Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday's Debate!!! Will this be a "Hold your Nose" election?!? What if there's a tie in the Electoral College?!? The baloney thrown at Obama!!! Speaking of baloney, El-Rushbo comes to mind!!! The World Series!!! Annnd...The best man-woman pairing on television since "Moonlighting"!!!

Hi everybody and how about that third and last presidential debate?!?   I am writing this on the 25th of October.   The election will take place on November 6th.   If my math is correct, that's 12 days from now.    Do you know who you plan to vote for?   Romney?   Obama?   Or neither one of 'em.   If you watched Monday's debate, you know that except for the occasional "My hat is bigger than your hat!", both of them were in agreement about pretty much everything.

When the presidential debates began, (except for the first one) Romney was coming across as a guy who was nothing like the guy in those Republican debates.   In the Republican debates, he came across as "Mr. Hard Ass"!   In the 2nd and 3rd presidential debates, Mitt Romney came across as "Mr. Gentle"!

If Romney wins the election, which Mitt Romney will we get?   And here's what's scary.   I'm not sure if Romney can answer that question.   Every con-man and flip-flopper I've ever known is someone who is guided by which way the "rich wind" is blowing.

Okay...LET'S GET BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   Monday's debate!!!

Most folks think Obama won the debate, but many (like Glenn Beck) were astounded at the way Romney presented himself.   If he was trying to come across as the new and gentle Mitt, that's fine, but he forgot to come across as something else.   Someone who really knows something about foreign policy and how some things (for National Security reasons) have to stay behind closed doors in the White House.   Some of the loud mouthed radio and television talking heads need to learn that lesson as well.

Headline #2:   Will this be a "Hold your nose" election?

And please don't tell me this is the first time you've heard or thought that question.

Headline #3:   What if there's a tie in the Electoral College?

Yes, that could happen.   If all the (then) voting in the House and Senate went the way we would figure they would go (vote), it's entirely possible that the president would end up being Mitt Romney and the vice president would be Joe Biden.   That possible combination alone would probably be the reason something would happen immediately.  Said "something" being what most of us have wanted to happen for a long time.   The elimination of the electoral college.   I mean, the person with the most votes should win, right?   Several times in our history, that hasn't happened.   Including the 2000 election.

Something to ponder, folks.

Headline #4:   The baloney thrown at Obama!

Look, I don't have a problem with people who don't like Obama as their president because of the way he seems to have handled things like our terrible economy, etc.   In previous blogs I have stated I thought he (Obama) made a serious mistake by immediately spending so much time on health care when he should have been spending all that time on our economy.   I think his health care thinking is a problem well worth thinking about and improving buuuut....Nothing but nothing was more important than our economy.

Again...people want him out of the White House because of reasons like THAT?!?   Totally understandable.

What ISN'T understandable is all the nonsense that has been spewed about him since about the first day he was in office.   Things that were said over and over and over again to the point where the "fibbers" ended up believing their own fibs.   Fibs that in the final analysis were/are disgusting.

In no particular order, here are some of the whoppers that were said over and over again by our favorite story tellers;  

Death panels.   B.S.

Not a legal citizen.   B.S.

He hates America.   B.S.

His apology tour.   B.S.

His wife hates America.   B.S.

He's a secret Muslim.   B.S.

He can't talk unless he has a Tele-Prompter.   B.S.   And you KNOW it's B.S. if you watched the debates.

Back to the "apology tour" B.S. for a second...Nice out of context editing, boys and girls.   But it's still B.S.

Again...You don't want Obama to have a second term because you think he's been a lousy president?   I have no problem with that argument.   The B.S.?   It's desperate people who resort to that kind of argument(s).

Headline #5:   Speaking of baloney, El-Rushbo comes to mind!!!

Sometimes you gotta wonder where all these B.S. statements about Obama came from.   Some will tell you that the leader of the pack is none other than El-Rushbo, the king of all the talking heads.   I don't know if the charge is true, but he has (at the least) supported a lot of this nonsense.   He's a great salesman.   He makes people believe and eat a lot of baloney.   But when you cut through his "charm" and if you're not hypnotized, you certainly had to notice at one time or another some things about him that appeared to be a little mean at times.   Things like his view of minorities.   People of color.  People who are gay.   Things like that.   Women.   Like the terrible things he said about the college student.   I know.   A lot of you think that most of that stuff is entertaining.   But how funny would it be if you were a member of the "minority" he has little use for or women.

