Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General McChrystal is no longer involved with Afghanistan because he was stupid! And it's time to END the Bush bashing!

Like a lot of you, I stopped listening to Sean Hannity on a regular basis quite some time ago. Because of General McChrystal's stupidity, I decided to listen to some of Hannity's show today so I could hear him defend McChrystal and probably sound stupid doing it.

He didn't disappoint me.

Hannity has never been in the military, but he likes to talk a lot about the military and more times than not he comes across as a complete idiot to those of us who weren't too busy "to serve" a single enlistment, an enlistment that led to retirement or something in between.

Behind closed doors, a General can speak as openly he wants and for as long as he wants when he's speaking to his Commander in Chief, who is the President of the United States. A General can not go popping off publicly about policies put into play by his Commander in Chief. There's no gray area there. He simply can not do that! Why a smart guy like General McChrystal decided to do what he did is as baffling to me as the question I have about what the real and truthful reason was that President Bush decided to attack Iraq.

More on President Bush in a minute.

General McChrystal knows he was wrong and that's why he showed up in President Obama's office today with a letter of resignation. I heard only the first half hour of Hannity's show today, so it's entirely possible that someone talked to him during a break and got him straightened out, but what I heard was someone (Hannity) who was absolutely clueless while wailing like a stuck pig about the injustice suffered by McChrystal. No, Sean! There was no injustice. There's no wiggle room for what McChrystal did, McChrystal knew it, you, Sean Hannity, didn't know it, what else is new (sarcasm intended) and now we move on.

And here's what would really be nice. If we moved OUT! As in, out of Afghanistan.

We are accomplishing nothing there. We are accomplishing nothing in Iraq. And we are spending billions of dollars A DAY accomplishing nothing!

We also spend billions on top of billions helping other countries!


Because we're the "good guys" and we make it our business to help every country who needs our help?

At the risk of sounding like a "party pooper", am I out of line if I point out that while we're spending billions that turn into trillions in other countries with money from United States of America taxpayers.... that we are depriving OUR country, The United States of America, the use of billions that turn into trillions of dollars that we desperately need to solve OUR problems.

Is it too much to ask our leaders to quit playing the World's Policeman and the World's Santa Clause until we get our OWN shit taken care of?

I mean, we got some SERIOUS shit that has to be taken care of here!

Excuse my broken English and salty language, but it's way past time to get "simple" about this. And simply stated, We need to get THIS house in order! To hell with everybody else's house until THIS house is fixed.

Yes, I am calling for "isolationism". Let everyone else worry about fixing their problems instead of calling upon benevolent Uncle Sam to do their fixing for them!

It's time (long past time) for Uncle Sam to STAY HOME!

And when we get our shit together, then we can occasionally lend a helping hand if we're so inclined.

If you have any thoughts and or comments about what I'm suggesting, please write to me at and I will respond to you immediately.

Speaking of "it's time" or "long PAST time"... I believe it's time (or long past time) to stop bashing Bush. As in George W. Bush, the man I think is the worst president we've had in my lifetime and he might be the worst president we've had in America's history.

Bush bashing is something I began doing after he was elected for a second term about the time we were learning for certain that his administration had lied to us about reasons to go to Iraq and it appears his administration also lied to us about why we went to Afghanistan.

Look, this guy was a silver spooned frat boy with serious daddy issues who, if he had gotten his way, would have destroyed the Social Security system so that it could benefit his rich friends and he would have offered amnesty to pretty much all of the illegal immigrants. People like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity got voters to jam the White House switchboards with messages demanding "NO amnesty!" for illegal immigrants and Bush backed off. The switchboard assault campaign was also effective regarding the attempt to sabotage Social Security.

But if you're eyes are open, you can see that some people (maybe even President Obama) who seem to want to offer aid and comfort to illegal immigrants and there are dangerous candidates for office who are making new noise about screwing up Social Security in a way that will benefit their rich campaign contributors.


