Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We Don't Need Another President With "DADDY" Issues!!!

A lot of children, when they become adults, carry a lot of baggage. More often than not, it has to do with their parents. Over time, most folks "get over it", but some, never "get over it" and it often affects them in ways they're not conscious of, but the people they deal with are conscious of.

Usually, it's Mommy or Daddy that the inner fear and loathing is directed at, but sometimes it's both parents.

When the film "W" comes out in a few months, "W", as in George W. Bush will be played by Josh Brolin and we will see scenes portraying the "Daddy Issues" the current President Bush has with the former President Bush. The former President Bush was a war hero, Director of the CIA and President of the United States. The current President Bush is now and has been, a guy who has (to put it kindly) led a "charmed life". He was a bonafide slacker as a young adult, a failure as an oil man, a failure as a baseball owner and while it appears he might have had some success as the Governor of Texas, there are those who say it was the people who he surrounded himself with that helped him achieve whatever success he had as Governor of Texas.

But as the President of the United States? Those of us who have been paying attention didn't need the Scott McClellan book that's about to come out. The fact that this President Bush either didn't know that Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction or that he did know and lied about it, is irrelevant. And the "9/11" connection that this President Bush effectively sold to us? Admit it. Weren't we stupid to buy into this President Bush's baloney because the fact is, there simply was NO legitimate reason to attack Iraq!

Amateur psychologists (and probably a lot of real ones) will tell you that because his "daddy" did it the right way when he sent troops into Iraq and then got quickly out of Iraq, this President Bush was bound and determined to prove his "Daddy" wrong.

Thank GOD we have only a few more months of this President Bush's incompetence.

Whe you see the scenes portrayed in the film "W" about the "Daddy Issues", you'll have a clearer understanding of what I'm talking/writing about.

But the headline of this blog blares, We Don't Need ANOTHER President With Daddy Issues!" So...What am I referring to?


Another slacker as a young adult. Got into Annapolis because his "Daddy" and his "Granddaddy" were big time Admirals in the Navy. Because of all the trouble McCain admits to have gotten into while at Annapolis (in a book), he probably didn't kicked out of Annapolis because of his heroic relatives. Especially his "Daddy" who rose to the rank of the top Admiral of all Admirals while young John barely graduated from Annapolis. That's also in a book about McCain.

McCain finally got an identity of his own while he was a Prisoner of War, but it's interesting to note that when he returned, he didn't return with the rank of (at least) "Captain".

But when your "Daddy" was the biggest of all ADMIRALS, what's a boy with "Daddy Issues" to do?!?

Well, becoming a United States Senator was a good start. He showed no strength at all when he left a wife who waited for him while he was a Prisoner of War and he showed even less strength when Karl Rove and company bushwhacked him in 2000 with a phony story in South Carolina alleging that McCain had fathered an illegitimate baby with a black woman. All he had to was forcefully tell everyone the truth. It was a baby that he and his new wife had adopted. Most folks believe McCain would have gotten the nomination instead of Bush if he'd had an immediate loud and public, "WAIT JUST A GOD DAMN MINUTE!!!" moment If he didn't have the strength to do what's right for himself and his family, why should anyone believe he'd have the strength to do what's right for AMERICA!

For you see, sometimes, when you're consumed with "Daddy Issues", you can't think straight.


Wasn't it nice that President Bush showed the troops he's in a "sacrificial mood" with the announcement that, "I've given up GOLF!"

Barack Obama is NOT a LOCK!!!

I forget the date I wrote my predictions regarding who the two presidential nominees would end up being. Probably more than a year ago. Whenever it was, you can find it by scanning my blogs because they're all available for viewing.

Anyway, the prediction I DID make was Barack Obama and Fred Thompson and that was before Thompson had announced he WAS a candidate.

Looking back, I can't help but believe that ol' Fred might have noticed that Obama was getting a lot of attention for saying he was all about "CHANGE!" And the fact that Obama never specifically said what the "change" WAS might have intrigued Thompson because maybe he figured he could jump in, tell everyone how much fun he'd had on "Law & Order", make a little noise about "Better Change!" and then go home and take a nap.

