Sunday, October 25, 2009

Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber!

First of all, it's hard for me to believe this is the first blog I've written in almost five months. I mean, this was a pretty regular thing I was doing for quite a while.

The reason for my hiatus had to do with projects that needed my undivided attention. Projects that involved my heart getting broken twice regarding two film roles that didn't happen and a radio project that was suggested to me by and would have been supported by, a Hall of Fame broadcaster whose name is very recognizable. It was a project that died because I lost my enthusiasm for it.

There are three main things that will be covered in this blog's essay. New television shows, an example of a glaring lack of leadership at KABC here in Los Angeles and the political scene which is the subject the headline of this blog is referring to.

Said headline being, "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber!"

In no particular order, here are examples of people who often are guilty of, "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber!"

Sean Hannity constantly speaking about the same old things and the same old prejudices with Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and brainwashed listeners. "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber!" Until he was told by his superiors to quit (always) bullying and hanging up on listeners who disagree with him. That's why a FEW disagreeing listeners now get a little more time to articulate their views, but the emphasis is very much a LITTLE more time. Listeners who worship at his alter and shower Hannity with compliments are given as much time as possible. And then we are given the privilege of hearing Hannity and his worshipers "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber!"

Rush Limbaugh doesn't take many calls from listeners because one gets the feeling he doesn't like to have his train of thought interrupted. One assumes he talks to SOMEONE and the assumption is made that while standing in front of or holding a mirror, Rush speaks to the face he SEES in that mirror. This imaginary conversation results in another example of, "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber!"

Glenn Beck. And wouldn't we like to know and understand the strangeness associated with who it is HE talks and listens to? Conversations that lead him to say some of the most preposterous things imaginable and then with a straight face, DENY he said those things when confronted by people like (for example) the hosts of the television show, "The View". Ah, yes. Glenn Beck and his believers are pretty much the poster children for the phrase, "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber!"

And I'm not referring to people who are only on the extreme "right", politically.

People on the extreme "left" are just as bad. People like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, among others. Narrow thinkers, all.

And here's what's particularly interesting when it comes to the amount of publicity these people get compared to the television ratings they get. Rush doesn't count in this arena because he failed as a television personality a long time ago. But the rest of the people I mentioned have television ratings that would get them fired if they were competing with ABC, CBS or NBC nightly news broadcasts or any of those networks' nightly comedy, drama or discussion shows.

But the people I've mentioned get quoted by the mainstream media a lot and they are talked about a lot on shows that DO have pretty good ratings numbers.

And WHAT these narrow thinking (MY side is the RIGHT side and YOUR side is the WRONG side) are all bitching about are the problems we need to get solved in this country! And LAYING the blame for these problems at the feet of ONLY those on the "right" or those on the "left" causes "Political Gridlock". Which is what we have now.

People, people, people!!! We're not solving many of our problems because the loudmouths controlling the debates refuse to even CONSIDER ideas from the other side of their prejudiced viewpoints. Again. That results in "Political Gridlock".

Is there a solution? I think there is.

The feeling here is that the only way we BREAK this "Gridlock" is to honestly ACKNOWLEDGE the abysmal failures on both sides, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, shake each other's hands and get about the business of making this a better America for EVERYONE!!!

And while we're at it, can we please try to stop the practice of "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber" way of doing business?

A Couple Of Other Politically Inspired Thoughts...

Have the idiots who have been trying to sell the notion that President Obama isn't a legal citizen gone back to their caves, yet?

Speaking of idiots...I'm a gun owning Second Amendment supporter. There is nothing about the Second Amendment that I want to see changed that would make it difficult for our right to be gun owners. But I also want gun owners to have the ability to know what common sense is.
Showing up at a "Town Hall" type meeting while openly carrying loaded pistols where the President of the United States is speaking is something that is designed to do what? Scare people? Make a point? If so, what point? That you have no respect and that you're stupid?

Folks, people like the people I just described, should NOT be allowed gun ownership privileges.

And has Congressman Joe Wilson shut up yet? If you want respect, you have to know how to EARN respect, Mr. Congressman. But as we've recently learned, officials in South Carolina seem to think and act a little differently than most other officials and that's not a compliment.

And this final politically related thought....

I voted for him, but has President Obama become "W-Light"? As in a somewhat softer version of George W. Bush? Think about it. The continuation of the business in Iraq. A possible expansion of the business in Afghanistan. Still being far too cozy with Pakistan.

