Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants will be at Dodger Stadium tonight to begin a 3-game series. All games are important to the Dodgers because they're involved in a 4-team race to win the National League West Division. The Dodgers and Arizona's Diamondbacks are in a virtual tie for first. San Diego's Padres are only a half game back and Colorado's Rockies are only three and a half games back.

Brad Penny, with a record of 13-1 will be pitching for the Dodgers tonight, but the majority of fans watching in person or on ESPN won't be thinking about Penny's chances at winning a Cy Young award or the Dodgers' chances of winning a division title. No, the focus will be on a 43-year old player who has the attention of two distinctly different groups of people. Baseball fans who do or don't want Bonds to break Hank Aaron's home run record and a Grand Jury that's debating whether or not to indict Bonds for perjury and or tax evasion.

Hank Aaron has let it be known that he won't show up to watch Bonds tie and or break his home run record and he refuses to discuss it further. Willie Mays is Bonds' godfather. Mays was playing during the Aaron era or vice versa. Aaron set all the records while Mays got all the glory. Make no mistake, Willie Mays was a great baseball player. Some say he's the best there ever was! Aaron, great at being consistently great, but without the fanfare, seems to have a "chopped liver" complex because of adulation bestowed upon Mays that isn't bestowed upon Aaron.

Hank Aaron is a very quiet guy who accomplished what he accomplished like a working stiff as opposed to Mays who accomplished what he accomplished like a star!

In almost any office in America, you can see something comparable. Maybe not from a money or national stage standpoint, but ego and personal feelings are something as basic as breathing.

The working stiff and the prima donna. Hank Aaron? Working stiff. Barry Bonds? Prima Donna. Willie Mays? Prima donna. And every bit the jerk Barry Bonds is. Don't believe me? Ask San Francisco kids who used to wait after games to get an autograph from Mays and you'll find out why those same kids became fans of Orlando Cepeda and Willie McCovey.

Birds of a feather? Bonds and Mays. As Paul Harvey might say, "Now you know the rest of the story!"


There's an outside chance that Barry Bonds won't play tonight, but for him to miss a game at Dodger Stadium is hard to believe. Here's something you can believe. At Yankee Stadium tonight, Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) will be trying to hit his 500th home run in a game against the White Sox. In Milwaukee tonight, Tom Glavine will be pitching for the Mets. If Glavine wins, it will be his 300th win. Assuming that Bonds plays, will baseball score a history making trifecta tonight?


An interesting story in yesterday's New York Times indicated progress that is being made in Iraq. Unfortunately, a story today is about Iraqi legislators who have decided to go on vacation for more than a month. They won't go back to work until the 4th of September. About two weeks or so after that, General David Patraeus is supposed to give Congress an Iraq progress report. It is hoped that he will speak plain English which would include the word "lazy" being used to described Iraqi leaders and Iraqi military commanders. Not to mention Iraqi troops, some of whom have been fighting against Americans.

Speaking of fighting...According to a story written by Robert Novak, President Bush is considering secret military action in Turkey. Novak says that a high level administration official has assured members of Congress that "The U.S. role would be concealed and denied." Short Commentary: For openers, I guess concealing and denying would be a little hard to do now, but the big question I would have is this; Could we maybe get this Iraq business done correctly first! And if we have special warriors we could send to Turkey, wouldn't it be better if we used those same people to go after Osama bin Laden?


Patrick Emory is a friend of mine who spent many years as a great news anchor for CNN as well as other places. Emory sent me a story designed to lighten the mood that's titled, "The Zipper".

In a crowded city at a busy bus stop, a beautiful young woman wearing a tight leather skirt was waiting for a bus. As the bus stopped and it was her turn to get on, she became aware that her skirt was too tight to allow her leg to come up to the height of the first step of the bus.

Slightly embarrassed and with a quick smile to the bus driver, she reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little, thinking that this would give her enough slack to raise her leg. She tried to take the step, only to discover that she couldn't. So, a little more embarrassed, she once again reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little more, and for the second time attempted the step. Once again, much to her chagrin, she could not raise her leg. With a little smile to the driver, she again reached behind to unzip a little more and again was unable to take the step.