It was interesting to note that when El-Rushbo was about to marry his 4th wife, he gave Elton John more than a million dollars to sing at his wedding.   Uhhh....Unless I'm wrong, isn't Elton John gay?   Four wives, no children.   Hmmmm...I'm probably as wrong as all those people who leveled those phony charges against Obama, but what's the word that describes what's on your face if you haven't shaved for a month or two or longer?

See how easy it is to make people think about things that probably have nothing to do with the truth?

Just sayin'...

Headline #6:   The World Series!!!

This has been a great year for baseball.   Especially the playoffs and now the World Series.   Thrilling games on top of thrilling games.   And a lot of stuff that surprised us.   Like last night's game featuring a Detroit pitcher who seemed to be invincible.   Until last night.   Game 2 will be played in San Francisco tonight.

Headline #7:   The best man-woman pairing since "Moonlighting"!!!

If you remember "Moonlighting", you probably also remember it was 1985 when Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd were the two stars of that show.   Big, big hit.  And both of them are still having very nice careers.

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are the stars of the new ABC show, "Elementary" and after three episodes, I'm convinced this is the best man-woman pairing since the pair on "Moonlighting".   Miller does most of the talking, but Liu is able to say more with a lengthy "look" than most actors can say with words.   Love ya Lucy and love the show.   Thursday nights on ABC.


I actually planned to write about one more subject, but because I think I've pretty much written enough for today, I am not going to write about the subject of "DEATH"!   But I will write about that subject next week.

Okay...I didn't see any new films in my favorite cineplex this past week.   Here come some short observations about a new TV film and some other TV shows.

"The Girl" is a new HBO film that was shown last Saturday night and is being rerun a lot.   It's a true story about the late Alfred Hitchcock who destroyed Tippi Hedren's career after she starred in the Hitchcock films, "The Birds" and "Marnie".   Toby Jones plays Hitchcock and Sienna Miller plays Hedren.

According to this film, Hitchcock tried the old "casting couch" thing with Hedren but she rejected him.   After several rejections, he supposedly ruined her career.   I don't remember "Marnie", but I damn sure remember "The Birds".   That film scared the hell out of me.

The STARZ show "Boss" is now on hiatus, but their season-ender this past Friday night was terrific.   I can hardly wait for more new episodes.   Kelsey Grammer is playing a bad guy the likes of which I didn't know he was/is capable of.   "Boss" is high drama, folks.   Good writing, good acting.

This is the final season for Showtime's "Dexter" and they're going out with a BANG!   Good, good stuff to remember 'em by.

"Homeland".   Sunday nights on Showtime.   It's been announced they'll be back for a 3rd season, but this 2nd season has us on the edge our chairs.

Another terrific episode of "The Good Wife" on CBS this past Sunday night.   Same deal with ABC's "Revenge".   Both of these shows are addictive.

As is "Parenthood", Tuesday nights on NBC.   This past episode was the classic example of emotional things flying all over the place.

Lot of good television out there.   Do yourself a big and free favor.   Check out some of these shows.   Believe me when I tell you that a few of them will hook you like they've hooked me.

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforeseen circumstances, Thursday night, November 1 or very early Friday morning, November 2.

I hope that all of you have a very pleasant weekend and a Happy Halloween next Wednesday.   Trick or Treat!!!

The election is 12 days from now.   November 6.   When you decide who you'll vote for, please think of our two word wish:   AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anne Romney says, "If Mitt loses, we're done!!!" In Tuesday's debate, Candy Crowley was the star!!! The debate itself? THIS time, Romney looked like the deer in the headlights!!! Dinesh D'Souza loses a million dollar leadership gig at an evangelical school because of LACK of leadership and cheating on his wife!!! It's time for baseball to accept instant replay!!!

Hi Gang!   The third and final presidential debate will be held next Monday night in Florida.   Fifteen days later we will vote.   Exciting stuff, huh?

Soooo...LET'S GET BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   Anne Romney says, "If Mitt loses we're done!"   She also says she "Won't put her family through another campaign!"

I don't think there's anything I can add to that.   Do YOU?

Headline #2:   Candy Crowley was the star of the second presidential debate!

