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And somehow, I hope to sensibly tie the two together and make it personal!

This is being written late in the afternoon on November 26, 2008. This will be posted sometime this evening just before I'll be making a guest appearance on Wayne Powers' radio show which is broadcast on 1110/WBT, an AM 50,000 watt clear channel blowtorch in Charlotte, North Carolina which is heard up and down the East Coast at night. I'm scheduled to be on for 10-15 minutes around 7:30 or so, Pacific time. If you live outside their listening range, you can hear it on your computer at

By the time some of you begin to read this blog, it will probably BE Thanksgiving and with that in mind, I hope that you and yours have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Does anything YOU'RE thankful for, come to mind?

Has anything happened ON or NEAR a Thanksgiving that you're especially thankful for?

Seeing Vin Scully this past Friday and thinking about Thanksgiving which would be six days later, made me think about the story I'm about to tell. I'll get to the Scully angle in a minute.

I arrived in Los Angeles on Friday, the day AFTER Thanksgiving in 1979. I had left my "dream job" as the afternoon talk show host on KMOX in St. Louis to join Gene Autry's legendary KMPC here as a talk host. In addition to having a stable of stars on their airwaves (Radio Hall of Famers Robert W. Morgan, Gary Owens, etc.), KMPC also carried the L.A. Rams, the Angels, and UCLA football and basketball. I was there to be a part of KMPC's sports team.

Again...This was the day after Thanksgiving, 1979. Less than 2 months later, the Rams were playing against Pittsburgh's Steelers in Super Bowl 14 at the Rose Bowl. Terry Bradshaw would end up being the game's MVP as the Steelers won their 4th Super Bowl.

I was assigned to do the radio half time show of that game. Before I went on the air, a surprise guest stuck his head in the door and said, "Hi, Scott! I'm Vin Scully! Welcome! I've been listening to you! You're going to do very well here!"

You have to understand something. For a young broadcaster like me who was a raw rookie in L.A., to hear THOSE words...Coming from THAT man was like getting a blessing from GOD!!!

WELLLL....In addition to being of deity status, Mr. Scully turned out to be a little bit of a prophet regarding me. I've had my ups and downs like anyone else, but while here, I've shared microphones with multiple radio, television and sports Hall of Famers, I've had the pleasure of spending many years as a television sports anchor, fill-in television morning show host, I've had small and substantial acting roles on television, small roles on major films, starring roles on films that became bargain basement films on VHS and DVD before anyone even know they had been made and yes, along the way, I wondered if I would ever work again, but that's true with all of us, isn't it?

Overall, I've been a very lucky guy who has a LOT to be thankful for as we think about Thanksgiving and that brings me back to Vin Scully.

I'm a member of an organization called, "PACIFIC PIONEER BROADCASTERS". This past Friday (the 21st), our President, Chuck Southcott threw a standing room only luncheon at The (very famous) Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, California and presented Vin Scully with our organization's highest honor.

After a number of distinguished guests spoke, Scully spoke and proved once again what a "WORD MAGICIAN" he is!!!

When the event had ended, I went to the dais and spoke briefly with Scully for the first time in quite a number of years. When I told him I have never forgotten the "welcome" he had given me those many years ago, he finished my sentence for me by telling me where and when it was.

How does a guy who knows you (only) casually remember something that happened 30 YEARS AGO?!? I asked that question to Entertainment Tonight's long time producer/director Kevin Gershan and he said, "THAT's why he's VIN SCULLY!!!"

Here's the deal, gang. The economy sucks, a lot of people are having to take pay cuts, in some cases, multiple pay cuts, and that's if you're lucky enough to even have a job, but if you're blessed with good health and aren't too lazy or scared to try to get work, as a rule, things will work out for you and like me, you'll have a LOT to be thankful for.

I know. There are some days, weeks, months and YEARS when you might question that, but as long as you keep "pumping", reasons to smile are just around the corner.




In the San Fernando Valley, where I live, unleaded regular's lowest price is $1.99 a gallon. And the oil companies are STILL making a fortune!!!


Isn't it time to simply let some of these terribly run companies go bankrupt and start over? I mean, how much money are we going to continue to print so these companies can go back to doing business as usual? You know who ends up paying for this, don't you?









Wasn't what happened in 2000 bad enough? Al Gore got the most votes, but because of the Electoral College (and the Supreme Court), George W. Bush was handed the presidency.

Do I think that Al Gore would have been a GOOD President of the United States?