Once Fred Thompson realized folks wanted something a little more than a former senator, former actor who was lazy, he picked up his bumper stickers and campaign buttons and went home.

But Obama is still with us. And while there's a lot about him I like, I'm not blinded by him and I can't help but notice that he's still short on the specifics of this great "CHANGE" he wants us to believe in.

The democratic convention in Colorado is coming up. Hillary is still trying to convice Super Delegates that SHE's the one who should get the nomination because she'd be the best candidate. Obama is acting like a guy who has the nomination sewn up and most folks seem to agree with that assessment.

I Beg To Differ...

Yes, I know all about the history that could be made this coming November. History involving the possible election of a woman or an African American man to be our next President of the United States.


With all the dumb things Hillary has said recently...I mean, this Bobby Kennedy nomination analogy made everyone (with a brain) be reminded of the fact that Kennedy was assassinated and that's what she was suggesting might or could happen to Obama.

And while Barack Obama continues to draw good crowds when he gives speeches, when is he going to give us specifics?!? Specifics that will cause lifetime Republicans like me to say, "Barack's got MY vote!!!"

Back to the upcoming democratic convention...Al Gore is still out there...As is Michael Bloomberg. I would love a Joe Biden/Barack Obama ticket with Obama as the Vice Presidential candidate...unless...Obama gets specific with plans and ideas that look like would be best for all of us instead of just some of us. In that case, I would love see a ticket of Obama/Biden.

A lot of things can happen between now and convention time, folks. A lot of things!


I'm sure you've heard about this new book that was written by former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan that's titled, "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception."

I won't get the book until sometime next week, but like many of you, I've read a lot of excerpts from the book.

Two things.

(1) I believe what he's written. Much of what he's written, I've written about in my blogs.

(2) I wouldn't want to share a foxhole with Scott McClellan.


No matter where you live here in the Los Angeles area, you won't pay less than something over $4 a gallon for Regular. And the price is going up daily! Along with food and so many other things. Meanwhile your salaries are frozen, reduced, or you have no salary at all because like a lot of folks, you don't have a job.

Isn't it long past time we understood that Saudi Arabia is not an "ally" of ours! Weren't all but one of the 9/11 hijackers from Saudi Arabia? And yet, President Bush was recently there, kissing their asses, promising high tech weaponry and getting nothing in the way of relief (oil price wise) from these turban headed jerks. I wasn't there, but I can imagine that after feeding President Bush some goat, they patted him on his head, asked when the new weapons would be arriving and sent him on his way.


No, I'm not advocating a "Nuke 'em" solution regarding the Saudis, but it's tempting when you build up a head of pissed off steam!

I'm talking about taking the bull by the horns and to seriously put into motion ways that we can tell the Saudis they can put their oil where the sun don't shine, becauuusssse...

We're gonna start building NUCLEAR plants...ANNND...We're gonna start drilling for oil from HERE! Oil in this here United States of America that we HAVEN'T drilled for because we've been led to believe it would wrong to do because of environmental reasons!

Let's see...We have two sets of reasons to consider.

(1) Environmental Reasons

(2) Survival Reasons


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It figures to be a week from today (Wednesday, June 4) and I'll tell you what I think of two new reality shows on the E! Channel, "Denise Richards, It's Complicated" and "Living Lohan." I'll also tell you what I think of the new "Indiana Jones" film and I'll give you two observations about talk show host, Sean Hannity!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"If it WALKS like a duck and QUACKS like a duck, it's a...."

Damn DUCK, right?

Over and over again we're hearing from the Bush administration apologists that we're NOT in a RECESSION!!!

And then a bunch of so-called "recession examples" are thrown up in the air to (allegedly) PROVE that we're not in a recession.

Here's a test you can take for yourself.

Is there less money in your bank accounts than there used to be?

Are the balances on your credit cards higher than they used to be?

Are you using MORE credit cards than you used to use?

Are you spending more time between haircuts or any kind of hair appointments than you used to?

Are you buying less food than you used to?

