Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's now OFFICIAL! It'll be Obama against Romney and that means they can be nasty toward each other for REAL!!! Speaking of nastiness, the 3-night "Hatfields & McCoys" on the History Channel set new basic cable ratings' records!!! It looks like John Edwards is going to "WALK"!!! Why is Mitt Romney walking with DONALD TRUMP?!? Will Romney ever be interviewed by anyone who isn't on Fox News?!? Will Obama ever be interviewed by anyone who IS on Fox News?!?

Hi everybody!   Did you have a nice 3-day holiday?   Yesterday, it was a nice DAY for Mitt Romney!   And TODAY was a nice day for John Edwards.   Nice days for two "me-me-me and ONLY me!!!" people.   As my old friend Don King likes to say, "Only in America!!!"

Because of the short week, this might be a short blog.   Sooooo...LET'S GET BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   Mitt Romney is now the OFFICIAL G.O.P. presidential candidate.  

I'm trying to think of something nice to write, but because I CAN'T think of anything nice right now, I WON'T say something bad right now.

Just sayin', without sayin'.

Headline #2:   This headline will be the first item in our "Entertainment Stuff" section.

Headline #3:   It looks like John Edwards is going to "WALK"!

In case you hadn't heard, Edwards was acquitted of one of the 6 bad things he was on trial for.   Because the jury said they were deadlocked on the other 5 charges, the judge ruled a mistrial on those 5 charges.   Experts seem to think that there won't be a new trial and if that's the case, John Edwards' lifetime of good luck will continue.   America got lucky, too.   If Edwards hadn't been exposed as the scumbag he is, he might have (someday) become the President of the United States.

Sudden thought:   Attention NEW readers!!!   In case you didn't know, I have a lot of opinions and I'm not bashful about sharing them!

Just warnin'.

Headline #4:   Why is Mitt Romney "walking" with DONALD TRUMP?!?

You want to be the President of the United States, you're hangin' with "The Donald" and when "The Donald" starts poppin' off about the "Birther" nonsense, you, Mitt Romney, say/said NOTHING?!?   Not good strategy, Mr. Romney.   But hangin' with The Donald isn't good strategy, either.   I mean, if you feel a need to be associated with someone, why don't you hang with someone who has a good political reputation like.....I dunno....How about Condi Rice.   She recently announced that she's endorsing you.    Hmmm...You're on a stage with Donald Trump because he's endorsing you and using you for his television stuff and idiotic beliefs.   Or...You're on a stage with Condi Rice because she's endorsing you, needs nothing from you and it's guaranteed she won't say something stupid.

Just sayin' and tryin' to be helpful.   Why?   Because Mr. Romney, you desperately need help.

Headline #5:   Will Mitt Romney ever be interviewed by anyone who ISN'T on Fox News?   And will Barack Obama ever be interviewed by anyone who IS on Fox News?

Just askin'.   A fair and balanced question.

One final item before we go to "Entertainment Stuff".

You've probably heard about that doctor in Pakistan who helped us find Osama bin Laden and he's been sentenced by a Pakistan judge to a long prison term for helping us.   A man named Jim Lynch wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times about this subject and I'm going to share it with you.

"There's evidence that Pakistan's intelligence agency provides aid and comfort to the Taliban;  the country wants to jack up the price on truck shipments to Afghanistan to $5,000 each and now its courts jailed the doctor who helped find Osama bin Laden.

Why are we giving this country a dime?   U.S. aid is certainly not working.

Well said, Jim Lynch.   I've said it before and I'll say it again;    We keep being told that Pakistan is an "ally" of ours.   Long time readers of this blog know that I've done many commentaries on this subject.   The only days that countries like Pakistan and other horribly run countries are "allies" of ours are on the days we are giving them money.   Lot's of money.

The time to tell these ungrateful 3rd-world countries that the "Golden Goose has been cooked", is NOW!   We should have done this yesterday!  MANY yesterdays AGO!!!   But because those yesterdays have gone, it's time to do it NOW!!!

Gang, our economy is in the toilet.   So why are we giving millions on top of millions to ungrateful bastard countries who have absolutely NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US?!?   And if given the opportunity, they'd slit our throats.

The message we need to send is the same message that the late and great Dandy Don used say/sing on Monday Night Football when things had reached an "end point."   Remember?   "Turn out the liiiights!   The par-ty's O-VER!"

Please, Congress!   Please, President Obama!    Take care of America!

Sudden thought:  Whadda ya think, gang?   Am I a little too "over the top" on this?

Just askin'.


Headline #2:   "Hatfields & McCoys" on the History Channel set new basic cable ratings' records!

Did you have a chance to watch this 3-part show that starred Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night?   I did, but if you didn't, I'm sure they'll show reruns because this show was watched by more than 40-million people.   In addition to Costner and Paxton, "Hatfields & McCoys" featured a terrific cast of supporting players and I flat out loved it.

Except for variety shows and "reality" shows, mostly reruns on television right now.