No I don't think that. But I KNOW that President George W. Bush has been a HORRIBLE President of the United States.

We like to tell everyone that "every vote counts!"


If we eliminate the Electoral College, every vote WILL count!!!

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Yo, "Anonymous"! I don't mind "shots" from readers. This is an "opinion" blog that I write. I welcome views that differ from mine. And I have ongoing dialogues with readers. In some cases, dialogues that have been going on since I began writing this blog in March of 2007.

In addition to talking the talk, I do walk the walk when it comes to (my) listening to views that are different from mine. I was that way as a talk show host and I'm that way with this blog.

That's why I KNOW that the whining done by Rush, Hannity and others about the (boo-hoo) FAIRNESS DOCTRINE is bogus!

Anyone who is worried about the "Fairness Doctrine" is (to me) a cult leader wannabe. A communicator with a one and ONLY "one point of view" agenda, is a person who deep down is espousing a dictatorial society.


As most readers know, all of my previous blogs are easy to access. "Anonymous" sent me comments about stuff I wrote on June 25, 2008 in a blog that was headlined, "NO PARTICULAR PLACE TO GO!"

In that blog, I wrote (among other things) about what I wrote in the above paragraphs regarding some of our current talk hosts. But what I just NOW wrote is a little stronger than what I wrote in May.

In his email, "Anonymous" accuses me of being "a vacuous liberal" who wants the government to do what I (and my so-called "ilk") can't do on their own.

"Anonymous", first of all, I'm a lifetime Republican. A Goldwater Republican, if you will. Still am. Yeah, I voted for Obama. But before that, I voted for the current President Bush, who to me, has surrounded himself with a group of "Republicans" that THIS lifetime Republican doesn't "get" AT ALL!!!

Write to ME, "Anonymous". Who knows? Maybe you'll change my mind.

On the other hand, maybe I'll change YOUR mind!

After I post this blog, I will post the email from "Anonymous" right under the June 25, 2008 blog. The email is not a long email.


Up in the air right now. I might write another one next Wednesday which means it would be posted late that afternoon or early/late Wednesday evening.

IF NOT? Then my next blog would be written on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gas Prices, The nerve of the Big 3 Automakers and X-Mas gift ideas for Rush & Sean!!!

This is being written on the evening of November 19, 2008. I have just returned from auditioning for a role of "The Boss" in what will be a Web theatrical release titled, "When Ninjas Attack"!

I mention this because I'm still smiling from waiting for my name to be called while looking at a large number of very beautiful and scantily dressed women who were also there auditioning for roles in this film. And while smiling, I said to myself, "Self...PLEASE be told that your character is gonna be the boss of THESE beautiful creatures and that they will be required to do whatever you TELL them to do!!!"

A man can dream, can't he?

And Speaking OF Dreaming...

Did you hear about the CEOs of the Big Three auto companies who showed up in Washington today begging for taxpayer bailout money? And they're not asking for whacha call "Chump Change"!!! No, these CEOs are asking for Billions of dollars of our money because they say the auto companies will have to go bankrupt if they DON'T get the money!

Okay...A lot of people have had their "hands out" ever since our government BEGAN to give bailout money to companies. Nothing unusual about that, but what BOTHERED some lawmakers about THESE three characters is that all three of them FLEW PRIVATE JETS to get to Washington to DO their begging!

To the lawmakers, this looked like that what these CEOs were saying was, "We're in big trouble, we're about to go broke, in addition to hurting US, it will cause tremendous pain to the American people, but after you give us a few billion to bail us out, you don't expect us to quit using private planes, do you?!?"

Well, yeah! The lawmakers were thinking that giving up private planes should be a reasonable part of the reality check of admitting that the way the CEOs of the Big Three auto companies HAVE been running things are ways that need to be CORRECTED!!!

As the great boxing promoter Don King might say, "Only in America!!!"


How about these gas prices? I live in the Los Angeles area and the lowest price I've seen for unleaded regular is $2.39. I'm told that my friends in St. Louis are paying $1.69. It wasn't that long ago when gasoline was right at $5.00+ a gallon here in Southern California. And it was (at least) well over $4 a gallon everywhere else.

Because of this lousy economy, most of us don't have the disposable income we used to have so driving to places we don't HAVE to drive to ain't happenin' and when the oil companies see what IS happenin', the price for gas comes DOWN!!! I guess that's whacha call a small silver lining in an otherwise very ugly cloud!


I want to tell you about two films I recently saw on cable.