Are you using less gas than you used to?

If you are lucky enough to HAVE a job, are you making less money than you used to?

If you're healthy enough to be ALLOWED to purchase HEALTH INSURANCE, can you AFFORD it?

Can you afford to take a vacation like you used to?

Can you afford to buy new clothes for your kids' new school year(s) like you used to?

That's ten questions for you to answer. I could have written more. What question or questions would YOU like to add to this list? Send 'em to me at

But for now, answer the ten questions above. If your answer is, "YES!" to more than four of these questions, WE'RE IN A RECESSION! If your answer is, "YES!" to more than seven of these questions, we're dangerously close to being in a DE-PRESSION!

For you see, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and floats like a duck, IT'S A DAMN DUCK!!!


Are you in favor of gay marriage? Even though the California Supreme Court says gay marriage is now legal, people against this decision plan to put it on the ballot box with the idea of making gay marriage against the law if enough people vote that way.

Well, we here in California tried to do something at the ballot box about the terrible illegal immigration problem we had here many years ago (and still have) , but courts, backed by well meaning people who felt the law was "unnecessarily mean" partnered up with illegal immigration advocates and got the law overturned.

What part of ILLEGAL don't these people UNDERSTAND?!? I want to SCREAM it to the HEAVENS!!!

Back to gay marriage. I don't have a strong position on this, one way or the other. I do not believe that people choose to be gay! I believe they are born gay and like all humans, they are sexual beings who want to be loved. Because the man/woman marriage thing is so important to most religious groups, (and therefore, most people) my feeling is that the "civil union" option for gay people was a good option.

But let's go back to the "religious objection". People who are religious believe we all were created by an Almighty God. Because some people are "born gay", does that mean God made a mistake? And if so, if God is indeed "Almighty", don't you think this "mistake" would have been corrected by now?

So if "gay humans" are just another part of the "Master Plan" put together by an Almighty God, shouldn't "gay humans" have all of the same rights and privileges that "straight humans" have?

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I thought the goodbye series finale episodes of "Shark" and "Women's Murder Club" were good episodes to go out on and I want to wish all of those talented actors much good luck in the future.

Did you see the season finale of "Desperate Housewives"? Wow, wow and WOW!!! When the show resumes in a few months, it will be "five years later". Will the blind guy have kids? Have the twins become serious criminals? And is the good looking plumber GONE for GOOD?!?


I know. The ratings have been down for "American Idol" this season. But they're still number one and number two each week because every other show has lost viewers as well. A lot of viewers. Is that because of the "writer's strike" or is it more because of modern technology? Technology that allows us to watch these shows whenever we want to by taping these shows. I mean, does anyone really believe that ratings services have figured out how to accurately count the amount of people who watch shows on a different night or day than the show or shows were shown on the networks?

Anyway, I saw every episode of "American Idol" this season and I enjoyed the shows.

Last night, the finals featured two guys named David. Throughout this season, I referred to them as "Young David" and "Older David".

Both of them sang three songs last night. I thought that Older David pretty much shot his wad on the first song he sang. Unfortunately for Older David, Younger David did the same thing and Younger David was better.

I thought Younger David was better on the second song than Older David and by the third song, I think both guys were pretty much out of steam.

I will be surprised if Younger David isn't declared the winner tonight, but those of us who have watched regularly know that we've been surprised before.

No matter what happens, for the entertainment we were given, I say, Bravo, Bravo, BRAVO!!!


Unless something unforseen comes up, a week from today. And you know that at least one of the subjects will be something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is America Willing To Elect A Black Man To Be President Of The United States?!?

That's the big elephant in the room, isn't it?

I mean, this is THE question!!!

Is the United States of America prepared to be saying, "Sir!" to a black man?

And don't give me that crap about saying, "Sir!" to officers in the military. I was IN the military! In the military, you're forced to say, "Sir!" to all officers!

In the civilian world, you're not forced to say, "Sir!" to anyone!

But out of respect to/for the office, you do say, "Sir!" to the President of the United States.

