Thursday, April 26, 2012

Does Congressman Paul Ryan have a Religion Problem? Lindsay Lohan starring as Elizabeth Taylor?!? Florida is the first state that requires you to pass a drug test if you want WELFARE money!

Three things before getting into our headline (above) segments.   

(1)  I'm sure that most of you long time readers are noticing that I'm using larger print.   And HERE'S even LARGER PRINT!!!

The blogger people have changed a few things and this particular "thing" will allow a lot of you to stop squinting or (in some cases) to stop using a magnifying glass.

(2)  I'm sure it's not a surprise if I tell you I got a few more emails than usual because of last week's blog.    One of the emails was from a guy I haven't spoken to in a long time.   The great Joey Reynolds sent a very kind note about last week's blog and I was stunned because I had no idea he was even AWARE of this blog.    Joey Reynolds has been a big East Coast radio star for many years, but there was a small stretch of time when he stuck his foot in these West Coast waters where I hang my hat and we enjoyed the short time he spent at KMPC here in Los Angeles.    If you have access to Jack Roberts' "Hollywood Hills" column, there's a very nice story about Joey Reynolds in today's April 26 column.

(3)  By now it would be reasonable for anyone to think that because I'm as old as I am, I wouldn't still be making stubborn and stupid mistakes, buuuuut...
I walk 3-5 miles a day.   EVERY day!   It's been raining here.   Because of the soaked feet, etc., I have a case of the flu which means this will probably be a shorter than usual blog because of the medicine I'm taking.   Dumb, dumber and dumb-EST!


Does Congressman Paul Ryan have a "Religion Problem"?!?

If you don't know who Congressman Ryan is, he's a guy who a lot of people think is a "smart guy".   A VERY "smart guy".    I happen to think he's not as smart as he and his "believers" think he is.   A number of his ideas are slightly adjusted warmed over ideas that are proven failures.   And a couple of weeks ago, he and his mouth stepped into some big doo-doo.

Ryan, who is the House Budget Committee Chairman said, (in essence)  that his draconian budget agenda was inspired by his Roman Catholic faith.

Welllll....Last week, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said Ryan's plan FAILS to meet certain "Moral criteria" because disproportionately cutting programs that serve poor and vulnerable people are unjustified and wrong.   Faculty members and priests at Georgetown University blasted Ryan for his continuing misuse of Catholic teaching to defend a budget plan that pretty much hurts everyone except for the tax breaks that would be given to the wealthiest few.   The closing blast at Ryan was, "Your budget appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Here's the deal, gang....A so-called "Smart Guy" doesn't put himself into a verbal position that includes a religious "hook", because the odds are high that the "hook" will end up in your mouth and you will be just another "fish" that's been reeled in.

Congressman Ryan, you are (to use a baseball term) "Playing in the Big leagues".   Congressman, if I'm the General Manager of the team you're on, I'm thinking it's time to send you back to the "Minor Leagues".

A New Florida Law:

I don't know how new this new Florida law is, but I had never heard of it until my long time friend and former Hawaiian Tropic owner, Ron Rice sent me this information.   Ron Rice is also the guy who invented Hawaiian Tropic in his garage while he was a high school football coach.   Ron sold Hawaiian Tropic a few years ago and I'm pretty sure he now has more money than Mitt Romney.

This new Florida law has to do with anyone who applies for Welfare money.   Before getting any Welfare money, applicants have to pass a drug test.   They also have to pay for the drug test, but are reimbursed if they test drug-free.

Applicants who test positive won't be eligible for Welfare money for a year, or until they undergo treatment.   Those who fail a second time will be banned from getting Welfare money for THREE YEARS!

Gang, I don't know about you, but I like that law.   And I wish that the other 49 of our states would pass a law like this.

But here's a law I'd like to see get repealed in all the states.   LOTTERIES!

Think about it.   Most, if not all of the states have lotteries.   The feeling here is that people who can't afford it are the biggest players.   The end results tend to include divorce, bankruptcy, mental illness, suicide, etc., etc.   Big winners are few and far between except for one group of people.    The people who RUN these lotteries!    The money that goes to schools from these lotteries?   Puh-Leeze!!!   The states are STILL begging for tax money for schools.

What do you think?   Do you agree with me, disagree, what?


Lindsay Lohan is going to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a made for television film that will be titled, "Liz and Dick"!   "Dick" as in Sir Richard Burton.   That role hasn't been cast yet, but Lindsay Lohan as Liz?   Maybe Lohan will be terrific in this role, but....???

New two-year deal for Ryan Seacrest on "American Idol".   Seacrest was sick as a dog while performing his duties on last night's (Wednesday, April 26) "Idol".   A show in which all six of the remaining contestants were OUTSTANDING!

Speaking of "outstanding" as it relates to television...."Magic City" on STARZ is better every week.   Same deal with "Smash" on NBC.   Guest Star Uma Thurman has been a great fit for what they have her doing and the whole cast of "Smash" has been "smashingly good".

Another great episode of "The Good Wife" this past Sunday and I like the new show that is following "The Good Wife".   "NYC 22".   Both shows are on CBS.

"Harry's Law", starring Oscar winner, Kathy Bates along with a great supporting cast and great Guest Stars is also a fun Sunday show that's on NBC.

