Friday, August 31, 2007


I receive e-mails from people all over the United States and other countries. But this first story is about what people here in the Los Angeles area are going through. Especially in the San Fernando Valley part of the Los Angeles area. 120 sticky degrees in Chatsworth yesterday. All the way down to a "cool" 96 degrees in Thousand Oaks, but because of the humidity, it feels hotter than that. And it's expected to remain this way through the Labor Day holiday. In a front page Los Angeles Daily News story today, suggestions are made to their heat exhausted readers. Like, "Buy a direct flight to Anchorage, Alaska, where yesterday's (Thursday's) temperature was 67 degrees." Other suggestions include, "Put on a hat and wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Drink lots of water. Forget jogging, and take up A/C couch aerobics."

Okay. I live in the San Fernado Valley and that means I'm living in this heat. Because of a bad motorcycle accident a number of years ago, I had to give up a daily 3-mile jog that I was religious about doing. So I walk religiously. And tend to pray it'll get cooler. I wear a cap, light, loose-fitting clothing and I drink lots of water. But I gotta tell ya...By the time I get back home after my 3-mile walk, I feel like I've spent an hour in a sauna. When I walk into my cool apartment, what seems like a river of sweat ends up on my rug.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I don't think we should use heat as an excuse to stop moving, exercise wise. Most of us weigh too much. Including me. It's easy to stop doing what we know is good for us. And because misery loves company, I hope to see you walking and sweating in the San Fernando Valley today. When we look in the mirror six months from now, we're gonna be proud of ourselves.


President Bush is obviously feeling the heat. From big campaign contributors that happen to be financial institutions. Institutions that are sweating bullets because of all these home foreclosures. Oh, you thought it was just the home-owners who are being affected by these foreclosures? Do you remember what Deep Throat said in the film, "All The President's Men"? Follow the money!!!

President Bush is reported to be laying out plans that would result in the helping of people who are in this big mess. That goes against what he supposedly stands for. Government handouts, etc. But when it's the money people who need help? That's different. Oh, we'll be told these moves will be for "the little guy", but those of us who have been paying attention will know better.


Here are a couple of stories for you to contemplate during this Labor Day weekend.

(1) An eleven-page story in this week's Newsweek that's titled, "Into Thin Air". A fascinating story about the search for Osama bin Laden and what has happened when our troops got close enough to capture and or kill bin Laden. The "roadblocks" that have been put up will make you furious and or make you want to cry if you believe (as I do) that the capturing and or killing of Osama bin Laden should be mission number ONE in this most inept "war on terror" being waged by this most inept President of the United States. The blame for the "roadblocks" are shown to be because of political considerations and fearful career officers who wouldn't let experienced warriors do the job they know how to do best. And that's letting nothing get in the way of an assassination attempt on a guy who's responsible for the murder of more than 3000 of our citizens on 9/11. President Truman once said, "The buck stops here!" President Bush likes to refer to himself as "The Decider". If he's been in agreement with some of the things you'll read about in this Newsweek story, when you get to the end, while putting the magazine down, you'll be shaking your head.

Here's the second story. We've all heard the stories about innocent civilians who have been killed in Iraq and how that problem has been a big problem in getting civilians to cooperate with us. Military leaders have told the leaders in Washington that many civilian casualties could be avoided by using a new nonlethal weapon that's been developed. It's a ray gun that uses energy beams instead of bullets. When people are hit with a "beam", they won't be killed or maimed, but what the people will do is decide that they should leave the neighborhood or to stop interfering with legitimate military business. The ray gun is whacha call a bonafide deterrent, folks. Military leaders have been begging for these ray guns, but the Pentagon has refused to issue them because they're afraid that the gun will be referred to as a "torture device", which it isn't!

Yo, Mr. Decider! Show some damn leadership and order the use of these ray guns so that we can begin to win the "hearts and minds" in Iraq.


