Friday, June 29, 2007


Sometime in March, my good friend (Entertainment Tonight's) Kevin Gershan talked me into writing a blog. He showed me how to set it up and he wrote the bio that you see. Kevin Gershan used to be the producer for the late Hall of Fame broadcaster Robert W. Morgan. The first blog was written on the 28th of March. A few weeks ago, Jon Badeaux asked me to broadcast this blog on his three internet stations. Badeaux used to work with legendary broadcaster "The Real Don Steele". Having the advantage of this much talent at my disposal has made this blog a continuing one day at a time labor of love that's been a lot of fun. Comments from you readers and listeners have been interesting, helpful, most encouraging and much appreciated.


Headlines all across America pretty much say the same thing.


There are a number of things in play that politicians and social reformers of different stripes just don't seem to get! This so called "melting pot" that we pride ourselves in being a part of, is dangerously close to melting into a "3rd world" situation featuring an insistence on the allowance of multiple languages and lawlessness.

Citizens who are now (as the Peter Finch character in "Network" would say) "Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!" are letting people know that we want English spoken here, we want the immigration laws we now have enforced and just because you want to come here, doesn't mean we should allow you to come here. Legal citizens with their eyes wide open see that we're simply too crowded now. Traffic is an absolute mess and if lawmakers want some new laws about immigration on the books, how about a law that says children born to people who are here illegally are just as illegal as their parents are. A law that says because you're illegal, entitles you to nothing in the way of social services. Too harsh? How about the other side of that coin? Should we legal citizens have to put up with having to wade through different languages and watch while illegals take advantage of free services not available to most legal Americans? And for those who say all of these illegals should be made legal because it will make us a better country? If that's true, why aren't they in their country of origin making that country a better country?

Now that this latest immigration bill is dead, what do we do now? How about this? How about sending some agents into a couple very big American companies who hire, enable and take advantage of illegals so that they don't have to pay legal Americans a decent wage. Then those agents should walk straight to the offices of the CEO's and take those CEO's out of their buildings while wearing handcuffs. And then prosecute those CEO's to the full extent of the law.


The Paris and Larry show was watched by a lot of people on CNN Wednesday night. It beat all the other night time talk shows.

Speaking of ratings...Ratings for "The View" have gone down since Rosie left the show. Producers say they're looking for two new hosts. Whoopi Goldberg seems to have the inside track on one of those jobs. Will Paris Hilton be the other new host?

Michael Moore will be on CNN with Larry King tonight. Moore will be talking about his new film, "Sicko", a film about health insurance. Health insurance is a very serious problem in this country. Way too many Americans can't afford health insurance. Reader/listener LB writes, "Ha! Health insurance. You have to be kidding me. Screwed we are! 50 million, of those able to be counted, Americans without health insurance. The U.S. is ranked 37th in the world when it comes to health care. There is one thing we are ranking number 1 in. And that's being screwed more times than Ms. Hilton."

Okay...a little sarcastic. But another example of citizens taking the position that they're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.


I saw a film on HBO last night that I want to call your attention to. "Rumor Has It". It stars Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine, Mark Ruffalo, Richard Jenkins, Mena Suvari and is/was directed by Rob Reiner. This film has a "The Graduate" connection that you'll understand when you see this film. First of all, I loved the Shirley MacLaine character in "Rumor Has It". Jennifer Aniston, in her search for the truth, was adorable. Mark Ruffalo, playing the confused boyfriend was perfect in his role. Richard Jenkins is always good and Kevin Costner plays smooth, like butter. I laughed, I felt the emotional moments and I liked "Rumor Has It".

Sometime this weekend, I hope to see the new "Die Hard" film with Bruce Willis.

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MONDAY: We'll talk about those gambing agreements Governor Terminator made with the Indians...A great letter about the incompetence that is George W. Bush...and more entertainment news.


Thursday, June 28, 2007


Did you watch the Paris Hilton/Larry King show last night? Am I the only one who thought that the hour seemed like it was longer than that? I thought there was one great question that Larry King asked and one great question that he didn't ask.

That's one of those good news, bad news things, so we'll go to the good news first.

Paris Hilton seemed to make a point about having either found religion while she was in jail or that she's a religious person who had more time to read the Bible while she was in jail. We all saw her taking a Bible with her when she was either on her way to jail or on her way to court. When King asked Paris Hilton, "What's your favorite Bible passage?" and she was stumped, well, because she was speechless, nothing I could write or say would add anything to that.