George W. Bush isn't our president anymore. Yeah, he was part of the problems we are suffering from, but a lot of these problems are problems he inherited, he didn't know how to fix them, so anything he did, made the problems worse.

But you know what? That's beginning to sound like a description of President Barack Obama, too! I mean, is it possible, that the two worst presidents in our history were-are our two most RECENT presidents? If true, may God have mercy on us all!


Yo, President Obama! Put a sock in it! And that's what the rest of us should do, too. Fuh-git about President Bush! He was yesterday and yesterday's gone. Let's concentrate on today and tomorrow.


Those of you who don't live here in the Los Angeles area might not know this, but right after the Lakers beat the Celtics in the championship game of the NBA Finals, there was a lot of celebrating outside Staples Center, which is where the game was played. Some of the people doing the "celebrating" set fire to things, did serious damage to automobiles, broke windows in buildings, etc., on top of law breaking etc. Some pictures of these criminals were taken and some of those pictures were published in newspapers. Would it surprise you if I told that many (if not all) of these criminals looked like people who should be asked if they are in this country legally? And would it surprise you if many (if not all) of these criminals ARE in this country illegally? It wouldn't surprise me, either.

Before going to the Entertainment Stuff, this final question:


Look, I know he probably figures that 660 million dollars he got the Catholic Church to pay was hush money for life, but should it be? Or should it have been?

Just wonderin'...


This past Saturday, I finally saw the film, "W." on The Movie Channel (TMC). Josh Brolin starred as George W. Bush, Elizabeth Banks played Laura Bush, James Cromwell played W's father and Richard Dreyfuss played Dick Cheney. In real life, Cheney and Dreyfuss are political opposites, but I thought Dreyfuss "played" Cheney terrifically.

In fact, I thought all the actors were good. Josh Brolin was, to me, a very believable "W."

And that's why I went to see Josh Brolin's new film, "Jonah Hex", a couple of days ago.

This film has gotten bad reviews and box office wise, it looks like it's going to lose a lot of money. It supposedly "only" cost 45 million or so to make, but it made less than 6 million last week and that's whacha call, "not good".

Besides Josh Brolin, "Jonah Hex" also has Megan Fox and some other fine actors. The actors all did their jobs well, Megan Fox was good and looking good, too....I wasn't bored while watching this film....I never looked at my watch....To me, "Jonah Hex" is not a bad-bad film, but I wouldn't call it a good film, either. "Passable" is what it was-is and "passable films" are films that should have gone straight to DVD.

I haven't seen the new Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film, "Knight and Day". Yet! It opened today and Kenneth Turan, the L.A. Times' lead film critic, raved about this film. And here's something I'LL rave about. In the new July issue of "Playboy", Cameron Diaz is "The Interview". I've never met Ms. Diaz, but after reading this interview, I have a better understanding of why so many people like her as much as they do. Especially guys. If you get a chance, I wholeheartedly recommend what I think is a fun read.

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, June 30 or very early Thursday morning, July 1.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a GAME!!!!!

I know that most of my readers don't live in Los Angeles or in the Los Angeles area, but I do live here, so please tolerate these first couple of sentences I'm writing.

During the many years I did television sports here on Channels 9 and 4, I had the pleasure of covering the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers Owner Jerry Buss's rookie season was 1980, Hall of Fame player Magic Johnson's rookie season was 1980 and my rookie season covering the Lakers was 1980.

So yeah, I care about the Lakers. Tonight they beat the Boston Celtics in the 7th and deciding game of this year's NBA Championship series in a nail biting thriller and even though I was sitting on my couch, I am exhausted. I can't imagine how the Lakers are feeling. Or the Celtics.


Okay...Now we begin with the kind of stuff I usually write about here.


And how's that for a segue? From a thrilling basketball item to a very serious QUESTION!

The war in Iraq.