"HEARTBREAK KID" came out more than a year ago. It didn't do well, but I found it to be entertaining enough to watch it to the end of the film. Ben Stiller stars as a charming, but sometimes annoying "cad" kind of guy who gets married to a woman played by Malin Ackerman who (after being charming at first) turns out to be off the charts annoying for pretty much the whole rest of the film. What (to me) SAVES this film is the very charming work done by Michelle Monaghan.

"SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE" came out more than 20 years ago, but I saw it for the first time on The Movie Channel a few days ago. This was and is a movie for adults. No car chases, "Saw" type characters, bad dialogue or anything like that. James Spader, Peter Gallagher, Andie MacDowell and Laura San Giacomo are sensational in a film that was very smartly directed by Steven Soderbergh. It's about a guy played by Spader who tapes conversations with women about sex. It's also about a guy played by Gallagher who's married to the MacDowell character while having an affair with the San Giacomo character who is playing MacDowell's sister.

Terrific, terrific, terrific film!



My good friend Kevin Gershan at Entertainment Tonight is singing this film's praises to me, long time blog reader Pat Gallagher is singing this film's praises to me as are The L.A. Times, Rolling Stone, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, etc, etc. It looks like you might have to stand in long lines the first few days that "TWILIGHT" is being shown at your favorite cineplex.


Thanksgiving is next Thursday and Christmas is exactly 4 weeks after that.

Have you thought about nice gifts and or nice cards for your relatives and friends?

Have you thought about gifts for....Oh, I dunno. Your favorite radio entertainers? Here's what might be a thoughtful and meaningful gift combination for Rush and Sean. A beautiful and washable pair of wardrobe items that would be easy to pack. A robe and a....Hmmm....Whadda ya think would be a nice robe accessory?

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Attention Sean Hannity: Ronald Reagan Is Dead!!!

This is being written on the evening of November 12, 2008, eight days after Barack Obama was elected to be the 44th President of the United States, a job that he will begin on January 20, 2009.

The fact that Obama was elected has right wing talk hosts like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh placing blame on Republican voters and politicians they think have "Lost their way!!!", but they've wasted no time at all placing blame for our economic mess at the feet of Barack Obama!!!

In Hannity's case, the name of Ronald Reagan is mentioned often, but this is nothing new for Hannity, a guy who chooses to long for the 1980's when we had a President (Reagan) who talked a lot about "values of the 50's", values that never really existed, but we didn't have 24/7 gossip internet columns and cable television shows in those days so people were allowed to pretend that "messy stuff" never happened.

Hannity also talks a lot about how we (America) need to go back to the way things were during Reagan's administration and that if we did or do, our economic problems will be solved.

Deregulation is the cause of most of our economic problems and it was beginning to be adopted during the Reagan administration. Our deficit went way UP during the Reagan administration because of all of Reagan's spending, spending that continued (not on as grand of a scale) under the first President Bush, same deal with President Clinton, but under this President Bush, wasteful spending was done at the level of the MOTHER of ALL grand scales. And the continuing deregulation under President Clinton and the current President Bush have resulted in a financial bite to all of our asses that will take a lot of time to fix.

When you've listened to Hannity and Limbaugh during the few days after the election, you know they're trying to make you believe this economic mess is Barack Obama's fault. And here's what's especially pathetic about that. SOME of their head nodding listeners BELIEVE them!!!
The silver lining in this dark cloud is that there's no evidence that either guy intends to ever invite their listeners to a mountain top where their listeners would be asked to drink this great tasting Kool Aid that will be served.

I hate to break it to you Sean, but Reagan is dead! And so are his policies! When Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, it will be 2009 and what we'll need are 2009 ideas to get us out of this economic mess that took a long time to explode. The 80's are over. And the 50's, (as often described) never existed.

CHANGE!!! That's what we elected Barack Obama for. Hopefully, he'll be able to deliver.


What the heck kind of company is going to be bailed out NEXT?!? I mean, are you FOLLOWING this?!? It seems like every morning when we wake up, we hear on the news that some OTHER company will be bailed out by our government. As I'm sure you know, SOME companies who GOT previous bail out money have asked for and are getting MORE bail out money even after it was discovered they used a lot of the PREVIOUS bail out money for MILLIONS to be given as BONUSES for EXECUTIVES who were partly responsible for the company LOSING all the money the company lost.

No, Sean and Rush. It's not the Obama administration that's doing this. It's the Bush administration.


At Barack Obama's press conference, I loved his, "A mutt like me" line...