And now the bad news about the question that wasn't asked.

Pop quiz: When I ask you to tell me the first thing you think of when I say the words, "Paris Hilton", your response is...? Okay, let me rephrase that question. What's the first thing most people would think of? The sex tape? Larry King didn't ask one question about that sex tape. Folks, it can be argued that without that sex tape she might not be anywhere near as famous as she is now. At the very least, wouldn't it have been interesting to know what she thinks about the aftermath of all of that? And by the way, did she make any money from the sales of that tape? And if not, why not?

The National Enquirer's Mike Walker is reporting that "Barbara Walters is dead serious about Paris Hilton replacing Rosie O'Donnell as permanent co-host on 'The View'" and that Paris' mom Kathy ironed out the deal while Paris was in jail. Wouldn't it have been interesting to hear Paris' response to a question about that? Wouldn't questions about the sex tape and possible employment on "The View" have been better than having Paris read notes about what she wrote while she was in jail? I mean, how much of a waste of television time was that?

If we learned anything last night it was pretty much this; She is still in denial about having broken any laws regarding the suspended license thing...Claustrophobia seems to have been the disease that caused Sheriff Baca to order her release after three days...Her ADD "disease" seems to be a disease of convenience...And that after all she's gone through, the one thing she'd like to change is her voice. Because it gets high when she's nervous or shy.


While the Paris/Larry lovefest was going on, there was news most of us weren't aware of. Like this report from the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the House Armed Services Committee (boy, what a mouthful that is) Anyway, all the members signed this report that said, after spending (at least) 19 billion dollars to train and equip about 347,000 Iraqi security forces, the Pentagon doesn't know how many of them are actually doing any security or fighting work...Or...whether their weapons have been stolen or are being used against the people who paid for them...Us, as in the gullible good ol' USA who bought into this mission...I could go on and on, but I'll ask this question again; Why are we in Iraq?!?


'Tis the season for some new driving laws to take place and I can't think of a new driving law that's scarier than the one told to me by St. Louis reader-listener Elvis who informs me about a new Virginia law, effective July 1st, that will involve a fine of $3,550 for speeding! There's a little more to the law than that, but the point is, if you're driving in Virginia, know what the speed limit is and drive 5 miles per hour under it.


A new report says almost 44 million Americans didn't have health insurance in 2006. We have to do something about that, folks! I'm going print a letter from a reader about this tomorrow.


At ten tonight, NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" will air their final episode. NBC has treated this show's final episodes like they (NBC) can hardly wait for this show to end. I know this because NBC hasn't shown previews for upcoming shows, a move that is the ultimate way of saying, "Would you please just leave now?!?"

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TOMORROW: The never ending problem of traffic... Gambling agreements that Governor Terminator has signed with Indian tribes that figure to bite us in the butt big time long after Governor Terminator is gone... And of course we'll have more celebrity news.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


That should be quite a television experience for and on CNN tonight. They're expected to get terrific ratings on a show that used to be hosted by a "King", but is now hanging on (ratings wise) by an enabler who never met a guest who deserves the "tough question".

It's the perfect match. Paris Hilton and Larry King. Two people who are totally unaware of what is happening around them. Hilton has neighbors who can't stand the attention she has brought to their neighborhood and if the truth be known, she probably doesn't care. And King, apparently clueless to the fact that his softball interviewing style is so out of fashion, that when CNN executives figure out how to do it gracefully, King will be gone.

But it'll be a big night for them tonight! In an editorial today, the Los Angeles Daily News is predicting numbers that will probably rival "American Idol".

I don't know about you, but I'm one of these people who thinks about what I'll have on my tombstone after I die. The possible inscriptions change, but the two that are at the top of my list now, remind me of what we'll see on CNN tonight.

"When all was said and done, what it was, was conversation." OR..."By the time I figured it out, it was too late."

An invitation to remember both of those possible tombstone inscriptions when you watch Paris and Larry on CNN tonight.


