Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When you ALLOW openly illegal behavior, you are INVITING more SEVERE illegal behavior!!!

And that's what's happening here in California. Maybe where you're living, too.


The people who support them, like the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Mayor of San Francisco, like to refer to these lawbreakers as being "undocumented".

And it's interesting to note that these same two Mayors, when cheating on their wife or cheating with someone else's wife would probably refer to that as just "boys will be boys" as opposed to being shameless alley cats, but I don't know that to be a fact. Oh, the cheating is a fact, but I don't know how these two paragons of virtue would rationalize it, sarcasm intended.

Here's something else that's a fact. What these illegal immigrants are doing (until they're caught) is "undocumented BEHAVIOR", that is in fact, ILLEGAL!!!

And let there be no confusion about this. Illegal immigrants are criminals. And they will continue to be criminals until they are here legally. I mean, how difficult is that to understand?

But we have the two Mayors of California's biggest cities, guys who both want to be our next GOVERNOR, protecting these criminals instead of seeing to it that their lawbreaking asses are thrown in jail and then being deported.

Oh, yeah. That's what we in California need. A governor who doesn't understand that when you encourage, allow and protect ANY illegal behavior, you are INVITING more SEVERE illegal behavior. And "EXHIBIT A" has bitten us in the ass, big time.

Five paragraphs from now I'll come back to "Exhibit A", but first a little background.

San Francisco is a "Sanctuary City" for illegal immigrants. Basically, that means illegal immigrants are not allowed to be "touched" by immigration officials. Translation? Illegal immigrants in San Francisco, because of local law, are (basically) free to do as they please.

Pretty much the same deal here in Los Angeles except for the fact there's no local law that says so and when I was in St. Louis a couple of years ago, I learned it was the same way there as well. No one complains much because they don't have that many illegal immigrants. Probably the same deal wherever you live, too.

But because they seem to populate like rabbits, your city might soon have the same problems we in Los Angeles and many other cities in California have. Allowing illegals "sanctuary" means you end up giving them a free ride that we legal taxpayers pay for regarding health care, education and many other costs and services. That means to pay for what we give these illegal immigrants, we legal citizens have to pay higher taxes to support these criminals. But while we give all this to illegals, the "off the books" jobs the illegals do effectively lowers wages for LEGAL citizens!!! End result? A MESS!!! That does nothing but get worse.

Back to the "Exhibit A" I referred to.

An illegal immigrant named Edwin Ramos was convicted twice of felony charges, but was never deported because of San Francisco's "sanctuary" policy which prohibited immigration officials from doing their job and getting this (then) TRIPLE criminal deported.

Oh, he was put in a San Francisco jail because of his previous felony convictions, but three months after his most recent release, twice convicted for felonies, but never deported illegal immigrant Edwin Ramos added ANOTHER "triple" to his criminal resume.

Ramos is accused of MURDERING three legal San Francisco citizens, citizens that happen to be related to guy who himself is related to a father and grandfather who were San Francisco police officers and this guy, like the fictitious Howard Beale, is "mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore".

And I don't blame him.

We had a similar situation here in Los Angeles recently that involved an illegal immigrant murdering the son of an Iraq war veteran, but it was before this San Francisco triple murder and that's why the San Francisco story is getting more publicity. That and the fact that San Francisco is a "legal" sanctuary city for illegals, while other cities, like Los Angeles (and maybe where you live) pretend that they're not.

But folks, this looking the other way regarding illegal immigrants has to STOP!!!

I mean, we never should have been looking the other way to BEGIN with!!!

It's as basic as the headline I wrote for today's (this week's) blog;

When you ALLOW openly illegal behavior, you are INVITING more SEVERE illegal behavior!!!

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First of all, can those of us who believe we're blessed with common sense finally accept two truths?

1: Because of 9/11, we were scared. Anything the President of the United States told us having to do with prosecuting the lousy sons of bitches of who did the dirty 9/11 deed was something that we citizens were ready to get behind and support. But once we stopped being scared and realized we had either been lied to by our president or that our president and his "advisors" were/are naive and easily conned or there was some other reason we went to Iraq that had NOTHING to do with 9/11???.....Can we now accept the fact that going to Iraq was (to be kind) "misguided" and get the hell OUT of there?!?