One major exception.   Sunday night, the final episode of "Harry's Law" was shown on NBC.   My guess is that NBC cancelled it because they thought the show's audience was too old.   Too bad because this show had great actors and fun story lines.   And they saved the best for last.   Their final show sizzled and had an absolutely wonderful ending.   R.I.P., "Harry's Law"!

Under the category of "better late than never" and after more than a billion dollars worth of tickets had been sold, I finally saw, "The Avengers".   This film is long, noisy, definitely not boring and features an all-star cast of actors. It's not an Oscar-worthy film, but it is most definitely a fun-film.

And speaking of things that are entertaining....I call your attention to a daily column that is written by Jack Roberts.   His column is called, "Hollywood Hills", he writes a new column every day, he has been very kind to me and if you would like to have access to his column, send him an email to

Jack's column is free and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late Thursday night, June 7 or very early Friday morning, June 8.

Meanwhile, I hope that you and yours are doing well and that you have a very pleasant weekend.

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Hard Core "Birthers" Refuse To Give Up!!! And Yes, There's a Romney Connection!!! More And More Proof That Romney Has NEVER Been A Job Creator, But He HAS Been An Employment Destroyer!!! Obama To Dump Biden For Hillary?!? More Troubling Exposure For The Catholic Church Because Of Out Of Control Priests!!! On A More Pleasant Note, The "American Idol" Finale Was Arguably The Best Ever!!!

Hi Everybody!   Are you getting ready for another nice 3-day weekend?   Monday is Memorial Day and while you're doing or looking forward to doing some barbecuing, please take a minute to remember our troops.   Especially our troops who are currently "In Harm's Way".

And because I know that preparation(s) for 3-day weekends like this cuts back on time that is spent on reading blogs, I'm thinking that THIS blog will be a little shorter than usual.

At this time I'd like to welcome our new subscribers.   This little 6-years old "no frills" blog is like the proverbial turtle;   "Slow and steady wins ... ....!!"

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I'm sure you've seen the headlines above, so Let's Get BUSY!!!

Headline #1:   The hard-core "Birthers" refuse to give up!

For those of you not familiar with the term "Birthers", that has to do with people who don't believe that President Obama is and or was eligible to be our president because he's not a legal American citizen.

A birth certificate of his was provided for all to see a good number of months ago and I thought that was the end of this nonsense.   I guess I should have known better.   A couple of weeks ago, Ken Bennett, Arizona's Secretary of State, let it be known that if state officials in Hawaii didn't provide proof of Obama's "eligibility", Obama's name would not be placed on the ballot in Arizona.   Bennett also said that he's not a "birther", he wants to believe that Obama is eligible, but because an Arizona voter is demanding proof, he (Secretary of State) Bennett is simply doing his job as a public servant.

At first, the state officials in Hawaii balked and made a demand of their own;   "Show us the proof that you (Bennett) really need this, why you need it, etc., etc."   I guess something happened behind closed doors because Hawaii state officials sent Arizona's Secretary of State the required document(s) and (supposedly) things are back to normal, such as they are.

But speaking of "behind closed doors"....Guess what other kind of job that Arizona's Secretary of State has.    Ken Bennett is ALSO Mitt Romney's Co-campaign Chairman.   Conclusion?   If you needed anymore proof about politics being a "blood sport", I think this pretty much gives you all you need to know.   And the fact that Mitt Romney didn't "speak up" while this Arizona-Hawaii drama was taking place is something that isn't surprising for those of us who have been paying attention to this guy.   He didn't say anything about a gay combat soldier who's fighting for us in Afghanistan when that soldier got booed by many in the audience of a debate Romney was a part of.   Booed because he's gay.  Booed even though he was fighting for our country.   Romney's good about saying he "supports our troops", but the first time he had a chance to prove it, like the "not to be trusted" character he is, Romney continued his silence, a silence based on "What's in it for ME!"

Governor Romney?   If you would like an answer to that question from me, here it comes.   What's in it for YOU?!?   Proof of your character, Governor.  Proof of your character.      

Headline #2:   More and more proof that Romney has never been a job creator!

That proof is easy to find if you want to find it.   Here's something else you can find;   What Romney has been is an "Employment Destroyer".   And there are thousands of people who were fired by Romney who can verify that "E.D." description I just now laid at his feet.

Just sayin'.

Headline #3:   Obama to dump Biden for Hillary?

This is a rumor that won't go away.   What does Biden think about this?   He's made it very clear.   It's annoying.

Here's what I think.   If Romney has a sizeable lead in the polls a couple of months or so from now, I think one of two things will happen.  (1)   If the polls show that Romney's numbers could be turned around by making the Democrat ticket stronger, Hillary will be asked to take Biden's place and Biden might be asked to take Hillary's place.   (2)   If Romney has a VERY sizable lead in the polls a couple of months or so from now, I think Hillary will be asked to be the Democrat nominee at THE TOP OF THE TICKET!!!

And you know what?   Don't think for a minute that couldn't happen on the Republican side if enough people see Romney the way I see him.

Just thinkin', just sayin' and just speculatin'.

Headline #4:   More troubling exposure for the Catholic church regarding out of control priests!