"Revenge" on ABC is still fun to watch, "House"on Fox will come to an end after three or four final episodes and "Glee" on Fox is wrapping up their final weeks of the season by letting us know who won't be back on the show next season.


Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP.   Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means I won't be able to respond to you.   I respond to everyone except "Anonymous" emails.    Those are ignored.


Barring something unforseen, late next Thursday night, May 3 or very early Friday morning, May 4.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend and don't forget...

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dick Clark!! The Jammer is a GURU?!? The NRA & Obama!! No color on "The Bachelor" or ""Bachelorette"!! GOP & Millionaires! Shut up, Ted Nugent!!

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Lot's of ground to cover, so "Let's get BUSY!"


Ordinarily, a story about a guy like this would be in our "ENTERTAINMENT STUFF" section, but because Dick Clark was much bigger than that.....

In case you hadn't heard, Dick Clark died on Wednesday, April 18. He was 82.

We all know the story about Dick Clark and "American Bandstand"! That's what started it all for Dick Clark, but he ended up being one of the most powerful show business people EVER! The quiz shows he hosted, the films he was in, the major shows that he produced like the "Golden Globes", "American Music Awards", "New Year's Rockin 'Eve", "TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes", etc. on top of etc....I mean there's no telling how much Dick Clark was WORTH when he died. So let's just settle for "A LOT!!!"

I knew Dick Clark. I'm not going to pretend to having been a bosom buddy of his, but I do have a couple of stories to share with you.

I've been a performer of one kind or another ever since I arrived (here) in Los Angeles the day after Thanksgiving, 1979. Prior to that I was the afternoon drive radio guy on KMOX in St. Louis.

I don't remember how it all began, but I had a few (brief) written and phone conversations with Dick Clark that were mostly about the "Golden Globes" show that he was the producer of and my belief that the Academy Awards people should have given Dick Clark "An offer he couldn't refuse".

And for all I know, maybe they DID, but Dick REFUSED!

Dick Clark did two off the charts very nice things for me. When I was the nightly sports anchor for Channel 9 here, one of Dick Clark's many shows was, "TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes". One night while I was doing my sports report, I did a local story about soccer and to make a point, I had a soccer ball with me and I gave it a slight kick. My foot caught it such a way that the ball ended up being a bulls-eye shot because it hit the camera lens that was focused on me right in the middle. A billion to one shot. And totally unintentional. In fact, I was scared to death that I might have to PAY for that camera. Fortunately for me, the camera wasn't damaged, we laughed about it on the set, end of story. Welllll...not exactly. Unbeknownst to me, long time "Entertainment Tonight" Producer-Director Kevin Gershan saw what happened, immediately got a copy of me kicking the ball and he gave it to Dick Clark. Dick Clark ended up playing that tape on his "Bloopers" show seven times that I'm aware of. And yes, nice checks were sent to me.

Here comes the other off the charts nice thing he did for me.

A few years later, I decided I wanted to stick my foot into the acting arena. After doing a few things, I put together a demo tape that I sent (unsolicited) to some film and television Casting Directors and Producers. I think it was thirty tapes. One of them went to Dick Clark. He responded with a very short note about how good he thought my tape was and he complemented my acting. After thinking about it, I wrote him a note asking if it would be all right with him if I included his very nice note with any other solicitation I might make. He responded immediately with his permission.

I then sent a copy of Dick Clark's note along with a note from me to Ed Scott who was the Executive Producer of "The Young & The Restless". I told Ed a white lie when I said I accidentally forgot to include Dick Clark's "endorsement" when I sent him (Ed Scott) a copy of my demo tape.

Because of Dick Clark's "approval of me" note, Ed looked at my tape and that resulted in my playing a very fun character named Stan who was an investigator for a few days. I also ended up doing some voice over work for that show. And it happened because one of the biggest names in Hollywood gave me a "Stamp of Acceptance note" to share with some industry folks.

Dick Clark is no longer with us, but until my dying day, I will know that Dick Clark was a very good man.

Because I can't figure out the perfect topic to follow the Dick Clark stories, I'll give you one more (in this case) very short story about ME and then get going with some political stuff that most of you look forward to reading about.

The Commercial I Just Finished Participating In:

In last week's blog, I mentioned a commercial I was about to participate in and that my character was an ageing hippie who is seen making passionate moves on a woman when her son walks in the door and is shocked.

The product is Direct TV and I ended up playing the role of a Hippie Guru who, in addition to having a lover of his own, is a guy who gives smiles and thumbs up kinds of encouragement to other hippies who want to make "Whoopee". I don't know when this commercial will be aired. I do know this; The cast and crew were some of the finest people I've ever had the pleasure/privilege of working with and "WORK" it WAS!!! I mean I was one worn out actor when we finished. And I say that with a big smile. Thank you for the great direction, TOM KURTZ!!

And now it's time to write about the kind of stuff we usually write about.

The NRA and Obama:

As you've probably heard, the National Rifle Association held their convention recently in St. Louis. I am a long time supporter of the NRA and I'm trying to figure out where all these rumors about President Obama wanting to take everyone's guns away from them is coming from.

Gang, if I thought there was any truth to that, I'd be raising Holy HELL about this. There is no REAL evidence of this at all.