Lindsay Lohan. A 20-year old tabloid attracting party girl. Better looking than Paris. More talented than Paris. And (arguably) in her personal life, every bit as screwed up as Paris. For her twenty first birthday, Lindsay Lohan has been planning a big birthday celebration in Las Vegas. Lohan's birthday is next Monday, July 2nd. That celebration has been cancelled. Lindsay Lohan has decided to take an "extended care" option at the rehabilitation center she's living at. Short Commentary: There's no guarantee this will work for Lindsay, but here's a guarantee you can take to the bank. If you don't try to change, you allow yourself to get closer and closer to becoming a statistic. Many people Lindsay Lohan's age would say, "But it's my 21st birthday! I have to be in Vegas for my party! Instead, what Lindsay Lohan seems to be saying is, "I think I'd like to try being alive for my 22nd birthday party!"


Tom Sizemore is a 45-year old actor who has appeared in major films like "Saving Private Ryan" and "Black Hawk Down". Sizemore has also appeared on a lot of police booking sheets. For drug abuse. His apparent drug of choice has been what most folks refer to as "meth". I'm told that this is a terribly addictive drug. Sizemore's latest sentence figures to result in jail time of four and a half months or so. After he gets out, he could be looking at six years or so if he's convicted of using drugs again.

Is jail the right way to treat drug abusers? If you're selling drugs to kids, I have no problem with a draconian kind of sentence for those worthless pieces of humanity, but a drug user? Yeah, if you drive while you're high and you have an accident that involves injuries, you're not gonna get any sympathy and you don't deserve any. But if you're unfortunate enough to be grabbed by the throat by meth or anything else that you can't shake, why aren't you ordered to go to a hospital of some kind? Jail for drug users? What idiot thinks that is a good idea. And why am I suddenly thinking about people in the White House?


Bruce Willis' new "Die Hard" film opens today in some theatres. Friday, it will open in a lot of theatres. If you see it today, I'd love to know what you thought about it. I might see it Friday, but tonight, I'm gonna watch Paris and Larry on CNN and two new episodes of "Hidden Palms" on CW.

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TOMORROW: I'll do something I planned to do today. Talk about the health insurance problem that has resulted in a frightening number of Americans who don't have health insurance. Also...The latest on the illegal immigration bill and my thoughts about the Paris and Larry show.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


At 12:15 this morning, Paris Hilton was released from jail. She didn't say anything to the many photographers, but she did one of the four things we know she knows how to do. Smile. The others are; go to parties, obey laws that are convenient for her to obey and cry for her mother.

Paris Hilton has managed to live her life of leisure very publicly. So publicly, that recently, a lot of people, like NBC's Matt Lauer have wondered why we care or feel we should care about her. I mean, we're talking about someone who's pretty much a spoiled brat who's been enabled by (among others) her mother, which is where that crying to her mother when she was hauled back to jail comes from.

Here's why I think people have cared about Paris Hilton. Because she seemed to be bulletproof.

Who among us wouldn't like to do whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it, consequences be damned.

Life allows a little of that, but if you overplay your hand, it catches up to you.

And when it catches up to you, you gotta "take the hit". You swaggered before you had to experience a "reality check", so when that happens, continue to swagger, but do it respectfully. Accept your punishment and come back out a little wiser, but with your swagger intact.

When Paris Hilton cried for her mother, that was an understandable action for most folks. But when your bulletproof image is at stake and image is the only thing you have, crying for mom can be lethal.

This might be wishful thinking on my part, but I believe that unless Paris Hilton does something really dramatic to turn her life around, the Paris Hilton thing is over. I mean, she better put on one hell of a performance when she's on with Larry King tomorrow night.


Unannounced Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson continues to climb in the polls and if his ex-wife and former girlfriends are a good barometer, Mr. Thompson (if he runs) might be some kind of catnip vote getter as far as women voters are concerned.

Examples: Thompson's 26-year marriage to Sarah Knestrick ended in 1984. She plans to campaign for him. Country singer Lorrie Morgan dated Thompson for quite a while and she told London's Sunday Times, "I think he has a great chance of capturing the women's vote. He's majestic. He's a soft, safe place to be and that could be Fred's ticket. Women love a soft place to lay and a strong pair of hands to hold us."

Short Commentary: Whoa! Attention every guy who's reading this! Do any of you have ex-flames who say stuff like Lorrie Morgan said about her ex-Fred?!?

There's more. Another old girlfriend is Republican fund-raiser Georgette Mosbacher who said Thompson would defeat Hillary Clinton because of his appeal to "traditional women who will like the Southern gentleman in him."