Rush Limbaugh's constantly referring to Barack Obama as being a Creeeepy CREATURE"
is in itself, off the charts creepy! I know your ratings are going down Rush, but is this the STRATEGY you think will get your listeners BACK?!? Rush, your problem is the same problem we have with our economy. You gotta start thinkin' 2009 instead of the '80's....

Have you heard the new recorded show opener Sean Hannity uses at the beginning of each hour? I mean, you talk about Creeeepy!!! It's almost 2009, Sean. You need modern material to get YOUR ratings up.....


If you listen to a radio show that features a talk host complaining about the possibility of the Fairness Doctrine coming back to radio, here's what they're REALLY worried about. They're not capable of having intelligent dialogue with someone who has an opposing view. There are others besides Limbaugh and Hannity, but because they're the two who are the most popular, I use them as examples.

Rush Limbaugh strikes me as someone who could (if he wanted to) have a reasonably intelligent conversation with someone representing an opposing view and in some cases I think Limbaugh might be able to score big points in a conversation like that and even change the other person's mind.

Hannity? NOT A BLEEPIN' CHANCE!!! UNLESS.....What Hannity shows us on the air is a well crafted "act" that can change to a different "act" immediately if he's required to. Over and over and over again what we HEAR from Hannity when he's having a "conversation" with a person representing an opposing view is BULLYING!!!

If it IS brought back, the Fairness Doctrine is not something that will be a problem for talented and good broadcasters. But for now, it does give them something to bitch about on the air which is another example of folks participating in America's REAL national pastime. BITCHING!!!


I mentioned RADIO ratings that have been going down? So have TELEVISION ratings! Across the board, meaning it's likely that YOUR favorite television show has seen better days, ratings wise.

Modern technology, man! So many other choices out there. People who take the time to read this BLOG of mine are probably people who (in previous years) would be watching television or listening to the radio.

Hey, I spend a lot of time on the internet, too. Probably TOO much time, but I guess it's safe to say that surfing the net has become America's SECOND favorite pastime!

Speaking of television, I just want to give a shout-out to a few shows I'm watching regularly. Yeah, I used to watch more than these, but because of the internet...

BOSTON LEGAL...This is the final season for this show and I'm gonna miss it a lot. The James Spader/William Shatner dynamic along with first class writing and terrific guest stars make this must-see television for me.

BROTHERS & SISTERS...The hands down BEST show on televison for me! Once you start watching, it's impossible to not fall in love with the Walker family! I guarantee you'll see someone on that show that reminds you of one of YOUR family members!

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES...A major "comeback" season for this show. The writing's better, everything's better.

DIRTY SEXY MONEY...For me, this show has turned into a super cool night time Soap Opera. If you haven't seen it, it's a continuing story about the very rich Darling Family, a family that ain't whacha call "darling" AT ALL!

ENTOURAGE...Four Hollywood friends and an agency they're attached to. This is a very believable and very addictive HBO show and on Sunday nights it's followed by...

TRUE BLOOD....An Alan Ball continuing tale about a small town inhabited by humans and vampires who come across as VERY human until they get THIRSTY!!!

DEXTER....THIS Sunday night Showtime show just gets better and better. Better than last season which was better than the previous season, etc. Dexter features a terrific regular cast of characters and this season's Special Guest Star is Jimmy Smits who plays a guy who's NOTHING like that nice Bobby Simone character who was on NYPD Blue. And somehow you get the feeling that something will end up going very "wrong" with the best bud friendship he has WITH Dexter!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WOW!!! "No Drama Obama" will be the 44th President of the United States of AMERICA!!!

Yeah, that's another nickname he has. "No Drama Obama".

Then there's "Chicago Thug", which is what President Clinton called Obama after Obama royally pissed Clinton off when Clinton thought Obama had tagged a racist label onto Clinton.

That misunderstanding obviously got squared away or President Clinton wouldn't have stood and sat next to Obama in front of a huge audience just a couple of days before the election.

"Chicago Thug", indeed. As I stated in my last blog, I totally got the meaning of that "slur". And to me, it was a compliment. An acknowledgment of a guy (Obama) who in President Clinton's view, would/will do anything to win in the political arena!

Takes one to know one, President Clinton??? I think the answer to that question is, "Yes!!!"

This blog is being written late Wednesday afternoon on the 5th of November, 2008. Less than 24 hours ago, all the television networks announced that Senator Barack Obama had gotten enough electoral votes to be the 44th President of the United States, a position he'll officially take when he's inaugurated on the 20th of January, 2009.