About this time, a large Texan who was standing behind her picked her up easily by the waist and placed her gently on the step of the bus. She went ballistic and turned to the would-be Samaritan and screeched, "How dare you touch my body! I don't even know you!" The Texan smiled and drawled, "Well, ma'am, normally I would agree with you, but after you unzipped my fly three times, I kinda figured we was friends."

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Monday, July 30, 2007


A long time actor friend of mine once told me, "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage."

The new Lindsay Lohan film, "I Know Who Killed Me", ain't on the stage.

This movie is flat out terrible!

How terrible! I did something I've never done while watching a film away from home. I nodded off. Several times!

In an unkind review in today's Los Angeles Times, the reviewer is kind when she doesn't mention the names of the director or writer of "I Know Who Killed Me".

I'm not in the mood to let them off that easily. With what they had to work with, the main (name) actors, Lindsay Lohan, Julia Ormond and Neal McDonough were fine.

But the writing by Jeffrey Hammond and the directing by Chris Sivertson was butt ugly awful. Sivertson managed to put an hour and fifty minutes on the screen which would have been okay if after the first thirty minutes, the film started making some sense.

Lindsay Lohan plays a young and brilliant piano prodigy named Aubrey who decides for reasons not seriously explained that she wants to stop playing the piano and....Uh, wait a minute. She's now a stripper named Dakota who swears as much as my old Army buddies used to?...Uh, wait a minute...She's being tortured by some freak who gets off on the color blue? A freak who cuts off one of her arms and part of a leg and leaves her somewhere for her to die only to be discovered as the missing Aubrey or Dakota who no one ever seems to have heard of?

And this movie ends, how? I'm still trying to figure that out!

To me, here's what I know when it comes to "I Know Who Killed Me". If you put a beautiful young woman like Lindsay Lohan in a film playing a stripper and she does her thing on a stripper's pole and none of it, in any shape or form is remotely sexy, how is that possible? If, in this same film, you show Lindsay Lohan making love to a guy while she's apparently nude and none of that is sexy, how is that possible?

Because this movie insults the term "train wreck", the only chance this piece of cinematic garbage would have had to sell tickets, would be to show Lohan nude (it doesn't) and maybe then, the film might have made enough to cover costs. Because in the final analysis, it's obvious the only reason any of the three main actors did "I Know Who Killed Me" was because of the "paycheck".


While "I Know Who Killed Me" was generating $3.4 million in weekend ticket sales, did you see what "The Simpsons" generated? A whopping $71.9 million! Matt Damon's new "Bourne" film opens this coming Friday and it'll be interesting to see what happens box office wise next weekend.


It's looking more and more like a serious announcement is about to be made regarding cast members on ABC's daytime talk show, "The View". Whoopi Goldberg is said to be the person who would replace Rosie O'Donnell and because the show is looking for two new cast members, we're told that the other leading candidate is Sherri Shephard. I'm not that familiar with Ms. Shepherd, but she looks like she'd be a good "fit".


When it came to doing an issues oriented talk show, no one did it better than Tom Snyder. Snyder could also be flat out funny. Ask Dan Ackroyd. Snyder was an inspiration for Ackroyd when Ackroyd was doing "Saturday Night Live".

Tom Snyder has recently been battling a very tough opponent. Leukemia.

Today, Tom Snyder lost that fight. He was 71 and he will be missed.


Barry Bonds is still one home run shy of tieing Hank Aaron's all time home run record and he'll be at Dodger Stadium tomorrow night for the first of a three game series. I know that most of you heard about the back and forth comments between Bonds and Bob Costas, but did you hear about what Chris Rock said to Costas about the steroids controversy on HBO's "Costas Now"?
While saying (in essence) that he might not agree with athletes who choose to take steroids, he seems to understand where they might be coming from when Rock said to Costas, "If you found out that that Dan Patrick was making 20 times more than you and all you had to do was take a pill, you'd take the pill."