The reasons we were told that our troops were being sent there were all lies. The end result of those lies have been the deaths of thousands of American citizens and life altering injuries suffered by other thousands of American citizens.

What were the lies?

That Iraq was involved with 9/11. Bullshit.

That Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that would be used against us. More bullshit.

That Iraq was filled with terrorists that would do harm to us. More bullshit until after we got there. After we got there, the terrorists showed up. Before we got there, they didn't exist.

The Bush administration also saw to it that Iraq's Head of State ended up being hanged. Yes, an Iraqi trial was held (after our troops captured him), but an argument could be made that the Bush administration was involved in something illegal that resulted in Iraq's Head of State being given the death penalty.

I know. When it finally became SO apparent that we went to Iraq based on lies, we were told that we had been given faulty "intelligence information". Bullshit. Even the dumbest of people now realize that "the books were cooked". And what I mean by that is, what was printed for people to see was an example of, "Garbage in, garbage out".


I don't know the answer to that question. Many have speculated that the real reason the Bush administration went there was to take control of Iraq's oil. I don't subscribe to that theory, but for the life of me I don't know why the Bush administration felt it was necessary to send our troops in there based on lies. Or for any other reason! And when I say the Bush administration, we all know that what I'm referring to is a small group of people.

Somebody thought it was damned important for us to send our troops there. And to get the Halliburton crowd involved, etc., etc.


But here's something we know! The deaths and life altering injuries suffered by thousands of American citizens because of these lies.

There is no question about the fact that our troops were sent in harm's way based on lies. Lies told by the Bush administration.

So after very serious thought, I ask this question;

Should George W. Bush (and perhaps others as well) be put on trial for murder of American citizens and other crimes associated with what has happened in and to Iraq?

I welcome any thoughts and or comments you have on this subject. Write to me at


I didn't have a problem with what the Afghanistan through Pakistan mission was supposed to be. Do you remember the reason we were given that we were sending troops there? To find Osama bin Laden.

How's that working out?

President Obama sent more troops there because the mission (whatever it is) seems to have changed and General Petraeus said he needed more troops. President Obama said "okay", but he also said that if things haven't improved, he will begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in July of next year. When General Petraeus was asked about that by a U.S. Senator while appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee a couple of days ago, he was not only evasive, but after saying, "We have to be very careful about timelines.", he fainted. And I'm not making that up.

General Petraeus is now okay and his subordinates said he fainted because he was jet-lagged and not because of the questions he was being asked.

Well, that's reassuring, but here's what isn't reassuring. The fact that we still have our troops there and in Iraq. Two places where the people don't like us and in many, if not most cases, hate us! And these stupid wars, in addition to the thousands of American deaths and terrible injuries are costing us hundreds of billions (maybe trillions) of American taxpayer dollars while our country, is in danger of going broke.

And now we find out that vast mineral deposits have been discovered in Afghanistan by American troops and we say, "Hmmmm!?!" Is this why we're there? And are we ever going to leave?


Did you watch it?

I did.

Were you impressed?

I wasn't.

But here's something he said that got my attention; "For decades, we've talked and talked about the need to end America's century-long addiction to fossil fuels. And for decades, we have failed to act with the sense of urgency that this challenge requires. The consequences of our inaction are now in plain sight."

In other words, President Obama wants us to agree to suffer some financial pain in order to eliminate our addiction to oil. Pain that would eventually go away and pain that would be worthwhile because it would prevent our children and grandchildren from having to be stuck with these growing "deficits" that keep growing and at a dangerously accelerated rate.

Okay...Let's talk about the concern we have for our children and grandchildren regarding "The Humongous Deficit".

We've all heard what people say about this and some of us have said the same things ourselves.

"If we don't stop spending and continue to drive up the deficit, our poor children and grandchildren will be stuck paying for this for, like, forever!"

Or something like that.

President Obama would be addressing that issue with his oil addiction idea.