In 2002, Thompson married Jeri Kehn, who is 24 years younger than he is. Shoot, that'll help with the men's vote, won't it?


Rosie O'Donnell says she's had her meeting with "Price Is Right" producers and that she won't be the new host of that show.

80+ years old Hugh Hefner has approved a movie that will be made about his life. Brett Ratner is on board to direct. Question: Who the heck will play Hugh Hefner? One assumes that he would have choices based on vanity, but Hef is not a particularly handsome man. If you were casting the part, who would you recommend for the role of Hugh Hefner? Please tell me at Who would be my choice? I don't have a clue.


Yesterday, I saw the 3rd episode of "John from Cincinnati", the 2nd episode of "Meadowlands" and the 2nd episode of the new season of "Entourage".

I thought (and wrote) that the first episode of "John from Cincinnati" was well acted stupidity. I thought the second episode was well acted, but a little weird. The 3rd episode? I'm totally confused. Is the "John" character some kind of alien from outer space? What's up with this miracle bird that seems to have healing powers? Why does series creator David Milch have actors doing dialogue that reminds us of "Deadwood"? I have more questions, but I'll watch episode 4 and hope I get some answers. Know this; "John from Cincinnati" is either brilliant or the dumbest thing that's ever been on television.

"Meadowlands'" second episode was creepy. I will watch the 3rd episode, but if it doesn't lighten up the "creepy" aspect, I might switch to that show about Army wives that's making a lot of noise.

The new season's 2nd episode of "Entourage" was fun to watch television. I mean, don't they load that show up with just some of the most likeable bunch of characters you're ever gonna watch?


Are the Lakers going to get Kevin Garnett? If so, that will be because of Kobe poppin' off about wanting "out of here". Wouldn't it be something if the Lakers do get Garnett and Kobe says he still wants to be traded?

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TOMORROW: New traffic laws for us to consider on the 1st of July, the health insurance problem that has resulted in a frightening number of Americans who don't have health insurance and some more celebrity news.

Monday, June 25, 2007


President Bush is a big supporter of the immigration bill that may or may not pass in the Senate. The bill that would pretty much guarantee citizenship for 12 million or more people who are already here illegally which would then encourage even more illegals to arrive. Illegals who will take advantage of social services made readily available to them. And while they're at it, give birth to more babies who automatically are legal because of the way our laws are written.

President Bush is also a big supporter of the private sector solving problems as opposed to the government. I bring this up because of something I experienced Friday night. I was out walking when I approached a Bank of America in my neighborhood. Three people were getting ready to go to sleep on the lawn in front of the B of A. Whenever I've seen people who looked like they might be down and out veterans, I'm a soft touch. I tried to say something to them, but it became apparent they couldn't speak English. Too bad. I was good for an easy 20 dollar bill. But then I realized where they were. On the lawn of a Bank of America, a company that makes it easy for illegal immigrants by giving them credit cards and other services that help these illegals to appear to be legal. In other words, another way to game the system. Our system!

And that got me to thinking about President Bush and his belief in the private sector. Why not let B of A and other businesses who enable illegals, step up and pay the costs associated with the care and maintenance of illegal immigrants?

Mr. President, you want to make life easier for people who are here illegally and you believe in the private sector? I believe I have the perfect solution for you and you don't even have to thank me.


Traffic! I don't care where you're living. Traffic jams are a way of life. Here in the Los Angeles area, traffic jams are an around the clock nightmare. In Saturday's Los Angeles Times there was a story that was headlined, "Robotic cars could take pressure off nation's highways".

In essence, the Stanford University Racing Team has developed a vehicle that if proven to be successful and affordable, would result in all of us (someday) driving cars in massive traffic jams while reading the newspaper, working on our computers or even snoozing. In other words, this robotic vehicle would be a big time stress reliever. When might vehicles like this be ready for public use? That's the big unknown, but keep your eye on upcoming stories about something called the 2007 Urban Challenge in November. This will be a 60-mile test of city driving. Intersections, rights-of-way, stop signs, lane changes and the big variable: traffic. All eyes will be on a driverless Volkswagen Passat named Junior. If this vehicle is successful, that means no fender benders or accidents of any kind while getting from point A to point Z. A number of years ago, there was a hit song titled, "If I Can Dream". That's what they're doing at Stanford University and we're hoping that this dream comes true!