Here in California's Santa Barbara and in Philadelphia, more and more stories are being discussed in courtrooms about out of control priests who have molested children.   And the Catholic hierarchy is spending a whole bunch of time griping about contraceptives???

Just askin'.

Headline #5 will be the first item in our Entertainment Stuff section.

Couple of quick items before the entertainment stuff:

As you probably know, a new book about President Obama has been written.   I'm pretty sure the title of the book is, "The Amateur".   Among other things, we're told that 12 or so years ago, Obama and his wife were talking about getting divorced.   Those kinds of conversations take place between a lot of married couples.   In some cases, things get worked out and in some cases they don't.  In this particular case, (if the story is true) the Obama's got things worked out.   Will that be something that will get brought up in a future debate between Obama and Romney?

Just askin', because after all, if we never knew that politics is a "blood sport" before, I think we know now.   Right?

Just sayin'.

You don't hear much (if anything) about this, but according to ratings numbers, Rush Limbaugh is experiencing a decline.   If he makes only one quarter of the money that his p.r. people have thrown out there, he figures to be in a fine financial position even he got fired tomorrow, but I think he now knows that he stepped way over the line one time too many when he chose to pick on Sandra Fluke.   I know a lot of fathers who would have taken care of things with their own hands if Limbaugh had said some of those things about THEIR daughters.

Just sayin'.

Please don't forget that the third day of this 3-day weekend we're about to have is "Memorial Day".   And please take a minute to think good thoughts about our soldiers.   Especially our soldiers who are in war zones on our behalf.


And our first item is Headline #5:   The "American Idol" finale was arguably the BEST EVER!!!

It's kind of funny to me to be reading all these blogs that can't seem to hide their joy while letting everyone know that last night's "American Idol" got the lowest ratings it's ever gotten for season finale show.   

Yep, "American Idol" wrapped up their 11th year last night.   Lowest ratings.   And overall, just exactly what show is beating them?   

Sunday night football.   But what about the other music shows?   None of them are beating "American Idol" because none of them are good enough.

Ratings for everything have gone down because of all the different ways people can watch these shows.   The "A.I." people felt that before this 11th season began that they should do some new things this season.   I saw every episode and I noticed the new things.   Things that were most notably noticed near the end because of all the new stuff that was added week to week.

And in last night's finale, we saw it all.   Superstar singers galore that no other show gets.   And lifetime memories for this season's "A.I." contestants who had the pleasure of singing WITH these great and long established super singers.

The show ran longer than it was supposed to, but to Fox's credit, no one interfered with a demand to "Shut the show down".   Fox knew they had a "winner" (show-wise) in progress and when we finally found out who the new "American Idol" winner would be, we saw something that was off the charts human.   When Phillip Phillips was declared the winner, his next assignment was to sing a song which would wrap up the show.   Phillips got through a small portion of the song, you could see in his eyes and facial expressions that he was struggling, the chorus in the background showed what pros they were by continuing their backup singing and then all of a sudden, with tears in his eyes, Phillips put his guitar over his shoulder and went straight to where his family was.   Gang, something like that can never be scripted effectively.   No script, big time effective, I had tears going down MY cheeks, I'm sure that many of you did as well and when the show officially ended, I said, "Wow!", clapped my hands, dried my eyes and turned off the television.

Here come a few other season finale shows I'd like to mention.

"Glee".   Wonderful show.   It'll be interesting what that show will look like next season because there will be some new faces on "Glee".

"House".   After 8 years of great performances, this was the last "House" show we'll ever see.   You had to figure their series finale would be special and special it was.   It was also, in many ways, weird.   But it was a "good weird" if you know what I mean.   All but one of the major actors who had performed on "House" quite a few times were given roles to play and as we got near the end, it appeared to be obvious that we were going to get a sad ending.   Until we were thrown a curve.   And when that happened, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.   What an ending!   I mean, WHAT an ENDING!!!   Bra-Vo, "House" people, BRA-VO!!!!!

"Revenge".   I can't say enough good things about what this show gave us to think about when their second season begins which will be in September when they have moved to Sunday nights and will be on the same time that "The Good Wife" will be on.   Last night's season finale was a fun roller-coaster ride.   When the show ended, we found ourselves wondering how many of the main characters who were on the plane that blew up will still be alive.   We also are wondering if Emily will get her broken heart repaired, what new tricks her billionaire friend will have up his sleeve, what the discovery of her mother will mean, etc., etc.   

Great, great show, "Revenge" people!   Give yourselves MULTIPLE high-fives!

COMMENTS AND OR QUESTIONS?   Please write to me at and I will respond to you, ASAP.   Don't write to the blog, because there's no way for me to know what your email address is which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you.   Everyone who sends an email gets responded to by me.   EVERYONE!!!   Except "Anonymous" emails.   Those are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, May 31 or very early Friday morning, July 1.

I hope you all have a very nice Memorial Day weekend and please don't forget;

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Big Run On Gun Purchases!! Majority of Americans Prefer The Term, "Same-Sex Civil Unions"!! EXCEDRIN: Should Someone Contact The Police And File a "Missing Product Report"? Facebook Tax Dodgers! And What The Hell Are We Doing In Yemen?!?