A noble idea, but an idea I don't think will be supported.

And here's why.

We might not admit it and maybe deep down we don't even know we're thinking it, but when push comes to shove, worrying about the effect the deficit will have on our children and grandchildren is/are to me, simply words that sound good and the right things to say.

It's true that all good parents and grandparents are people who hope their children and grandchildren are able to live prosperous lives.

But we aren't willing to vote for or approve what is necessary to help make that happen as far as "deficit reduction" goes. And the reason is, while we wish the best for our children, etc., we don't want to have to live lesser lives to make that happen. In other words, "Kids, I want you to have YOURS, but I'm not going to give anything up because I want to KEEP MINE!"

Think about what I'm telling you and if you have any thoughts and or comments, please write to me at


In a very recent interview she had with an illegal immigrants supporter, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said the Justice Department, under President Obama's direction, will be bringing a lawsuit against Arizona over their new immigration law because this is an area that President Obama feels should be handled by the federal government.

Hmmmm....Arizona has a law that calls for the enforcement of the law against illegal immigrants. And the federal government should be handling this?

Hmmmm....Wellll, they have been "handling this" and isn't that why Arizona felt the need to pass this new law, which is in fact, (basically) the same law that the federal government should be enforcing???


The new June 21 issue of Newsweek has a multi-page story titled, "Saint Sarah" and yes, it's about Sarah Palin. In this story, among other things, Sarah Palin is described as the new leader of the Christian Right, a position previously held by the late Jerry Falwell. Check it out. It's an interesting read.


Texas Congressman, Joe Barton. After publicly apologizing to British Petroleum's CEO, Tony Hayward about the way he was verbally treated in congressional hearings and for the way he was pressured by President Oboma, the political roof fell on Joe Barton's head.

In addition to the stories that immediately came out about Barton being the recipient of more campaign money from oil companies than any other congressman, Republican leaders, fearful of voter backlash, made Barton apologize for the "apology" and when the Republican leaders didn't like Barton's apology, they wrote an apology for Barton and threatened to seriously punish him regarding chairmanship opportunities, etc.

Short Commentary: Yo, Joe! No one but you and Rand Paul are saying nice things about anyone associated with that BP oil mess in the Gulf. But because you give new definition to the term "dumb guy", you're our dumb guy of the week.


I haven't seen anything new lately. There are some new television shows I'm looking forward to seeing this weekend and there's a film I'm looking forward to seeing as soon as it comes out. Have you seen those television commercials about the new Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film, "Knight and Day"? I don't know about you, but those fun scenes they've been showing makes me think "Knight and Day" is a film that will MAKE my day!


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Next Blog Will Be Posted Three or Four Hours after the Lakers-Celtics NBA Championship game!!!

I planned to write a new blog tonight, which is Wednesday, June 16.

But because the Lakers-Celtics NBA Championship will be played tomorrow night, I'm simply not in any mood to do any writing tonight.

The next blog will be written and posted two or three hours after the game has ended.

I'll leave you with this question: Were you impressed with President Obama's speech about the oil spill mess on Tuesday night?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why Are Our Political Leaders and Judges Afraid To Call for the Arrest of and Prosecution of, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?!?

cI've written about Bill Mouzis in previous blogs. He's a friend of mine. WWII, combat veteran. He's a law abiding citizen who loves this country. He's backed up his love for this country by fighting to defend it. He has nothing against immigrants who come to this country, legally. Immigrants who come here legally, who learn to speak English, who learn to blend in and who have no other loyalty to any other country are welcomed with open arms by Bill Mouzis and other people who think the way Bill Mouzis thinks. Which according to surveys, is most of us. Including me.

But for reasons that defy logic, illegal immigrants are given the mother of free rides in this country. Free health care, free educations for children who get automatic citizenship when their illegal immigrant parents give birth to them, freedom (for the most part) from prosecution for being here illegally, etc. on top of stupid etc. And speaking of stupid... Automatic Citizenship For Children Born To Illegal Immigrants Is OFF THE CHARTS, STUPID!!!

