Wednesday, June 25, 2008


While thinking about what to write today (there's sooo much!), an old song by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Chuck Berry came to mind. The title of that song is this week's headline. Do you remember the first words of that song? "Ridin' around in my auto-mobile!"

And that leads me to what my first subject will be.

When you're ridin' around in your auto-mobile, is there a favorite radio station you listen to? If you're answer is, "Not really.", you're not alone.

I'm not in my car much, but when I am, I listen to Rick Dees in the morning on Movin'-FM and at night, I listen to "The Joe McDonnell Experience" on KLAC-AM.

That's it?



Too many commercials combined with too little talent.

So when I'm in the car, with the two exceptions I acknowledge, I listen to a lot of music CD's.

And that leads me to something I wholeheartedly endorse as something I think you'd enjoy listening to at home. Especially if you like "oldies". No, not the repetitive boring oldies. I'm talkin' 'bout oldies you grew up with and fell in love with. Oldies you can hear on your computer at I listen to this all the time while I do my work here.

I live and work in Los Angeles, so the radio stations I mentioned are L.A. radio stations. is something you can listen to anywhere in the world! No commercials. Just fun oldies hosted by a guy in San Diego who's been having fun all of his life.


Food prices!

I was in my favorite supermarket yesterday. I heard so much grumblin', I got to thinkin' I might have accidentally walked into a sporting event.

I'm not going to itemize here, because I know that you're experiencing what I'm experiencing! More examples of how lousy this economy is under the worst administration in all of our lifetimes! Bread, soup, soda, liquid breakfasts, cookies, cheese, everything!!! Higher, Higher and Higher!!! Because of also having to deal with outrageous gas prices and everything else that costs a lot more, we're all stuck with the same problem. What can I live without!!!


No, No, NO!!!

President Bush seems to (finally) be on the right side of an issue (this one) and one only hopes that he isn't talked into changing his mind.


If you listen to, watch or read the propaganda spewed by people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc., the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" is about them and they're scared to death.

And if you listen closely, you'll hear something new on these programs. People with opposing views are being allowed on and in some cases to stay on a little longer than usual. Because Rush is a "stone pro", his new callers are actually given a pretty fair hearing now. But Hannity? I can't recreate his phony laugh, but please imagine that I am. Sean Hannity encourages people to call him "A great American" and while he has recently had people on who disagree with him, he doesn't give that occasional opposing view a real chance to express his or her point of view. When Hannity's quickly tired of the caller who dares to disagree with him, he berates their views with more propaganda and hangs up on them. But when a caller agrees with him and flatters him, that caller is on until it's time for a commercial.

Sean Hannity acts as though he's in constant awe when he speaks to or makes reference to, Mayor Rudy, Speaker Newt and Architect Karl.

Architect Karl is a baby faced "assassin" who if he'd ever been in combat would likely to have had reason to be fearful of both sides and in my opinion should be in jail because of the Plame business.

Mayor Rudy showed how classy he is when his wife found out he was leaving her by hearing him say it in a press conference.

Speaker Newt seems like a guy I would probably like and a guy who I think could have been a serious presidential contender except for a serious "family values" flaw. A flaw that was highly publicized.

Sean Hannity likes to talk a lot about "associations". Well, I've just now told you about three of his associations. Associations that wouldn't (in the big picture of things) make any difference, but Hannity likes to talk about how big of a "family values" guy he is and what kind of a "straight-up" guy he is. Maybe so, but his associations don't pass those "smell tests".

Back to the "Fairness Doctrine". If it passes, stations that broadcast political talk shows would have to give "equal time" for/to opposing views. This would most likely lead to stations deciding this was/is too much "trouble" and would cause them to change formats which would put these political talk show hosts out of work.

Greedy radio companies and hosts who began to believe their own press clippings have brought this possibility onto themselves. They've had a great ride, but they've also gotten cocky.

So now, when you hear a few more opposing views on these shows, you'll know why. The question is, have they begun to allow these views too late?!?

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A very funny man who was a "pioneer" passed away the other day. George Carlin was 71. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I saw many of his specials on HBO. I did a lot of laughing when I watched him perform. Like when he said, "Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will CLEAN them?!?"


A broadcasting legend! Also a "pioneer" in the sense that he was one of the first "shock jocks".

Lately, he's had trouble keeping subjects having to do with "race" from coming out of his mouth.