Annnd....You've probably heard that singer Ted Nugent was doing a lot of popping off at the convention. In fact, he was doing so MUCH popping off, that the Secret Service has told Nugent they want to have a conversation with Nugent. No, these are not the same Secret Service guys who were recently with a bunch of hookers who call themselves "Escorts". Most folks know that if you say something publicly about something that sounds like you're endorsing harm of some kind to the President of the United States, you will hear from the Secret Service who will tell you in essence that "You've got some 'splainin' to do!"

And if you heard the obscene descriptions Nugent publicly stated about two women who have important positions in the White House, your first thought might be the first thought that came to MY mind which was/is, what kinds of drugs are you taking, Ted. Or are you that stupid WITHOUT drugs? And Ted? You're not perceived as a guy who's simply "Tellin' it like it is!" at a major convention. You're coming across as an uneducated/no manners .......!!! Those dots represent seven letters. As uncouth and a "never been housebroken" kind of guy he comes across as being, I'm guessing he could tell you what those seven dots represent. Ted, you didn't think you're the only one capable of firing off insults, did you? But I do it with a little more "class" than you do. Now shut the bleep up!

A Lawsuit Against The Producers of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette".

WHY, you ask? For ten years and thirteen combined seasons, there's never been a person of "color" on either of these shows.

I've been thinking about this. First of all, I've never watched either of those shows, but I know they're shows about attractive people "hooking up". Once upon a time I guess the idea of thinking about acting upon a desire to pursue a gorgeous person who happens to be of a different color than you are was something that a lot of people were either afraid to do or found it disgusting to consider doing. This is 2012 and most young people don't have those hang-ups. Both of these shows' contestants are young people. So who is it that's preventing people of color from being on these shows? Much older executives who still think.....?!? And if they got rid of those executives, would things change?

Just askin' while trying to save you shows some lawsuit money.

The G.O.P's Love Affair with Millionaires:

Think about it. When you hear about ideas these so called elected and unelected "leaders" supposedly have, you always hear about protecting millionaires and billionaires from having to pay any higher taxes while doing absolutely nothing that would benefit people who AREN'T at that level, economically. Instead, people like the unelected Grover Norquist and his ilk get bought and paid for (by lobbyists) elected officials to say things about how they really are looking out for the middle class (and lower) amongst us by assuring us of how we'll "get ours" because of the "trickle down" money we'll get. It sounds good, but that kind of economic thinking has NEVER worked and it never will. Buuuuut....if you can get the suckers to BUY your horse manure.....

Just sayin'....

Uh, Oh!!! GAS prices will soon be going up AGAIN?!? Please!...PRETTY please! Say it ain't SO!!!


"The Hunger Games" has now sold more than $500,000,000 worth of tickets. And the 3-D version of "Titanic" has sold close to $100,000,000 worth of tickets on top of the more than a billion dollars worth of tickets the first time.

Did you hear about "The Rockford Files" being brought back as a television show. And a great show it was because of James Garner. Vince Vaughn would be Rockford. Vince Vaughn taking James Garner's place? What are the odds of THAT being a failure?

Only a few more episodes of "House" before that show goes "By-by!" They're going down swinging and we are led to believe that the final espisode will be off the charts terrific.

"The Good Wife" isn't going anywhere. An absolutely sensational episode this past Sunday night. Multiple conflicts, Matthew Perry is a terrific addition, some of the regular cast members who haven't been doing much lately will now appear to be "more involved" and that's a good thing for everyone.

"Revenge" isn't going anywhere either. Terrific episode this week and they're setting the stage for what appears be a season finale episode that will be a very dramatic cliff hanger.

Meanwhile, some cast members of "Glee" will be giving their goodbye speeches because they won't be returning NEXT season. The disco show "Glee" did this past week was fun to watch and to listen to. They'll be featuring Whitney Houston music next week.

By the way, the show that's now coming on AFTER "The Good Wife" is a new show that's called, "NYC 22". I saw the first episode and liked it.

"Magic City" on STARZ is getting better and better. Lots of beautiful people on this show and some of them are wearing clothes. The two main actors figure to be thanking their lucky stars for having been hired. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (good guy) and Danny Huston (bad guy who's nickname is The Butcher) have landed roles they were MEANT to play.

"The Client List" starring the very beautiful and sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt on Lifetime is not a great show, but it is in fact a very entertaining show. And all the supporting actors are good.

I still can't say enough good things about "SMASH" on NBC. Uma Thurman is currently guest starring and all the "regulars" on this show, "BRING IT!!!"

R.I.P., Dick Clark!!!

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Thursday night, April 26 or early Friday morning, April 27.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a very pleasant weekend and don't forget:

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good News For ME! A New Sarah Palin Fave Claims 80 House Democrats Are Communists! A Mike Huckabee "Plant" Call? Buh-By Rick Santorum!

Because of the tough week we had last week regarding my computer (as opposed to my dog) eating a finished blog that took me five hours TO finish, I'm being extra cautious by beginning this week's new blog three and half hours earlier than I usually begin writing.

And I begin this blog with some Good News For ME!!!

Earlier today I found out that I have been booked to do a national television commercial. You've probably seen those new commercials they've been doing. Very creative. I will be playing the role of an aging hippie who's doing a little "free loving" with a woman when her son walks in the door and is shocked!