2: Oh, I still very MUCH want to get revenge for 9/11. Are those lousy terrorist sons of bitches who would like to do MORE harm to us in AFGHANISTAN?!? Or is it PAKISTAN?!? Folks, are we hopefully ready to accept this truth? The truth that our so-called ally Pakistan is as phony an ally as Osama bin Laden is? And that Pakistan is where bin Laden is hiding while Pakistani officials keep our CIA warriors from doing the job they'd like to do which is to GET that American hating, turban headed assasin? DEAD or ALIVE?!?

Afghanistan or Pakistan? Right now, we're being sold on Afghanistan instead of Pakistan. CIA patriots are quietly going ballistic. But hey, can you believe how much money that new Batman movie is making?


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Well, the Lakers aren't playing now, so I haven't missed any Tuesdays lately.

My association with this show came about because I've known Joe McDonnell for a long time and he talked me into doing this with a simple question; "What ELSE are you doing?!?"

If you like sports talk, games you can play to win nice prizes, conversations about hot (or not so hot) movies, great interviews, a chance to give your views and hearing three guys who have terrific chemistry together, I highly recommend that you listen to this show. Even when I'm NOT on it!

AM 570, 7-11pm, Monday through Friday. "The Joe McDonnell Experience". Check it out. When you do, you can thank me by writing to

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talkin' to each other and gettin' DUMBER!!!


That what our presidential candidates are woofin' about!

How effective it's been, when it became effective, who was/is responsible for the effectiveness, yada, yada!!

I know. Some of you are saying, "The 'surge'? What the hell are you talking about, Scott?!?"

I'm talking about when President Bush decided to send more troops to Iraq. That was referred to as THE SURGE and it's credited with slowing down the violence in Iraq.

Propaganda spoon fed sycophants preach this gospel to anyone gullible enough to buy it without remembering what happened when this Iraq invasion disaster began!

Without examining anything else, I will tell you that THE SURGE has been effective, okay?

But I'M in the business of examining EVERYTHING, so here come some inconvenient FACTS that the propaganda spewers conveniently leave out. Like what the price of gasoline was when George W. Bush became President George W. Bush.

Back to THE SURGE.

The excuse that we're constantly given for INVADING Iraq is that intelligence services "everywhere" came to the conclusion that Iraq had WMD's, otherwise known as Weapons of Mass Destruction. Since when are we supposed to care what OTHER "intelligence" services say? Shouldn't any final decision be made on what OUR "intelligence" services say? Everything else is a classic exercise in, "Talkin' to each other and gettin' DUMBER!!!"

Okay. The decision was made to invade Iraq. On the cheap! We didn't send anywhere near the amount of troops we should have sent, soldiers' PARENTS had to send bulletproof vests to their soldier/children that were bullet deflectors as opposed to bullet attractors, the armor covered vehicles soldiers were in were, in fact, death traps because of a LACK of effective armor ANNNND... We didn't send enough TROOPS to Iraq!!! At the very BEGINNING!!!

A dumb guy like me knew it and said so on the radio. We needed AT LEAST 300,000 MORE troops so we could make it a "get in and get out" mission like that stupid "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" statement attributed to President Bush.

A very smart guy also knew we needed at least 300,000 more troops in Iraq at the time. General Shinseki. What did he get when he stated his opinion to Donald Rumsfeld and to President Bush? General Shinseki got FIRED for his candor.

If I'm not mistaken, Senator McCain was in favor of what General Shinseki's position was, but as soon as Shinseki got fired, McCain went into what the military might refer to as "radio silence" for a while.

Yes, a few years later, Senator McCain came out of his "foxhole" for lack of a better term and publicly endorsed what has become known as THE SURGE before President Bush put it into motion, but people who have been paying attention know that McCain was "slow on the trigger" and that President Bush had no clue as to what the "trigger" was or how to effectively use it.


Before you let anybody sell you on the merits of THE SURGE and who should get "credit" for it, ask yourself this; Who gets credit for all that "Talkin' to each other and gettin' DUMBER" business???


Some new radio ratings for Los Angeles were published today.