Fred Thompson has finally decided on an announcement date. Next Thursday, Fred Thompson will officially announce that he is a candidate to be our next President of the United States. There's an issue about reruns of "Law & Order" episodes in which Fred Thompson appears. FCC regulations mandate that TV stations must provide a political candidate with airtime equal to that of his or her opponents, but the rule has never been imposed on cable networks. TNT would damn near have to go out of business if they stopped running Law & Order repeats because as late as yesterday, 9 of their 24 hours were devoted to repeats of that show and TNT says they won't stop showing repeats.


There aren't many new films opening this weekend. There's good buzz about the "Halloween" remake that opens today. The L.A. Daily News' Bob Strauss ends his review with, "In general, director Rob Zombie crafts a well-paced clear story while building genuine suspense. Kind of a treat, overall, and who expected that?"

I plan to see "Halloween" and "Superbad" this weekend.


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TUESDAY: (We're taking Monday off because it's a holiday) I'll tell you about a reader who says she has the answer to the question, "How do you mend a broken heart?" and anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


Thursday, August 30, 2007


And at the risk of upsetting a lot of people, I say, why is this possible new California law, if passed, affecting drivers who are only under the age of 18? A law that in addition to covering the use of cellphones while driving, would also include using a pager, text-messaging device or laptop.

Apparently, the thinking is that drivers between the ages of 16-18 are more distracted and therefore dangerous on the roads when doing other things while driving, so they've been targeted. If Governor Terminator signs this bill when it reaches his desk, violators would be hit with a $20 fine on the first offense and a $50 fine for additional offenses, but no violation points would be placed on their driving records.

And drivers aged 18 and above aren't distracted and therefore dangerous while using these devices while driving?

Recently, while using a cellphone, I suddenly realized I was getting close to a freeway exit I was going to have to take. I'm talking to my friend on the cellphone, the voice on my navigation system is telling me that two tenths of a mile from now I'm going to have to exit to the right and I realize that I need to change two lanes before I take that exit. Hell, I felt distracted and dangerous!!! Oh, I successfully made the turn while nodding affirmatively to other drivers who were giving me middle finger salutes.

People, people, people....None of us should be using cellphones while driving! Okay, if you're on a straight stretch of freeway and you know you won't need to turn or exit anytime soon, I'll give us a reluctant okay on that, but....Are you making sure you haven't slowed down in your lane (especially the fast lane) to the point of making that part of your driving dangerous and extremely aggravating to the drivers behind you?!?

And that's if you're just using a cellphone! You think you're not distracted and dangerous if you're text-messaging someone while you're driving?

Or using a laptop while driving?

Again...this possible new California law has to be signed by Governor Terminator before it becomes law and he seems to be undecided! What is the debate here? And why is this possible new law only for drivers under the age of 18?

I gotta tell ya something folks. I honestly feel I'd feel safer next to a person on the freeway who'd been drinking that I would be if I found myself next to a person who was typing on his or her laptop while driving.

Buuuut...As the comedian Dennis Miller might say, "That's my opinion. I could be wrong."

In this case, I don't think so, but I'd love to know what you think. E-mail me at


You've heard of this Larry Craig guy, right? Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig? The anti-gay rights guy who was recently arrested for doing some kind of coded foot tap while he was in a men's room stall. The guy he was tapping to, tapped him back by showing Senator Craig his badge. And this was after Senator Craig had shown the officer his business card. Doncha just hate it when your Senatorial card gets trumped by a badge when all you want to do is have a little fun in the men's room?

Yo, Senator! Does the saying, "Get a room!" mean anything to you?

But seriously, folks....This is another case of one these phony family values guys preaching, preaching and preaching some more while secretly getting their kicks by (in some cases) doing tricks.

Senator Craig, for once in your life, do the right thing. Leave the Senate and hang with whoever you really want to hang with. The people who elected you will be happy and who knows? Maybe you will be, too.