I don't know when this commercial will be aired.

Okay...Enough about me.


Did you hear about this? In a commentary written by Jeffrey Lord for "AMERICAN SPECTATOR", Lord claims that Mike Huckabee, while doing his first new radio talk show, took his first phone call from what sounded like (to Lord) to be a "Planted Call". What you're now about to read is every word that Jeffrey Lord wrote. Because of reasons unknown to me, the typing size of Lord's commentary will be smaller than what you usually see (like the small size of what you're reading now) and that may affect my "response commentary" to Lord's commentary.

And here IS Lord's commentary:

What did Huckabee know about planted call from Cumulus VP that attacked Rush Limbaugh?

Wow. As we often say here: you just can't make it up.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee took his first phone call of his new talk radio call-in show yesterday. From "Mike in San Francisco." Remember: the show is being positioned by the Cumulus Media Network as the conservative show with "more conversation, less confrontation." Or, as it is certainly being pushed in the anti-Rush Limbaugh media, the show for moderate Republicans that will Take Rush Out. RINO Radio, as we noted here last week.

But there seemed to be something slightly out of whack.

That something?

The very first phone call, arriving some fifty minutes into the show. To anyone with an ear for talk radio it had a startling quality.


No one seemed to remember to give the call-in number to the audience until the very last few seconds of those first fifty minutes. But yet… presto!... within seconds, Mike Huckabee did in fact have a caller on the line! Without ever questioning how that caller could have gotten on that line in less time than it takes Obama to blame Bush for anything!

The caller…"Mike from San Francisco"… was in fact not just your average Mike.

Huckabee began this way: "Alright, we're going to go to the phone lines and we've got a call from Mike in San Francisco. Welcome to the Mike Huckabee Show, Mike."

What did "Mike" have on his mind?

He started this way: "Well Governor, let me start by saying it's great to have a different opinion and a different person on the radio and I'm very, very happy that you're doing this radio show. One of the reasons why I want to listen to your program every day is because you ran for office and you've been a politician, you have a different perspective I think."

Catch that? "Mike from San Francisco" begins by saying in supposedly unprompted fashion that (bold emphasis mine) "… it's great to have a different opinion and a different person on the radio…"

Different opinion? Different person? Different from whom? Why, Rush Limbaugh, of course.


In fact, "Mike from San Francisco" turned out after some digging to be one Mike McVay, the senior vice president of programming for… wait for it… the Cumulus Media Network. None of which was acknowledged on the air by either "Mike from San Francisco" or, more to the point, Mike Huckabee.

After receiving several tips on this I contacted Mr. McVay himself, asking the following:

Hi Mike....This is Jeff Lord from The American Spectator.

I have been told that in the debut of Governor Huckabee's show today the first caller was "Mike from San Francisco." The caller thanked Huckabee for his new format etc. I have information that you were that caller...and failed to identify yourself to the audience as a Cumulus executive, nor did Governor Huckabee identify you. In other words, Mike, you were a "plant"....not a real caller who really wanted to call in and talk to Governor Huckabee.

A few questions for my column tomorrow:

1. Was this in fact you as I have been told? My source has made a 100% positive ID.

2. If so, why did you not openly identify yourself as a Cumulus executive who has a stake in the success of the Huckabee show?

3. I will be listening to the show tonight, but have already learned the fact that the call-in phone number wasn't given out until seconds before the call-in. Question: isn't it disingenuous to think that the listeners would believe that this was a real call?

4. Did Governor Huckabee know this was you -- and was he a participant in this?

5. Whose idea was this to have you call in? Yours? The Governor's? Someone else from Cumulus? John or Lou Dickey?

6. Governor Huckabee has a good reputation for honesty. Doesn't this kind of thing put both the Governor's reputation and consequently the new show's reputation at risk?

7. I understand the odds Cumulus is facing in launching this show, the involvement of investor cash and all the rest. Even so, was this a really good idea to do this? Will there be more calls of this nature from Cumulus executives disguised as regular folks interested in the Huckabee show -- when in fact they decidedly are something else?

Mike, I'm sure these are not comfortable questions, and I understand the pressure involved in going up against Rush Limbaugh. But under the circumstances, our conservative readers at The American Spectator and surely the larger Internet reading audience will want to know your side of the story.

Thanks. My deadline is 10 pm tonight... Monday... April 9th.

Jeff Lord
The American Spectator

Mr. McVay did not reply.

So we re-directed our request, same letter, to Mr. McVay's -- and Governor Huckabee's -- bosses. That would be brothers Lew and John Dickey, the executives who run Cumulus Media.

I said: Hi Lew and John....This is Jeff Lord with The American Spectator.

I'm about to listen to a tape-delayed broadcast of the Huckabee Show. I have learned that the first question on the show I will hear, identified as "Mike from San Francisco," is in fact a Cumulus executive named Mike McVay. Meaning, this questioner was in fact a plant… and never identified on-air as such… a pre-planned question from a Cumulus executive. I have contacted Mr. McVay to confirm this and so far he has not answered.

My column on this will be published tomorrow, and at this late stage, having not heard from Mr. McVay I feel in fairness I should send my e-mail on to both of you.

I have pasted the e-mail below. Any light you can shed on this would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time, e-mail pasted below.

