Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Pathetic Persistence of the "BIRTHER" Crowd!!!

Hi Gang!

I missed you these last four weeks of no full blog. Why was I on "Blog Hiatus"? Professional and personal time consuming obligations.

I sent out a sheet to many of you regular readers with a list of subjects I planned to write about in our "comeback" blog.

I sort of knew the order in which each topic would be placed and I absolutely knew what my headline would be. And it's not the headline you see above. The headline was going to be, "What Sarah Palin and Doctor Laura have in Common!"

I will get to that subject later.

Late last night, a long time Long Beach, California blog reader and topic contributor sent me an audio tape of a gossip reporter who appears on 30 or so small market radio stations around the country. I know the guy. While apparently imagining himself to be the male equivalent of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, he told a huge "whopper" as in, lie. People who pay attention to what Congresswoman Bachmann says and aren't mesmerized by her, know that when she opens her mouth, the first thing you look for is to see if she's hooked up to a polygraph. If she isn't, the odds are pretty good she's going to say something that simply isn't true. I know of 13 (no wiggle room) huge "whoppers" she's told. Like saying that when President Obama took that business trip to India that Obama was bringing along a whole bunch of Marines, an aircraft carrier, a bunch of his friends and that the trip would be costing taxpayers more than 200 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY!!!

Not true, not even close to true and she sold the story to people like Limbaugh, Hannity and others, but she made a big mistake when she tried selling it to CNN's Anderson Cooper. Unlike Limbaugh, Hannity and head nodding sycophants, Cooper, a real journalist, made it his business to verify this story. Or not. Cooper's investigation revealed that nothing Bachmann said was even close to the truth and Cooper publicly exposed Congresswoman Bachmann for what she did while the other "talk show entertainers" who have people convinced they're telling you "the truth" have not to this day apologized for their mistake and to the best of my knowledge, Bachmann hasn't either.

Okay...Back to the audio tape the Long Beach blog reader sent me last night.

This "reporter" was claiming to be a good friend of the Governor of Hawaii and he said (in essence) that his "good friend", the Governor, had told him ("the reporter") that he (the Governor) tried to find proof of President Obama's birth in Hawaii, but that he, the Governor, couldn't find anything!

Today, "the reporter" was forced to admit the Governor had never said this to him ("the reporter") and he also had to admit he hadn't spoken to the Governor at all and he admitted (in his own words) that he had (in essence) made up the story.

And that brings me to the subject of "Birthers" and I'm now inclined to think the "reporter" is part of that crowd.

For those of you who don't know, when people bring up the word "Birther", the odds are pretty good that they're referring to people who don't believe that President Barack Obama was born in this country. Some "Birthers" refer to Obama as "A fraud", "Ineligible to be President", "Manchurian Candidate", etc., etc. In other words, Barack Obama should never have been allowed to be President of the United States.


I don't know why you "Birthers" are (in my view) so pathetically persistent about this. If it's because you're having a lot of trouble accepting a brown face in the White House, I'm sorry for you, but you need to check the calendar. It's 2011. Things have changed. A lot!

Don't like my argument? Aren't buying it all?

Okay, let me try two different arguments. Big arguments.

Do you remember that Hillary Clinton ended up being Obama's biggest competitor for the Democratic nomination to be the next President of the United States? Do you think that she didn't hear those claims made by "Birthers"? Do you think Hillary's husband didn't hear those claims by "Birthers". Do you remember who Hillary's husband was/is?!? A former President of the United States. Do you think that a former President of the United States would have access to any and all law enforcement people in Washington and everywhere in our whole COUNTRY? You bet your sweet ass he would. And do you think for one second that he didn't have the "best of the best" investigating this allegation made by the "Birthers"? I mean, if the "Birthers" were right, Hillary Clinton would have ended up getting the nomination. Doesn't that kind of reasoning make sense to you?