Gang, here's my thinking about the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and pretty much everyone else in that part of the world. We have absolutely nothing in common with them. They don't like the way we do business and we don't like the way they do business. So we're trying to force OUR way of doing things onto them?!? And we think they will wake up one day wanting to THANK us for forcing our way of doing things onto them?!?

Look, I'm as big a dreamer as anyone, but the "dream" I just described has NO shot at coming true. So why do we continue to spend billions and billions of dollars doing things in a part of the world that wants nothing to do with us while this money could and should be used HERE to help fix OUR problems!

To HELL with THEIR problems!


This is a story I've been wrestling with since the 15th of October.

And it isn't an easy story for me to write.

It's about the Dodgers, the radio station that broadcasts the Dodgers here in L.A., a much revered Hall of Fame broadcaster and how that aging Hall of Famer appears to have been left "hanging" by an utterly incompetent Executive Producer of Dodger baseball....Or....that this Executive Producer of Dodger baseball wasn't aware of a mistake that was constantly repeated which would mean he wasn't listening or is not allowed to address the mistakes....Or....A classic case of people who aren't qualified to hold the positions they hold which could include the Executive Producer and or KABC's Program Director.

I have asked the Executive Producer and the Program Director to respond to what I'm about to write but neither has decided to do so.

I like radio and radio people. I spent a lot of years as a radio performer and I had a lot of fun, made a lot of money and helped the radio stations I worked for make a lot of money.

If I had one simple credo (besides having fun), it was, "PROTECT THE SHOW!"

What happened during the Dodgers broadcast of the playoff game with the Phils on October 15 was a classic case of NOT "Protecting the show".

Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully does three innings of radio and all nine innings of television during the regular season of Dodger baseball. For these playoffs, Scully did no television, but he did do more than he usually does on KABC radio. He did the play by play for the first three innings and the last three innings.

On October 15, Dodger outfielder (and face of the franchise) Manny Ramirez hit a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 5th inning. That homer was big because it meant the Dodgers were behind by only one run.

Vin Scully wasn't doing the play by play when Ramirez hit that homer.

Scully resumed his play by play duties in the top of the 7th inning and he continued until the game ended in the bottom of the 9th inning.

When mentioning Ramirez's homer, Scully described it as having been a 3-run homer as opposed to what it was, which was a 2-run homer.

Okay, he does it in the top of the 7th. No big deal. Everyone makes accidental mistakes like that. No reason for the Executive Producer or anyone else on KABC to say anything to Scully. He's Vin Scully, for crying out loud.

When Scully did it again and again again, the feeling here is that after the top of the 8th inning had ended and while commercials were being played, the Executive Producer (if he's allowed to) or someone above the Executive Producer should have politely told (verbally or in a note) Scully about the mistake he was making.

That obviously wasn't done because Scully continually repeated this mistake through the end of the game.

I don't know why this happened because the people who should know won't tell me.

The questions I have that haven't been answered are as follows; Did the Executive Producer, during a commercial break after the top of the 8th inning ended, politely advise Scully of the mistake he was making? If not, is this because the Executive Producer is not allowed to talk to Scully, the Executive Producer wasn't listening to Scully's play by play or is it because the Executive Producer (while listening) didn't KNOW that Scully was giving inaccurate information for the final six half innings of the broadcast on KABC?

ORRR...Is this something that should have been handled by someone else? And if so, who might that be?

I sent most of these questions to the Executive Producer and all of these questions to KABC's Program Director. I also left two phone messages with the Program Director on his personal voicemail.


Neither the Executive Producer or KABC's Program Director are required to respond to my questions.

But if these guys want to pretend their big league job titles makes them big league players, they ARE required to "Protect The Show". What happened on the night of October 15th seems to indicate that (as Al Campanis might have said) "THEY DON'T HAVE THE NECESSITIES!"

On a lighter note...


I don't think anyone has time to watch all the new shows. I know that I certainly don't. But here are the new ones I HAVE been watching on a regular basis. And in no particular order, they are...

"The Good Wife" "Mercy" "Glee" "Flash Forward" "Eastwick"

I'm also loving the new seasons of shows that are already fan favorites and they are....

"Dexter" "Californication" "Grey's Anatomy" "Desperate Housewives"

And what for me is STILL the BEST show on television.....Drum roll, please.....


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I don't know. I'm still actively chasing the acting thing, but I don't think it'll be another five months before I write another one. Your support has always been and will continue to be very important to me. I've had some fun and interesting debates with a good number of you passionate readers. I have a feeling I'll get a few responses to my "Talking To Each Other and Getting Dumber" musings and I look forward to those responses.

Who do you think will win the World Series? Philadelphia or the best team money can buy?