Before getting into the "Headline Stories" above, here's a reminder for all you people who get links to and or the entire blog from friends.   It's very easy to have my "labor of love" delivered directly to your email inbox.   And yes, it's FREE!   All you have to do is use the subscription form, just below my 'About Me' Profile to the right of this column.   Just enter your email address in the box provided and click on 'Subscribe'.   Then, click on the confirmation link that will arrive in your email and you are good to go.   Every time there is a new blog, it will automatically be delivered to you via email.   Delivery time is between 3 and 5 in the morning, Pacific Time.    Nothing but the new blog will be sent to you.   No ads, no spam...EVER!   And it will always be FREE!

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If you've never read this blog, but are reading it now because a friend of yours told you about it, here's something you need to know immediately;   You will read a lot of "opinions" here because I'm an opinionated guy.   And none of what you read here will be stuff that's been "made up" by me.   I leave that kind of nonsense to people like.....Uh....Do I really need to name these talk show and political charlatans?   I think we all know who they are, right?   And we listen to and read some of the baloney they say and write because....Let's face it,  like the sad circus clowns they are, some of them are entertaining.

HEY!!!   I told you that you will read OPINIONS here!

Okay, let's get busy!


A lot of stores are hurting because of our bad economy, but one kind of store is making a LOT of money!   Gun stores!   There's a run on guns the likes of which we've not seen for quite a while and the reason for this is a rumor that's as bogus as bogus can be.   Said rumor being that President Obama is going to get legislation passed that will take your guns away from you or he will somehow get law enforcement people of some kind to knock on your door and take your guns away from you or......Wellll....I could keep going here, but every "fact checker" that we know of has verified what I've known all along which is that this rumor is just another rumor designed to show that we supposedly have a president who can somehow make something like this happen.    Look, I know we have some frightened citizens who think that President Obama has the power to do what no other president in our history has ever had the power to do, so let me make this simple for you.   He has NEVER stated a desire to have our guns taken from us, but even if he DID (which he didn't), a majority of Democrats or Republicans would never approve of that kind of legislation.   Trust me gang.   The 2nd Amendment is safe.   I'm a long time supporter of the NRA, but I bow to no one who isn't God so I'm just going to pose a question here;   You don't really need machine guns to hunt ducks or deer, do you?

Just askin'.


If you read last week's blog, you know I did a commentary about same-sex marriage and I made the point that many people (especially older people) are offended by the idea of calling something a marriage that doesn't involve a man and a woman.   My suggestion was (and still is) that our gay friends should fight for what I think is their right but that they (for the sake of peace and harmony) should agree to not call what they want to legally do, a "marriage".

And yes, I got a few emails about this subject and everyone who wrote to me got a response from me except for the one "Anonymous" email I received.    The reaction I got pretty much matches what the polls say.   50% agreed, 50% didn't agree.   And yes, we had some interesting conversations.

Meanwhile, some new polls came out about what was suggested here and we've been told that the majority of Americans prefer the term, "Same-Sex Civil Unions."   

We are also told that more and more people are okay with these behind closed door relationships and this has not been lost on some Republican leaders who don't want to get into a fight that they think they would lose, politically.

Just sayin'.


If you take over the counter medicine for pain, there's a good chance that you or someone you know has used Excedrin.   I have been using Excedrin for YEARS!!   Until a few months ago.   Or has it been longer than THAT?!?
They are apparently not officially out of business, but does anyone know when (or if) the Excedrin folks will supposedly be selling that product again?

Just askin'.


Let me have a show of hands indicating how many of you are users of Facebook.    Needless to say, I can't count that high.

The amount of money that the people at the top of the Facebook operation are worth numbers that are way above my pay grade.

You'd think that guys who did this well in this country would be guys who wouldn't mind paying taxes here because of an opportunity they had HERE that they wouldn't have had anywhere else.

I would certainly think that, but Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has decided to renounce his citizenship here and run off to another country so he can avoid the vast majority of tax money he would owe.   Gang, a move like this is analogous to what other American CEO's do when they have a successful company here and they decide to move it to another country which results in a lot of American jobs being lost.   Along with a lot of potential tax money.   And who does the loudest cheering when this happens?   Mostly right wing politicians who seem to believe that pretty much nothing should be taxed and if people are struggling because of this kind of thinking, these politicians pretty much don't care.

And now we're hearing that Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is thinking about doing the same thing that Saverin did.   

Welllll.....Here's what I'd like to see happen to anyone who renounces his citizenship here because he wants to legally avoid paying taxes here.   


Just sayin'.


Yemen?   What the hell are we doing in Yemen?   Did YOU know we had troops in Yemen?   Now we're being told that "Our military role there is more extensive than previously reported."   My bad (I guess), but I didn't hear or read the "previously reported" announcement about Yemen.

Because of the economic condition our condition is in, I'm 100% in favor of what I state at end of each blog that I write;   AMERICA FIRST!!!