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Friday, July 27, 2007


It's had an incredible 18-year run on television, a run that shows no signs of ending soon, and now we have the movie!!! That's right, "The Simpsons" are on the big screens beginning today.
A lot of big screens!

I haven't seen it yet, but I've read a lot of reviews. Some are good, some are not so good. But ya know what? That's probably what would happen if these reviewers reviewed the television show.

Let me have a show of hands. How many of you knew that "The Simpsons" are still on television until I just now told you? If you're honest, not all of you are raising your hands which is quite a tribute to "The Simpsons" because it shows that they've managed to survive because new viewers continue to replace any viewers who leave.

That's why I think the audience for "The Simpsons", the movie, will be huge!!!

I won't see "The Simpsons" today, because I'm going to see Lindsay Lohan's new film, "I Know Who Killed Me". I'll get an idea about the attraction of "The Simpsons", because the cineplex I'm going to will (also) be showing "The Simpsons".

Speaking of Lohan's new film...I haven't seen one review of this film in any of the many newspapers I read. Ordinarily, that would mean the people producing the film didn't show screenings for critics because it....Well, there's no other word to use here. Because it stinks! But in this particular case it might simply be because of the recent bad publicity about Lohan, that she brought on herself.

I'm a fan of her work, but Monday, I'll give it to you straight. If I think it stinks, I'll tell you.

Another film opening today features a cast of actors that most people like. "No Reservations", starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin, Patricia Clarkson and Bob Balaban. The reviews for this film are so-so.

Have you seen "Chuck and Larry"? I haven't, but I'm told it's very funny.

All four of the films I've mentioned are playing in the same cineplex I'll be at later this morning. For that matter, so is "Hairspray". If I have enough money and I'm not too full of popcorn, maybe I'll spend the day at this cineplex.


Do you know who Pat Tillman was? The ex-professional football player who gave up the big money to join the military so he could fight terrorists? The guy who was killed and then awarded a Silver Star for bravery until....Oooops!!! It was revealed that Tillman had been killed by "friendly fire". In other words, one of his own guys! And this story's done nothing but gotten uglier ever since. In a story released yesterday, we learned that medical examiners have concluded that Tillman was killed by an M-16 that was fired from a distance of 10 yards or so!!! That suggests an assassination of some kind, or, to use a military term, "fragging".

Meanwhile, it appears that a 3-star General who was allegedly involved in the cover-up, is on the verge of losing one of his stars. And the investigation is continuing.


Speaking of investigations...Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been on a hot seat that appears to be getting hotter. There's talk about possible perjury charges. Charges he might be able to avoid if he would resign. By refusing, that investigation is continuing.


Speaking of investigations...A Grand Jury is still trying to figure out if they'll issue perjury and or tax evasion charges against Bonds while Bonds is busy trying to tie and break Hank Aaron's home run record. Bonds and the Giants host the Florida Marlins this weekend and then Bonds and the Giants will be here in Los Angeles for a three game series with the Dodgers beginning Tuesday.

Sudden Thought: Imagine if you were being investigated by a Grand Jury and everytime you opened a newspaper you were reminded of it. But even if you never open a newspaper, you're reminded about it from loud fans in left field. How many home runs do you think you could hit?

How about singles? Of course if you have no concerns about being found guilty of anything... Wouldn't it be something if that's how the Bonds story ends? That he was guilty of nothing! Except being a jerk!

Final Bonds note...A couple of days ago, Bob Costas hosted a show in which a couple of guys took off after Bonds, verbally. Bonds responded with a shot at Costas. Costas responded to Bonds. Bonds wrote something about it in his blog.

A friend of mine from Entertainment Tonight asked why I didn't mention the above in today's blog?

Here was my response to my ET friend: "I chose to ignore it. Costas had a couple of guys who were willing to pop off. Understandable. Bonds chose to react. Understandable. Costas chose to react to Bonds' reaction. High school. Bonds chose to apologize in his blog for calling Costas a midget."