And so I ask this question; What are our officials AFRAID OF?!? We have millions of lawbreakers here. Despite wonderfully choreographed propaganda to the contrary, the majority of these illegals have no interest in learning English and they have very little interest in their children learning English. I see and hear this ALL THE TIME!!! And I'll bet that you do, too!

There are a lot of people who joke about California becoming Mexifornia. And maybe that will happen. And if it does, we will be getting close to becoming a 3rd World country. Wouldn't that be fun? Huge drug wars? No respect for the police?

Would you take that sitting down? I wouldn't.

Again...What are our officials afraid of? We have millions of lawbreakers here. And we kiss their asses because.....WHY?!?

Back to my friend Bill Mouzis...He wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times that was published by them today. And here's what Bill wrote:

"I, like so many others, fail to understand why illegal immigration remains an issue. Simply put, the law is being broken; those breaking it are criminals; they must be punished; and politicians abetting the criminals must be thrown out of office and convicted of obstructing justice. End of discussion."

Bravo, Bill! I couldn't have said it better myself.

One more thing about that subject. The biggest enablers of illegal immigrants are the rich and the powerful. If the rich and the powerful really cared about our country, with a snap of their fingers, this problem would go away.

But historically, the rich and powerful don't give a good goddamn about anything!


A very interesting Newsweek cover story in the new June 14 issue that's headlined, "What The Spill Will Kill" And in this story, among other things, we learn more about what kinds of fine citizens these B.P. people are and the off the charts horrible havoc this spill continues to cause.

Also in the new Newsweek is a column written by George Will about an effort to reform our tax code in a bill called, "Wyden-Gregg". Those are the names of the two authors. Ron Wyden, Democrat Senator from Oregon and Judd Gregg, Republican Senator from New Hampshire.

In simple terms, they are calling for the elimination of almost all deductions and the number of income-tax brackets would be reduced to three; 15, 25 and 35 percent.

Like with all things, there's a little more to it than that, but anything that would result in SERIOUSLY simplifying our tax code is something I'd be in favor of just for the time it would save.

In 1981, I was doing a talk show here in Los Angeles and a once a week guest of mine was the then famous columnist, Jack Anderson. He was advocating a "flat tax", something I'm STILL in favor of. The more we talked about it, the more noise was made about it. At that time, I was working for the great cowboy star, Gene Autry who owned this radio station. Gene would end up hiring me three different times and I ended up writing, producing and narrating a 7-hour radio special about him and his career. The only time Gene Autry EVER said anything to me about what I was doing on the air was when (one day) he called me after I had finished my show and said, "We don't need no flat tax talk on this radio station!"

Needless to say, living by the code of, "mine is not to reason why, mine is simply to comply", I said, "Yes, sir!" and I never talked about it again on his radio station.

Gene Autry was great to me. I loved the man before he made that phone call to me and I loved him after he made that phone call to me. And I knew that he loved me.

But after he made that phone call to me, here's something else I knew. A "flat tax" would be better for everyone who wasn't-isn't, rich.


John Wooden, R.I.P.

And if there's an afterlife of some kind, I wonder if he'll say, "Thank you!" to Sam Gilbert.

Here in Los Angeles, we're pretty excited about the Lakers and right now, the Lakers are two wins away from winning another NBA Championship Trophy. GO LAKERS!!!


The season finale of "Justified" was on FX last night and I think we're about out of season finales, aren't we? "Justified" star Timothy Olyphant is going to be a serious Emmy contender this year. He is sooo good in that show. But so are all the supporting players.

Do you know who Adrien Brody is? If not, he won the best actor Oscar for his 2002 performance in "The Pianist". The award was presented to him by Halle Berry who was then shocked because Brody showed his excitement by giving her a full tongue lip-lock kiss. In any other setting, he goes to jail, but this was the Academy Awards and he was given a pass. Just like illegal immigrants get. (sorry, couldn't resist.)