Sometime tomorrow, Paris Hilton is scheduled to be released from jail. Wednesday night, she is scheduled to be on CNN for one hour with Larry King. King is no better than a third choice because the Hilton people appear to have overplayed their hand when after supposedly having a money making interview with Barbara Walters set up at ABC, they tried to turn this into a bidding war. After telling ABC that NBC had offered a lot more, ABC didn't try to top NBC's offer. When NBC realized how foolish they were looking, they dropped their offer. That prompted the Hilton's to go back to ABC, but ABC said, "See ya!" and that's how CNN and Larry King got the Paris Hilton interview. But what exactly have they gotten?!? An hour with a 26-year old fairly attractive ex-con whose most famous accomplishment is a starring role in a home made sex movie? And this is worth an hour on CNN?!?


A 2006 movie called "The Sentinel" was shown Saturday night on HBO and is now on the HBO schedule for the next couple of weeks. It's a political thriller that stars Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger, Eva Longoria and in a role that had me wishing for more, the very beautiful and talented, Gloria Reuben.

The Michael Douglas character plays a Secret Service agent who's having an affair with the First Lady and he gets set up as the fall guy in an assassination plot on the president.

If you like good popcorn movies, you're gonna love "The Sentinel" 'cause this is a thriller that is filled with thrills!

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TOMORROW: Thoughts about the 3rd episode of "John from Cincinnati", the 2nd episode of "Meadowlands", the new movie about Hugh Hefner and why tourists aren't coming to the U.S. like they used to.

Friday, June 22, 2007


More roadside bombs have killed more U.S. troops in Iraq which calls even more attention to the lack of Pentagon attentiveness regarding urgent pleas from U.S. Marine commanders for better protected vehicles. Pleas that were disgracefully ignored or put in some sort of procrastination type file until more than 2 years had passed and Senator Joe Biden got on the case. It figures to be quite a while before these life saving vehicles are produced and an even longer period of time before all of the requested life saving vehicles are delivered to our troops, many of whom continue to die while traveling in roadside bomb attracting death traps. How did this happen? Chalk it up to more incompetent "planning" by this bumbling fumbling administration who talk a good "support the troops" game, but when it comes to actually supporting the troops? Well, what do you expect from an administration featuring guys who artfully ducked and dodged during their younger years when the possibility of being a soldier was a time for multiple deferments or parental influence.

Why are we even IN Iraq?!?

In addition to having our attention directed to more deaths in Iraq, a place we long ago figured out isn't a place where Osama bin Laden will be found, a lot of us are asking a very simple question; Why are we there? For the oil? Shoot, these bumblers and fumblers the administration sent to take care of that seem to be sitting idly by while professional smugglers pick their pockets and the oil goes to...Well, no one seems to know where it's going to. Are we there because the citizens of Iraq love us and can hardly wait for our way of life to start being their way of life? Well, if there was ever a possibility of the answer to that question being, "Yes!", a little problem has developed. The thousands on top of thousands of Iraqi citizens who have inconveniently been killed while we're supposedly "liberating" them.

Do we remember what country was pretty much the only country who supported our invasion of Iraq? England. Led by chief President Bush lapdog, Tony Blair.

History lesson. Almost 90 years ago, an occupation of Iraq began. A British occupation. The leader of that occupation installed the first Hashemite King. That's a religious leader of some kind. Anyway, after the Brits were seemingly trying to do something comparable to what we apparently are trying to do, the leader of the British occupation said, "I am deeply concerned about Iraq. There is scarcely a single newspaper which is not consistently hostile to our remaining in this country. At present we are paying eight million a year for the privilege of living on an ungrateful volcano!" This was 1922 and the man who said those words and who had led the occupation of Iraq for the Brits was Winston Churchill. Eight million pounds in 1922 translates to who knows how much money now. And does anybody really know how much money we're spending for this Iraq business?

Someone much smarter than me once said something about history repeating itself and as we get closer and closer to the 4th of July, I pose a simple question to ponder. Why are we in Iraq?


My commentary about the "what might have been" aspect regarding the NBC television show, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" generated a few responses including this note from reader/listener, JB who wrote, "Studio 60" was as bright and brilliant as a new penny! What a shame. The funny thing is, if you watch the first few episodes of any of the 'classic' shows in reruns, you can see how truly awful they were before they found their voice. But, I think I'm one of the 16 people that thought 'cop rock' was freaking brilliant too!