Jeff Lord
The American Spectator

Last night, John Dickey replied, confirming the story. This is what he said:

Jeff: Thanks for listening to the show. To your question a colleague in the company was excited about the new show and arranged to call in with the first question without Governor Huckabee's knowledge. When I learned of this I began the process of reminding my colleagues in the company that we should reserve air-time for our listeners and refrain from calling in to our own shows.


Mr. Dickey was brief and to the point, and I certainly thank him for responding and being open about what had happened.
But note what was not answered? These questions:

4. Did Governor Huckabee know this was you -- and was he a participant in this?

5. Whose idea was this to have you call in? Yours? The Governor's? Someone else from Cumulus? John or Lou Dickey?

6. Governor Huckabee has a good reputation for honesty. Doesn't this kind of thing put both the Governor's reputation and consequently the new show's reputation at risk?

In other words, the obvious.

Mr. Dickey says Mike Huckabee did not know the call was incoming from McVay. But this leaves unanswered what seems to be obvious. Once McVay was on the phone, it seems extremely unlikely Mike Huckabee didn't recognize Mike McVay's voice.

The thought is now out there that Mike Huckabee himself knew exactly who was on the other end of his phone line -- a Cumulus programming executive with whom, presumably, he had spent a small eternity in the weeks leading up to the show's launch -- and quite deliberately played possum. Going along with a game to fool his listeners into thinking he was getting a real call when in fact he was not.

Was Mike Huckabee a participant in this charade?

Whose idea was it if not Mike Huckabee's?

None of this would be good for any new radio host. But Mike Huckabee isn't just any new radio host in a new but average radio venture.

As was observed in my column last week, John and Lew Dickey may well have considerable business chops. But the conservative talk radio business that was essentially invented by Rush Limbaugh has for reasons familiar to conservatives across the land become very much a cherished conservative medium.

After decades of being shut out by a liberal mainstream media, conservatives finally had a way to break the stranglehold of that mainstream media. As the years have gone by, with Rush always at the top of the pyramid, other stars have blossomed. From Sean Hannity to Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and local hosts everywhere, these people have become, Rush Limbaugh first and foremost, not just a voice on the radio but the very embodiment of conservatism itself.

And there has been no shortage of liberals trying to unhorse Rush, from Air America's Al Franken to ex-New York Governor Mario Cuomo, Texas populist Jim Hightower and more. All have failed miserably.


Challenging Rush is seen by many conservatives as an attack on conservatism itself.

This is a real problem for the Dickeys and Huckabee. And this botched business with a phony questioner could instantly cause a very predictable problem.

Mike Huckabee, again as noted last week, is one of the nicest people on the planet today. But in their heydays so were the late Gerald R. Ford and then President George H.W. Bush. Both took the kind of "kinder, gentler" conservative politics (to use a phrase of Bush's) as their signature -- and both wound up losing the White House. With conservatives across the country simply dropping both Ford and Bush -- and "RINO" Republicans altogether.

Why? Because all were seen as trying to game conservatives. Case in point again, President Bush 41. A genuine war hero, a good man… the story of his "read my lips, no new taxes" pledge is infamous in conservative circles still even though it happened way back in 1990. Bush came to embody the idea that "RINO's" were simply untrustworthy when it came to dealing with conservatives.

For better or worse, the bet by the Dickeys is that Mike Huckabee, accused in 2007 by the conservative now-Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Pat Toomey of wanting to steer the GOP leftward, can unseat Rush. And by implication, replace, as it were, Reagan Radio with Ford or Bush Radio.

All of which means in turn: the messenger has to have more credibility than might otherwise be the case.

And right off the bat, Governor Huckabee's credibility as a conservative radio host has been jeopardized with a planted question from a Cumulus executive. A question that deliberately took a shot at Rush and the conservative movement… and by all appearances was pre-arranged.

There is doubtless a ways to go here in all this.

But the entire venture has taken onto itself the image that it is about far more than just a talk radio show.

It is about replacing Reagan conservatism -- represented here by Rush Limbaugh -- with RINO Radio.

Did Mike Huckabee know he was getting a planted question -- and deliberately refuse to tell his audience? Mr. Dickey says no.

Did he really not recognize the voice on the other end of the phone? Remembering that the voice in question belonged to Mr. McVay, whose title for Cumulus is "senior vice president for programming" -- which is to say the man with whom Huckabee had personally been working with for weeks before this launch.

I don't know the answer to this last question. But I must say it simply doesn't seem possible that this particular Cumulus executive -- the programming Mr. McVay -- would have been anything other than one of the most familiar voices in Mike Huckabee's current life.

But I do know for a fact that a staged, planted phone call was used to launch the Huckabee bid to topple Rush.

Read my lips: RINO Radio has a problem.

On day one.

What you have just now read is the word for word column that was written by the American Spectator's columnist, Jeff Lord.

I, Scott St. James, "The Jammer with the Hammer", was a radio talk show host for many years on some very good radio stations and here comes my response to Jeff Lord's column, a response I originally wrote to owner/publisher, Don Barrett right after he sent me a copy of Jeff Lord's commentary.

MY response commentary begins right now:

Aside from what appears to be "staged shock" (or ignorance of the real broadcasting world), except for the (oh, my goodness) reaction of a "first show supporting plant caller", this was well written.