Did you hear about this surfer who was attacked by a shark in Monterey Bay near San Jose a couple of mornings ago? A 24-year old guy was surfing with 6 other people when the shark attacked him from behind. California State Parks spokesman Loren Rex said, "He screamed and started punching the shark while trying to get away from the shark. Then the shark took him down under the water. Witnesses saw a lot of thrashing and some blood coming up. Other witnesses saw the shark let him up before biting him one more time." This victim (who was not identified) was given first aid by surfers before being airlifted to a hospital where he's being treated for multiple bite wounds.

Gang, imagine something for a second. You're in the water and you've suddenly been pulled under the water by a shark! Is that visual burned in your brain? Now...How bad is that day you're having today?


I've said it before and I'll say it again. That Sunday night tripleheader on Lifetime is soooo good!!! Yesterday, I watched the most recent episodes of "State of Mind", a show that just gets better and better, same deal with "Side Order of Life" and (what was) the season finale of "Army Wives". "Army Wives" is the biggest hit that Lifetime has ever had and I can hardly wait for their new season to begin. "Army Wives'" season finale was a 5-hankie episode that ended with a cliffhanger situation involving a soldier who looks like he's ready to be a suicide bomber.

A television heads-up! It looks like tonight's episode of "Mad Men" on AMC at 10 might be something special. This is another great show that's on cable!


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TOMORROW: I'll tell you about a reader who says she has the answer to the question, "How can you mend a broken heart?"...I'll tell you about a terrific story in the new Newsweek that points out the absolute incompetence involved by the Pentagon while brave warriors try to capture or kill Osama bin Laden...and anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


How often have you heard someone say, "I'm gonna kill myself!"?!?

How often have you said it!

When we say it, it's usually after we've done something stupid, right?

Like dating someone who wasn't "right" for you, but you kept doing it because you thought (hoped) that something would change for the better in the relationship. When pretty much nothing changes, more often than not, you make the decision to "leave" and then tell a friend or two, "I'm gonna kill myself!" Your friend nods knowingly, orders you another drink and you wake up the next morning with a terrible hangover.

But sometimes...the reason you leave the person is because it's their idea, an idea you don't agree with and when after constant attempts to get that person to change his or her mind, you give up and walk away with your heart feeling broker than broken. The Bee Gees once had a hit song titled, "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?" and that's a question that feels impossible to answer if you're the one with the broken heart. Lemme have a show of hands here. How many of you have great answers to that question when it's someone else whose heart has broken? Pretty much all of us, right? But when it's us, man, there ain't enough booze in the world to eliminate that pain. Pain that causes us to do stupid things. Like call the person and hang up when they answer. Follow them. Hang around their house with the intention of knocking on the door, but after several hours, going home. And sometimes... people try to kill themselves because of a broken heart.

Is that what happened to actor Owen Wilson?

We don't know, because first of all, Wilson, or anyone close to Wilson has never said he went to the hospital because of a suicide attempt. A call log at the Santa Monica Police Department stated that the reason they had been called to Wilson's address is/was because of a suicide attempt.

Was it? We might never know, because there isn't a cop anywhere who can't tell you about spousal abuse calls that are denied once the police arrive and it's the same deal with suicide attempts.

Here's what we do know. Owen Wilson recently broke up with a woman.

Here's something else we know. He will not be appearing in "Tropic Thunder", a film that will star Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr.

Other projects that the highly bankable actor is scheduled to participate in? We don't know and might not know until Wilson comes up with an answer to the age old question; How do you mend a broken heart?!?


In yesterday's blog, I told you about a Hollywood premiere and party for the film, "Balls of Fury" this past Saturday. A premiere and party that star Christopher Walken did not attend. I speculated that the reason Walken didn't attend was because maybe he felt like some viewers did. That the film was/is, "Balls of Dumb". That prompted a nice e-mail from Michelle Shildkret who was writing on behalf of NBC Universal to see if there was a way she might get me to change my "Balls of Dumb" line to something else. Like, I dunno. Maybe "Balls of Fun"? She sent me exclusive preview clips from the film and I watched them late yesterday morning. One was a cute scene about a cricket that made me smile and the other was a few scenes showing Christopher Walken doing what he often does. And that's being the guy who will be remembered most when the film has ended. Scenes that also made me smile.