Well how about this one. A hot shot law enforcement person of some kind. Someone who has access to all the tools he or she needs to get to the bottom of this. If this law enforcement person proved that the "Birthers" were right, in addition to getting a promotion, this law enforcement person gets a book deal, a movie deal and his or her life gets turned upside down in a positive way that is off the charts wonderful.

Do you "Birthers" honestly think (I mean, really THINK) that someone could sneak into the White House after reading what I just now wrote?

If you have a rebuttal of some kind or any kind of comment, please write to me at and I will respond to you immediately.


Are you aware of his new poll numbers? As of yesterday, 55% approval rate. Do you know what Ronald Reagan's poll numbers were at this same time in his presidency? 37%. They go up, they go down. Most of us will agree that Reagan's spirit of optimism was what made a lot of people like him a lot. History has shown us he made some mistakes, but that optimism of his was contagious.

While on vacation recently, President Obama read what is considered to be the definitive book about President Reagan.

Did you watch the State of the Union speech last night? Some of that Reagan optimism was on display. If you're going to "copy", copy from the best and at times, that was what Obama seemed to be doing last night.

Gang, like it or not, we really are going to have to make cuts in the amount of money our government spends. To me, cuts in Social Security and Medicaid seem to be something that will have to be done, but I think it would be off the charts unfair if senior citizens who are now receiving these benefits had one cent cut from them. Change the structure regarding those who are years away from receiving these benefits, but please, leave the current elderly alone.

Defense cuts, in my view, absolutely have to be made. We've never paid for the idiotic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's real money that's being spent on those wars. Not to mention all the health care money that will continue to be needed for catastrophic injuries suffered by our troops. Healthcare they will need for the rest of their lives.

We have more than 600 military bases overseas! For what? And how do you think we'd feel if foreign countries had bases with their troops HERE! I know. If we keep borrowing money from China, we might end up seeing their troops in bases here.

Okay, I'm kidding (I think), but you get my drift, right?

Remember what was said about one of the big reasons we were in Iraq? Besides the WMD's that never existed? We were supposedly going to help them set up a government like ours. A democratic kind of government. A peaceful kind of government. And we have begun withdrawing a lot of our troops from there. But we recently learned of the existence of a huge torture prison that's in Iraq now. Apparently, it's relatively new.

Different cultures, folks. Let's get the hell out of there. And out of as many other foreign countries as we can and concentrate on THIS country! OUR country!

I know. Wishful thinking.


I planned to write longer pieces on these next few subjects, but the last minute ending to the current "Birthers" story changed things.

Keith Olbermann. Talented guy, half-crazy guy, maybe more than half-crazy, no longer at MSNBC. There is serious talk about his permanent replacement being Alec Baldwin.

Regis Philbin. He has announced that he's retiring from television sometime in the near future. I've known Regis since the very early 70's when he was the first to put me on a television show, a show that he was (then) doing in St. Louis. Good, good guy! Later, when I had just begun working as an every night sports anchor here in Los Angeles, Regis, who was then hosting the number one morning television show here, called me to tell me that the people doing my "lighting" (on the set) weren't doing it properly and he told me what to tell them to get it corrected. Like I said, good, good guy!

Ricky Gervais. In case you've forgotten, he was the host of the Golden Globes show. Overall, I thought that show was the most entertaining Golden Globes show I've seen in a long time and I think Ricky Gervais had a lot to do with it.

Piers Morgan. Larry King's replacement. I watched every minute of his first five shows last week and I thought he was terrific. His guests were Oprah Winfrey, Howard Stern, Condi Rice, Ricky Gervais and George Clooney who was on the show with his dad, Nick. I thought Morgan's interview with Condi Rice was especially good.

The Tucson shooting. I'm a NRA guy and I'm not a guy who's going to advocate new gun control laws, but I do have serious questions about 31-bullet clips for pistols. I mean, you think you need a 31-bullet pistol clip for WHAT reason?!?