Some Americans have never said, "Sir!" to a black man in this country. Never! And couldn't imagine doing it! In fact, I can think of a couple of nationally known talk show hosts who we could imagine wearing hoods and robes, but we couldn't imagine them saying, "Sir!" to a black man!

Barring chicanery even I can't imagine, Barack Obama will be the Democrats' nominee to be our next President of the United States. His opponent will be John McCain, a guy who used to be known as a "straight talker". For political reasons, a fork seems to have been carved into what used to be known as "The Straight Talk Express".

Do we want to stay in Iraq for a long time? Do we want to (maybe) "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran"? Do we want a president who admits he knows nothing about the economy? John McCain is definitely the guy for you.

And then there's Barack Obama. What do we know about him? I mean, we know about his former preacher. We know about a couple of things his wife has said. But what do we really know about Barack Obama except that he's black?

And we read polls suggesting that a lot of folks won't vote for Obama because he is black, something that continues to be subtly brought up again and again by Hillary Clinton and her hired assassins.


Let's have some debates, sooner rather later between Obama and McCain. Debates that don't include "distraction" type topics like who their preachers are, what they're wives have said or done, flags on their lapels or how old one of the candidates is.

For the record, neither one of these candidates could have picked worse preachers if they were drunk or stoned when they picked 'em. And what I mean by "worse" is, both preachers say things that are easy to take out of context and when you're running for the highest office in the land, out of context stuff becomes "headline" material.

Same deal with their wives. Mrs. Obama has said things that makes folks say, "Whaaaat?" and Mrs. McCain won't make her tax returns public which makes other folks say, "Whaaaat?"


No more preacher talk, no more wife talk, no more Muslim talk (he's a Christian) and no more age talk.


What we need to know from both of these candidates is what sorts of plans they have regarding all this money we continue to borrow from other countries (especially China) and what would these candidates do as president if (for example) China decided they wanted to be paid? Not mumbo jumbo answers. Specifics!!!

What do both of these candidates plan to do about the skyrocketing costs of health care? Not mumbo jumbo answers. Specifics!!!

What do both of these candidates plan do about the skyrocketing costs of fuel, especially gasoline? Not mumbo jumbo answers. Specifics!!!

What do both of these candidates plan to do about this lousy economy? We're in a recession and if we're not careful, we're going to be in a de-pression!!! Not mumbo jumbo answers. Specifics!!!

What do both of these candidates plan to do about Iraq? Not mumbo jumbo answers. Specifics!!!

And speaking of Iraq...What do both of these candidates think the reason we're in Iraq is? Not a mumbo jumbo answer. I mean, the real reason or real reas-ons!!!

Does either candidate think we can go into another country with our military and force that country to change their ways of doing things politically if the people in that country don't really have the will to do that? No mumbo jumbo allowed. Answer or answers with specifics!!!


That just some of the questions these candidates should be asked. And when we get the answers to these and other important questions?

Then (if we're honest) we can decide who has the best ideas on how to make a better America for all of us as opposed to just some of us! And if that candidate happens to be the BLACK candidate?

Well, in that case, the way we vote will tell us all we need to know about ourselves.

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I want to mention two films that starred Ellen Page.

Showtime is showing a first-run film that was a big winner at Sundance but it couldn't get a distributorship deal because of the film's content. "An American Crime" is based on the true story of what happened to a child in the 60's. A child that was left to be cared for with a whack job by the child's parents who were going to another city to work for awhile. The whack job is played by Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener and the child is played by Academy Award nominee Ellen Page. What the Page character goes through is rougher than rough and the pain she suffers is at the hands of many who are led on by the Keener character. I predict Emmy nominations for both actors.

The second film is "Smart People" a film that is still playing in theaters across the country. It stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid, Thomas Hayden Church and Ellen Page.

"Smart People" was to me, a "smart film". It's not for everyone, but I liked it. A lot! I think that Thomas Hayden Church "stole" the film with his performance, but Ellen Page continued a pattern of being terrific in everything she does. I think that Ellen Page is the finest young actor on the planet. Sarah Jessica Parker and Dennis Quaid were also very good in "Smart People".