Well, I guess I did end up writing about it, didn't I?

Full disclosure: Bob Costas and I got our first big break(s) at the same radio station in St. Louis at the same time. I've always liked Bob, but I wouldn't have reacted to Bonds. Off the record and to my friends, I would have simply said, "Midget this!", a response that can mean any number of things.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yesterday, I was in my favorite Ralph's Market. That would be Kroger's in other parts of the country. When I buy milk, I buy two gallons at a time, because it's cheaper that way. Fat Free is the type I buy and if you're trying to save money, you have to be sure you're buying milk that says, "BUY 2 & SAVE" on the cap. I've been doing this for years and the cost for most of that time has been in the high two-dollar or low three-dollar range for both gallons. It got up into the high three-dollar range recently, but yesterday's price was an eye-opener. Close to $5.50 for the two gallons. And yes, pretty much everything else has gone up except for cookies and other junk food items. A contentious contract for supermarket workers was recently settled and my first thought after being shocked at the price of milk was, "So is this is how Ralph's plans to get the money back for all the health benefits they agreed to?" Has the cost of milk gone up dramatically where you shop? Or anything else in your favorite supermarket? If so, I'd love for you to share so the rest of us can compare. Please send to scottstjames@sbcglobal.net.


Have you been paying attention to this All American Canal story? It's an 82-mile canal which carries water from the Colorado River along the border with Mexico. Some much needed repairs to the canal were recently made so that a lot of people can be sure their needed supply of water won't be disrupted.

Once again, under the category, "No good deed goes unpunished", some activist do-gooders (like the L.A. Times) are raising hell about the repairs. Why? Because a claim is being made that unless steps and rescue equipment are built into the concrete lining of the All American Canal, illegal immigrants might drown.

Hel-low!!! We're trying to keep illegal immigrants out of this country! If the word gets out that by trying to get here by using this canal could be hazardous to your health, I'm having a real hard time understanding what's wrong with that!


We've all heard about the Michael Vick case. He enters a plea in Richmond, Virginia today. If he's been set up like the Duke athletes were, I hope whoever did it goes to jail. But if Vick is guilty of what he's being charged with, he can be thankful that I won't be the judge.

Having said that, have you heard this story being reported by AP about the compassionate cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island? The 2-year old cat was adopted as a kitten and grew up in a third-floor dementia unit at the facility. He was named "Oscar" and like the old television character of the same name, this cat's a bit of a grouch. Dr. David Dosa says that Oscar takes his work seriously, is generally aloof and "This is not a cat that's friendly to people." But Oscar, who's nicknamed, "The Grim Creeper", has the uncanny ability of knowing when a patient is about to die. When he spots a patient in that condition, he curls up next to that patient during his or her final hours. Most family members of patients appreciate the advanced warning, but everyone remembers when one family member wanted Oscar out of the room while a family member died. While outside that room, Oscar's unhappiness was noted because everyone could hear Oscar pacing and meowing his displeasure in a way that made people realize that upsetting "The Grim Creeper" or furry grim reaper, is an idea best discarded.


Nothing new on Lindsay Lohan except that her new film, "I Know Who Killed Me" opens tomorrow.

I saw the first episode of "Damages" yesterday. That's the new Glenn Close show on FX, Tuesday nights at 10 and repeated at other times the rest of the week. Wow! Glenn Close plays a tough as nails lawyer and she is surrounded by other good performances turned in by Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Ted Danson and others. Watching Close made me think I was watching an acting clinic. Basically, this is a story about the Close character wanting to bring down the Danson character and in just the first episode we saw a lot of twists and turns. I mean we are left to wonder who the good guys are in this serialized drama!?! I can hardly wait for the second episode!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Lindsay Lohan got a little good news yesterday. Police who said Lohan was being charged with drug possession in addition to her early morning DUI problem, now say there is no charge of drug possession.