"Balls of Fury" opens today. The L.A. Daily News' Bob Strauss gave it a so-so review but thought that Walken was worth the price of admission. The New York Times' A.O. Scott thought that Walken was terrific, but that the film was "terrible".


Do you watch so-called reality shows? Do you believe that what you're watching is real? If your answer is "Yes!", you're not alone. The hocus-pocus shown in many of these reality shows is so believable that many are convinced that certain political strategists used the same techniques to get certain unqualified candidates elected. But that's another story for another time.

I bring up the subject of reality shows because we're going to be seeing a lot more of them because of a potential strike that would force a lot of your favorite dramas and comedies to discontinue production.

I've always known that most of these reality shows involving "peril" of some kind were b.s. because a network was involved, national sponsors were/are involved and to suggest that something bad might happen to any of the participants is something that won't ever happen because of potential huge lawsuits. In the latest issue of Back Stage West, several former participants in reality shows are quoted and they tell stories about scenes that are shot over and over again and about all the scripted dialogue that is used.

So...The next time you watch a "reality show", ask yourself this question; "Reality as opposed to... what?!?


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TOMORROW: We'll tell you about a proposed law that if enacted, would prohibit some drivers from using a cellphone, pager, text messaging device or laptops while driving...We'll describe a shark attack that just happened...We'll tell you about another one of those "holier than thou" guys who got arrested in a restroom...And anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday we talked/wrote about seeing the film "Wedding Crashers" on cable this past weekend. A delightful comedy starring Owen Wilson that made a ton of money.

Owen Wilson has been involved in several film projects that have done well and he was nominated for an Oscar for a screenplay he co-wrote for "The Royal Tenenbaums". Until recently, he was dating actress Kate Hudson.

On the surface, Owen Wilson is a guy who appears to be living the good life. I mean, the maximum version of the good life.

Who was it who once said, "Appearances can be deceiving"?

Sunday, sometime around noon, Wilson was taken to a hospital. The National Enquirer and Star magazine reported that Wilson had sliced his left wrist and had taken a bunch of pills.

An attempted suicide?

But a witness who saw the ambulance outside of Wilson's house said, "These guys were kind of taking their time taking a stretcher out of the ambulance, then they went into the house." A man named Geoffry White said that and lives directly across the street from where Wilson lives.

Does the reaction that White describes sound like how professional ambulance people would be reacting if they thought they had an attempted suicide on their hands? A situation that might mean that how fast they were could be the difference between life and death? And not that this should make any difference, but the fact that Owen Wilson is a world famous celebrity?

You get my drift?

In statements that have been released by Wilson and his publicist, nothing about an attempted suicide has been mentioned. And until Wilson or a member of his family does say something like that, all references to a suicide are irresponsible with a capital I!!!

But still...I couldn't help but think that while I was watching "Wedding Crashers" that Wilson is an actor who can show sadness with his eyes and facial expressions better than any actor I can think of right now. And that made me wonder if what I was seeing was acting.

Because we live in an "Enquiring minds want to know" time in our lives, for better or worse, we'll find out if Wilson's been "acting".

Meanwhile, it would be nice if the gossip vultures can respect the statement that Wilson released; "I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time."

Get well soon, Owen.


There was a big premiere of new film this past Saturday afternoon in Hollywood. A film that I think is scheduled to open this coming weekend. "Balls of Fury". I think that all we need to know is that the film's biggest star, Christopher Walken, avoided the premiere. People who have seen "Balls of Fury" say it's really, "Balls of Dumb".


We'll do some second guessing of our own.

CBS' decision to hire Katie Couric? So far, a bad decision. I understand the thinking behind wanting to appeal to younger viewers and to make the newscast seem to be "lighter". But like with younger radio listeners who long ago switched to FM, younger news watchers long ago switched to cable. If CBS wanted an attractive change, why didn't they steal Leslie Stahl from their own "60 Minutes"?

