Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally: A new blog will be written in the next few days!

Hi Gang!

I haven't written a new blog in quite a while because of monster computer problems that have been corrected (thank you John Clemens and Kevin Gershan) and some health issues that have been corrected.

A lot of stuff has been going on in and around Washington, huh?

Among other things, I'll be writing about Rupert Murdoch and his fair and balanced Fox News. Also...A lobbyist who has never been elected to anything, but has somehow gotten new GOP Tea Party people doing everything he tells them to do in the form of "pledges". What's up, Tea Party People? You don't have minds of your own?

Speaking of the Tea Party....Michele Bachmann....God talks to you? Wow! Is it possible you could tape your next conversation with God so we could all hear it? Michele, if you really believe that God is the creator of all people, what's your beef with gays? And that husband of yours? Marcus? Interesting dude, huh? And aren't you two against so-called "government handouts"? But you have been the recipient of "government handouts"? What's up with that?

And how about this gamesmanship that's involved with this "debt ceiling" business.

All the above and more, including some entertainment stuff will be posted (hopefully) on Sunday night/early Monday morning.

Thanks for your patience.

Scott "The Jammer With The Hammer" St. James