The new season of "American Idol" has begun. I'm a long time fan who wondered how the new judges would be. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez act like they've been in their new judge chairs forever. I really thought that Jennifer Lopez would be very good, but I knew next to nothing about Steven Tyler except for his singing. Nothing to worry about, A.I. fans. And welcome to the SHOW, Jennifer and Steven!!!

"Ask" just released the results of a new poll; The top-ten least desirable women of 2011. The woman who was voted the absolute least desirable woman of 2011?

Drum roll, please.

Sarah Palin!

Have you seen the new David E. Kelley show on NBC? It's called, "Harry's Law" and it stars Academy Award winner, Kathy Bates as "Harry", a whacha call, different kind of lawyer. The other stars of the show are Nate Corddry as "Adam", Ami Ameen as "Malcolm" and Brittany Snow as "Jenna". For those of you who were fans of the television show, "American Dreams", Brittany Snow played the roll of Meg Pryor. I think "Harry's Law" is going to be a big hit for NBC and it's on Monday nights at 10 Pacific and Eastern time, 9 Central time.

Have you checked out the new Sunday night triple-header on Showtime? Gang, this is "must see" TV. All three of these shows. "Shameless", "Californication" and "Episodes". When you watch these shows, you will want to thank me for telling you about them.

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Wednesday night, February 2 or early Thursday morning, February 3.

Next week I'll include a couple of topics I didn't get to in this blog.

What Doctor Laura and Sarah Palin have in common.....The holier than thou Congresswoman who has disowned her son because he's gay....Nude pictures....Oscar nominations....Trailor Park Trash....Victimization....And more!

Have a great rest of the week everybody!!!

It's January 26 and sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning a new blog will have been written and posted!!!

Hi Gang,

After four weeks of a full blog not being posted because of time consuming responsibilities involving film projects and personal issues, a new blog will be written and posted sometime this evening (Wednesday, January 26) or early tomorrow morning, January 27.

Some of the things that will be written about are The State of the Union speech, President Obama's poll numbers, Ronald Reagan, Doctor Laura, Nude pictures, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, the Tucson shooting, Ask's "least desirable woman" poll, Torture prisons in Iraq, the holier than thou Congresswoman who has disowned her son because he's gay, The "Birther" crowd and their pathetic persistence, Keith Olbermann, Regis Philbin, Alec Baldwin, the reason we need cuts in the Defense budget, Trailer Park Trash, Victimization, Entertainment stuff which includes new television shows and Oscar nominations and more.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's January 19 and this blog is still on hiatus!!!

Hi Gang,

Because of other obligations, a full new blog won't be written and posted until next Wednesday, January 26 or the following Wednesday, February 2.

Meanwhile, as a long time fan of "American Idol", I'm very encouraged by what I saw from the new judges on the 2-hour "A.I." season opening show tonight. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were terrific.

In political news? Are we surprised that some influential Republicans are saying that Sarah Palin needs to shut up for a while?

I'm not.

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And I hope that you and yours have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This blog is still on hiatus!

Hi Gang!

I'm still tied up with other obligations. The next new (full) blog will be written and posted on January 26 or February 2.

And yeah, it's tough to not be writing about the tragedy in Arizona and Sarah Palin's "response" to criticism about rifle cross hairs, etc., a "hide in her room" response that will have to change (like it or not) if she ever wants to be taken seriously about a run for the office of Commander in Chief.

I will be making my usual appearance on CRN this Friday. 4-5pm, Pacific time, 6-7pm Central time, 7-8pm Eastern time. And the show will be repeated several times during the weekend. CRN owner Mike Horn hosts this show and we will have our usual cast of characters chiming in with thoughts about different things that will include NFL playoff predictions and a lot of laughs. And gang? This is the fastest hour you'll ever hear on the radio! Please check us out at

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend!

Most sincerely,

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Because of other obligations including a new film I'll be participating in, there will be no blog posted on January 5.



Meanwhile, feel free to check out any of the old blogs. They're all available.

I hope you all had a Happy New Year and that you will have a great week.

Most sincerely,

Scott "The Jammer with the Hammer" St. James