In the many, many years I did talk shows, I never asked for nor did management ever dare to put a "plant" on any show I was doing. But I was certainly aware of that happening on other shows who had trouble getting callers and I smile when my very educated ears hear it being done now. And it is, folks. More often than you would think.

Now if the mission was to be a "harmful plant", I think that so-called "planted executive" should have come out firing with something like, "Just out of curiosity Governor, what was your reaction to Rush Limbaugh's criticism of that college student we're all aware of that included references/questions about who bought birth control pills for her when she was in the 6th or 7th grade, being economically in trouble because of all the sex she was having and by the way, shouldn't she make a sex tape that taxpayers like him (Rush) should all be able to watch in exchange for the money we're giving her?"

Now THAT would be a plant call worth talking about. It would also be a "conversation starter" for a host that management (or the host himself) might feel like he needed.

But what I read in this otherwise well written essay is an overall statement regarding required "purity" in the modern day so-called "conservative world". And that causes me to remember a long time ago. When there was a guy in Germany who demanded that.


Rick Santorum has decided to stop it with his run for the presidency. It's not surprising. He basically had two issues he was selling; No sex and lots of religion.

This past week we heard a former presidential candidate recommending a running mate for Mitt Romney. A first term Florida Congressman who was once a Colonel in the military. Allen West is his name and he recently stated that "Up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communists." And to no one's surprise, Sarah Palin has let it be known that she likes this guy. And why shouldn't she? He sounds like a kindred spirit. He's a politician who likes to "make up" stuff.

Does anybody have any idea why Mitt Romney would have Swiss bank accounts? First of all, yes, Mitt Romney DOES have Swiss bank accounts. Does that mean he doesn't think American banks are good enough for him? If so, why would he want to be president of THIS country? Or is Mitt Romney HIDING something?

Just ASKIN'!


He was most definitely the "REAL DEAL". You done good, Mr. Wallace. Rest in peace!


Britney Spears is going to be a new judge for Simon Cowell's show, "The X Factor". She will supposedly be paid, 15 million dollars. I say "supposedly" because most of these money figures for celebrities of any kind tend to be exaggerated.

Good news for the daytime show, "General Hospital". It looked like it would be cancelled, but it will be on ABC for at least another year. I'm personally happy about that because I've had the privilege of performing for that show a few times.

Other Television Shows: A very good season finale for "Justified" on FX. It'll be back next season.

After a 6-week hiatus, "Glee" returned on Fox. It got lousy ratings, but that didn't surprise me. I'm a fan of that show, but quite frankly, it was (dare I say) a lousy show. "Glee" still has several more episodes that will air this season and they've been renewed for next season, but the rest of their shows had better be better than this past Tuesday's show was.

I LOVED this past Monday's episode of "Smash". And I'm told that new guest star Uma Thurman is going to be playing a character that is "trouble" for many of the other actors. Fans of "Smash" like me, have to be wondering if the Thurman character will eventually lock horns with another "pain in the ass" on that show. That would be the very annoying character named "Ellis" who is played (very well) by the actor Jaime Cepero.

Same deal with Matthew Perry when he shows up on "The Good Wife" (again) this coming Sunday.

I think Jennifer Love Hewitt's new show, "The Client List" has a shot at becoming a hit. Sunday nights on Lifetime with reruns throughout the week. Some terrific supporting actors are on the show. Like Cybill Shepherd and the always terrific, Loretta Devine.

After being off the air 6 weeks or so for who knows what reason, ABC's great new show "Revenge" returned on Wednesday with an interesting show. The whole hour was about what got this whole "revenge thing" going from the beginning to where they are now.

The jury is still out on the new STARZ show, "Magic City".

Last night's "American Idol" destroyed the competition.

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late Thursday night, April 19 or very early Friday morning, April 20.

A "Happy Birthday" shout-out to my mother, I hope the rest of you have a very nice weekend and don't forget....

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 06, 2012

If Obama will be "One and Done", is his WIFE to blame? And does the GOP (now) have anyone BETTER?!?

If you care about what is written here, I know that you know that what you see above will be covered like a blanket, but please bear with me while I mention a couple of other things first.

I'd like to acknowledge a few people who, on their own (in other words, I didn't ask them or beg them) have promoted this little blog on my behalf and because of them (along with people I'm not aware of), more and more folks are reading and commenting (to me) about things that are written here.

The first guy to do it was Publisher/Owner, Don Barrett. Since then, people like Hall of Fame music promoter Don Graham, "Hollywood Hills" Publisher/Owner, Jack Roberts, retired Illinois gasoline mogul, Dave Acocks annnnd...The one and only, Claude Hall have been doing it. For those who don't know, Claude Hall is the Godfather of every column about radio that you've ever read. More years ago than most of us admit to being old, Claude Hall was writing a column about radio people while he was Billboard Magazine's most popular columnist. I was hosting radio shows on very good radio stations during many of those years that a lot of other people began to write radio columns, but none of those people ever did it as well as Claude Hall did. And Claude Hall is STILL doing it in an every Sunday column for "Radio Daily News".

Don Barrett recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his many years of writing a column here, a column that Don Barrett now writes (pretty much) when he feels like it which tends to be two or three times a week. Jack Roberts' column is relatively new, but is very popular and he writes a new column five days a week.