Was it just me or did it seem that after the debate, more people were talking about Candy Crowley than either of the candidates?

A lot of Romney talking heads were "howling".   Not me.   I was smiling because she was doing what she was supposed to be doing and WHAT she was doing was what I hoped she would do and I said so in several blogs BEFORE these debates began.   And no, at no time did I say I hoped the moderators would "Keep Romney in line".   I wanted the moderator to keep BOTH candidates "in line".   I agree with the critic in the Los Angeles Times who wrote that she hoped Candy Crowley (in future presidential debates) will be "The Moderator for Life".

Headline #3:   Tuesday's debate?   THIS time Romney looked like "The deer in the headlights!"

After the first presidential debate, I thought Romney mopped the floor with Obama.   And in essence, that's what I wrote.  

That wasn't the case in this past Tuesday's debate.   If you're keeping score, it's 1-1.   The tiebreaker will be held next Monday night in Florida and the winner of THAT debate will probably win the election.

Headline #4:   Dinesh D'Souza loses a million dollar leadership gig at an evangelical school because of LACK of leadership and cheating on his wife!!!

This is the guy who also spent a lot of time away from the school to promote his documentary titled, "2016: Obama's America", a film that got a lot of brief attention but now it's nowhere to be found.   Maybe he's doing some more editing on it.

Headline #5:   It's time for baseball to accept instant replay!

If you've been watching the baseball playoffs, you've seen some (big) blown calls by umpires that could have and should have been corrected by instant replay.   Baseball officials take the hard-headed position having to do with "Tradition".   That's okay when modern technology wasn't available.   Baseball officials need to understand that this is 2012, instant replay would speed things up and bad calls seen by everyone BUT the umpires could be corrected immediately.

Other stuff:

How about that dare devil who set a new highest sky-dive record by jumping 119, 846 feet.   Is it just me or do you have to be half nuts to try a stunt like that?   God bless him for pulling it off but...

I don't know if you've noticed it or not, but shows on cable networks are causing serious problems (money-wise) for the networks (off-cable) like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.   Why?   A lot of it has to do with "better shows" and on the cable networks there are no restrictions about adult language and nudity.

And speaking of entertainment type things...


Before I go any further...I know that a lot of readers of this almost 7-years old blog were under the assumption that I would be writing more about Tuesday's debate than I did.   And yes, I understand your thinking.   What I ended up thinking was that frankly, there wasn't much else TO say accept for what I wrote.   People who have their biases about these two candidates took no notice about any "positives" the candidate they don't like came across with.   Bringing them up, to a great extent, only aggravates the hell out of these people.

I know what I saw.   And if you weren't wearing blinders, so do you.


I feel like I'm on a movie set with this "take 2" business.

I didn't have time to see any NEW films this past week, but I DID see a film on cable that got some award nominations last year.   "The Descendents", on HBO.   A 2011 film that starred George Clooney, Robert Forster and Shailene Woodley, a young woman who darn near "stole the film".   I liked this film a lot and what I especially liked was that this film was about "family issues".   Issues that you and I can relate to.   This film is currently on the HBO circuit and I highly recommend it.

That Sunday night duo of "The Good Wife" and "Revenge" would both be getting fantastic ratings if they didn't have to compete with Sunday Night Football.   "The Good Wife" is on CBS at the same time "Revenge" is on ABC.   Couldn't these networks give us a break and have those two shows on DIFFERENT hours?    Just askin' and hopin'.   Thank God for "On Demand".

Ratings continue to climb for NBC's new Monday night show, "Revolution".   That show has ME hooked!

I thought the second episode of the new show "Nashville" on ABC last night was a lot better than the first episode, but their ratings fell.   I think this show has the potential of being "huge" and I hope the network gives "Nashville" the chance TO be huge.    Great cast and great music if you LIKE country music.   And I DO!

Good, good episodes of "Homeland", "Dexter" and "Boardwalk Empire" on cable this past Sunday night.

And speaking of entertainment...DON'T FORGET...The next presidential debate will be held in Florida on Monday, October 22 and the election will be Tuesday, November 6.

And on Thursday, November 8, I will have a special announcement for you.

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, Thursday night, October 25 or very early Friday morning, October 26.

I hope that all of you have a very pleasant weekend and I hope that you listen very carefully to BOTH presidential candidates next Monday night.   All elections are important, but I think most folks think that THIS election is extra important.