NBC's decision to hire Keith Olbermann to be part of their Sunday night NFL Pre-Game show? No doubt about it. Olbermann's former starring role as an ESPN anchor with Dan Patrick tells us he knows a lot about sports. The fact that he's a bit of a "loose cannon" adds potential spice to this hire which could mean a positive difference in the ratings. I don't watch exhibition anything sports wise, so I didn't see what apparently happened this past Sunday. Several e-mail writers have complained to me about Olbermann (apparently) doing some Bush and Limbaugh bashing on what is supposed to be a sports show.

Well...I'm the first to support the bashing of President Bush and talk radio's number one Kool Aid dispenser, Rush Limbaugh, because they both deserve it! But...on a sports show?!?

Wrong venue, Keith. Wrong hire, NBC. Didn't you learn from what happened when Disney hired Limbaugh to be on Monday Night Football?


How many Presidential debates have we had? Seems like a....Well, if you're like me, it seems like too many, right?

But maybe there's a method to this madness, because there's an underdog on the Republican side who I think deserves a second and third look. That would be former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. I wish he'd dial it down a bit on the religion thing, but his tax proposal, his war on obesity proposal and several other proposals have me saying, "Hmmmmm..."


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TOMORROW: What's UN-real about so-called "Reality shows" and anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

Monday, August 27, 2007


This blog is written early in the morning here in Los Angeles. By the time you read this, more information than I have here, might be known.

But here's all we need to know. U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has submitted his letter of resignation. We're told that an official announcement will be made later today.

Short Commentary: General Gonzales is another one of those "loyal" guys that President Bush gave an important job to. In fact, Bush wanted Gonzales to end up as a member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Those of us who have been paying attention choose to laugh instead of cry because of the absurdity of it all. Watching Gonzales "testify" recently in congressional investigations about why U.S. Attorneys were fired or about anything else, showed us one constant. General Gonzales had the lousiest memory in the history of mankind or he was a liar. Yeah, that's the kind of guy we need on the U.S. Supreme Court, right? Or for that matter, as our U.S. Attorney General.

Two words: Good riddance!


Okay, I'm dating myself. The above is a line from an old hit record, a line I'm reminded of because of what Michael Vick has to do today. Face a judge, state a plea and hope the judge accepts his plea. Vick is admitting that he helped kill six to eight pit bulls and that he supplied money for gambling on the fights. He said he didn't personally place any bets or share in any winnings.

If I'm Judge Henry Hudson, the question I'm asking after reading Vick's gambling plea is, "If you supplied money for gambling on the fights and didn't share in any winnings, why?!?"

It's obvious that Vick is trying to save his NFL career by staying as far away from the gambling
issues as he can because the gambling thing could get him banned for life from the NFL.

We're told that the only ruling Judge Hudson will make today is on the issue of Vick's plea. To accept or reject it. If Judge Hudson accepts it, he is expected to announce sentencing in the next couple of months or so.

Basically, what Vick and his lawyers have decided to do is admit to having made a mistake and hope that Judge Hudson will show some mercy.

St. Louis reader/listener Lauren Barnes responds to the "mistake" issue with this e-mail: "Michael Vick's 'peeps' are saying he knows he made a mistake. ARE THEY KIDDING ME? I know I've made a mistake when my checkbook doesn't balance. I know I've made a mistake when I bring home lite beer accidentally. What this coward did was NO mistake. What this coward did took an extraordinary amount of resources to keep going and to keep covered up. No, no! NOTHING about this entire endeavor was a mistake. It was all intentionally, and methodically done!"


The film "War" took in $10 million this past weekend. I saw it Friday. When I left the theatre, I found myself wondering what other critics might have thought of "War". When I got home, I realized that there were no reviews, because the film wasn't shown to critics prior to it being released. More than 90% of the time, that's the kiss of death, because usually, the people who made the film think it's lousy. I didn't think it was lousy, lousy. What little dialogue there was, wasn't bad. The acting was pretty much one-note and cheesy. I'm still not sure what was going on story wise, but other than that, it was a fine film.