News about cancellations and additions to the new television schedule have been announced and three personal favorites of mine won't be coming back. "October Road", "Shark" and "Women's Murder Club".


Did you see the season finale of "Brothers & Sisters" this past Sunday night? I have seen every episode of "Brothers & Sisters". If you haven't seen it, this is a show about the most relatable (in it's own special way) and sometimes dysfunctional family in the world. It has an all-star cast that's headlined by multiple Oscar winner Sally Field. This past Sunday's episode left us fans with more than one cliffhanger to contemplate.

I said (wrote) it after last season's cliffhanger was shown and I'll say (write) it again; "Brothers & Sisters" is the BEST show on TELEVISION!!!


We're this close to having a new American Idol! After tonight, only two contestants will remain. Last night, all three contestants sang three songs. A song the judges picked, a song the producers picked and a song that the contestants picked. It turns out that the worst choices might have been by the contestants themselves. A classic case of (perhaps) being too close to themselves to know what's best for themselves. The best choices appeared to have been made by the judges, especially Simon's choice of having Older David sing, "First Time I Ever Saw Your Face", a song made famous by Roberta Flack.

To me, that was the hands down best performance of the night.

No doubt about it. Syesha is a hot babe who can sing. A hot babe who appears to have gotten hotter in recent weeks and a better singer in recent weeks. Her rendition of "Fever" last night gave Syesha a chance to display her hot and sexy charms, but the song itself didn't serve Syesha well singing wise.

I thought the two songs that Young David didn't pick (or his controlling dad didn't pick) were pretty good and that means I think we'll probably be saying goodbye to Syesha tonight. Buuuut...We've had a lot of surprises this season, so if Syesha isn't eliminated, it would be goodbye to Young or Old DAVID?!?

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Unless something unforseen comes up, a week from today. And you know that at least one of the subjects will be something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Our so-called political "LEADERS" and other "bleeding hearts" SUPPORT tax money to benefit ILLEGALS, but are SILENT when it comes to the FILM INDUSTRY

Illegal immigration! We have a Mayor, a City Council and an editorial board on the Los Angeles Times who seem to think that the tremendous amount of illegals we have here is not that big of a problem. Aside from the fact that these people are first and foremost, lawbreakers, we hear and read over and over again about how we couldn't survive without all these lawbreakers. Lawbreakers who, in fact, are simply here because they want to feed their families. And they're here because they want to be a part of the "American Dream".

Uh, huh!

We had an immigration rally in this city a week or so ago. Anyone marching, cheering or somehow participating in that rally seemed to be perfectly okay with the sight of Mexican flags that were flying in this rally and all the Spanish that was being spoken by people who say they can't speak English.

Question: I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I'm not the brightest bulb in the room, so I need to have something explained to me. What part of the "American Dream" involves the flying of Mexican flags and the inability to speak English?

An inability that has caused politicians and bleeding heart types to mandate that we have plenty of legal American citizens working at places like hospitals, welfare and Social Security offices who speak Spanish and other languages (other than English) so that these illegal citizens can have someone to talk to about "benefits" they get. Benefits that are paid for by legal American citizens.

You know, benefits like free medical care, free schooling, etc., etc.

I'VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN...The reason people like me are so pissed off about having all these illegals in our midst has absolutely NOTHING to do with racism or hating Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, whatever. It's because we have too many people here NOW!!! The economy is lousy, it's getting worse and the LAST thing we need is a bunch of people who are here ILLEGALLY who contribute nothing but cheap labor that drives down salaries for LEGAL American citizens and who constantly use up much needed tax dollars for themselves and force us to hire people who can COMMUNICATE with them.

"AMERICAN DREAM?!?" For those of us who are here legally, it's becoming an "AMERICAN NIGHTMARE!!!"

For those of you who have read my blogs before, you know this is isn't the first time I've expressed my concern/anger regarding the way too many people look the other way when it involves illegal immigrants.

The reason I'm prompted to bring it up again is because of "PRIORITIES"!!!