And here's hoping that whoever wins the election is a president that goes along with what I've been hoping for during these terrible economic times.   And that is (simply) to back off on being the world's policeman and the world's kitchen and spend all that energy and money where it belongs;   HERE!!!

In other words, AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Now THAT was a DEBATE!!!!!

Hi Gang!   As I stated in the very short "heads-up" blog I wrote last night, I have another obligation I have to honor today so that means the blog I'm about to write will need to be finished and posted a little more than three hours from now.

Ordinarily, it takes me longer than that.

Before I get started, I can't help but be reminded of how I used to end my radio shows when I was a Top-40 disc jockey many years ago.   And what I always ended with was, "I'm up under the gun, got to run, got to split and git!"

And I know that people I used to work with those many years ago who also read this blog, are people who are smiling when they see the above.

Okay....LETS GET BUSY!!!

Last night's debate:

First of all, I want to give a very large shout-out to Martha Raddatz.   She was the debate moderator last night.   And I thought she was terrific.   She didn't do what the debate moderator of the first Obama-Romney debate did.   Which was to let the candidates (especially Romney) run all over him.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.....Politics is a blood sport.   Politics at the presidential level is a "take no prisoners" blood sport.

Romney did it in the first debate.   Biden did it in last night's debate.

I have also stated that I wish we had two different candidates to choose from to be our next President of the United States.

Quite frankly and as of now, I think the two guys we saw last night would be better than the Romney or Obama choice.

Buuuut....Maybe we'll all see something that appears to be "presidential" from Romney or Obama in their next (and final) debates.   And in case you don't/didn't know, their next debate will be next Tuesday.

Back to last night's debate....If you're a Romney supporter, you are griping about all the smiling and other facial gestures that Joe Biden displayed.

Blood sport, folks.   Rattle the candidate, rattle the base.

If you're a Biden supporter, you didn't like the "stretching of the truth" that Paul Ryan delivered.

Blood sport, folks.   Rattle the candidate, rattle the base.

Because I honestly don't have a "dog in the hunt" as far as who our next president will be, I don't think either one of those guys were "rattled" (last night) because of something the other guy did or said.

In the first presidential debate, Romney rattled Obama with nonsense he was spewing and also all the preening he was doing.   Oh, you didn't notice that?   The preening?   The adjusting of face to the camera?   Adjustments designed to show "how handsome I am" and "you're not"?!?

Hey, gang.   I'm in show business.   I know all about THOSE tricks.

Blood sport, folks.   And Romney drew a lot of blood in that first debate.

What will happen Tuesday?    I have no clue.   But I do know that this second debate figures to be big time critical for both candidates.

And speaking of Mitt Romney....

A long time friend of mine sent me a question early this morning.   Before I go any further, I want to point out a couple of things.   My friend lives in Florida.  I have readers in almost all of our states and several foreign countries.   Believe me when I tell you that all of these readers aren't people who agree with my opinions.

I can also tell you that many of my readers have made the observation that they "can't figure me out" when it comes to which side of the political aisle I favor.

I'm a former lifetime Republican who is now an "Independent".

The side of the aisle I favor is the side of the aisle that I believe is best for America.   And because I'm a long time political junky who once considered an offer to possibly become a U.S. Senator, the side of the aisle I favor is not always what it was/is yesterday or tomorrow.

Okay...The question my long time friend in Florida asked me?

Why do I refer to Mitt Romney as being a con-man?

Welllll.....If all the flip-flopping he's done and continues to do isn't ENOUGH,
how about this....Oh....Have you noticed all the back and forth he's done about the subject of "abortion"?   Or do you choose to wear blinders?

And that's just ONE example of his flippin' and floppin'.

When you listen to Mitt Romney, and I mean REALLY listen, he's been sounding like a guy who would like to have America get involved in another war or two.

Do you know what he did to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam days?   He went to France to be a spokesman for his Mormon church and was trying to get French citizens to join the Mormon church.   What else he did to avoid military service is something I don't know, but what I do know is that the con-man is coming on too strong for me when he comes across as some kind of military tough guy.   And yes, in case you didn't know, I did tours of military duty many years ago.   And for that matter, so did my friend.   The friend who asked me why I refer to Mitt Romney as being a con-man.