I'm sure there are others, but the above mentioned are the ones I know about and I proudly and gratefully give them this "Thank you very much!" in the form of a "Shout Out!"

By the way, here's another "shout-out" to all you patient readers of this blog because we're running late due to something that was totally out of our control. I finished a blog I was very proud of a little after one this morning. A blog that was destroyed by the computer people. Nothing was retrievable. Another example of "Stuff happens!" and now it's time for me to "Get over it!" and GET BUSY!

Is President Obama going to be a "One and Done" president?

A year or so ago, I wrote a commentary about how I thought President Obama used up valuable "Political Capital" on health care reform when he should have been concentrating on our bad economy. I also pointed out that the bad economy wasn't all George W. Bush's fault because bad economy things were happening before Bush got elected. Unfortunately, the Bush administration's policies made our economy worse and by the time Obama was elected our economy was "in the ditch", so to speak.

Voters bought into Obama's "Hope and Change" sales pitch, but the hope and change that voters had in mind was, in essence, "We hope you (Obama) change the direction our economy has taken!"

Instead, Obama rolled big dice on health care reform. A decision that took a long time before it got approved. Meanwhile, American citizens were losing their homes, their jobs and their dignity. And these same American citizens began to get angry. At Obama.

The first question a lot of people asked was (in essence), is Obama getting any kind of good advice from his trusted inner circle? I've looked into that and I was told that Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod darn near begged Obama to attack the economy situation and no matter how long it took, to STAY on the attack until they could (in unison) say, "Mission accomplished" and THEN try to do something about health care reform.

I'm also told that it was Michelle Obama who talked her husband into trying to get a health care reform bill passed before he devoted his energies to the economy.

Wow! And that leads me to wonder about something else. As I'm sure you know, President Obama recently took some verbal shots at members of our Supreme Court. Shots that seemed to imply a feeling by Obama that the Supreme Court might be on the verge declaring this bill Unconstitutional and accusing them of "Judicial Activism".

As I'm sure you know, Obama's Press Secretary has been telling people that Obama didn't mean what people thought he meant, he knows the Supreme Court has the authority to do, etc., etc.

The problem with that defense is that everyone with half a brain thought that Obama did mean what it sounded like he meant.

The argument of "judicial activism" gets brought up every once in while by people on both sides of he political aisle. And maybe people are right when they make that claim, but no president should ever say that. Get a friendly congress-person or a member of your staff to say it because the president needs to look like he's "above it all".

And that leads me to another question. Was THIS Michelle's idea, too?

If so, bad advice, Mrs. Obama. Bad advice twice. And maybe it's long past time for President Obama to remind family members that HE'S the guy who got ELECTED! Unless it's too late.

Just sayin'....Just hopin'....Just needin'....Some change.

But will the GOP have a strong enough candidate to BEAT Obama in the upcoming election?

I think most folks agree that as of now, the Republican candidate figures to be Mitt Romney. Before I begin to play "Devil's Advocate" regarding a possible Romney nomination, let's talk about him a little.

Lately, Romney has been singing the praises of Congressman Paul Ryan. There is some talk that Ryan might be asked to be Romney's running mate.

When I first heard about Congressman Ryan, I got the feeling he was/is the GOP's new Rock Star. And then I pretty much forgot about him until he was recently in the news. And the reason he was in the news was because he said a U.S. Military General lied when he said (in essence) the amount of money that would be needed for our defense budget wasn't anywhere near the amount of money Congressman Ryan thought should be set aside for our defense budget.

And I immediately said, "Uh, oh!" The guy I thought was a political Rock Star is just another one of those guys who at times is in over his head and who gets his marching orders from people like Grover Norquist, a guy who's never been elected to anything. A guy who is one hell of a salesman because he's talked a lot of Congress-People into signing pledges that state they'll never vote for a tax increase, they'll always vote on the side that protects the rich because of a belief in the voo-doo economics associated with the "Trickle Down Theory" that Reagan got talked into by David Stockman and a theory that has never benefited the MOST of us, but has damn sure benefited the LEAST of us.

But HEY! The most of us DO get to EAT CAKE! Sarcasm intended.

And that brings me to Mitt Romney. It is my view that what we need as a President of the United States is someone who has feelings for and understands what everyday Americans have to navigate their way through on a daily basis.

Is Mitt Romney that kind of guy? I mean, this guy is always letting us know how rich he is, the fact that his wife drives two expensive cars, he's made a whole lot of his money by firing people and now he's having elevators installed in his home and or homes. That's something that isn't relatable to most folks. But these elevators he's having installed are for his CARS! Think about it. Who does THAT?!? The relatable to us all Mitt Romney does, that's who.

And come on! Subsidies for oil companies? The oil companies are making tons of money WITHOUT subsidies. That money could be used to help our economy get back on track.

Mitt Romney and (maybe) Paul Ryan will be the GOP presidential nominees? Maybe and maybe not. More on that in a minute.

A Northern California reader named Mike Baker sent me a quote I'd like to share with you:

"I think Congress-People should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we could identify their corporate sponsors!"

Thank you, Mike Baker.

