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The Hard Core "Birthers" Refuse To Give Up!!! And Yes, There's a Romney Connection!!! More And More Proof That Romney Has NEVER Been A Job Creator, But He HAS Been An Employment Destroyer!!! Obama To Dump Biden For Hillary?!? More Troubling Exposure For The Catholic Church Because Of Out Of Control Priests!!! On A More Pleasant Note, The "American Idol" Finale Was Arguably The Best Ever!!!

Hi Everybody!   Are you getting ready for another nice 3-day weekend?   Monday is Memorial Day and while you're doing or looking forward to doing some barbecuing, please take a minute to remember our troops.   Especially our troops who are currently "In Harm's Way".

And because I know that preparation(s) for 3-day weekends like this cuts back on time that is spent on reading blogs, I'm thinking that THIS blog will be a little shorter than usual.

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I'm sure you've seen the headlines above, so Let's Get BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   The hard-core "Birthers" refuse to give up!

For those of you not familiar with the term "Birthers", that has to do with people who don't believe that President Obama is and or was eligible to be our president because he's not a legal American citizen.

A birth certificate of his was provided for all to see a good number of months ago and I thought that was the end of this nonsense.   I guess I should have known better.   A couple of weeks ago, Ken Bennett, Arizona's Secretary of State, let it be known that if state officials in Hawaii didn't provide proof of Obama's "eligibility", Obama's name would not be placed on the ballot in Arizona.   Bennett also said that he's not a "birther", he wants to believe that Obama is eligible, but because an Arizona voter is demanding proof, he (Secretary of State) Bennett is simply doing his job as a public servant.

At first, the state officials in Hawaii balked and made a demand of their own;   "Show us the proof that you (Bennett) really need this, why you need it, etc., etc."   I guess something happened behind closed doors because Hawaii state officials sent Arizona's Secretary of State the required document(s) and (supposedly) things are back to normal, such as they are.

But speaking of "behind closed doors"....Guess what other kind of job that Arizona's Secretary of State has.    Ken Bennett is ALSO Mitt Romney's Co-campaign Chairman.   Conclusion?   If you needed anymore proof about politics being a "blood sport", I think this pretty much gives you all you need to know.   And the fact that Mitt Romney didn't "speak up" while this Arizona-Hawaii drama was taking place is something that isn't surprising for those of us who have been paying attention to this guy.   He didn't say anything about a gay combat soldier who's fighting for us in Afghanistan when that soldier got booed by many in the audience of a debate Romney was a part of.   Booed because he's gay.  Booed even though he was fighting for our country.   Romney's good about saying he "supports our troops", but the first time he had a chance to prove it, like the "not to be trusted" character he is, Romney continued his silence, a silence based on "What's in it for ME!"

Governor Romney?   If you would like an answer to that question from me, here it comes.   What's in it for YOU?!?   Proof of your character, Governor.  Proof of your character.      

Headline #2:   More and more proof that Romney has never been a job creator!

That proof is easy to find if you want to find it.   Here's something else you can find;   What Romney has been is an "Employment Destroyer".   And there are thousands of people who were fired by Romney who can verify that "E.D." description I just now laid at his feet.

Just sayin'.

Headline #3:   Obama to dump Biden for Hillary?

This is a rumor that won't go away.   What does Biden think about this?   He's made it very clear.   It's annoying.

Here's what I think.   If Romney has a sizeable lead in the polls a couple of months or so from now, I think one of two things will happen.  (1)   If the polls show that Romney's numbers could be turned around by making the Democrat ticket stronger, Hillary will be asked to take Biden's place and Biden might be asked to take Hillary's place.   (2)   If Romney has a VERY sizable lead in the polls a couple of months or so from now, I think Hillary will be asked to be the Democrat nominee at THE TOP OF THE TICKET!!!

And you know what?   Don't think for a minute that couldn't happen on the Republican side if enough people see Romney the way I see him.

Just thinkin', just sayin' and just speculatin'.

Headline #4:   More troubling exposure for the Catholic church regarding out of control priests!

Here in California's Santa Barbara and in Philadelphia, more and more stories are being discussed in courtrooms about out of control priests who have molested children.   And the Catholic hierarchy is spending a whole bunch of time griping about contraceptives???

Just askin'.

Headline #5 will be the first item in our Entertainment Stuff section.