Here in California, we're getting whacked in the shorts by outrageous gas price hikes.   More than 50-60 cents a gallon in less than a week.

Are you paying any attention to the baseball playoffs?   I am and I think these games have been big time entertaining.

And speaking of "entertaining"....


I wrote about the film "Argo" or "ARGO", if you prefer and I'd like to remind you that "Argo" or "ARGO" opens at your favorite cineplex today.   I can't recommend this film enough.   And I'm not alone.

A few days ago, I saw the film "Taken 2".   I liked the first one and I liked "Taken 2" even more.   Outstanding action performances performed by Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and all the bad guys.

I've complained about this before and I'm complaining again when I say there are just too many good TV shows available to watch and my not being able to watch all of them pisses me off.

Soooo....I think that tonight's episode of "Boss" on STARZ is the final episode we'll see for a while.   If I'm wrong, next week's "Boss" will be the final episode for a while.   I love this show.

Here are other shows I love...."The Good Wife"..."Revenge"...But what I don't like is that "The Good Wife" and "Revenge" are on at the same time...."The Mob Doctor" (on Fox) is getting lousy ratings and it's on life support, but I think this is a very good show...."Revolution" on NBC is getting good ratings and that show deserves the good ratings it gets...

Did you see "Parenthood" this past Tuesday on NBC?   Did you have enough tissue for your eyes?   What an episode on a show that just gets better and better.

And how about "Homeland" on Showtime?   That show is showing us they deserved all that Emmy attention it got.

Have you seen the new show, "Elementary" on CBS which stars Lucy Liu, Jonny Lee Miller and Aidan Quinn?   If not, do yourself a favor and check it out.  Jonny plays the role of Holmes and Liu plays the role of Watson.   And yes, it works.   Ah, Lucy Liu.   I've had a long distance crush on her for years.

Did you see the new ABC show "Nashville" the other night?   It stars Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Powers Boothe and Eric Close.   I think this show has great potential and I've always liked whatever Powers Boothe brings to the table.   A friend of mine thinks Tommy Lee Jones should have gotten that role, but I don't think ABC can/could afford him.

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, next Thursday night, October 18 or very early Friday morning, October 19.

Don't forget...The next presidential debate will be Tuesday night, October 16.  And speaking of the debates....Here's another shout-out to last night's debate moderator, Martha Raddatz....WELL DONE, Ms. RADDATZ!!!   VERY, VERY WELL DONE!!!

I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend and don't forget...

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New blog will be written and posted Friday (tomorrow) morning!!!

Hi Gang!

How about that Biden-Ryan debate?!?

Because of long hours on other responsibilities, I need to get some rest before writing a little something about the debate, Governor Romney, President Obama and entertainment stuff.

I plan to begin writing early tomorrow (Friday) morning and I plan to have it published and posted no later than 11:30 AM, Pacific Time.   Unfortunately, subscribers won't have the blog in their email box until very early Saturday morning between 3 and 5 AM, Pacific Time.

My sincere apologies for the delay.

Most sincerely,

Scott "The Jammer with the Hammer" St. James

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The CON-MAN Won Round One Over The WEAK MAN!!! Gas Prices Jacked Up 20-30 Cents in the last TWO DAYS!!! When Running for Political Office, Betting AGAINST America should be looked at as an Act of TREASON!!! Jim Lehrer Should NEVER be a Debate Moderator!!! Christmas gift suggestions for Drudge, Rush, Sean, and Tucker!!!

Hi Gang!   Thanks for the nice notes about the (mostly) "Entertainment Stuff" in last week's blog.   

In this blog, we'll be primarily focusing on politically related stuff which I'm sure you noticed in the above headlines.

The presidential election will take place November 6 which is just a little bit more than a month from now.

Those of us who care, watched the first of three presidential debates last night.   The other two debates will be held on the evenings of October 16 and 22.   The vice presidential debate will take place a week from today, October 11.

I've said it before and I'll say it again;   Politics is a blood sport.   At the presidential level, it's a blood spurting sport.   And only the strong survive.

In this upcoming election, I don't have a "dog in the hunt".   In fact, I wish we had two different candidates.

Barack Obama was the first Democrat I've EVER voted for.   If he ends up winning and becomes a second term president, I hope he "delivers" more than what he "delivered" in his first term.