Once we get our economic situation squared away, we can then go back to spending money on helping other countries.   We need to get out of Afghanistan and we don't need to go to places like Yemen, etc. which results in money that we can't afford being spent and causing more of our troops to be killed and or suffering life changing injuries that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies.

Gang, I'll admit to being emotional while writing the three previous paragraphs.   I might change my mind after I cool off, but right now I'm not interested in voting for a presidential candidate who has had (to me) way too much war time on his watch.    Unfortunately, Mitt Romney wouldn't be an improvement in this regard.   Like a lot of rhinestone cowboys who never served, he comes across as seeming to think that war is fun.

Is it too late to get two DIFFERENT candidates?

Just askin'.


We begin with a sad note.   5-time Grammy winner Donna Summer has died.   Cancer.   And boy, do I remember HER music!   Radio listeners here in Los Angeles remember me as a general information talk show host and sports talk show host, but before I was hired by KMOX in St. Louis to be a talk show host, I was a guy who was playing records and picking the records that ended up being played on a station that was then known as KKSS.   We played mostly disco music, we were a success and a lot of that success was attributed to Donna Summer.   In those days I was also D.J.-ing in Disco clubs in St. Louis and a lot of Donna Summer music was requested and played.

I know Donna had fun being a big part of those disco years but so did the people who heard her music.   Including me.   R.I.P., Madam Disco Lady.   And I know you'll bring a lot of smiles to the faces of music lovers in the here-after.

Television Items:

A lot has been written in the last few days about new shows that we'll be able to begin watching in September and beyond, but the list is too long to mention here.

Instead, a couple of mentions about shows that have ended and will end, along with some shows  that are about to show their season enders before returning in a few months.

"Desperate Housewives" ended their 8-year run in style.   I thought the ending was terrific and if you didn't see it, I'm sure it's still available "On Demand".

There was a big surprise when it was announced that after a 10-year run, "CSI-Miami" has "left the building".

"House" is ABOUT to "leave the building".   There will be a two-hour "House" special next Monday and it figures to be "big time special".

After what I thought was a fun 2-hour "Glee" this week, they will present their season finale next Tuesday.   They're going to be switched to Thursdays when their new season begins and they'll have a lot of new cast members because of former cast members who "graduated".

I thought the season ender for "Smash" was outstanding, but I don't think their new season will begin until January.

I thought last night's (Wednesday) "Revenge" was a terrific set-up episode for their season finale which will be next Wednesday.   "Revenge" will be seen on Sunday nights next season and that show will be on the same time that "The Good Wife" will be on.

Meanwhile, "American Idol" is just about done for this season.   After tonight's (Thursday) voting results have been announced, only two singers will remain.   In addition to finding out who the new "American Idol" will be, we're also wondering if Jennifer Lopez will return as a judge next season.   I've said it before and I'll say it again....Isn't Jennifer Lopez the hottest looking 42-year old on the planet?

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS?   Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP.   Please don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I wouldn't be able to respond to you.   Except for "Anonymous" emails, I respond to every email that is sent to me.   "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, May 24 or very early Friday morning, May 25.

Please don't forget that this coming Saturday, May 19 is Armed Forces Day.   And please take a minute to think good thoughts about our troops.

I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend and don't forget our slogan;

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

President Obama supports same-sex marriages! Do YOU! And yes, I'll tell you what I think! Mitt Romney has apologized for being a high school bully!! Will Mike Huckabee be Romney's running mate? Gas prices are going up again but we still give these greedy oil barons monumental TAX BREAKS while THEY break our living BUDGETS?!? And if you think YOU'RE having a bad day, imagine what it's like for John Travolta!!!

Hi everybody and a big, big welcome to all of our new subscribers!

I think that for those of us who seriously pay attention to current events, we will agree that there have been some interesting things that have happened during the past few days.

Walking distance from where I live, something interesting will be taking place this evening.   This evening being, Thursday evening, May 10.   I'm being specific about the day I'm referring to because I know that many of you won't read this until sometime this weekend.

President Obama will be at George Clooney's home in Studio City, California from 6 or so this evening until 11 or so along with a lot of supporters who paid at least $40,000 to have dinner and to listen what President Obama had to say.

Like I stated, Clooney's home is walking distance from where I live, but no, I won't be taking THAT walk this evening.   I've made a little bit of a "name" for myself during all the years I've been here, but not the kind of name that gets you invited to having dinner with the President of the United States.   Or with George Clooney.   Yeah, 40 grand comes into play, too.

I have no idea what President Obama will say this evening, so I'll write about what I DO know he said yesterday.

He said he believes that same-sex marriage should be legal.

Some of you who have just now read those ten words in the above paragraph are people who are holding their breath or have uttered an expletive, spit, whatever.

And I understand that.

But just for the heck of it, let's kick this subject around a little bit.

I'm a big Clint Eastwood fan.   When he was asked about gay marriage, he said, "Why not?"

Before I go any further, let me be clear about something.   Just because President Obama says he believes same-sex marriage should be legal doesn't mean that it's automatically the law of the land.   No, some serious legislation would have to be passed before legalization were to happen.