But the problem....no....make that prob-lems Lohan are facing have to do with two different DUI investigations. Basically, what this means is that Lindsay Lohan's lawyers are going to have to convince prosecutors that there was some kind of good explanation for what appears to have been a double dose of criminal behavior.

That going to sleep in her car DUI charge looked to me like something a prosecutor might have said, "Well, she was sleeping it off as opposed to causing a danger to society" kind of thing, but this deal yesterday morning will require some serious splainin', if you catch my drift. When police become involved because of a 911 call from someone who says they're being chased by a car and then when police arrive, it's discovered through various testing procedures that the person who was doing the chasing can't pass standard DUI tests, then Lindsay Lohan ends up with a whacha call a "Trouble in River City" moment.

I mean, unless you're totally screwed up, what the heck are you doing chasing someone with your car when you've been drinking? For that matter, even if you're sober? Apparently all Lohan wanted to do was talk to the woman she was chasing. A woman she apparently knows! If I'm a prosecutor weighing the merits of a possible prosecution of this case, one of the first questions I would have is, "Because you knew the person you were chasing and police say that all you did when you caught up to her was argue, did the thought of using a phone ever cross your mind?"

And here's another question. "You just got out of a highly publicized stint in rehab. You fall off the wagon. Okay. Stuff happens. Why didn't you or your handlers have a plan in place for this eventuality? A plan that would involve the use of a limo or another driver?"

Ya know what? If I'm the prosecutor and it's determined that no plan like that was even discussed, then I'm thinking Lindsay Lohan should go to jail! The charge? For being unbelievably stupid!


Have you heard about this latest Britney Spears meltdown? It apparently happened during a photo shoot and interview with OK! Magazine. A meltdown that won't have criminal implications, but because of alleged moves being made by Kevin Federline, this latest Spears' stunt could result in her losing custody of her children. Now imagine for a second that you're the Judge who has to make a decision in that child custody battle. Wouldn't you seriously consider the possibility of awarding the kids to darn near anyone but those two?


Scary, scary stuff in the real estate market here. An 800% increase in home foreclosures in Los Angeles county and the fear is that things will get worse. That's a direct result of all those "too good to be true" refinancing deals that homeowners took advantage of. Now that the reality of that "fool's gold" scheme has reared it's ugly head, a few years from now, the negative effects of the massive expansion of Indian Casino gambling will have lawmakers scratching their heads and saying, "What were we thinking?"


If you're listening to this blog on one of the internet stations it's on, you're aware of the fun I've been having with this! Last night, I began having some once a week fun that I will continue to have with my old friend Joe McDonnell who's the night time host on KLAC here in Los Angeles. I'm on with him TFN ('til further notice) every Tuesday evening from a little after 9:30 to close to 10. It's a sports talk show, but along with his co-host Tim, Joe and I talk about darn near anything. We had some fun last night and if you get a chance, please check us out next Tuesday.


With Bud Selig in the house, Barry Bonds stayed stuck on 753 homers... Michael Vick has been asked to stay away from the Atlanta Falcons for a while... And NBA Commissioner David Stern looked very uncomfortable while talking about his gambling referee yesterday.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Entertainment Tonight broke the news early this morning that Lindsay Lohan was arrested for drunk driving in Santa Monica, California and for driving with a suspended license. Lohan allegedly (also) had cocaine in her pants pocket. Lohan was supposed to be charged with a previous offense today!

Short Commentary: Man, oh man, oh man! I know a lot about addictive behavior and I've (publicly) been rooting for this young woman. A very talented actress who has issues none of us can possibly understand. I mean, she's young, beautiful and rich! What more could she want? Who knows, but a very good friend of mine (who's not so young anymore) had it all, too. Talent, looks, money and fame and because he also couldn't stop his destructive behavior, his life (as he sees it) is pretty much over. No one but no one understands what an addict might be going through except another addict. Nancy Reagan used to say, "Just say no!" Oh, if only it were/was, that easy.

What's next? Well, because of what happened to Paris Hilton, jail time figures to be on the horizon for Lindsay Lohan when what she probably needs is mandatory hospitalization of some kind.