How did Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity do? DOWN!!!

How did "Divine Oracle, El Rushbo" Limbaugh do? DOWN!!!

Is this part of a what will be a TREND or is it simply part of an "aberration"?

I'm not smart enough to know the answer to that, but here's something I AM smart enough to know. If Senator Obama wins the election, Limbaugh and Hannity DESPERATELY need the Vice President to be HILLARY CLINTON, because without the Clintons to bitch about, 50% of the Limbaugh/Hannity "act" is GONE!!!

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Did you watch The ESPY's this past Sunday night?

I'll be honest. It was the FIRST time I've ever watched The ESPY's!

Justin Timberlake was the host of The ESPY's. Yeah, the singer/actor guy. The guy who used to be a Mouseketeer, used to date Britney Spears and was the guy who exposed a little too much of Janet Jackson at a Super Bowl.

Hosting is something I know a little bit about. Back in the day, I did a lot of it. Talent shows, big banquets, you name it.

Never anything like The ESPY's, but I wouldn't expect Justin Timberlake to be hosting a show like that, either. Or be good at it, if he did host it.

The dude wasn't just GOOD, Justin Timberlake was SENSATIONAL!!!

During a long singing and dancing skit called "I Love Sports", Timberlake had me laughing out loud in my living room. And I'm willing to bet that was happening in a lot of living rooms!

I don't know if ESPN can afford him on a yearly basis, but if they can, they should offer The ESPY's hosting job to Justin Timberlake EVERY year and hope he's available.

Just like The Oscars do with Billy Crystal.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When talking about Iraq, El Rushbo is El Wacko!!!

Orrr...Is Rush Limbaugh just being the bought and paid for snake oil salesman that many of us believe that he is?!?

I'm writing this on the 16th of July. I mention this because I won't write my next blog until the 23rd of July. Most readers know the most recent blog is the first blog they'll see for a week, and some (for example) read this morning what I wrote a week ago.

So when I refer to "today", I'm talking about July 16, 2008.

Like many Americans, I listen to Rush Limbaugh from time to time. Not as much as I used to which is also true of many Americans. Despite what he implies (he's clever with his words), his radio ratings are not nearly as high as they once were. But that's true of all radio performers. Radio is going through a very tough time now because of all the different choices listeners now have. But to give the devil his due, El Rushbo's radio ratings are still (overall) higher than everyone else's, so his "downward" trend is better than every other broadcaster's "downward" trend. A classic candidate to be humming the old Lee Hazlewood song, "I've Been Down So Long, It Looks Like UP To Me".

But I digress.

I was listening to El Rushbo today when he went on a rant about Iraq. In his view, the fact that some people are saying Iraq is not now nor ever has been a war we should have been (are) involved in, caused El Rushbo to do what he does when his "panties are in a bunch". He began using a fake voice that (I guess) stands for, "Pay attention now, because I am the Divine Oracle and I am going to tell you what Bill Clinton couldn't tell you. The 'meaning of what IS, is'"!!!

In essence, he gave us his "wisdom" about why it is we're in Iraq and why it IS that we must STAY in Iraq and WIN!!!"

Praise God, Hallelujah, Amen!

Divine Oracle, El Rushbo railed away about troops, contractors and other Americans who have been killed in Iraq and that it would be an insult to their memory if we left before...Oh, I dunno. Maybe he was thinking of something biblical like, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord!"?!?

If that's what Divine Oracle, El Rushbo was thinking, I might be inclined to use that biblical phrase myself. If we're talking about PAKISTAN!!! Where Osama bin Laden is hiding and apparently being protected by a lot of Pakistani folks who are supposed to be our allies.

OSAMA bin LADEN did us wrong, El Rushbo, oh Divine Oracle that you are.

Oh Divine Oracle, El Rushbo, you're right when you say that many of our troops, contractors and other Americans have been killed in Iraq.

And I hate to bust your bubble you pious phony, but those Americans who have been killed were all killed after we INVADED Iraq!

Not BEFORE!!! NO Americans were killed by Iraqi's until we WENT to Iraq! A country that hadn't done a GOD DAMN THING TO US!!!