I did see a couple of films on cable this weekend that I highly recommend.

"Wedding Crashers". What a delightful film this is! It stars Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher and some terrific supporting actors. Wilson and Vaughn star as professional "wedding crashers" who go to weddings for the free food, booze and a chance to pick up vulnerable women. Their "plans" get interrupted because both guys end up "falling" for two women. Rachel McAdams is one of them and she's so adorable, you want to reach through the screen and hug her. Isla Fisher plays screwy and adorable so well, that guys everywhere figure to be saying, "Oh, if I could only find someone like her! Christopher Walken plays the father of the McAdams character and once again, Walken owns his role. It's no mystery why Christopher Walken is in so many films. This guy can play anything! "Wedding Crashers". Fun film!

"The River King", also on the cable circuit now, is a film that makes you think. And think and think. It stars Edward Burns, Rachelle LeFeure, Jennifer Ehle and Thomas Gibson. This whole film is about whether or not a young boy committed suicide or was murdered and you can't take your eyes off this film. "The River King". Don't turn it on unless you have the time to get "involved".


Be on the lookout for the new Jodie Foster film, "The Brave One" which is due to debut a couple of weeks or so from now. Foster plays a female vigilante and the buzz on this film is good.


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TOMORROW: I'll tell you about an underdog Republican presidential candidate who might be worth a second and third "look", a developing sad (if true) story about actor Owen Wison annnd...Anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

Friday, August 24, 2007


Someone once said, "Justice is blind!"

Well, there was some interesting justice involving three blind blondes yesterday.

One was the daughter of fame who has wandered blindly through life while getting by on her charm and who her daddy is. That would be Nicole Richie, who served 82 minutes in jail for driving under the influence of drugs. She was arrested after witnesses reported seeing her car driving the wrong way on a freeway in Burbank. By the time the California Highway Patrol arrived, Richie was parked in the car pool lane. Driving the wrong way on a freeway and then parking in the car pool lane?!? Girls just wanna have fun, huh? Why only 82 minutes of jail time instead of the 4-day sentence she had been given? A jail overcrowding problem.

Another blind blonde receiving interesting justice is an actress who actually has some legitimate talent, but she's been doing her darndest (recently) to seemingly be trying to prove to people that she's a walking and driving train wreck! That would be Lindsay Lohan who's currently in rehab (again) and who received a 1-day jail sentence for her latest highly publicized problems. She also got hit with 10 days of community service and 36 months' probation. Lohan's small jail sentence was also attributed to the jail overcrowding problem. But why did Paris Hilton serve the amount of days she served and Richie and Lohan didn't? It's because Richie and Lohan weren't on probation when they were busted. Both women face jail sentences of 120 days if either were to violate their probations.

The third blind blonde received merciful justice of another kind. That would be Lauren Jones who was the star of the new Fox reality show "Anchorwoman" that debuted on Wednesday. The show was cancelled by Fox yesterday. Now if there was some real justice to be had, it would be to figure out a way to put the Fox executive in jail who green lighted this piece of television garbage.


As usual, there's a number of new films that will make their debuts today. I don't see a potential monster hit in any of them, but I've picked three to mention. "Nanny Diaries" starring the (in my opinion) very overrated Scarlett Johansson is a film that looks like it will go straight to DVD after about two weeks.

"Resurrecting The Champ" looks like it might be an interesting film. It stars Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Hartnett, Alan Alda, Kathryn Morris and Teri Hatcher. It's directed by Rod Lurie, a guy who strikes me as possibly being a bit of a "head case", but he always seems to provide us with interesting work.

The new film "War" is not the type of film I would usually go to, but something tells me this film might not be what I would ordinarily think it is and I mean that in a good way. It stars Jet Li and Jason Statham and I'm going to see it today.


We're told that when Michael Vick stands before a man who everyone regards as a tough judge, Vick will plead guilty to the charge of interstate commerce for the purpose of dogfighting, but he will not plead guilty to having ever killed dogs or to gambling on a dog fight.