It's a shame, because once upon a time, Don Imus was one very funny dude. Maybe he still is, but all we ever hear about him now has to do with him being in trouble because of something he said that has a "race" taint to it.

Yes, that's been part of his act in the past, but ya always gotta understand your current terrain. If you're no longer able to understand your current terrain, it might be time to "hang 'em up".


I'm going to close this week's blog on a pleasant note.

I became a fan of Diane Lane's when I saw her first film, "A Little Romance". I think she was 12 or 13 and she was absolutely adorable in that film.

I remember watching Siskel & Ebert one night when Gene was still alive and Roger was still functional and both guys went off on a rant about how Diane Lane never seemed to get the good roles and that in their opinion, Diane Lane was someone who deserved a "break" because her terrific talent was being wasted!

I totally agreed with what they said and I've had this long distance "crush" on her forever.

I've never met Diane Lane, but I got close to meeting her. Once. At a party in Malibu in the mid to late 80's. It was a benefit for a female stunt driver who had suffered very serious and life changing injuries in a crash. If memory serves, it was at Jamie Lee Curtis' home. Tatum O'Neal was also there along with some female "brat packers". I was there with an Australian actress. When we decided to leave, we had to go through the living room to reach the front door. Standing there alone, smoking a cigarette, was Diane Lane. I'll never know what I might have said or done if I hadn't been with a date, but what I did do was wink as I walked past her.

I bring this up because a reader of this blog who chooses to remain anonymous, heard me on KLAC a couple of weeks ago speaking with show host Joe McDonnell about Diane Lane. Joe's also a fan of hers. The anonymous reader/listener sent me a DVD that includes scenes from films she's been in and photographs of her. A lot of this stuff I hadn't seen before, but seeing it reminded me of what Siskel & Ebert said and when the DVD ended, I knew I had looked at one of the most (if not the most) sincere smiles I've ever seen in my life.

An actor much smarter than me gave me these acting words of wisdom; "Once you've learned how to fake it, you've got it made!"

And I say, if what I saw on that Diane Lane DVD was "fakin' it", I will be more than happy to pay for that acting class!

FYI...Diane Lane's next film will be "Nights in Rodanthe" and is scheduled to be shown in September. Richard Gere and Christopher Meloni will also be in this film. This will be Lane's third film with Richard Gere. The last one, "Unfaithful", got her an Oscar nomination.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If Obama wins the election, will Hillary be nominated for the next U.S. Supreme Court opening?!?

For those of you who think that Barack Obama will choose Hillary Clinton to be his running mate? Ain't gonna happen unless his first two choices don't want the job.

But everyone agrees that Hillary should be offered something! Like a nice cabinet position orrrr...How about a nomination to be the new member of the U.S. Supreme Court as soon as there's an opening?

Something to chew on, folks.


Did you see Obama's wife, Michelle, on "The View" today. She was a guest co-host, but for almost the first half of the show, she answered a lot of questions that were posed by the regular hosts.

I thought she came across as very charming.

Radio and television talk host Sean Hannity also saw the show and he said on his radio show(among other things) that he thought Michelle Obama displayed a "phony frozen smile".

Okay. Sean Hannity is not a Barack Obama supporter and he's had negative things to say about Michelle. When you're running for the highest office in the land, the candidate is fair game and so is the candidate's spouse.

The key word being "fair" game!

Which brings me back to Sean Hannity. No doubt about his politics. His definition of Conservative is "good". His definition of Liberal is "bad". Hannity's a big "family values" guy and he's a huge supporter of the war! I mean he wraps himself up in his definition of the "patriotism" thing.

Nothing wrong with that. Especially if you walk the walk. We all know he talks the talk.

Let's examine a couple of things regarding Sean Hannity.

He preaches a lot about "family values". Two guys he seems to idolize are former Mayor Rudy and former House Speaker Newt. Does anyone honestly believe that those two guys pass the "family values" test?

Sean Hannity also preaches a lot about "service to country" and he feels that what we're doing in Iraq is for all the right reasons and he never had a problem with Valerie Plame being "outed" as a CIA agent.

Can anyone name one thing Sean Hannity has done regarding "service to country" except for running his mouth like a ventriloquist's dummy.

I use the "ventriloquist's dummy" analogy because Hannity has talked a lot about Obama supporters drinking the "Kool-Aid".

Hannity has a lot of gall when he tries to make that point! Either that or someone needs to play him a tape of one his own shows so he can hear himself pontificating on things that make Hannity sound like he's drowning in Kool-Aid given to him by people who should probably be in jail! People like Karl Rove!