Wow, WOW!!!!

Please indulge me while I (temporarily) turn back the clock.

I made a couple of predictions many months ago. I thought that when all the primaries had ended, the Republican nominee would be Fred Thompson and the Democrat nominee would be Barack Obama!

Fred Thompson showed us in very short order that he and hard work don't go well together and he was an early political graveyard occupant.

During the debates, the guy who (initially) impressed me the most was Senator Joe Biden. As time went on, Senator Obama, like a stealth bomber, got better and better in the debates. And as we all know, the Democrat race came down to Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.

After finally beating Senator Clinton, a lot of "advisors" wanted Senator Obama to choose Senator Clinton as his running mate.

When Senator Obama chose Senator Biden to be his running mate, the sound of the howling that was heard was probably similar to the howling made by poor wolves in Alaska when Governor Palin and others enjoy the "sport" of shooting and killing wolves while taking aim from helicopters.

We hadn't heard about Governor Palin yet, but we certainly heard the howling on behalf of Hillary.

A lot of "experts" thought that Obama made a critical mistake by not asking Hillary to be his running mate. Two of those "experts" were Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Along the way, we heard about other mistakes that political "experts" thought that Obama made or was making.

Obama's response to those criticisms? There was no response which helped lead to Obama's quiet nickname, "No Drama Obama".

Like a combination stealth bomber and quiet "Chicago Thug" hitman, Barack Obama showed the powerful Clinton machine and the powerful Republican machine what a very unique "machine" HE can be while giving those "pros" a lesson on tactics that they'll never forget!

So...What happens now? For openers it looks like Obama's Chief of Staff will be Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel, another "Chicago Thug" type that we're told is "ruthless".

But the big questions everyone has are, "What does Obama plan to DO? And what will his GOVERNING style be like?"

Answer? No one knows. Barack Obama has been elected for pretty much the same reason I articulated in my last blog. I/we like the fact he's INexperienced as opposed to EXperienced because it's the EXperienced people who have gotten us into the multiple messes we're in!

Here's what we DO know! Whatever it is that Obama DOES or whatever his governing style will BE, it will be done with a no-nonsense DISCIPLINE not seen in the White House in many, many years!


I was watching the election stuff in my home by myself last night. When Senator John McCain finished his concession speech, you heard a lot of applause from his supporters in Arizona. Well, there was at least one more round of applause that you couldn't hear. It was from me.

I didn't vote for Senator McCain, but I respect Senator McCain and after his concession speech, my respect for Senator McCain reached a new level.


When Senator McCain asked Sarah Palin to be his running mate, because she wasn't "ready", she should have turned him down.

But because she has a great personality and is very attractive, she might have a future as a "Reality" show host or a Fox News panelist.


I think this guy is going to be a GREAT Vice President!!!


As we all know, what we've just witnessed is some major, major American history. During this campaign, there were no shortage of opinions expressed by our friends and relatives about which candidate they preferred and why. Opinions that often resulted in arguments and friendships' being negatively affected. Same deal with relatives who often ended up wondering how on earth they ever ended up being related to YOU?!? And to be fair, vice versa.

I don't know about you, but there's a lot that I haven't liked about the way things have gone ever since George W. Bush was elected in 2000. Or did he steal that election?

I won't regurgitate the specifics of what I haven't liked, but if you're curious, you can read my "bitching" in some of my previous blogs that are all under this one.

Our first African American President is a man who takes this job with the deck stacked against him. A long and very expensive war we never should have gotten into, an economy that's in the toilet, homelessness that's becoming a bigger and bigger problem, the health insurance problem, the huge illegal immigration problem, jobs that continue to be outsourced, etc., etc.

When it's time for the "scorecards" to come out, if the Barack Obama administration is perceived to have been a failure, the opportunity for the next minority to be a serious presidential candidate will be whacha call, slimmer than slim!

What we must remember about Barack Obama once he becomes President Obama is how he operated before he won the election. His tactics were being questioned by darn near everyone.
In other words, he was underestimated. Constantly underestimated!

I'm not looking for overnight miracles, because overnight miracles ain't gonna happen. But I sincerely believe that timing is everything and that this is the guy we've been waiting for!

Be patient, folks. I believe that good things are on the horizon because I believe that you, the voters, made the right decision.

Now that the campaign has ended, we can all get about the business of repairing our fractured friendships, reestablishing relations with our relatives and then get back about the business of participating in America's real National Pastime. No, not baseball. BITCHING!

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