Anyway, Brody is in a new film that just came out and I saw it Sunday afternoon. It's called, "Splice" and the reviews have been mostly good, but it's having trouble selling tickets. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley play brilliant and rebellious young scientists and an actress I wasn't familiar with, Delphine Chaneac, plays the role of a "living scientific experiment".

And as strange as that sounds, know this; This is a strange movie. But I was never bored. Not for one second.

When the film ended, I didn't know if I liked it or what I thought about it, but I couldn't help but think about Adrien Brody. And the films he's chosen to perform in ever since he won his Oscar. Adrien Brody seems to be doing films and playing characters that the young James Spader used to play and do. Interesting, strange, dangerous and with a hint of insanity.

That make any sense to you?

If you go see it, I don't think you'll think you wasted your money.


Write to me at and I will respond to you immediately. Don't write to the blog because if you, there's no way for me to know your email address so there will be no way for me to respond to you. Again...write to me at and it will be my pleasure to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.


Barring unforseen circumstances, Wednesday night, June 16 or very early Thursday morning, June 17.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Children Born In The U.S. To Parents Who Are Illegal Immigrants Should NOT Be Given Automatic Citizenship Here!!!

It seems like EVERYBODY is talking about this subject now. What has prompted this discussion is the fact that more than 90 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have cosponsored legislation to deny citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants.

This is something I have publicly been saying and writing about for more than SIX YEARS!!!

Illegal immigrants having children here is not accidental or "God's will". It happens on purpose and the children are then used as "sympathy cards" when there's even a hint of one of these illegal immigrants being deported. And by the way, when are the suckers who buy into this "sympathy card" business going to wake up and acknowledge the fact that they (the sympathetic suckers) are ENABLING CRIMINALS!!!

If you're doing something illegal, you're a criminal. Illegal immigrants are criminals. Why is this so hard to comprehend?

And what's with this crap about illegal immigrants being beneficial to this (our) country?

That's pure and unadulterated HORSE SHIT!!!

LEGAL immigrants are beneficial to this (our) country. ILLEGAL immigrants are CRIMINALS!!!

CHANGE that damn law, regulation or whatever the hell it is and make it clear that a baby born to illegal immigrant parents is classified the same way the parents are; Being in the United States of America, ILLEGALLY!!!


A lot of you expressed your appreciation to me about what Louisiana native son, Harold Sylvester wrote regarding this mess in last week's blog. I passed your comments along to Harold and he was pleased to hear from you.

That spill is now affecting Florida, too. We're hearing about gas prices going down, but if you look closely, you will see that most of the price drops are at BP stations, which here in California, are ARCO stations.

I don't know if the White House can honestly do anything about this horrible on top of horrible disaster, but I get the feeling that a lot of people would like President Obama to at least act like he's doing something. I guess maybe if President Obama decided to play like he was Sarah Palin at a Tea Party rally while being paid a hundred grand to say stupid and untrue things while acting like she was saying something serious, the complainers would then feel like we had a Commander in Chief showing "he's in charge".

Okay, I took a couple of what I think were deserved shots at the "Governor who quit" (yeah, that's real leadership), but honestly, folks, even those of you who voted for Obama (like I did), are you getting the sense he's doing what's necessary in this case?

Maybe it's time for President Obama to invite a bunch of TV crews into the White House so he can put on a show for them. Like...I dunno...Maybe hold his breath until his face turns red...That would probably be "Must see TV"....And then when he's ready to breathe, start pounding his fists on his desk until both of his hands start to bleed....And then while talking about the citizens of Louisiana, start to cry....And then threaten to send everyone associated with BP (British Petroleum) to PRISON!

Is something like what I just described what the American people want from this President?

Hey, it would be "Must see TV", just like that train wreck "Governor who quit" always is.