And before anyone thinks I'm some head in the sand pointy headed liberal who's scared to stand up for myself or for my country, know this; I would have no trouble supporting staggering amounts of bribery money given to Pakistani officials to give us information that would allow our Special Operations Warriors to go in and get Osama bin Laden, dead or alive....ORRR...If Pakistani officials turned our bribery money down and refused to cooperate, I would also support my (your) country telling Pakistani officials that we will begin the process of turning that country into a parking lot until Osama bin Laden IS found, because HE's the son of a bitch responsible for killing all our American brothers and sisters on 9/11 and now bin Laden is INDIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of our citizens in Iraq because of the off the charts incompetence of the Bush White House....ORRR....Something much worse that has NOTHING to do with incompetence!!!

Anyway, congratulations on the new contract Divine Oracle, El Rushbo and may your baloney never be out of season, 'cause we all gotta make a livin', right?

Divine Oracle, El Rushbo, because I have a long memory, I remember when you first exploded onto the radio scene and made a name for yourself by picking on minorities (mostly African Americans) and women. Man, you grabbed the market for that entertainment and ran all the way to the bank with it. Every once in a while it would trip you up. Like on ESPN and other instances. But to me, you weren't worth commenting on then. But if you and all your deferments that protected you from wearing a uniform don't give you pause when it comes to having the audacity to preach phony patriotism by misrepresenting who our real enemies are and those enemies who are (for whatever reason) "enemies of convenience", then hoss, your baloney brings out (to quote an old Merle Haggard song) "The Fightin' Side Of ME"!!!

The Wild, Wild West Attitude The Bush Adminstration Has Regarding "Regulations"!!!

What might happen to a bank you and I have our money in, has us a little worried, doesn't it? What have been lack of "regulations" is a big reason for our concerns. It's a big reason for the housing mess and every other mess we're in.

This administration and their head nodding puppets are against "regulations". Why? I don't know. It could be because they're as stupid as they sometimes appear to be, but I find that hard to believe. But here's the problem. If they're not stupid, did they really think that no "regulations" wouldn't cause people at the top of businesses to try to take advantage of that? I mean, so they could fill up their pockets more?

And this administration likes to push "no new taxes" ANNND...let's continue to lower taxes, a strategy that will help people at the top more than people at the middle or bottom.

For the record? I don't want to pay new and higher taxes! In fact, here's something I AGREE with Divine Oracle, El Rushbo on; A 17% FLAT tax for ALL Americans. Did you know HE was/is in favor of that? You do NOW!

Do you remember when the first President Bush had to go back on his "No New Taxes!" pledge. Changing his mind, kept him from getting reelected. The new Bush taxes also set the new great economy for the Clinton Administration into motion.

Do you know what the first President Bush's new taxes helped pay for? HIS little war in Iraq!!!

The current President Bush has not raised taxes to pay for his BIG war in Iraq!!! It's another reason our economy is in the toilet. If the current President Bush had proposed a tax hike to pay for THIS Iraq war, we either wouldn't have gone or once most folks realized that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and in fact had done nothing to us at ALL, we would have inisisted on getting us out of there a long time ago.

And How About The White House's Refusal To Turn Over Documents Related To The Outing Of Former CIA Agent, Valerie Plame?!?

Hey, boys and girls (in the White House), if you had nothing to do with this, your documents would initially be read by only a few members of Congress who would have very high security clearances and nothing more would be done or said about it except a statement from the investigation committee that would sound or read, something like this; "After examining the documents, we conclude that the White House had no involvement in anything untoward regarding the "outing" of former CIA agent, Valerie Plame."

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

FINALLY!!! SOME people are talking about PAKISTAN! Where the REAL terrorists are!!!

People like the very naive Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity who bows at the waist to people who should be in jail, (like Karl Rove) is a guy who in his "I'm a great American!" rants continues to bang away at propaganda designed to convince his listeners that America's mission in Iraq is now and always has been, a righteous mission and it's a mission that must be pursued until "victory" is achieved.

Well, let's examine (again) the "righteousness" of this mission.

Uh, on second thought, what is to examine?

I mean, right after 9/11, we, as a country, were scared. A symbolic part of New York was attacked and had it not been for some brave civilians, even greater damage might have been done to the Pentagon and to the White House.

