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Chief Justice "Save" Of AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Is Still Being Griped About!!! Romney Flips & Flop Regarding "ACA" Forcing A Penalty Or A Tax!!! Romney's Foreign Investments Are Being Investigated!!! Will Condi Be Romney's First Choice As Running Mate? When Will Romney Or Obama Get Specific About What They Plan To Do If They're Elected? October? December? EVER?!?

Hi everybody!   And am I the only one who thinks that a holiday in the middle of the week is weird?   4th of July yesterday!   Fireworks shows last night!   And you had to go back to work TODAY?!?   Bummer, huh?    On the other hand, you're lucky you DO have a place to go to work TO!!!   Right?

I have begun writing this blog early on Thursday afternoon, July 5.   Subscribers won't get this blog until early tomorrow morning.   If I didn't mention something important that happened sometime this afternoon or tonight, you now know why.

I'm also kind of thinking this will probably end up being a shorter blog than usual.

Hello new subscribers!   Hello long time subscribers!   Hello casual readers!   And LET'S GET BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   Chief Justice "save" of Affordable Care Act is still being griped about.

Rush Limbaugh let it be known how HE felt about Justice Roberts.   As did Mark Levin, a guy who's so-called "Constitution expertise" took a big hit.   There were other gripers as well.   But in the last few days, most tempers have cooled and those who are smart have taken the "time for different strategies" position.

Headline #2:   Romney flips & flops regarding A.C.A. forcing a "penalty" or a "tax"?!?

Typical Mitt Romney.   His own website agrees with what Justice Roberts said and a few days later, Romney decides to disagree with his website.   I'm assuming that his website has been changed, but one never knows with Romney.

Headline #3:   Romney's foreign investments are being investigated!

And he still hasn't disclosed (shown) his 2011 tax returns.    A lot of talk about him outsourcing thousands upon thousands of jobs to China.   There's a famous comic strip that's having a "field day" with that allegation all of this week.    We know that Romney seemed to enjoy firing a lot of American workers when he was working for the Bain folks.   Heck, he said during the Republican debates that he "enjoyed firing people".   I admit that I don't know if Romney outsourced American jobs to China.   But I DO know that he was ruthless when it came to firing American workers.

Headline #4:   Will Condi be Romney's first choice as a running mate?

If so, I won't be surprised.   I made mention of her several weeks ago.   In the last day or so, Romney's wife has mentioned that a woman may well be Romney's running mate.   Assuming that the women wouldn't be "Quitter Sarah" or "Crazy Michele", "Very Smart Condi" would be a good choice for Romney.

Headline #5:   When will Romney OR Obama get specific about what they plan to do if they're elected?   October?   December?   EVER?!?

I mention October because they will be participating in three debates that month.   I mention December because that will be AFTER one of them has been elected.   I ask about EVER?!?  Because.....Welllll....

Just askin', just sayin' while kinda knowin'....


The first two stories are not, in my view, entertaining at all, but they do involve a guy who died and was very entertaining and our biggest film star who is hoping to be able to see his young daughter again.

Andy Griffith.   He died a few days ago.   He was 86 and he's already been buried.

This guy redefined the words, "One of a kind".    Actor, comedian, singer, super nice guy, etc., etc.   In 1957, he was sensational in the film, "A Face in the Crowd".   That film is being shown on TCM tonight.   And I wouldn't be surprised if it's shown several times in the next few weeks. 

For who knows what (real) reason, Griffith was never the lead actor in any other film.

Before he did that film, he made a lot of noise with some comedic stuff he wrote that was put on records.   The most famous thing he ever did was a piece called, "What it was, Was Football".   I heard it when I was a child and I laughed my bottom off.   For the first time in a long time, I heard it (again) yesterday.   It's still funny.

Most people remember Andy Griffith because of two television shows he starred in that are still being shown (as reruns) on a lot of different TV channels.  Those two shows were called "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Matlock".   The shows were "simple", but never boring.   In fact, because the shows were sooo "simple", he was very seldom thought of when it came time to nominate actors for "awards".   I mean, if what you're doing is this "simple stuff", why should we consider you for awards?

Oh ye of little faith.   As the sometimes actor that I'VE been for quite a few years, I know that when an actor makes something look "simple", you're watching one hell of a TALENTED actor.

And that's what Andy Griffith was.   R.I.P., Mr. Griffith.   You were indeed, "One of a Kind"!!!

Tom Cruise:   I'm not exaggerating when I say that Tom Cruise is the biggest film star in the world.   Does that he mean he's our best actor?   No it doesn't.  But he is (despite "Rock of Ages") the actor who makes the most money.

As any parent can tell you, all the money in the world means nothing if a child of yours is being kept from you.

Tom Cruise's wife (Katie Holmes) filed for divorce a few days ago.   Among other things, she wants to have sole custody of their 6-year old daughter, Suri.

The tabloids and TV shows that specialize in "gossip" are very busy right now.  And what most of the "chatter" is about has to do with Scientology, the religion that Tom Cruise is a big supporter of.   It is believed that Katie Holmes wants nothing more to do with Scientology and most definitely doesn't want her daughter to be associated with Scientology.

Because of Tom Cruise's association with this religion, a lot of actors have looked into it because of Cruise's success as an actor.   Some have stayed with it while others, seeing stuff that they thought was weird, "Got the hell out of Dodge", if you will.   That was what the very fine actor Josh Brolin did and so did I.

Is Scientology a dangerous or evil religion like some are saying?   I have no idea, but I do think it's (for lack of a better phrase) "A little (if not a lot) weird".   "Dangerous" or "Evil" doesn't make sense to me because I can't imagine Tom Cruise tolerating anything like that, but....

Look, people get divorced all the time.   Stuff like that is never pleasant, but for Tom Cruise's sake, I certainly hope he doesn't end up not being allowed to have a relationship with his daughter.


Because of all the years I spent in radio, a number of people have asked why I don't write more about radio than I do.

For openers, radio is nowhere near as much fun as it used to be, but a few days ago I got tipped off to a new radio format that is in the works and after reading the "tip" I was given, I couldn't help but wonder if I was being "punked" or if this "tip" was a late "April Fool's" joke.

I am told that two big time L.A. radio broadcasters (Dick Whittington & Chuck Southcott) are putting together a network level music show that will/would be called, "The Bobbies".    The music they'll play will only be songs sung by singers named "Bobby".   Darin, Vee, Goulet, Vinton, Mitchum (yes, the late actor, Robert), etc., etc.   I am told that Whittington & Southcott will front and back announce in unison.

I have also been asked, "What do you think?"

Good question.


"True Blood" has been renewed for a 6th season, "The News Room" has been renewed for a 2nd season and "Dallas" has been renewed for a 2nd season.

I saw all three shows this week and loved 'em.   By the way, did you know that Dan Rather is doing weekly reviews for "The News Room"?

"Magic Mike" is a new film that's being shown everywhere.   It stars Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Max Pettyfer, Cody Horn and some very entertaining supporting actors.

"Magic Mike" is not what one would refer to as a "great film", but "Magic Mike" is damn sure a very ENTERTAINING film!   If you want to be "entertained", I highly recommend this film.

Before the next blog, I hope to have seen the new "Spider-Man" film, "Ted" and Oliver Stone's, "Savages".

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS?   Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP.   Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you.   As long time readers know, I respond to everyone unless you send me an email that declares yourself as being "Anonymous".    Those emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, next Thursday night, July 12 or very early Friday morning, July13.

Meanwhile, I hope your ears have recovered from last night's 4th of July explosions and that you and yours have a very pleasant weekend.   And please don't forget our slogan:   AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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