Cheap mindless reality shows, reruns and game shows that go nowhere is our future. Why? Because people eat what is put before them. I say, push away from the table now before all we are being served is garbage."

Thanks for your thoughts, LB. LB also asked me to check out "The Riches" because of the performances of Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver.

LB, I was also a fan of "Cop Rock". For those of you who never saw it, it was a Stephen Bochco show about cops, who while solving crimes would suddenly start singing. I'm tempted to defend what I just wrote, but I'll just let that line sit there.

Back to "Studio 60". I watched last night's episode. The very first scene set the stage. When that scene ended and they went to commercials before the rest of the show began, I had one of those "fasten your seatbelts" feelings. And in my mind, I was right. Last night's "Studio 60" was as good as any show I've ever seen on television and better than most of any shows I've ever seen on television. "Studio 60's" final show will air next Thursday.


No new Jimmy Kimmel shows on ABC for a few days because of an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday night. Kimmel's publicist released an e-mail saying the surgery was a success and Jimmy's looking forward to getting back to work. Full disclosure: I've had the privilege of appearing on Kimmel's show quite a few times doing both on-camera and voiceover bits. And I'm hoping to someday do a little something on his girlfriend's show. That would be Sarah Silverman.

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MONDAY: A big day for Paris Hilton!


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today is the first day of summer. The 4th of July is just around the corner. Visions of outdoor barbecues, bikinis and beach activity are dancing in our heads. Or is that just my head?


Like the before the season anticipation of NBC's new show, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip".

This had "can't miss" written all over it.

This was an Aaron Sorkin show. The guy who invented "The West Wing". During "West Wing's" glory years, it was appointment television. "Studio 60" would be appointment television as well. Or that's what we thought.

So what happened?

"Studio 60" was a behind the scenes show about a late night comedy show that featured a terrific cast of actors. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford played the guys who pretty much ran things. Perry's on again, off again girlfriend, was played by the very delightful Sarah Paulson and in later episodes, Whitford's girlfriend was played by the very adorable Amanda Peet. The actors who played supporting roles on "Studio 60" are actors who could easily headline their own shows.

The first show's ratings were good. The second show's ratings dropped off a bit. After the third show, what appeared to be a campaign reared its ugly head. A campaign (seemingly) led by people who had experienced success as writers in previous comedy shows. And their main gripe was? The show wasn't funny.

To me, this was a show attempting to show us the behind the scenes stuff that goes on before, during and after the show goes off the air.

If the argument was that the show was "too hip for the room", I would have understood that argument. But, "not funny" sounded like sour grapes from people who seemed to be saying, "You should have hired me!"

I didn't watch "Studio 60" because I hoped to watch something comparable to "Saturday Night Live". Shoot, I haven't watched that show in years. I tuned in to watch a story!

And I was very much in the minority.

"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" was put on a very long hiatus by NBC and it finally returned a few weeks ago, but it was moved from Mondays to Thursdays. I saw every episode before the hiatus and I've seen every episode since. Tonight's show will be "Studio 60's" next to last show. I think that the story line leading up to tonight's show has been first rate television. It involves a brother of one of the cast members who has been kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq and it involves the Amanda Peet character possibly dying after giving birth. Will there be a rescue of the brother? Will Jordan (Amanda Peet) die? A death that could result in Danny (Bradley Whitford) not being able to claim the child as his own?

And after next Thursday's show, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" will be over. For good.

And the "what might have been" aspect, will linger.


Bob Barker is now saying that he isn't endorsing Rosie O'Donnell to be the new host of "The Price Is Right". He just likes her and thinks she would do a good job if she was hired. Rosie has apparently had her meeting with "Price" producers, because on she said (something like), I don't think they liked me or want me.

Casting for new characters on "Shark" is continuing. As we told you more than a month ago, "Shark" producers and CBS were worried that James Woods was going to leave the show because of all the hours it required, so in order to get Woods to stay, they're doing everything they can to lighten his work load.

Did you watch "The O.C" when it was on the air? Do you remember who Kelly Rowan was? She played Kirsten, the wife of the Peter Gallagher character. Kelly Rowan is about to be married for the first time. To a guy named David Thomson who is the richest person in Canada.