One of Sarah Palin's biggest admirers is Sean "I am a great American" Hannity. His radio show is heard here in the Los Angeles area on KABC. That is also the station that carries the Los Angeles Dodgers and whenever a day game is played, the Hannity show is preempted. A couple of weeks ago, the Dodgers were having some problems and after the game ended, "Dodger Talk" was on the air. One of the hosts, Ken Levine, is a guy I've known for a lot of years. Major, major television writing talent (shows like "Cheers", "Frazier", etc.) who has won multiple Emmy awards, but he's also a guy who's a huge baseball fan. In fact, Levine's done play by play for several major league baseball teams when he isn't making millions while writing for a hot television show.

Anywayyyy....Back to Ken Levine being on the air after a Dodgers day game and some people were calling to complain about the fact that they couldn't hear Sean Hannity. Levine decided to respond to their complaints when he said, "And for those of you who have called and are upset because you weren't able to hear Sean Hannity today, here's all you have to know; Hannity said that all the problems the Dodgers are having is Obama's fault!"

Friend or foe of the Hannity show knew exactly what Levine was referring to.

"American Idol"...

Those of us who are fans of "American Idol" know that there were some "goofy moments" on that show this past season and the fact that the singers weren't all that good might be why some of those "goofy moments" took place.

And nobody but nobody was goofier that Ryan Seacrest this past season. No, not all the time, but when he was, we noticed, shook our heads and wondered if he would be back next season.

If what I've been told is true, we're not the only ones who have been wondering that. So have "A.I." producers and so have officials at Fox.

As we all know, Simon Cowell "has left the building". A year ago, Paula Abdul "left the building". According to the television ratings this season, a whole bunch of viewers "left the building".

There has apparently been talk of cleaning house at "American Idol". For those of us who have spent time in the entertainment business here (like I have), conversations like this aren't unusual. Executives are always trying to figure out how to make things better and when executives decide they think someone is "losing it", they kick around the idea of a replacement. Or in this case, replace-MENTS!

What I am told is that no ironclad decisions have been made (yet), but serious conversations involving Ryan, Randy, Ellen and Kara have been kicked around. As in, which of these four might be "kicked to the curb". One of them? Two of them? All of them? None of them?

And don't forget, they're also looking for a replacement for Simon.

Here are some of the names that have been mentioned by these executives.

Adam Lambert. Justin Timberlake. Queen Latifah. Harry Connick Jr. Madonna. Shania Twain. Lindsay Lohan.

And here are my thoughts.

Adam Lambert? Yes!!!

Justin Timberlake? Hell, yes!!! Did you see him when he hosted The Espy's?

Queen Latifah? Hell, yes!!! Super, super personality, but because she's in big demand as an actor, she quite likely wouldn't have the time to do this show.

Harry Connick Jr? No! He was praised for his mentoring this season, but I wasn't as impressed with him as some others were.

Madonna? Yes and No! She would certainly get a lot of attention for the show, but I can't help but wonder what kind of team player she would be.

Shania Twain? Hell, yes! Drop dead gorgeous with a killer smile who has tons of musical street cred. And she also comes across as a very nice person.

Lindsay Lohan? Okay, I'm laughing with you. Seems preposterous to even consider her, doesn't it? But for train wreck value alone, she might be what fans missed when Paula Abdul left the show. But Paula always "showed up". Could "American Idol" producers be convinced that Lohan would always "show up"? If they could be convinced, a Lindsay Lohan hire could end up being exactly what "American Idol" needs.

Could any of these people possibly be Ryan Seacrest replacements? Yes! Two of them. Queen Latifah and Justin Timberlake. And maybe...Adam Lambert. I mean, how creative would that casting be?


Please write to me at and I will respond to you immediately. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you. Again... and I will gladly respond to you immediately.


Barring unforseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, June 9 or very early Thursday morning, June 10.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!