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Mitt Romney needs to get out of London before he says something that's REALLY stupid!!! Katie Couric has invited Sarah Palin to be on her new talk show this fall...The Batman film killer!!! The TRUTH about "debt ceiling" numbers!!! Because of the constant "insult" campaigning, might both conventions decide to REVOLT?!? Is Michele Bachmann Glenn Beck's PUPPET?!? Annnd...National radio ratings for Rush, Hannity and Levin are spiraling DOWNWARD!!!

Hi everybody!   Because of a last minute business meeting I have to attend tonight, this week's blog will be posted/published a little earlier than it usually is.   This won't have any effect on subscribers, because you/them always get this delivered to you between 3 and 5 Friday morning (tomorrow), Pacific Time.

Speaking of business stuff....Some of you know that I was one of the actors on a Direct TV commercial that was going to be shown nationally.   If you've seen these commercials, you know that the dialogue is done by an off-stage announcer.   And I think you'll agree that the producers of these commercials have made some very clever commercials.   The commercial that I was a part of didn't begin to be shown until a few days ago.   I was called by a friend of mine to tell me that he had seen it on the Jimmy Kimmel show and this past Sunday, I saw it on the "Political Animals" show that aired on the USA network.   If you see this commercial and you wonder which one of the actors is me, look for the guy wearing the "loud robe".

Okay....ENOUGH about ME!!!   LET'S GET BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   Mitt Romney needs to get out of London before he says something that's REALLY stupid!!!

He's amazing isn't he?   Too scared to show his tax stuff, changes his mind whenever the wind is blowing in a different direction, can't keep his story straight about when he really left the Bain folks and I could go on and on, but before getting into his back to back embarrassments in London, I want to mention something else;   Am I the only one who has noticed that our two presidential candidates are spending millions on top of millions that is expected to add up to more than a BILLION DOLLARS spent by both of these guys before it's time for us to vote?   And am I also the only one who has noticed that neither one of these candidates has told us how HE plans to turn our economy around so we can stop acting like we're scared to death, which most of us ARE?   In fact, neither one of these guys has been specific-specific about anything in the way of how to make America better again.    All either one of these "candidates" have been saying specifically is nothing but what kind of "bad guy" the OTHER "candidate" is.

And we learn from this, WHAT?   Who the better insulter is?   And on election day, we vote for the guy who came across as being meaner than the other guy?

Because I know I'm NOT the only one who has noticed this, I'll tell you what I think could end up happening when we get to Headline #5.

Back to Romney's two days in London.   In addition to having taken the position of "ducking and running" from a statement made by one of his "advisors", a statement that had to do with "Anglo Saxon Heritage" which everyone agrees was stupid.   Unless of course, he (Romney) believes that way which he is saying, he does not.   Romney's next move was to answer questions asked by British reporters while refusing to answer questions asked by American reporters.   On the next day, Romney said something about London and the Olympics that came across as being "insulting" and after recognizing which way the wind was blowing, Romney did a complete "180" while praising London's handling of the Olympics.

Headline #2:   Katie Couric wants Sarah Palin on her new show this fall!!!

Palin has not (yet) responded with a "yes" or a "no".

If Palin says, "Yes!", I would definitely watch the show.   And I think that you probably would as well.   And if Sarah told Katie that she would require big money TO come on the show, I think it's money that Katie shouldn't hesitate to pay.   Yes, I know that Sarah has a contract with the Fox News folks and she would have to get permission, but I kind of think Fox would be okay with this. 

Headline #3:   The Batman film killer!!!

As everyone knows by now, the name of the (alleged?) killer is James Holmes.  Look, I know that we live under the banner of "Innocent until proven guilty", but...   He might be able to get a verdict of "Not guilty by reason of insanity", but come on.   He shot those people.   12 dead and more than 50 wounded.

There isn't a whole lot positive about anything that happened during that midnight screening except for some very brave people who gave their lives so that others would live.   A couple of those guys were military guys and I can't help but wonder if a Medal of Honor could be awarded and given to immediate family members of those brave soldiers.