And when's the last time you ever heard Sean Hannity say anything about Osama bin Laden?!?

I've never heard Hannity say anything about bin Laden, but I don't listen all the time so I'm assuming he has, but certainly not in the last few months or more.

Sean Hannity: A very successful and much listened to Parrot-Puppet. Come to think of it, so was Tokyo Rose.

I could be very wrong about this, but after listening to Hannity a lot, I get the feeling that here's a nice looking guy with a good sense of humor who often had his lunch money taken from him while he was in junior and senior high school.

And once he got the career break of his life, he's been getting even ever since.

If I'm right, I say, "Payback's a bitch, huh Sean?!?"

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This is being written on June 18, 2008 and there are two big sports stories people are talking about here in Los Angeles. Tiger Woods' season ending knee problem and the Lakers' horrific season ending loss to the Celtics last night.

In a 19-hole playoff, Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open this past Monday. And he did it while walking 91 holes on a very painful knee. A knee that we now will require surgery meaning that Woods won't play golf again until sometime in 2009.

Golfer Retief Goosen had the audacity to suggest that Tiger might have been "faking it" while doing some of his limping during the U.S. Open. Okay, with no Tiger to worry about, let's see how many tournaments Goosen wins between now and the time Tiger comes back.

Tiger Woods has more money and fame to last the rest of his life and then some. Some fans would have been disappointed, but no one would have gotten on his case if he had "shut it down" in the middle of the U.S. Open. But after the U.S. Open had ended, Tiger said, "There was no way I was going to quit on these people." "These people" being the fans who had bought tickets to watch him play.

As many of you know, I'm a former radio and television sports and talk host who's now an actor. My long time agent is Sid Levin who's agency is in Beverly Hills and he wrote me a line about Tiger Woods that I want to include here. "I wish the Lakers would talk to Tiger about the will to compete and win!"

Amen to that, Brother Sid!

For those of us who have been fans of the Lakers for a long time, that performance they gave in last night's game against the Celtics was disgraceful.

I take that back. It was beyond disgraceful!

Before the Lakers-Celtics series began, there was a lot of discussion (again) about the comparison between the new NBA MVP, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. And some of the "experts" expressed the view that Kobe was better than Michael or at least Michael's equal!

Uh, okay. Before game one of the just concluded Lakers-Celtics series.

But NOW?!?

Before becoming an actor, I had the pleasure of covering the Lakers on television when they were known as the "Showtime Lakers". Magic Johnson's Lakers, if you will.

Kobe Bryant in the same breath with Michael Jordan? Puh-leeze!!!

Kobe Bryant has no business being uttered in the same breath with Magic Johnson!

If Kobe Bryant is be compared to any great player, I think I have the perfect guy. Dominique Wilkins.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gas prices? Iran/Israel? Iraq? Here in L.A., it's all about the LAKERS!!!

For a few days, we here in L.A. have stopped talking about Hillary's terrific speech, President Bush's continued cluelessness, the never ending rising of gas prices and our possibly getting dragged by Israel into a war with Iran.

Nothing but nothing is more important to Angelinos than "The Lakers, baby!!!"

On the day that this blog is written, the Lakers are celebrating their first win (last night) over the Celtics in the NBA Finals that is now led by the Celtics, two games to one. Game four of this best of seven series will be played tomorrow night. The feeling here is that the Lakers will win tomorrow night and Sunday night which would send this series back to Boston for a game 6 and a possible game 7.


Did you see or listen to the Hillary Clinton concession speech this past Saturday? In previous blogs, I have written the wish that we no longer elect anyone named Bush or Clinton to be a President of the United States, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good speech if I hear one from a Bush or a Clinton.

I thought that Hillary Clinton's speech was TERRIFIC!!!

And yes, I believe that the Obama people will seriously consider the thought to offer Senator Clinton the opportunity to be Obama's running mate.

My personal choice is Senator Joe Biden, the Obama people are said to be considering a retired General or two, but as this is written, you can "take this to the bank"; The Obama people have no idea who they're going to pick.

But ya know what? I also don't think the McCain people know who they're going to pick! I think that Senator McCain would probably like to pick Senator Joe Lieberman, I think he's thought about Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, but the man or woman most of his advisors probably want is a current young governor.


