking about doing the same thing that Saverin did.   

Welllll.....Here's what I'd like to see happen to anyone who renounces his citizenship here because he wants to legally avoid paying taxes here.   


Just sayin'.


Yemen?   What the hell are we doing in Yemen?   Did YOU know we had troops in Yemen?   Now we're being told that "Our military role there is more extensive than previously reported."   My bad (I guess), but I didn't hear or read the "previously reported" announcement about Yemen.

Because of the economic condition our condition is in, I'm 100% in favor of what I state at end of each blog that I write;   AMERICA FIRST!!!

Once we get our economic situation squared away, we can then go back to spending money on helping other countries.   We need to get out of Afghanistan and we don't need to go to places like Yemen, etc. which results in money that we can't afford being spent and causing more of our troops to be killed and or suffering life changing injuries that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies.

Gang, I'll admit to being emotional while writing the three previous paragraphs.   I might change my mind after I cool off, but right now I'm not interested in voting for a presidential candidate who has had (to me) way too much war time on his watch.    Unfortunately, Mitt Romney wouldn't be an improvement in this regard.   Like a lot of rhinestone cowboys who never served, he comes across as seeming to think that war is fun.

Is it too late to get two DIFFERENT candidates?

Just askin'.


We begin with a sad note.   5-time Grammy winner Donna Summer has died.   Cancer.   And boy, do I remember HER music!   Radio listeners here in Los Angeles remember me as a general information talk show host and sports talk show host, but before I was hired by KMOX in St. Louis to be a talk show host, I was a guy who was playing records and picking the records that ended up being played on a station that was then known as KKSS.   We played mostly disco music, we were a success and a lot of that success was attributed to Donna Summer.   In those days I was also D.J.-ing in Disco clubs in St. Louis and a lot of Donna Summer music was requested and played.

I know Donna had fun being a big part of those disco years but so did the people who heard her music.   Including me.   R.I.P., Madam Disco Lady.   And I know you'll bring a lot of smiles to the faces of music lovers in the here-after.

Television Items:

A lot has been written in the last few days about new shows that we'll be able to begin watching in September and beyond, but the list is too long to mention here.

Instead, a couple of mentions about shows that have ended and will end, along with some shows  that are about to show their season enders before returning in a few months.

"Desperate Housewives" ended their 8-year run in style.   I thought the ending was terrific and if you didn't see it, I'm sure it's still available "On Demand".

There was a big surprise when it was announced that after a 10-year run, "CSI-Miami" has "left the building".

"House" is ABOUT to "leave the building".   There will be a two-hour "House" special next Monday and it figures to be "big time special".

After what I thought was a fun 2-hour "Glee" this week, they will present their season finale next Tuesday.   They're going to be switched to Thursdays when their new season begins and they'll have a lot of new cast members because of former cast members who "graduated".

I thought the season ender for "Smash" was outstanding, but I don't think their new season will begin until January.

I thought last night's (Wednesday) "Revenge" was a terrific set-up episode for their season finale which will be next Wednesday.   "Revenge" will be seen on Sunday nights next season and that show will be on the same time that "The Good Wife" will be on.

Meanwhile, "American Idol" is just about done for this season.   After tonight's (Thursday) voting results have been announced, only two singers will remain.   In addition to finding out who the new "American Idol" will be, we're also wondering if Jennifer Lopez will return as a judge next season.   I've said it before and I'll say it again....Isn't Jennifer Lopez the hottest looking 42-year old on the planet?

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, May 24 or very early Friday morning, May 25.

Please don't forget that this coming Saturday, May 19 is Armed Forces Day.   And please take a minute to think good thoughts about our troops.

I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend and don't forget our slogan;

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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