Here's my position;   I can go either way on this.   I won't be bothered if a law making same-sex marriage IS the law of the land or if it is NEVER the law of the land.

If it is never the law of the land, then what I AM in favor of is a law that allows two same-sex people who are in love with each other and are living together to have the same benefits and protections that married opposite-sex couples have.   For a lot of people (especially older people) the idea of same-sex couples being allowed to say that they are MARRIED is something that strikes a hurtful nerve and it would/will be next to impossible to get them to change their minds.   And any time they might be willing to think about it, they'll hear or watch some cave-man talk show host use religion as a hook to talk about what a SIN a law like this would be.

And my response to that would be that we have heard over and over and over again that we all have been created equal and "The Bible tells me so!"

We are also told that God created all of us.   Do you think God is constantly making a mistake every time God creates a "gay" person?  

If you're a true "believer", it's impossible for you to think like that.

I'm a guy who believes in compromise when it comes to something like this.

Yo, Gay Couples!   I'm going to suggest that the most important part of the relationship you now have is that you're in love with each other.   You're probably living together and you would like this living together thing be documented in some way so you can have the same benefits heterosexual couples have.

You are hearing the loud voices from people who do not want you to be able to say that you're a "married" couple.   As much as it might (mentally) hurt to give up the idea of having what you have referred to as a marriage, do yourself a big favor and try to get something legislated that is called another word or words instead of "marriage" but it's something that you gives you the same benefits and protections that a "marriage" does.

And while you gay couples (or supporters of gay couples) might be squirming while reading what I've written in the form of a suggestion, remember THIS:   You're in love with each other.   Do you know how many people there are who HAVEN'T found their dream companion.   You HAVE found your dream companion.   COMPROMISE!   Everything else is conversation.

Mitt Romney Was A High School Bully?!?

Apparently so.   He apologized for it today.

This information was uncovered by (I think) the Washington Post and the people who told the story are former classmates and that's why Romney felt a need to apologize.

And now we know how he learned to be a successful bully for Bain while he was firing thousands of workers.

Speaking of Romney, have you heard the "buzz" about Mike Huckabee possibly being Romney's running mate.   I've had several on-air conversations with Governor Huckabee, I like him a lot and quite frankly I think he would be a better presidential candidate than Romney is.   A LOT better!!!


President Obama has been receiving slings and arrows because of his support of gay marriage and Governor Romney has been receiving slings and arrows for being a bully and gutless when it comes to standing up for people he SHOULD be standing up for.   And yes, I got quite a few emails from people about that subject after I wrote about it in last week's blog.

Anyway...It's safe to say that Obama and Romney have had whacha call a "bad day" (so far) today.

And yeah, maybe a lot you readers have had a bad day, too.

But how do you think YOUR bad day and Obama and Romney's bad day compares to the bad DAYS that John Travolta has had recently?!?

Just askin'.


Have you noticed?   Of course you have!   Gas prices are going UP again!   But we are still giving those greedy bastard oil barons monumental TAX BREAKS while THEY break our LIVING BUDGETS!!!   Why is this allowed to CONTINUE?   Bought and paid for Congress people by lobbyists.  Greedy Congress people who don't give a damn about you or me.

Just sayin'.   And sayin' the truth.


Before telling you about some television shows that have been renewed for next season along with some other entertainment related observations, I want to tell you about an enjoyable experience I had in Long Beach, California yesterday.

Long Beach resident Patrick Gallagher is a reader of this blog.   I think he disagrees with a lot of what I write, but he's nice about it and he has a long memory.   He remembers when I was doing a sports-talk show here with two other well known Los Angeles area guys.   Joe McDonnell and Doug Krikorian.   Joe and Doug are now doing an internet sports-talk show five days a week at the great Long Beach sports bar, "Legends".    Pat told me he was going to show up there yesterday and he wondered if I might like to show up as well.   

Because I hadn't seen Joe and Doug for quite a while, I thought this would be a good idea.   A surprise for both of those guys.   The first of the two to see me was Doug and I could tell that because of my "new look", he had no idea who I was.   Right then and there, I knew I was going to have a good time.   When Joe arrived, I was asked if I would join them on the broadcast.   I did and it was as though we had never gone in different directions.   Me with the acting, Doug with the writing and chasing women and Joe with a marriage and a lot of lost pounds.

I think I was with those guys for an hour or so.   It was an absolute blast and I would like you people here in the L.A. area who like sports to make it a point to go to "Legends" your own selves.  When you arrive, you will see nice looking people who are looking at huge screens showing any sporting event you could possibly think of along with great food and a variety of liquids to wash it down with.   If you're there while Joe and Doug are there, walk upstairs, say, "Hi!" and tell 'em Scott St. James sent ya.

Pat Gallagher?   Pat, it was nice to finally meet you in person and thanks for what turned out to be a fun trip for me.

Where IS "Legends", you ask?    5236 East 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803.   Phone number?   Gotcha covered.   562-433-5743

And now the film and TV stuff:

Have you seen "The Avengers"?   I tried to see an 11AM showing this past Tuesday, but because of the very long line of people, I turned around and went grocery shopping instead.   This film has now sold more than 800 million dollars worth of tickets world-wide.

