Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Obamacare!!! Romney Vows To Repeal and Replace Obamacare!!! More Pathetic Nonsense From Sarah Palin!!! Attorney General Eric Holder Is First Sitting Cabinet Member To EVER Be "Held in Contempt" by Congress!!! Gas Prices Are Continuing To Go Down!!! And How Did Arizona's Wack-Job Governor EVER get Elected to ANYTHING?!?

Hi everybody!   Has our Supreme Court been in the news enough these last few days?   Juvenile murderers have been given a break.   Supreme Court's Antonin Scalia let it be known he wasn't happy with the Arizona rulings.   Scalia, as most of you know, is a Dick Cheney hunting pal and like Cheney Scalia doesn't have much of an "open mind" about anything and that has caused many constitutional experts to say that Scalia should "step down".   Annnd...I'm sure you've all heard about today's 5-4 ruling in favor of what is known as, "Obamacare".   And what is particularly amazing is who it was that cast the tiebreaking vote.

And THAT is,

Headline #1:   Supreme Court rules in favor of "Obamacare"!

Did YOU think this was going to happen?   I honestly didn't know WHAT to think!   But I sure as heck didn't think that the swing-vote would be delivered by the very conservative Chief Justice John Roberts and that his vote would swing Obama's way.

Headline #2:   Romney vows to repeal and replace "Obamacare".

Here's another example of what's interesting about Mitt Romney.   In a 2006 video that has been discovered, Romney made it very clear that a health care mandate like what Obama championed is/was "essential".   A day before the Supreme Court's ruling (yesterday), Romney was quoted as saying, No matter what the Court decides, Obama's Health Care Law "has got to go".

Flip and flop, Governor.   And how's that elevator in your house that's for your car?   Proving that you're just an "everyday relatable guy"?  During the Republican debates, you let it me known over and over again, how rich you are.   Which is what an "everyday guy" in your world does?   Would you like to tell us about the "everyday guys" you crushed while you were firing thousands upon thousands of them.   And you enjoyed it, didn't you?   I mean, during the debates, you pointed out how much you "enjoy firing people!"  And by the way, when are going to tell us about the positive things you intend to do for America if you're elected?   We know that you intend to jack up defense spending to levels never imagined which will benefit the RICHEST of us, but WHAT do you intend to do (positive) that will benefit the REST of us?   Governor, I know that whatever you might say will be something that we would have no business believing, but what the heck.   Give it a shot.   And do you plan to release your tax returns any time soon?   You know, don't you, that the longer you wait has us saying, "Hmmmm???"

Just sayin'.

Headline #3:   More pathetic nonsense from Sarah Palin!

After the Supreme Court's ruling was announced, Sarah Palin, America's number one publicity hound let it be known how awful this decision was and it will lead to "death panels".   This is something she hollered a lot about some time ago, but now she's at it again.   She was wrong before, she is wrong now, she is Sarah Palin.

Headline #4:   Attorney General Eric Holder is the first sitting Cabinet Member to EVER "Be held in Contempt" by Congress!

This has to do with what is referred to as the "Fast and Furious" business which involved a multiple gun operation.   What we've been told about this is something that makes me believe there was most definitely some kind of incompetence involved, but I don't pretend to know exactly what it was or is.   In other words, stay tuned.

Headline #5:   Gas prices are continuing to go DOWN!

A lot can change between now and election day, but if the gas prices continue to go down, that will be good news for Obama and bad news for Romney.

Headline #6:   How did Arizona's wack-job Governer EVER get elected to ANYTHING?!?

Look, everyone knew that being our first African American president wasn't going to be easy.   Many months ago, I wrote a commentary about what Jackie Robinson had to endure and what President Obama would have to endure.   Being yelled at by a South Carolina Congressman in the middle of a State of the Union address, the idiot reporter who recently interrupted Obama while he was giving a speech, etc., etc.   Boy and girls, you don't have to like him, but you should still "respect" the "office".

And then there's Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who will always be remembered as a woman without manners when she approached Obama with up-close pointed fingers wagging at his face while Obama was climbing off an airplane. I was reminded of this when she did some whining a couple of days after the Supreme Court ruled against her and her state about some illegal immigrant issues.

Pop quiz:   If YOU were the President of the United States and are approached by someone who was wagging a finger in your face, what would you do?   Or better yet, what would you LIKE to do in a situation like that?