As a country, we all wanted to exact "revenge" on those no good turban headed SOB's who did this to us!

And we looked to our "leaders" for guidance.

That fact that our "leaders" consisted of wannabe "cowboys" and folks who had other agendas, was something we weren't aware of while we were most vulnerable. And boy, they (our "leaders") played us like a drum.

"Weapons Of Mass Destruction!" "9/11!" "Saddam Hussein!" "IRAQ!" "It's where the terrorists are!"

Lets see...


No weapons of mass destruction?

These folks had nothing to do with 9/11?

Saddam Hussein? Yeah, a bad guy, but didn't we used to be in bed with him when he was known to be a bad guy? No, he didn't have anything to do with Iraq, but we got him a date with a hangman, didn't we?

And finally..."It's (Iraq) where the terrorists are? Uh, yeah. But not until after we got there!


Thousands of Americans killed in Iraq. Who knows how many thousands of Americans suffered permanent life changing injuries resulting in them returning home as "shells" of the people they were before being required to participate in this idiotic mission.

A mission that is summed up in two words; FOR WHAT?!?

You wanna know where the terrorists REALLY are and always HAVE been?!?

In bleeping PAKISTAN!!! A country that is allegedly an ally of ours in the so-called "FIGHT against terrorism!"

But Pakistan is a country that has (in essence) been harboring the man who is really responsible for 9/11. Osama bin Laden!!!

Have you ever heard Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity talk about that? And why our leaders haven't done more to bring the real 9/11 perpetrator to justice?

Of course not!

And why not?

Because his false idols, like Karl Rove, haven't told him to!

Hold on! Hold on! I can hear the words of Hannity defenders in my ears.

But Scott (me), what about the "benefit concerts" that Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity participates in? Concerts that benefit family members of our troops! Isn't Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity the "Great American" he encourages his listeners to refer to him as (if for no other reason) for those benefits he participates in?

Here's my answer to that.

I come from a family of veterans. I'm one myself.

Yes! Anything that's done to support the troops besides just talking about it is much appreciated by me and veterans everywhere.

Here's another thing we veterans appreciate.


And I'm happy to report that FINALLY...Some people are beginning to talk about Pakistan!

And I'd like to personally invite Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity to join the Pakistan truth party. A party that (sadly) his idol Karl Rove isn't a part of.


Have you heard about this little "disagreement" White House officials and Iraqi officials are having regarding a withdrawal date for American troops.

Before Iraqi officials sign a new "security agreement" with Washington, they want language in that new "security agreement" to state a specific date when U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Iraq.

If a new agreement isn't reached by the end of this year, U.S. troops will be there illegally if they're still in Iraq. A White House spokesman says U.S. troops will definitely be there after the first of year, "agreement" or not.

And people wonder about our arrogance at times.

Let me put this in language we can all understand. How happy would we be if another country's leaders came to America and began telling us what to do?

Here's another question. Do our White House "leaders" now believe that Iraq is OURS?!?

I mean, are we planning to put a new Major League baseball team there? A new NBA team? A new NFL team? How about reality television shows? Will Iraq become another place for Ryan Seacrest to have a job? Will another member of the Bush family become Iraq's new Ayatollah? Or does President Bush believe he is Iraq's new Ayatollah now?


Stock prices for CBS/Viacom have dropped more than 35% this year.

That is the possible reason that some major belt tightening is now taking place at CBS/Viacom.

A few days ago, some network and syndicated directors for CBS/Viacom were given some shocking news. Effective immediately, their pay has been cut 26%!!!

Question: What would happen to your lifestyle if your pay check was reduced by 26%?

CBS/Viacom radio and television "personalities" haven't been hit with this (yet), but to suggest that some are whacha call "uneasy" would be an understatement of the first order. As are the vibrations inside the stomach and rear end areas of CBS/Viacom management folks.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Senator McCain flunks the "English" test!!!

Presidential candidate John McCain was presiding over a town hall meeting in Pipersville, Pennsylvania a couple of days ago when the audience let out a roar of applause that was loud enough to make anyone walking by think there'd be no reason to vote, because McCain's "got it in the bag".