Speaking of trouble...Before going any further, let me be clear about something. I'm not a prosecutor. I've played one on TV, but I don't know a lot about what a prosecutor can or can't do. Having said that, I find myself baffled at the thought that no criminal charges have been brought against Cardinal Mahony. I mean, not even some sort of conspiracy charge?

Okay, that's the legal thing.

What about the moral thing? Most people seem to think that what Cardinal Mahony was a part of was beyond disgusting.

But according to a story in Sunday's Los Angeles Times that was titled, "The Teflon Cardinal", the opinion expressed was that because Mahony made it his business to support illegal immigrants and all latinos early on, that has resulted in unwavering support for Cardinal Mahony from the latino community despite the fact that some of the children abused by outlaw priests were latino! After breathing deeply and exhaling to that revelation, one can only say, "Go figure!"


I live in Los Angeles and I write and broadcast from Los Angeles, but a lot of people who read and listen to this blog don't live here. More than one of you pointed out that yesterday's commentary wasn't really about a Los Angeles host or radio station, but was (instead) about how religion does and can affect people. Pure and simple.


Drew Carey will be the new host of "The Price is Right". No one but no one was talking about Carey even being a candidate!

The new Glenn Close show, "Damages" begins on FX at 10 tonight. Here's the first sentence in a review of "Damages" that was written by David Kronke in today's Los Angeles Daily News: "Tonight's premiere of 'Damages' concludes with a plot twist that is so cruel, diabolical and brilliantly twisted that you'll either curse the hour you spent watching it or curse the week you'll have to wait until the next episode." I don't know about you, but when I read something like that, I'm making sure I set my TiVo properly. Kronke concludes his review with this: "Damages" is yet another dark, smart addition to the FX network's canon of smart programming aimed at smart adults."


There's a new study out claiming that excessive use of diet soda might make you gain weight because of something in the soda that makes you crave and consume a lot of sweets. I bring this up because I drink a lot of diet soda and I've noticed that I've gained what for me is a lot of weight.


We'll close with the story about Chinese police who were trailing a suspicious boat two days ago. While the boat was trying to land on the side of a river near Vietnam, police moved in when they saw four people carrying bags off the boat. When those people saw the police, they jumped into the river and swam away. When police boarded the boat, they found a bunch of other bags and were shocked when they opened the bags. 270 live crocodiles were in those bags. The 270 crocs were destined for underground leather factories to be made into shoes and bags, but if those cops hadn't been quick on their feet, by the time the 270 crocs got to the factories, they would have been bigger because of all the cops they would have eaten.

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TOMORROW: I'll tell you about a radio show I guested on tonight...I'll hopefully tell you about two films I recently saw on the premium channels...Annnd anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat!?!"

Monday, July 23, 2007


While on my way to attend a very early morning breakfast meeting yesterday, I had my car radio on KFI here in Los Angeles.

And what I heard, got my attention, big time.

The guy hosting the show I was listening to identified himself as Jesus Christ. Apparently he's on KFI every Sunday morning between 6 and 9.

Stupid me. I was under the impression that after his second death, Jesus Christ was busy living his afterlife in a place we're told is Heaven.

Apparently not. While listening yesterday, I heard him tell people that he's alive and well on KFI and that whatever he was saying to them was coming from the Lord himself.

The thing that had me thinking I was listening to an episode of "The Twilight Zone" or a guy who was ready to go to a mountain top with a bucket of Kool-Aid, was something he said to a listener who told the story about his wife who had died because of cancer. The listener wanted and needed to be assured by Jesus Christ that he (the listener) would be joining his wife in Heaven to enjoy an afterlife of eternity with her.

The KFI host calling himself Jesus Christ went on a riff about how the listener would in fact join his wife in Heaven, but the happy marriage that he experienced here on earth would be a little different in Heaven because yes, he (the listener) would still be married, but in Heaven, he (the listener) and his wife would now be married to ME! "Me" being, Jesus Christ, the KFI host.