Jackie didn't do anything.   Obama didn't do anything.   But do you think that (just to name 5) Reagan, Carter, both Bush presidents and Clinton would have done nothing?

Just askin'.


First of all, I'm proud to say that I am now a new "Board of Directors" member of the Pacific Pioneer Broadcaster folks.   I want to thank former PPB President Chuck Southcott for making this happen and I want to thank new PPB President Chuck Street for making me feel welcome.

I worked with Chuck Southcott at legendary L.A. radio station KMPC when I was in the same room with radio Hall of Famer, Robert W. Morgan and I worked with Chuck Street at legendary L.A. radio station KIIS-FM when I was in the same room with radio Hall of Famer Rick Dees.

Chuck and Chuck, it's nice being hooked up with both of you guys again.

"The Newsroom":   Have you been reading and or hearing the howling being done by some critics about Aaron Sorkin's new HBO show, "The Newsroom"?   My goodness, you would think that Sorkin was guilty of a crime of some kind.

The first episode aired this past Sunday, and I LOVED IT!!!

"Entertainment Tonight" long time Producer-Director Kevin Gershan and I had a conversation about this earlier today.   We both agree that the problem with these critics is that none of them have ever spent time in real newsrooms like Kevin and I have.   The paranoia associated with new people coming on your turf happens all the time.   I'll admit to having been guilty of this my ownself.   When all is said and done, "The Newsroom" is still just a television show, but if you didn't see Sunday's episode, don't believe that this show is lacking "reality".   I think the casting of Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston and the supporting players is terrific casting.   Jane Fonda will also be making appearances on the show.   I think she's the (fictional) owner of the newsroom that's being portrayed.   Just like her real-life ex-husband Ted Turner used to be.

Three other TV shows:

Loved last night's "Dallas" on TNT.   That show is doing so well, that some producers have approached Joan Collins and Linda Evans about being involved with "Dynasty" making a comeback.   Yes, they're both fired up and ready to go.

Sunday night's episode of "True Blood" was very good and I'm glad.   I've been a fan of that show from day one, but to me, the first couple of episodes this season weren't that good.   Sunday night, they got their groove back.

Are you aware of the all the "drama" being associated with NBC's "Today Show".   Long time show participant Ann Curry is no longer with the show, the woman that Matt Lauer wanted as a replacement was supposedly vetoed by Matt's wife because of something about Matt's wandering eyes and hands so another woman got the job.

The reason for all this drama?   Sinking ratings.

Two films:

I didn't see any new films this past week, but I'd like to call your attention to two old films I saw on the cable channel, TCM.

"Cash McCall", a 1960 film that starred Natalie Wood and James Garner.   This was Garner's first lead role in a film.   And the KIND of role he had is a role that could easily remind you of Mitt Romney.   People getting fired, slight of hand tactics, etc., etc.   I liked it and if you have access to "On Demand", I think this film is worth your time.

"Splendor in the Grass", a 1961 film that starred Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty.   This was Beatty's first lead role in a film.   This is a film that was nominated for a number of categories and it's easy to see why.   While "Cash McCall" was more of "lighter" kind of film, "Splendor in the Grass" is serious business.

Serious, but damn good.   If you've never seen this film, "On Demand", if you have access to that, will be worth your time.

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS?   Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP.   Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I won't be able to respond to you.   As all of our readers who have written to me know, I respond to everyone.   Unless....You refer to yourself as "Anonymous".   Those emails are ignored.

And by the way...As I'm sure you've noticed, I have a lot of opinions.   If you disagree with any of them, don't be bashful.   I love the dialogue.   And who knows?   You might get me to change my mind about something.

THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late Thursday night, July 5 or very early Friday morning, July 6.

I know.   Because July 4 is next Wednesday, some of you might have the rest of the week off.   If you like small explosions and sparkly things, be careful with those items.   I'll never forget one of my most frightening experiences as a child when a firecracker blew up in my hand.   Because of the pain, I thought at the time I might have lost a finger.   Turns out that wasn't even close to happening, but it was a lesson I never forgot.   Am I the only one who thinks that "fear" can be and more often than not, IS the greatest motivator?

By the way, when you're having fun eating and exploding stuff, please take a second to remember what "Independence Day" represents.

And if you're with me on this, please also remember, AMERICA FIRST!!!!



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