James Holmes?    What I'm about to say right now is something that will probably bother a few folks, but I'm being very sincere when I say that all the money that will be spent on this guy while he's in court, in jail, maybe in a hospital, etc., etc. is money that could be saved.  And here's how;  If while he was being transported to jail, hospital or courthouse, I would have no problem with people looking the other way while James Holmes died because of an "unfortunate accident".

Headline #4:   The truth about "debt ceiling" numbers!!!

You know what the "debt ceiling" is, right?    That's the thing that got America a "down-grade" that caused a lot of hand wringing and blaming of Obama.

I think that until this "down-grade" thing happened, most folks never paid attention to our "debt ceiling".   Instead of a long history lesson about this, I'm going to give you some examples about our "debt ceiling" that go back 50-years and my thanks to economy expert David Lazarus for these numbers.

Since March of 1962, our "debt ceiling" has been raised 76 times.   This is verified by the Congressional Research Service.   Our "debt ceiling" has been raised 11 times since 2001.   No one (unless they're running for office) argues about "blame".   Not paying for wars, pet projects that didn't work out, etc. on top of etc.   But until recently, pretty much no one complained about the "debt ceiling".   What you're about to read is not a lot of information that might be hard to understand.  By you or by me.  
So....Keepin' it simple, here come the indisputable facts:

According to, our national debt rose 190% under Ronald Reagan, 52% under George H.W. Bush, 37% under Bill Clinton and 86% under George W. Bush.   Barack Obama?    Under his first 3 years, our national debt rose 45%.    What does all this prove?   The complaining about our debt ceiling has to do with "who's in charge".

Headline #5:   Might both political conventions decide to REVOLT because of the constant "insult campaigning"?!?

This is an extension of what we covered in "Headline #1".

It would be "high drama" of the very first order if what I'm about to suggest were to happen, buuuuut....If our two "candidates" don't start talking about "issues" and stop spending so much time insulting each other, I wouldn't be surprised if Party (Democrat and Republican) leaders revolted.   

Meaning what???

Glad you asked.   Meaning that party leaders will have had enough and they end up voting for and declaring a DIFFERENT "candidate" or "candi-DATES!!!

Impossible, you say?   Perhaps, but it's been my experience that political leaders will not tolerate politicians who haven't presented a "vision" that they worked hard on selling to the American people.

Just sayin' and speculatin'.

Headline #6:   National Radio ratings for Rush, Hannity and Levin are spiraling downward!!!

This won't matter if you're a listener of these shows, but trust me when I tell you that it DOES matter to the "bean counters".


Mariah Carey has been hired to be a new "American Idol" judge.   And the "A.I." folks are apparently trying to get Country Music superstar, Brad Paisley to be an "A.I." judge.   Short commentary:   THAT...would be one hell of a great hire!!!

Except for baseball games, I didn't watch much television this past week, but what I did see was (in my view) a terrific episode of "True Blood", the best episode so far (especially the final 15-minutes) of "The News Room" and if you haven't been watching "Political Animals" on USA which stars Sigourney Weaver and Carla Gugino along with some great supporting players, you are missing out on a very entertaining show.   Weaver is playing a Hillary Clinton kind of character and she plans to run for the office of President of the United States.   Only two more episodes of "Dallas".   I loved last night's episode.

I saw one film this past week.   A morning showing of "The Dark Knight Rises".    Uh, huh.   While everyone else was glued to their television sets because of that killer, I was hoping that no "copy-cat" would show up at the cineplex I was at.   And before I go any further, big time props to Christian Bale for showing up at the hospital in Colorado where many of those living victims were.

For those of you who don't know, Christian Bale is the guy who plays "Batman".

This is a long film, but I thought it was an entertaining film.   As a rule, films like this don't get Academy Award consideration for actors, but if consideration were to be given, I would suggest four possibilities;   Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Anne Hathaway.   In fact, I thought Anne Hathaway was the best part of "The Dark Knight Rises".

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, August 2 or very early Friday morning, August 3.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a very pleasant weekend and remember,

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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