Wellll, .... because it's Jesus Christ, you have to believe he knows what he's talking about, but right then and there I began to think that what I was listening to was a little freaky.

No, make that a lot freaky!

It was obvious that the listener believed he was talking to Jesus Christ because of the way the listener responded to what the host said and the way he ended up thanking the host.

There were other examples of listeners who called and said things that made it very clear to me that they also believed they were speaking to someone who many believe is the Son of God.

Maybe if I heard the show more often, I would get the "humor" I didn't understand yesterday. I'm very familiar with radio shtick. At one time, I was considered to be pretty good at it.

I'm told that this KFI host is really an employee who is a KFI marketing director of some kind and is also a student of religion. I tell you this in case you've heard him and have enjoyed listening to and or speaking with a man you believe to be the Son of God.

Religion does that to people. It's based on faith. You believe for a variety of reasons, but in the end, your faith gives you comfort.

What I heard on KFI yesterday sounded to me....Well, the simple way to put it would be to say that what I heard was bothersome to me. There are no legal issues here. I mean, God doesn't figure to testify against him in court. But playing with people's minds is dicey. And what I heard yesterday was a KFI host who (no matter how well meaning the intention) was playing with people's minds. If you've heard this host and would like to comment, please do. scottstjames@sbcglobal.net


A new show will debut on TNT at 10 tonight. "Saving Grace", starring Oscar winner, Holly Hunter. The reviews are good and that means TNT will now have three good shows on Monday nights. The Treat Williams show, "Heartland" will move to 8 on Mondays and be followed by Kyra Sedgwick's, "The Closer" and then "Saving Grace".

Another award winning actress, Glenn Close will debut her new show, "Damages", tomorrow night at 10 on FX. This show also stars Ted Danson who plays a bad guy that the Glenn Close character will be trying to bring to justice.


Barry Bonds still has 753 homers. He'll be trying to tie and break Hank Aaron's record of 755 homers during a 4-game series against Aaron's Atlanta Braves that will begin tonight.

Have you heard about that NBA referee who's in trouble for allegedly betting on NBA games and making calls in games he had bet on that allegedly helped him win his bets? Needless to say, Tim Donaghy is no longer an NBA referee, but new procedures for referees figure to be in place soon, if not already. Like unannounced lie detector tests and unannounced monitoring of phone calls involving referees.
Tiger Woods didn't win the British Open yesterday and he hasn't won any tournament recently. Because of all the major tournaments Tiger Woods has won, this should be no big deal, buuuut...One can't help but remember when Tiger was so hot and the words that were spoken by Lee Trevino when he said something like, "It'll be interesting to see how well Tiger plays when he's married and begins to have kids."

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TOMORROW: I'll tell you about unwavering support Cardinal Mahony gets and why he gets that support despite all the unanswered questions about pedophile priests. I'll (finally) tell you about a couple of films I recently saw on the premium channels. I'll tell you about a local radio show I'll be a part of once a week beginning tomorrow night. Annnnd...anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?"

Friday, July 20, 2007


Home run king Hank Aaron says he won't show up where Barry Bonds might tie and or break Aaron's home run record. Fair enough, but look at what the schedule makers have done.

Yesterday, in Chicago, Barry Bonds whacked two homers while driving in six runs. Bonds now has 753 home runs. Aaron's record is 755. Hank Aaron began and ended his career in Milwaukee. Hank Aaron performed many of his heroics while playing in Atlanta where Aaron is an executive for the Braves.

In what can only be described as irony with a capital "I", Barry Bonds' next three games will be in Milwaukee. Tonight through Sunday. After those games, Bonds and the Giants will play four games against Atlanta, beginning Monday!

Let the games begin!


Yesterday, the Emmy nominations were announced. The Sopranos got a bunch of nominations as did two made-for-TV westerns, which from a personal note is encouraging, because I'm trying to produce a made-for-TV western, but that's another story.

I'm not going to mention all the nominees. Just the actors or shows I would like to see win.

Drama Series: My choice wasn't nominated, so I would nominate and then choose, "Brothers & Sisters".