I think Mitt Romney has no business being a presidential candidate.   But if he wins the election, I hope he surprises us by doing enough good things that will result in him winning a second term which didn't happen when he was a one-term governor.

With only a little more than a month to go, it's time to take the gloves off and hope for the best.

Let's get busy!

Headline #1:   The CON-MAN won round one over the WEAK MAN!

Mitt Romney drew blood last night.   He ran rough-shod over the moderator, he interrupted Obama and he said a fist full of things that would have caused a polygraph machine to explode.   But hey, he drew blood.

Obama, for reasons unknown to anyone, didn't fight back.   And that's something he seems to have been guilty of throughout his presidency.

If that doesn't change in the second and third debates, Romney will win the election because his opponent rolled over like a helpless dog.

I don't criticize Romney for what he did.   I criticize Obama for not fighting back.

End result?   Romney won with what would be described in the boxing world as a TKO.

Headline #2:   Gas prices jacked up 20-30 cents in the last two days!

In earlier blogs, I have made the point that when gas prices go down, that benefits Obama.   When they go up, that benefits Romney.   Rich people are Romney's people.   We recently learned what Romney thinks of "Obama's people".   The 47% speech.   And why the heck wasn't THAT brought up last night?

Back to the big gas price hikes the last couple of days and who knows how many more gas price hikes we'll get hit with in the next few weeks.   The oil barons get unbelievable tax breaks from us on top of the gazillions of dollars they make from us, the 47%-ers.    And yes, Romney is very comfortable hanging with oil barons.

The REASON for the price hikes?   The oil barons claim it's because of refinery problems or some other such nonsense.   I mean, shouldn't that (if it's true) be classified as the price of doing business?   Especially when they have a built in cushion given to them in the form of outrageous TAX BREAKS?!?   Question:    What the hell do oil barons need tax breaks for?!?

Just askin'.

Headline #3:   When running for political office, betting against America should be looked at as an act of treason!

This is really simple.   You want to put your money into foreign countries instead of here in America and you think we should vote for you?   I don't think there has ever been anyone who has run for the presidency being a guy who, while saying how he will help us Americans because of solutions he has, being a guy who's helping the economy of foreign countries by investing HIS money THERE!!!

Just sayin'.

Headline #4:   Jim Lehrer should NEVER be a debate moderator!

Here's what we should all hope for, gang.   When we have our next debates, can we please have moderators who won't let the candidates run over them?   I mean is that too much to ask for?

Just askin'.

Headline #5:   Christmas gift suggestions for Drudge, Rush, Sean and Tucker!

Because those four have recently caused me to be in a "giving" frame of mind, I've come up with two things I think they'd like.   A hood and a rope.

Just kidding.


Because I'm now having computer problems, I'm going to try to shoot through the entertainment stuff as quickly as possible...

TV stuff....LOVED the first new episode of "The Good Wife".   And how about the Kalinda character, huh?   Sexy as can be and tough as nails.   If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the episode "On Demand".

I thought the first episode of the second season of "Homeland" was great, the first new episode of "Dexter" was so-so, only two more episodes of "Boss" on STARZ, "Boardwalk Empire" has already been renewed for a 4th season and if you missed the last episode of "Parenthood", you missed a wonderful episode.

Folks, "Parenthood" is SOOO good for many reasons.   In Tuesday's episode they gave us a "teaching moment" or two or three.   I mean, this show continues to SHINE!    If you didn't see it, do yourself a favor and watch it "On Demand".

New films:    "Looper", starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.   I like all three of those actors, I LOVE Emily Blunt, but I thought the film itself was so-so.    This is the first film I've seen with Emily Blunt in it that isn't a very good film.

"End of Watch", starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.   A lot of action in this film, sad ending, but overall, I thought the film was so-so.

Tomorrow (Friday the 5th), "Taken 2" will open in many cineplexes.   It stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen.   Along with a bunch of bad guys who want to kill our three stars.   I saw "Taken" and loved it.   I'm hoping that "Taken 2" will be just as good.

I wrote about "Argo" last week, but I'll mention it again by telling you that this film will open on the 12th.   It stars Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston.   It's a film about the Iran Hostage Crisis that took place in 1979.   What we were told about how that ended is something that wasn't the truth.   This film tells you the truth.   I saw "Argo" at a screening last week and this is the best film I've seen in a long time.

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