Friday, March 30, 2007


A couple of interesting reactions and the speed in which said reactions took place. When actor Alec Baldwin found out about an 18-year old soldier who was about to be sent to Iraq, he immediately offered to help pay for her college education after she leaves the military. Baldwin is against the war, but this is his way of showing he supports the troops.

President Bush supports the war and always talks about supporting the troops, but when it comes to actual support, we're reminded of soldiers whose parents sent them bulletproof vests because the vests the soldiers had were quite receptive to bullets. In time, that problem was fixed. A lot of time. Same deal with so-called armored vehicles. In time, that problem was fixed but during that time, lots of soldiers died or were injured. But of course an administration that supports the troops would certainly see to it that these troops received the very best medical care when they returned to this country. Especially if they had been injured, right? Oops! Anybody hear about Walter Reed, red tape, on top of red tape, rats, maggots, etc.? When did we hear about it? A few weeks ago? Something like that? And President Bush went to Walter Reed for the first time (since the story broke) today?!?

Let's recap. Anti-war actor Alec Baldwin hears about an 18-year old who's about to be deployed to Iraq and he does something for that soldier immediately.

But President "I am the decider!" Bush takes his time "deciding" and our soldiers....Heck, every person reading this can complete the sentence I started to write.

Other items...

Did everyone at Dodger Stadium have fun with the new parking situation last night?

After two episodes on Thursday nights, Jeff Goldblum's new series "Raines" begins airing on Friday nights (tonight) at 9 on NBC. Interesting concept. A cop (Goldblum) who speaks to dead people who help him solve crimes. The first two episodes have worked for me!

Speaking of television...critics pretty much brutalized ABC's "October Road" which began following "Grey's Anatomy" three weeks ago. I guess I'm a contrarian. I like the show a lot.

Speaking of "Grey's Anatomy"....No doubt about it, this is America's number one on-camera soap opera. But would any of us be surprised if (years from now) we learn that the off-camera and highly publicized soap opera between cast members was bought and paid for?

Is it just me, or does David Letterman continue to get better and funnier?

Terrific story in today about Indie 101.1 making KROQ feel inferior regarding the "cool factor". Poor babies. Check it out.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


With college basketball's Final Four set to begin in Atlanta this Saturday, I take note of the fact that Florida is favored by 3 over UCLA and all the "experts" are picking Florida. All well and good, but I'm reminded of what an old bookie once told me; "When everyone bets a certain way, everyone's wrong!" He told me this about 25 years ago and I was still betting on sports in those days. Was the old bookie right? It doesn't always work out that way, but most of the time it does. With that in mind, if you're a "playah", consider yourself warned.

Speaking of sports...Sports Illustrated is picking the Angels and Dodgers to end up in the next World Series. If they end up being right, how cool would that be?

Sanjaya gonna end up being the next American Idol?

Speaking of kids who are used to getting their own way...Is Paris Hilton about to get a "reality check" and be sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation because she got caught driving with a suspended license? Ya know what? Ten days might be just what she needs to show her that the world (despite what she seems to think) does not revolve around her.

And speaking of kids who always got their own way and when they grew up thought things should stay that way...There's more and more quiet conversation about possible impeachment for President "I Am The Decider" Bush. If you have to ask, "Why?", you haven't been paying attention.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Attention gamblers! If you don't already know this, I'm here to tell you something you NEED to know. These Indian casinos don't have the same slot machine payback rules that the Nevada casinos have. In fact, these tribal lords/Vegas front guys or whoever's in charge of these "Indian" casinos are SO secretive, NO one knows what the slot machine payback rules are. But it's easy to know THIS! What IS paid back is a percentage that ain't even close to what the Nevada gaming commission requires.

What is the lesson to be LEARNED here? If you want to lose more money than you usually do in a casino playing the slot machines, play in an Indian casino. And if you DO want to lose more money than you usually do, you should go to an Indian casino often, because you will definitely get what you wish for.