One of the gas stations that is walking distance from me is now selling Premium gasoline for $4.99.9 a gallon. No, I don't live in a rich neighborhood. The lowest price for Regular is in the $4.60 a gallon range.

Switchgrass! This is something that we're told is easy to grow and is also something that might well be responsible for bringing the price of gasoline down if our government would get behind it and investment money was raised to make it happen.

President Bush mentioned this stuff right after he was reelected, but he doesn't seem to have mentioned it since. Is that because of "Big Oil" getting their fat cat lobbyists to convince us to quit talking about something that could lower the price of oil which would lower the price of gasoline?

I don't know the answer to that question, but isn't it a legitimate question to ask? And while we're at it, isn't it also a legitimate question to ask how effective switchgrass could/would be and whether or not it's potential use could be made available to everyone?!?


Do you know what the average price of gasoline was at the beginning of the Bush administration?

Give up?

$1.46 a gallon!!!

Cause and effect: Expensive war, no taxes to pay for the war, no "apparent" sacrifice by any of us unless one of us or a member of our family has joined the military, but look at what has happened "down the road" after we were scared into believing that a war in Iraq was the right thing to do by this most incompetent of "leaders". Yes sir, Mr. President. As you've told us, "I'm the DECIDER!" And you're on the verge of "deciding" every one of us into the poorhouse if we don't get you out of the White House in time!

Basic economics, Mr. President. Borrow the money. Pay back the money. Borrow too much? Can't pay it back? Bankruptcy. Or when we're talking about a whole country, DEPRESSION!

There was a mission that would have cost a lot of money that I would have been in favor of. The mission involving the capturing and or killing of Osama bin Laden.

Mr. President, here's a question that you should have been asked a long time ago.

Is there a reason you don't WANT bin Laden captured or killed?

One turban headed 6 foot 6 inch sickly looking ugly guy and the greatest military in the world can't find him?!?

Mr. President, I'm just a dumb guy who writes a blog, but even I could come up with a plan involving bribery and power that would smoke this guy out! Is that because I've had more military experience than you or most of your "enablers" have had?


Israel is talking about possibly attacking Iran because of concerns about Iran's possible nuclear capabilities. Capabilities that Iran says are for the producing of electricity for their citizens. And we're told that Israel might need help from the United States if they decide to attack Iran.

I have a question I'd like to ask and I'll admit that it's a question based on ignorance. MY IGNORANCE!!!

Unless I'm imagining things, it seems to me that we support Israel, no questions asked, no matter what they do.

Why is that?

This stupid Iraq war we let ourselves get involved in is damn near bankrupting us. And now we might get into another war? With Iran? If Israel asks us to?


Israel isn't the only country that has expressed concerns about Iran and nuclear stuff. Germany has and so has our country. Maybe some others.

Let's say for the sake of argument that Iran is building nuclear stuff that has to do with more that electricity for their citizens.

And let's say for the sake of argument that Iran sent nuclear warheads in our direction. If they were lucky, they might wipe out or severely damage areas that might add up to Boston and New York, population wise. That would be a terrible tragedy. And it would take a long time for us to "get over it". But we would "get over it".

But because of the IMMENSE firepower that WE have, here's what would happen to Iran. There would no longer BE an Iran!

Look, I know there's no discounting the potential lunacy ingrained in luna-tics, but do we believe Iran's leadership is that stupid?

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GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE NEXT BLOG? Unless something unexpected comes up, a week from today. I'll share some thoughts with you about the lack of "vision" which led to The Idiot's Tax, the big bank that suckers you with "trickery", some thoughts about Sean Hannity and some thoughts on another conservative talk show host who's "act" is having conversations with himself when the "caller" doesn't agree with him.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In July, Gasoline Prices Will Be MORE Than $5 A GALLON!!!

This blog is written from my home in the San Fernando Valley which is a part of Los Angeles County. Gasoline prices near where I live are as high as $4.70+ a gallon for Premium and as low as $4.27 for Regular. That's as of June 4, 2008. Diesel fuel costs between $5.25 and $5.50 a gallon.

Yesterday, I spoke with a high ranking officer of one of the major oil companies. He told me I couldn't use his name but what I could use was this; "In July, the LOWEST price for ALL gasoline will be MORE than $5 a gallon!!!"

But...But...We keep being told the the price for a barrel of oil is going down, so why is the price of gasoline going UP?!?

The answer?


The whole answer?

Because we CAN!!!


"We need to strive for INDEPENDENCE FROM FOREIGN OIL!!!"