Most of America is in favor of embryonic stem cell research, including Nancy Reagan, who believes this kind of research could have helped her husband. I'm also in favor of it. But President Bush listens to loud religious folks who tell him this research is akin to abortion. President Bush vetoed federally funded research yesterday. We supporters of that research are hoping for a miracle override.

Speaking of President Bush... In the new Newsweek's "Conventional Wisdom Watch", an observation was made about President Bush. "Good news: He's amazingly popular and mobbed by well-wishers. Bad news: Applies only to Albania."

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wow! Talk about the odd couple! Rosie O'Donnell and Don Imus? Doing a political/news show? Together?!?

Would you watch? I'll bet you would the first day! I know I would!

The National Enquirer's Mike Walker says that Fox suits sent Rosie on a corporate jet to New Mexico for a meet and greet with Imus and these two "opposites" hit it off. Now (according to Walker) Fox bosses are trying to put a package together that would satisfy Rosie and Imus.

Rosie O'Donnell has something else she's chasing. "The Price Is Right". If she hasn't had the meeting already, sometime this week she will have a meeting with "Price" producers about possibly becoming the new host of "The Price Is Right". We've been led to believe that the finalists for this job are the E! Network's Todd Newton, "Entertainment Tonight's" Mark Steines, George Hamilton and John O'Hurley. My personal choice of those four is Hamilton, but the fact that "Price" bosses are talking to Rosie means this job is very much open. Do you know who would get Bob Barker's vote? Rosie.

Sudden thought: Rosie and Imus on "The Price Is Right"? The mind can only imagine the size of that potential train wreck. But ya know what? Imagining potential disaster is what would cause a lot of viewers to tune in to Rosie and Imus on Fox if that deal ever gets made.


Confession. Some of the absolute best times of my life have been with green-eyed redheads. There's just something...

Okay, back to reality, Scott.

If you're a red-haired knockout between 5'6 and 5'11 and between 18 and 35, Howie Mandel's "Deal or No Deal" is casting for new briefcase models this week. If you're very attractive but not a redhead? "Deal or No Deal" might make you a deal, but they're particularly short on redheads. Good luck!


Have you heard about the new Republican presidential contenders poll that came out yesterday? Fred Thompson is now the leader by 28 percent to 27 percent over Rudy Giuliani. I mean, Fred Thompson has yet to announce that he is a candidate! What will happen to Thompson's poll numbers then? Of course there'll be this little matter of him having to answer questions in debates, etc., but any candidate who underestimates Fred Thompson is an idiot.


First of all, there's nothing new on the Senate's proposed immigration bill, but folks are still debating the issue. I mean, passionately debating the issue. The 1907 Teddy Roosevelt speech about immigrants that was sent to us by former CNN anchor Patrick Emory resulted in several emails sent here saying (in essence) that it's too bad someone like Teddy isn't running things now!

And more mail about Barry Bonds. Like the one from Kansas City reader/listener, Jon Badeaux who writes, "The reason people cheered for Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire to break the all-time home run record is because they were real people who didn't take themselves too seriously. In St. Louis, you might find yourself sitting in church next to McGuire. Or buying soft pretzels or fried pickles. He was a stand-up citizen in St. Louis. I understand that Sammy Sosa was equally loved in Chicago.

I've never read a love story about Barry Bonds. The real cheering will probably come long after Bonds breaks the record...when someone else breaks his!"

Thanks for your thoughts, Jon. Interesting letter. Fried pickles? Man, I'm from St. Louis. Somebody forgot to tell me about that delicacy. Short Commentary: Jon, I agree with you about McGuire. I know Mark. I've never met Sammy, but he's now hitting a lot of home runs for Texas. I agree with the thought that the big cheering will take place when someone breaks what will undoubtedly be Bonds' record. And that person (unless he has a major injury) will probably be the player known as "A-Rod".


Have you checked out the new CW show called "Hidden Palms"? It stars Gail O'Grady, Sharon Lawrence and a bunch of very attractive young people. It's being referred to as Palm Springs' answer to "The O.C.". I've seen the first three episodes. Nothing overly serious about this show. A lot of pretty people doing things we like to watch and I'm hooked. Episodes 4 and 5 will be on tonight between 8 and 10, Pacific and Eastern times.

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