TV shows I want to mention include "Magic City" which is on STARZ and I thought last Friday's episode was the best episode this show has had so far.   And I don't think I'm the only guy who thinks that the actress Elina Satine who plays the role of "Judi Silver" is one heck of scene stealer.   If you haven't seen this show yet, check it out.   A lot of reruns are shown and there are a lot of beautiful people on this show.

Only two more episodes of "House" on Fox and then that show will be OVER!   They're going out with a bang, folks.   If you get a chance to watch the remaining episodes, you'll be glad you did.

Uma Thurman was a great addition to NBC's "Smash", but after last week's terrific episode, Uma Thurman has left the building and the season finale (which looks like it might include a cat fight) will be aired next week.

"Glee" on Fox is wrapping up this season with some great story lines.   Their season finale will be May 22.   I think they're showing a 2-hour espisode next week.   Maybe that's the episode that Lindsay Lohan will be appearing on.

2-hour show finale for "Desperate Housewives" this Sunday on ABC.   After this show, the Housewives will have "left the building".   And if we're to believe what we've been reading, none of the actresses ever want to work with Teri Hatcher again.

I thought the episode of "Revenge" last night was very interesting.   They presented us with a 10-years ago episode that gave us a chance to figure out why some of the things we had seen had happened.   2 more episodes before the season finale and yes, "Revenge" has been renewed for next season.

And here are some other renewals of shows that I'm very happy about;

"Southland" (5th season) on TNT..."Parenthood" on NBC..."30-Rock" on NBC..."Law & Order: SVU" (14th season) on NBC...And a new Dick Wolf show, "Chicago Fire" will be on NBC next season.   The stars will be "The Vampires Diarys' " Taylor Kinney and "House's" Jesse Spencer.

And yes, "American Idol" has been renewed.   Two more seasons.   This season, which still has three more weeks to go because of the contestant who was eliminated tonight, is a season that arguably (because of the singers) has been the BEST season ever for "A.I.".   And I don't think I'm alone when I say we viewers would love it had none of the final four contestants been eliminated.  In addition to last night's singing competition, we were shown a few clips from a new film which will be released soon.   "Rock of Ages", featuring an all-star cast that includes Tom Cruise singing and we're told he sings very well.

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Thursday night, May 17 or very early Friday morning, May 18.

Meanwhile, don't forget about the mothers you are related to.   Mother's Day is this Sunday.   HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

I hope that all of you have a great weekend and don't forget...

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The GOP and their GAY problem! Aren't we led to believe that our "Creator" created ALL of us? Mitt Romney's LACK of COURAGE!!! It ain't bragging if you DID it!!! I'm an American citizen and have to show my ID all the time! People here ILLEGALLY are EXEMPT?!?

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Time now for THIS blogs HEADLINE STUFF:

The GOP and their GAY problem!

As I have stated in the past, I'm a lifetime Republican who voted for Barack Obama.   The first Democrat I've ever voted for.   As Ronald Reagan once said, "I didn't leave the Democrat party, they left ME!"   In reverse, that's how I felt about the current Republican party.

I don't know if I will vote for Obama to get a second term, but I have a lot of concerns about Mitt Romney getting a FIRST term.

Are you ever going to show us your tax returns, Governor?    Or is all that off-shore money you've deposited in foreign countries some kind of problem?

Governor, the "courage of your convictions" is tough to pin down because you change your mind so often.

Being the President of the United States requires rock solid convictions, even if they turn to be wrong and that leads me back to this GAY problem thing.

When I was much younger, I'll admit to the fact that I thought being "gay" was some kind of illness.   Of course in those days, gays were called queers.

But as I've gotten older and wasn't too scared to have real conversations with a few people who happened to be gay, I learned they're no different than anyone else.   Some are bad, most are good and they all want the same things the rest of us want.

We seem to have a sizable number of "right leaning" religious folks who try their best to convince all Republican candidates to keep their distance from anyone who is known to be GAY.   

And that makes me say, Hmmmm...   And here's what else it makes me say;  "Aren't we led to believe by religious leaders that our "Creator", "God", created ALL of us?   And if that is now considered to not be true, would these religious leaders mind telling us when that happened?"

And here comes this "courage problem" I have with all the GOP presidential candidates, a list that now seems to be "one".   Mitt Romney.

I watched every minute of every Republican debate.   Because I'm a military veteran, I REALLY noticed when a U.S. Army combat soldier in Afghanistan came on the television screen to ask the Republican candidates a question and he was booed by many people in the audience.   WHY?   Because he announced he was/is gay.

Not ONE of those candidates had the courage to say something like, "Please, people!   This guy's fighting for our COUNTRY!"

At the time, I gave the candidates a little slack because I thought the booing might have caught them off guard.   And I thought they would certainly say something in defense of that soldier at the next Republican debate.

Didn't happen.

Except for Mitt Romney, all those other candidates are.....Well, the one thing we know for certain is that they aren't candidates anymore and probably never deserved to be.   And I'm not convinced that Romney deserves to be a candidate either.