Comedy Series: "Entourage".

Actor, Drama Series: James Spader, "Boston Legal".

Actress, Drama Series: Sally Field, "Brothers & Sisters".

Actor, Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock".

Actress, Comedy Series: Mary Louise Parker, "Weeds".

Supporting Actor, Drama Series: William Shatner, "Boston Legal".

Supporting Actress, Drama Series: Rachel Griffiths, "Brothers & Sisters".

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Jeremy Piven, "Entourage".

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Vanessa Williams, "Ugly Betty".

Those are my choices! I'd love to hear your choices! Send 'em to me! scottstjames@sbcglobal.net.

Short blog today because I have to run out the door to an early morning acting assignment.

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MONDAY: I'll tell you about a couple of films I recently saw on the premium channels. If Barry Bonds has tied or broken the home run record, we'll talk about that. Annnd...anything else that makes me say, "Whaaat?"


Thursday, July 19, 2007


While many citizens express concern about predatory priests who have ruined lives of innocent children and wonder why a covering up cardinal isn't in jail, there are two other things I (and others) can't help but wonder about.

What kind of leadership is coming out of the Vatican that seems to aid and abet in what has been a far too many years of "turn a blind eye" to these criminal acts approach?

And isn't it way past time to reconsider mandatory celibacy for priests? I mean, what is the overall good in enforcing a "basic needs" mandate on a group of people who want to serve God? I understand discipline. Hell, I was in the Army! But after all of our training, in addition to serving our country, we were also allowed to live! Why can't it be like that for Catholic priests?
I mean, these are people that sinners go to for advice (not to mention absolution) about marital difficulties and other issues involving sexual activity. I don't know about you, but doesn't the question I'm about to pose occur to many? Which is, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned, but before I go any further, what in the heck do you know about marital or any problems associated with sexual activity?"

I know. A cynic has an immediate sarcastic answer to that question now, but I'm being serious. Doesn't anyone in the Vatican think that maybe the celibacy mandate could have had a little something to do with the actions of their wayward priests?

There's an old saying; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Here's a newsflash for the Vatican. It's broke!


CBS officials are saying that Mandy Patinkin's sudden departure from "Criminal Minds" had to do with personal issues and that Patinkin gave them no warning. Seven scripts now have to be rewritten, but Patinkin will apparently appear in the first episode, an episode that figures to explain in a fictional way why this character is leaving and where he's going. How much tension do you think will be on that set? People who were associated with "Chicago Hope" remember when Patinkin did the same thing on that show. Patinkin is very talented and he figures to be offered future opportunities, but any new contract he signs figures have some interesting stipulations that will be spelled out in capital letters.

Speaking of talented actors...The new "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off has already fired a main actor. During the special showing of "Private Practice" in an episode of "Grey's Anatomy", we saw Merrin Dungey appear as Kate Walsh's best friend and Dungey was on board as a series regular. Oops! Kate Walsh's new best friend will now be played by Audra McDonald. I don't know why Dungey was let go, but McDonald is a heck of a hire. She's a well known Broadway actress who's a four-time Tony winner and who I thought was absolutely terrific in a TV show called "Mister Sterling" that starred Josh Brolin.

Speaking of new TV shows...I don't know about you, but am I the only one who hasn't come close to sampling all the TV channels that are out there now? I bring this up because of a great review I just read about a show that will debut on AMC at 10 tonight. I've never watched AMC. But I will tonight because of a new show called, "Mad Men". "Sopranos" writer Matthew Weiner created this show and it's described by the L.A. Daily News' David Kronke as possibly being "one of the most politically incorrect shows on television right now." Here's all I need to know. One of the stars in "Mad Men" is Elisabeth Moss.

Kronke also gives a great review to another show on at 10 tonight. "Burn Notice" on USA. I told you about this show a few days ago and how much I like the chemistry between lead actors Jeffery Donavan and Gabrielle Anwar. Two shows at the same time? Thank god for TiVo, huh?

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