Short Commentary: Well...If this is true and the judge accepts this plea, I go back to what I surmised yesterday. About this being a first offense, etc. and that maybe...this will be what will keep Vick out of jail. I must emphasize though that this is a BIG "maybe"! Hey, look at the way justice was handed out here yesterday.


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MONDAY: I'll tell you what I think about the film "War", some thoughts about Karl Rove and anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


Thursday, August 23, 2007


This blog was late yesterday. Because of time deadline requirements, a taped version of yesterday's blog was unable to reach internet stations that wanted to broadcast it.

What happened is one of those "nightmare" situations that people working with deadlines dread dearly. Google's server crashed. And I sat here and burned.

When things were finally back to normal, the blog I had written appeared without the final three stories and ending. What happened to that text? It was lost in the wilderness of cyberspace.

Oh, well. Another adventure.

Hopefully, things will be back to normal today.

A lot of Letters to the Editor about Ms. Arellano have appeared in many newspapers as well as editorials. Except in the Los Angeles Times. Short Commentary: Hmmmm.

I'd like to share an interesting e-mail from Lauren Barnes in St. Louis. "What took the Feds so long to deport fugitive from justice Elvira Arellano? I was kind of feeling Arellano was swiftly deported once she was found. I didn't know she had been out on the lecture circuit. Here's what I do know! Had I committed Social Security fraud, I'd never see the sun shine. Had I not allowed my kids to learn English, they would no doubt have been taken from me."


I couldn't ignore President Bush for one day! I mean, in a speech yesterday, he used the example of Vietnam as the reason we shouldn't leave Iraq. What the heck do he and Vice President Cheney know about Vietnam? Oh, was his speech about how to avoid military service to our country? If so, I apologize. I must have missed that part.


New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury is defending Michael Vick. Marbury says that dogfighting is a sport and he compares it to hunting. Of course the problem is that dogfighting is illegal and hunting isn't, but when you're sticking up for your friends, we tend to (sometimes) throw logic out the door.

Vick will officially plead guilty next Monday. What kind of penalty will the judge impose? I don't pretend to know, but probation of some kind along with a large fine and a ton of hours of community service wouldn't surprise me. Most folks think that Vick will be sentenced to prison for a year to a year and a half, but I believe this is a first offense that we're talking about. But...if part of what he's admitting to has to do with torturing and killing dogs after they fought, then mercy for Vick will be highly unlikely.


Did you hear about what baseball's Texas Rangers did yesterday? They scored 30 runs against the Baltimore Orioles. That hadn't been done in 110 years. Which means all the Rangers' players should take steroids tests today, right?


Yes, "Anchorwoman" is as bad as the critics said. I watched it on Fox last night. The woman who is being featured (the Anchorwoman), isn't anywhere near the show stopper (looks wise) that I thought she'd be. The stuff she does isn't really that much different than a lot of other fame seeking bozos do on those other badly acted "Reality" shows. But because this is television news she's playing around with, she should do what all other news anchor wannabes do. Be an intern.

David Kronke is the Los Angeles Daily News' Mayor of Television and in his column today, he makes it very clear that he's unhappy about the decision to hire Ryan Seacrest to be the host of the Emmys which will be on Fox, September 16. Kronke seems to imply that Seacrest was hired by default because, "Usually, of course, they announce the host much earlier. Usually, of course, they get someone funny. Usually, of course, they recruit someone who won't look so out of place as the TV academy 'celebrates' 'excellence' within its ranks. And getting the host of a reality competition show seems like a smack in the face of all the scripted programming that will be honored that night." Short Commentary: Tell us what you really think, David!

We'll close with a story about real actors. If you didn't see Tuesday night's episode of "Damages" on FX, you still have a chance to because it's repeated often. There is a scene in this episode that is absolutely riveting. Glenn Close and Tate Donovan doing a negotiation scene. Gang, that's acting done at the highest of levels! BRA-VO!!!


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