Just the other day Romney let a religious leader of some kind push him around about an openly gay Romney spokesman, Richard Grenell.   A guy who also had worked for the George W. Bush administration.

Oh, they're saying all the right things.   The guy resigned, they were sorry to see him go, etc., etc.   But what has Romney publicly said?   The same thing he said when that gay combat soldier was asking a question and getting booed.   Nothing! 

Yep, Mitt Romney.   One courageous dude.   Courageous when it comes to tying his dog to his car or firing thousands of people.   Other than that?   Maybe it will be an act of courage when he releases his tax returns???

Just askin'.

It Ain't Bragging if you DID it:

All this complaining about Obama reminding us that he's the guy who gave the order for a successful assassination of Osama bin Laden?   Hey, no one on the other side of the aisle wanted to give him any credit, he certainly can't brag about how he's straightened out our economy, but he HAS been the kind of wartime president that hawks who have never served would normally rally behind.  Unless....Well, we know what the "unless" is, don't we?

Just sayin' and just askin'.

Illegal Immigrants and the ID requirement that (more often than not) doesn't APPLY TO THEM!

I want to thank my good friend Don Barrett, owner and publisher for sending something that was said by Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer and or a member of her administration.

Governor Brewer supported a law that would require ID's to be shown to police officers (when asked) and a whole bunch of hell got raised about how unfair that was/is for those poor breakers of the law who are here illegally.

Here's a statement that includes an "example list" as presented by the governor or someone representing her:   "I'm a legal American citizen and I must show my ID when (1) Pulled over the police.  (2)  Making purchases on my department store credit  card.  (3)  When I show up for a doctor's appointment.  (4)  When filling out a credit or loan application.  (5)  When applying for or renewing a driver's license or passport.  (6)  When applying for any kind of insurance.  (7)  When filling out college applications.  (8)  When donating blood.  (9)  When obtaining certain prescription drugs.  (10)  When making some debit purchases, especially if I'm out of state.  (11)  When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel.   I'm sure there are more instances, but the point is that we citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are nearly every day!   Why should people in the country ILLEGALLY, be EXEMPT?!?"

I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't have an answer for that question other than to say this so-called "exception" is OUTRAGEOUS!

Entertainment Stuff:

"The Avengers" opens up in your favorite places for watching new films tomorrow, May 4.   And the reviews that I've seen are very good.

And how about that "Hunger Games" film?   It has now sold more than 600 million dollars worth of tickets world wide.

Did you hear about this new 8-episode HBO series titled, "True Detective" that will star Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mc Conaughey?   No date has been given for the first episode, but it figures to be sometime in the next few months.

A lot of TV shows are wrapping up their seasons now.   This past Sunday's "The Good Wife" was (to me) off the charts outstanding.   It ended with a lot of questions to be answered when the new season begins in September.   Will Alicia's mother-in-law still be alive?   Will Alicia move into the old house with her husband and kids?   Will the law firm have to declare bankruptcy?   Will the guy with the deep voice on the phone try to cause harm to Alicia?   And will Kalinda end up in a gun fight with the person who is trying to open her door and where on earth did Kalinda get all that MONEY?!?

Just askin'.

Only 3 episodes of "House" left.   Then the series will be over.   Great episode this past Monday and fans of the show are wondering if House's best friend is going to die because of his cancer, commit suicide or will he somehow survive?

Only 2 episodes of "Smash" left.   Uma Thurman's interpretation of Marilyn Monroe's singing of "Happy Birthday" was fun as was a number of other things that are going on in this very good show.   And yes, it'll be back next season.

Only 3 more episodes of "Revenge".   I love this show, but because of the plot line, I really wonder how effective a second season would be.   The episode this week was terrific.

Last night (Wednesday, May 2), "American Idol" presented their five remaining contestants.   One of them will be eliminated tonight.   Last night's show was hands down the best "American Idol" show of the season.   All five contestants were big time "on their game", cute Hollie Cavanagh has been on the verge of being eliminated after every episode but she has survived and her two performances last night has a lot of us thinking she might win this thing if she continues to perform this well.   Because someone WILL be eliminated tonight, I'm going to guess it will be the good looking guy who all the girls seem to like.  INCLUDING...Jennifer Lopez!   Cougar be thy name, pretty lady.

Only a few more episodes of "Glee" and this week's multiple story-line episode was very, very good.   I'm just going to mention one of the story-lines.   Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg played the role of a Broadway producer judge.   The characters Kurt and Rachel were the contenders.   The Kurt character hit a "home run" with his performance.   The Rachel character flubbed her lines twice, begged for a third chance, wasn't given it and she was told by the Goldberg character that if Rachel messed up twice on Broadway, she would be immediately be replaced by the "Under-Study".

Any actor who watched that episode figures to have been nodding her or her head.   I certainly was.   And I remembered a time when I FROZE!!!

Longest drive home ever!

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THE NEXT BLOG?   Barring unforseen circumstances, next Thursday night, May 10 (late) or (early) Friday morning, May 11.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a very pleasant weekend and don't forget:   AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!