In last week's blog, I stated the belief that many years from now, (unless things change dramatically) historians might come to the conclusion that our two worst presidents were George W. Bush and Barack Obama. I also made the observation (unless things change) it's possible our worst presidents would have held office back to back to back. A number of readers thought I was referring to Bill Clinton as the third president. I was actually referring to Romney in case he got elected. Some other readers chimed in with names like Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, etc., etc. as being "Worst Presidents" in our history and that got me to thinking; We all know what Mt. Rushmore is famous for. Maybe we should declare a place that would feature presidents who were off the charts failures. A swamp, perhaps? In the Everglades? I'm open to suggestions.

And now I'm going to do some presidential speculation regarding the upcoming election:

A lot of noisy Republicans don't want Mitt Romney to be their nominee.

A lot of quiet Democrats would prefer a different nominee.

And here are two possible scenarios.

Again...I'm speculating.

Republican convention. A whole lot of noise leads to the conclusion that the GOP needs a nominee who's well thought of, he actually knows something about what everyday American citizens go through, he's more moderate than the other nominees, he hasn't signed or agreed to pledges and he's married to a Latina.


Democrat convention. Very quiet and behind the scenes conversations take place in which President Obama comes up with the "Mother of all good reasons" for his decision to step aside. Stepping forward is the new nominee, a person who is recognized by most as having been a very good Secretary of State, a person who believes we do indeed need health care reform, a "moderate" kind of thinker and a person who deals well with difficult men.


Just sayin' by way of speculatin'....Just hopin'....Thinkin' 'bout changin'....And always advocatin', AMERICA FIRST!!!


Entertainment Stuff:

Keith Olbermann. On second thought, I've changed my mind. There's nothing entertaining about Olbermann anymore. He needs medical help.

"The Hunger Games". We've all heard about this film before it was released and now we're hearing about all the tickets that have been sold and because I saw this film a few days ago, I now understand what all the shouting's been about. This is a very good film, gang. A lot of films will be shown before the next Oscar nominations will be announced, but if it was time to be making those nominations, I would give Oscar consideration to the film, the director, Supporting Actor consideration to Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz, Best Actor consideration to Josh Hutcherson and Best Actress consideration to Jennifer Lawrence.

"Salmon Fishing in the Yemen". This is a film I would have probably waited until it showed up on cable if it hadn't been recommended to me by someone I know. Peter Boam is a guy I worked with at my first professional radio job many years ago and I haven't seen him since. He found this blog and has been giving me feedback. He also recommended this film. Thank you, Peter. I loved this film and if it was Oscar nomination time I would give props to Director Lasse Hallstrom.... Best Supporting Actress consideration to Kristin Scott Thomas for a scene stealing performance the likes of which you can't forget....Best Supporting Actor consideration for a guy I had never heard of. He plays the role of an easy going wise man named Sheikh Muhammed and the actor's real name is Amr Waked. If he's not a one-trick pony, I think this is a guy we're going to see a lot more of....Best Actor consideration for Ewan McGregor who's wearing his heart on his sleeve in this film....And Best Actress consideration for Emily Blunt. I loved her in "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon and I loved her again in this film, "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen". In addition to being very attractive and a very good actress, Emily Blunt is arguably the most ADORABLE actress in the world. I mean, when I'm watching her, I want to reach through the screen and give her a hug. And if she allowed me to go FURTHER that that? I know. Dream on, big boy. Good film, folks. Check it out.


A lot of the shows are showing reruns, or taking multiple breaks or showing season enders, especially on cable. Season enders like three of my favorite shows on Showtime; "Shameless", "Californication", "House of Lies". All three of the shows have been renewed for next season. "House of Lies" stars the very fine actor Don Cheadle and the very beautiful and sexy Kristen Bell. But what I got a real kick out of was seeing a long time friend of mine on that show. Edwin Craig. Take a bow, bro!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you haven't been watching "Smash", Monday nights on NBC, you have been missing a heck of a good show. A show that has already been renewed for next season and a show that some Broadway folks are thinking about making a stage play of. The special guest star in next Monday's episode is the very fine actress Uma Thurman.

"Magic City" will be on STARZ tonight. They showed a preview edition last weekend and I liked it. It's about Miami Beach in the late 50's and early 60's and it stars a very fine actor who might have finally gotten his big break. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. You "Grey's Anatomy" fans remember him when he played the role of Denny Duquette, a role that brought tears to the eyes of many viewers. His name in "Magic City" is Ike Evans and he's a hotel owner. Danny Huston (of the famed Huston family) is known as "The Butcher" and he's Evans' partner. A lot of beautiful women, handsome guys, great cars and a lot of fast moving drama.

New Jennifer Love Hewitt show on Lifetime this Sunday night. It's called "The Client List" and all you guys need to know is that she is hot, hot, hot in this show. I mean, SMOKIN' Hot!

"American Idol". Gang, if you haven't seen "Idol" lately, it's no longer same-o, same-o, same-o. The singers are now treated to great staging, chorus singers, great supporting musicians, no drama judges and good ol' Reliable Ryan. Simon Cowell brought a lot of drama to "Idol" all the years he was there and he was missed when he left the show. But not anymore. The fact of the matter is, "Idol" is now a better show WITHOUT Simon.

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I hope that all of you have a very Happy Easter and don't forget...

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