Not so fast!

The deafening applause was the result of a question McCain was asked by a woman in the audience; "Why, as an American, do I have to push a button to speak English or hear English?"

After the applause died down, McCain said, "I think you struck a nerve."

The woman went on to say, "I tell you, I really get ticked. I really do."

McCain said, "I can tell!"

The woman then said, "And then you go into Lowe's, and it says 'entrada'. And every utility bill you get has got a foreign language on it."

McCain's response was, "I understand your frustration. There is a great thing about America, and that is we welcome all people (pause) We are the great, great nation that brings people together from all (pause) backgrounds and languages and cultures. And we love the Hispanic heritage, (pause) we love the Irish heritage, we love all the heritages (pause) that has enriched our country."


What a load of politically correct HORSE MANURE!!!

This lady isn't the only American who's sick and BEEN sick about other languages being forced upon us and causing English speaking Americans to have to take lots of extra time for (what used to be) routine tasks to be addressed and taken care of.




And if you think that isn't true, you haven't been paying attention.


Here's an interesting bit of trivia on top of the news about American oil companies being on the verge of signing lucrative oil deals with Iraq. Deals that a lot of Iraqis are against because the deals seem to favor the American oil companies too much.

We were all told that the invasion of Iraq, a war that has gone on for more than 5 years, had nothing to do with oil. It was about WMD's, 9/11, Saddam's a bad guy, etc., etc. One out of three was true. But Saddam was a bad guy all along, including when he was an "ally" of ours! WMD's? B.S.! 9/11? No connection at all! TOTAL B.S.!!!

Here's the Iraq oil trivia item. When Baghdad fell in 2003, because of all the chaos, things were very scary there. American troops weren't ordered to protect Iraq's National Museum, Iraq's National Library or Iraq's Health Ministry. American troops were ordered to protect Iraq's OIL Ministry!!!



This is the guy who's responsible for 9/11!!! And for almost SEVEN YEARS, this tall, turban headed ugly assassin has been thumbing his nose at us. This past June 30, there was a terrific front page story in the L.A. Daily News about the so-called "hunt" for Osama bin Laden by us. A "hunt" that has been stymied by our so-called ally, Pakistan and a "hunt" that has repeatedly been victimized by clueless Bush bureaucrats who can't seem to be able to get out of their own way while driving U.S. Special Operations warriors and CIA warriors CRAZY!!! You are encouraged to read this story and you'll have more reasons to understand why we need to rid ourselves of this administration ASAP.

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We're told that John McCain hasn't decided on his running mate and in fact, is having a very difficult time coming to a decision.

The feeling here is that both candidates could be well served if they chose a terrific person nobody has really thought about.

There's a guy in his 50's who recently retired. We all agree that our economy SUCKS!!! This guy in his 50's who recently retired knows a lot about prosperity!!!

Do you think John McCain would ever give serious consideration to BILL GATES as his running mate? Just a thought.


Zev Chafets has written a 9-page story about Rush Limbaugh that will appear in Sunday's NY Times Magazine, this Sunday, July 6th.

I've read it. I think it's terrific!

Hold on, now! If you're a fan of Rush's, you might think my recommendation would indicate this 9-page NY Times Magazine story is a "hatchet job" of some kind.

You would be wrong to think that way. It isn't a "hatchet job" and I think Rush will love it!!!

I also think Rush Limbaugh will go down in history as one of the greatest "snake oil salesmen" in the history of broadcasting, if not the greatest! But he's also a good entertainer. And I don't think he's wrong all the time. Just a lot of the time which is probably most of the time.

In this NY Times Magazine story about Rush, we learn (among other things) that Rush Limbaugh is in favor of a 17% FLAT TAX for all Americans. Ya know what? SO AM I!!!

Rush and I are definitely on the same page regarding illegal immigrants. Rush and I are very different when it comes to Us vs. Them when the "Them" are fellow Americans who don't happen to be the same sex or ethnicity of "Us". But yeah, he's most of the time successful at being "entertaining" when he's being "hurtful", too.

Nothing "hurtful" about the 9-page, July 6, NY Times Magazine story on Rush Limbaugh. Check it out!


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