Since gasoline was rationed during the Carter administration, how many Presidents of the United States have used the "Independence from foreign oil" phrase?

Give up?


How many of those Presidents of the United States have rolled up their sleeves and arm twisted members of Congress to GET LEGISLATION PASSED that would BEGIN our "Independence from foreign oil" journey?!?

Give up?


In fact, who was the LAST President of the United States who showed POLITICS BE DAMNED "vision" about ANYTHING?!? And was willing to risk his political career on trying to get his "vision" PASSED?!?

Give up?


And what was that?!?


Which brings us to the two people we have to choose from to be our NEXT President of the United States!!!

Barack Obama or John McCain.

Am I forgetting about Hillary Clinton? No, but she needs to forget about thinking she's still a "candidate".

Do Obama or McCain have the necessary "vision" and "courage" to roll up their sleeves and arm wrestle with members of Congress in order to get legislation passed and "policies" changed that will benefit most of us instead of only a few of us?


Staying out of the business of other countries, ALL other countries and concentrate on all the problems we have HERE!!!



Legislation that would include drilling for oil HERE and the building of more NUCLEAR PLANTS!!!


Cutting the DEFENSE BUDGET!!!

We have enough weapons and bombs to DESTROY THE WORLD if we wanted to! There is more money WASTED in the Defense Budget than for ANYTHING else we spend money on!!!



I don't know how to fix this problem, but someone who wants to be President of the United States SHOULD have a workable "vision" TO fix this problem because this is one hell of a BIG problem!


IRAQ, but that's covered 11 or 12 paragraphs ago.


Because of ALL the problems we need to begin the solving process of, it's going to be very interesting to hear what these two men who want to our next President of the United States say! Are either one of them going to have the POLITICS BE DAMNED "vision" and "courage" to risk their political careers on the solving of these or (at least) ONE of these problems?!?

If so, that person gets MY vote!!!

If it turns out to be obvious neither one of these guys is any different than the unimaginative and fearful presidents before LBJ, we're gonna have a very rough next four years!

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The new "Indiana Jones" film. Don't waste your time. The acting is okay. In fact, I thought John Hurt was terrific, but the writing (for a franchise film?) was horrible.

"The Strangers". An interesting horror film. A horror film that does two things all horror films don't do. It cost 9 million dollars to make and it made more than 20 million dollars the first weekend.

"Sex And The City". I went to a 12:30 showing on the first afternoon it opened. The theatre was packed. In a 2 hour and 22 minutes long film, there figures to be a "lag point" or two and this film was no exception. But the "lag points" weren't critical and I agreed with the audience when at the end of "Sex And The City", the audience let out a loud roar of appreciation.

I loved the film!


As a rule, I'm not a fan of "reality" shows because "real", they ain't. "Reality" shows tend to be more scripted than any drama or comedy I've ever had the pleasure to work on.

Having said that, I've seen both episodes of the Ryan Seacrest produced, "Denise Richards, It's Complicated" annnd,"Living Lohan".

Both shows feature new episodes every Sunday evening on the E! Channel.

"Living Lohan" features relatives of Lindsay Lohan who is talked about a lot, but who has (so far) not made an appearance on the show. This is a show created by and starring the "Desperately wanting to be famous" Dina Lohan, who is Lindsay's mother. We see a lot of Dina, her 14-year old daughter, Ali and younger son, Cody.

Cody, I feel your pain.

I'm gonna guess that at one time, Dina might have been a "babe". Maybe her daughter Ali will one day become a famous singer, but if she's not careful, what people who watch this show are going to remember, is an Ali attitude that is sometimes unpleasant. If this show was on before Denise Richards' show instead of after, I'd probably ignore it.

"Denise Richards, It's Complicated" is a show I'm liking a lot!

Yeah, she's profane. Yeah, she's....

Lemme tell you something. What Denise Richards strikes me as is...Someone who's real!

First of all, she's a 37-year old "knockout" who's dad and two kids are living with her. I find myself enjoying this show because I really care about what she might do next.

Would I like her if I was close to her? Hard to say, but from a distance, I can't help but wonder.

And for me, that's the difference between these two shows. Warts and all, I'd love to be up close to Denise Richards to try to find out what makes her tick. Because I already know what makes Dina Lohan tick.

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Unless something unexpected comes up, a week from today. I'll share some thoughts with you about talk show host Sean Hannity and anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"