Our leaders have made it a priority to (seemingly) bend over backwards for people who are here ILLEGALLY, but when it comes to looking out for an industry that IS Los Angeles/Hollywood and therefore is very important to CALIFORNIA, nothing is being done (tax incentive wise) to keep TELEVISION and FILMMAKERS HERE!!! I bring this up because the ABC network has decided to move the show, "Ugly Betty" to New York by the 30th of June when they'll begin production of/on next season's shows. WHY?!? Because New York is offering a much better "tax credit" deal. CANADA offers a better deal and that's caused shows and films to be produced there instead of here. NEW MEXICO offers a better deal as does MICHIGAN, BULGARIA and who knows how many other countries and U.S. cities!

WE CAN'T COME UP WITH TAX INCENTIVES THAT WILL KEEP FILM AND TELEVISION PRODUCTION HERE (IN HOLLYWOOD), but we CAN keep spending tax dollars on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and for foreign language speaking LEGAL American citizens hired to make life EASIER for illegal immigrants?!?

Oh, I can hear it now. Scott, you're being too simplistic with your argument. My answer to that is, "With all due respect, the argument that CATERS to illegal immigrants is "too simplistic!!!"

Whew! I feel so much better!


Can we all agree that we (as a country) are spending too much money? I mean, the President of the United States won't admit we're in a recession, but Warren Buffett says we are in a recession and have been for some time. I don't know about you, but I'll take my chances with with the Warren Buffet view.

Let's see...We have skyrocketing gas and food prices, lower salaries, high unemployment, a ton of foreclosures, millions of people without health care, and we look at where most of our tax dollars are going. Into a hole known as Iraq. And a smaller hole known as Afghanistan.

Billions upon billions upon TRILLIONS!!! And for WHAT?!?

Folks, I know that most folks are too scared to bring up what I'm about to bring up, buuuut...


I mean, a GOOD look!!!

If someone took an HONEST look at the amount of our tax dollars that we allow to be spent on "National Defense" and then see the amount that's not only UNNECESSARY but that is also WASTED, I think we'd say, "WHAAAAT?!?".

Whadda ya say, gang! We're letting our country slip away from us. Isn't time we took it back?

THE ELECTION IN NOVEMBER IS CREEPING UP ON US and that makes me think about the three people who want to be our new President of the United States. Hillary Clinton says she would have left that Church Barack Obama was a member of, Obama has (finally) disowned the comments made by his former reverend and John McCain hasn't said anything about Obama's minister because McCain has a minister in his recent past who believes in things that are every bit as eyebrow raising as Obama's former minister.

Will we still be talking about ministers up to the day of the election? I hope not. I hope that what these candidates eventually start talking about is what specifically they plan to do to make America be (again) for all Americans instead of for just some Americans!!

Speaking of Hillary...Isn't it interesting how she says over and over again that she would never have remained in a church presided over by a minister who said the things he said, but that she did stay with a husband who cheated on her more than once?

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I saw "Iron Man" a couple of days ago. Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Terrence Howard and Leslie Bibb were terrific in what is your classic "popcorn film". It is a film I can describe in one word; FUN!!!

And they've already decided to make a sequel!


It was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night last night and each of the four singers chose two songs to sing.

Older David sang first and he was followed by Syesha, Jason and Younger David.

Here are what (to me) were the high and lowlights.

Older David was solid.

Syesha was sexy and hot while doing the Tina Turner version of "Proud Mary" and she was brought to tears when she talked about her second song, "A Change is Gonna Come", a song about the Civil Rights movement.

Jason's version of "I Shot the Sheriff was awful and he forgot some words on his second song, "Mr. Tambourine Man", but he didn't miss a beat and I thought it was a good "recovery". The judges disagreed.

Young David did an okay version of "Stand by Me" and a more than okay version of "Love Me Tender".

You never know about how the telephone callers will vote, but Jason should have been eliminated weeks ago. If he isn't eliminated tonight....Well, if he isn't eliminated tonight, then I have to believe he might have enough people out there willing to call enough times to make Jason the eventual winner!

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Unless something unforseen comes up, a week from today. And you know that at least one of the subjects will be something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"