Couple of quick items before the entertainment stuff:

As you probably know, a new book about President Obama has been written.   I'm pretty sure the title of the book is, "The Amateur".   Among other things, we're told that 12 or so years ago, Obama and his wife were talking about getting divorced.   Those kinds of conversations take place between a lot of married couples.   In some cases, things get worked out and in some cases they don't.  In this particular case, (if the story is true) the Obama's got things worked out.   Will that be something that will get brought up in a future debate between Obama and Romney?

Just askin', because after all, if we never knew that politics is a "blood sport" before, I think we know now.   Right?

Just sayin'.

You don't hear much (if anything) about this, but according to ratings numbers, Rush Limbaugh is experiencing a decline.   If he makes only one quarter of the money that his p.r. people have thrown out there, he figures to be in a fine financial position even he got fired tomorrow, but I think he now knows that he stepped way over the line one time too many when he chose to pick on Sandra Fluke.   I know a lot of fathers who would have taken care of things with their own hands if Limbaugh had said some of those things about THEIR daughters.

Just sayin'.

Please don't forget that the third day of this 3-day weekend we're about to have is "Memorial Day".   And please take a minute to think good thoughts about our soldiers.   Especially our soldiers who are in war zones on our behalf.


And our first item is Headline #5:   The "American Idol" finale was arguably the BEST EVER!!!

It's kind of funny to me to be reading all these blogs that can't seem to hide their joy while letting everyone know that last night's "American Idol" got the lowest ratings it's ever gotten for season finale show.   

Yep, "American Idol" wrapped up their 11th year last night.   Lowest ratings.   And overall, just exactly what show is beating them?   

Sunday night football.   But what about the other music shows?   None of them are beating "American Idol" because none of them are good enough.

Ratings for everything have gone down because of all the different ways people can watch these shows.   The "A.I." people felt that before this 11th season began that they should do some new things this season.   I saw every episode and I noticed the new things.   Things that were most notably noticed near the end because of all the new stuff that was added week to week.

And in last night's finale, we saw it all.   Superstar singers galore that no other show gets.   And lifetime memories for this season's "A.I." contestants who had the pleasure of singing WITH these great and long established super singers.

The show ran longer than it was supposed to, but to Fox's credit, no one interfered with a demand to "Shut the show down".   Fox knew they had a "winner" (show-wise) in progress and when we finally found out who the new "American Idol" winner would be, we saw something that was off the charts human.   When Phillip Phillips was declared the winner, his next assignment was to sing a song which would wrap up the show.   Phillips got through a small portion of the song, you could see in his eyes and facial expressions that he was struggling, the chorus in the background showed what pros they were by continuing their backup singing and then all of a sudden, with tears in his eyes, Phillips put his guitar over his shoulder and went straight to where his family was.   Gang, something like that can never be scripted effectively.   No script, big time effective, I had tears going down MY cheeks, I'm sure that many of you did as well and when the show officially ended, I said, "Wow!", clapped my hands, dried my eyes and turned off the television.

Here come a few other season finale shows I'd like to mention.

"Glee".   Wonderful show.   It'll be interesting what that show will look like next season because there will be some new faces on "Glee".

"House".   After 8 years of great performances, this was the last "House" show we'll ever see.   You had to figure their series finale would be special and special it was.   It was also, in many ways, weird.   But it was a "good weird" if you know what I mean.   All but one of the major actors who had performed on "House" quite a few times were given roles to play and as we got near the end, it appeared to be obvious that we were going to get a sad ending.   Until we were thrown a curve.   And when that happened, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.   What an ending!   I mean, WHAT an ENDING!!!   Bra-Vo, "House" people, BRA-VO!!!!!

"Revenge".   I can't say enough good things about what this show gave us to think about when their second season begins which will be in September when they have moved to Sunday nights and will be on the same time that "The Good Wife" will be on.   Last night's season finale was a fun roller-coaster ride.   When the show ended, we found ourselves wondering how many of the main characters who were on the plane that blew up will still be alive.   We also are wondering if Emily will get her broken heart repaired, what new tricks her billionaire friend will have up his sleeve, what the discovery of her mother will mean, etc., etc.   

Great, great show, "Revenge" people!   Give yourselves MULTIPLE high-fives!

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, May 31 or very early Friday morning, July 1.

I hope you all have a very nice Memorial Day weekend and please don't forget;

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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