Monday, April 30, 2007


It's bad enough to begin this week knowing that April has been one of the bloodiest months in the history of this stupid war in Iraq. More than 100 killed this month and we still have one more day to complete.

Then we can look ahead to what will be an unpleasant surprise the middle of NEXT month! As most of you know, the price of stamps are going up on the 14th of May. For a letter in a regular sized envelope, the cost of mailing will go up from 39 cents to 41 cents. BUT...if you use 9x12 envelopes to send a picture and resume which is what people in the entertainment industry do, THAT cost will go up from 63 cents to 97 cents. In other words, an increase of more than FIFTY PERCENT!!! I made it a point to get that information because I'm an actor who sends out a lot of pictures and resumes. Ouch! It's tough enough to keep your head above water as an actor and now the Post Office is ganging up on us?

Speaking of acting...On one of the HBO channels this past Saturday, I saw a film that blew me away. "Before Sunset", starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. I think it came out a couple of years ago. It's basically a 2-person film that becomes an "acting clinic", but damn, it's GOOD! This is a film that involves Hawke and Delpy spending most of the film simply talking to each other, but while they're talking, you can feel the sexual tension building and then when it's time for the "payoff"? Well, see it for yourself. I highly recommend this film.

A couple of TV shows showed their final episodes this past Thursday and Friday. "October Road" on ABC, a show that had about a 6-week trial run and "Raines", a Jeff Goldblum show on NBC that had the same kind of run. Yo, ABC and NBC! PLEASE find room for those shows to return NEXT season! And here's a message to the lead character in "October Road". If the show returns, I hope you don't break Aubrey's heart. Let blondie do whatever she wants to do with the rich guy. Yes, I know. It's only a TV show, but I get "involved" in these shows.

One sports item. Am I the only one who thinks the Lakers are dangerously close to becoming irrelevant in this city? I mean, with this roster, we are supposed to be hopeful because...?

Oh...10-million dollars a year for Phil Jackson?


Mission: Accomplished?!?

Friday, April 27, 2007


I'm not sure. Is "outdid" a word? Well, for our purposes it is today. Because outdid (itself) is what "American Idol" did Wednesday night.

Because of an acting class that night and my having to get up early to write what I'm writing now, I didn't see that show until yesterday afternoon.

The show opened up with Earth Wind & Fire and when they were finished, I said, "Wow!"

After that, there were more reasons to say, "Wow!"

The idea of this show was to raise money for disadvantaged children in Africa and America. So far, the amount raised has exceeded 60 MILLION dollars.

In order to do something like this, the producers couldn't afford to lose sight of why most people tune into this juggernaut known as American Idol. And that's to be entertained. And then there's the issue of "drama" which we get while waiting to see which poor contestant will be told that their dreams of BEING the next American Idol have ended. Just when it looked like Jordin Sparks was going to be that person, Ryan Seacrest announced that because this was a "charity" night, no one would be eliminated. Two contestants will be eliminated NEXT Wednesday night. Because many of us are cynics, the thought immediately occurs that the contestants might have known about this ahead of time, but that is a thought that should be eliminated. Immediately! If Jordin Sparks could fake the fear and then the relief she expressed, she wouldn't NEED American Idol, because she would already be a world class actress.

And how about that "If I Can Dream" duet? With Celine Dion and Elvis Presley? Wow and double Wow!

American Idol, take a bow! You done good, kids! REAL good!!!!

Speakin' of doin' good and this is for our Los Angeles readers...How 'bout dem Lakers? Nice goin', guys! After falling behind by 17 and looking pathetic, the Lakers rallied, won and now will try to tie their series with Phoenix this Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday....This Sunday night on CBS, "60 Minutes" will feature an interview with former CIA boss George Tenet who will (in essence) claim that he's been made a "scapegoat" for the Iraq mess and he seems to be pointing his finger of blame at Vice President Dick Cheney, while having kind words to say about President Bush. It sounds like that after we finish watching this interview or reading Tenet's new book, we might again be wondering just who IS calling the shots in this dysfunctional White House.

Speaking of bad ideas (like Iraq), we call your attention to the latest idiotic money generated idea this state (California) is about to get in bed with.

Proposed legislation that would allow Indian tribes to install almost four TIMES the amount of slot machines they now have in return for giving the state up to 25% of the additional money these slot machines will generate. First of all, is that 25% of the gross or 25% of the profits and who will determine EITHER number? I mean, this Indian gambling business is a business that doesn't allow "outsiders" to meddle in or with. "Outsiders" being anyone who isn't some kind of Indian boss or Vegas guy who's been installed to run some (if not most or all) of these casinos.

I'M a gambler, but I think this is a HORRIBLE idea! I think that the Lottery was a horrible idea which was followed by other versions of the Lottery which was followed by Indian casinos which has been followed by more Indian casinos, etc., etc.

Read my lips! The people who do most of the gambling are people who can LEAST afford it and one day we're all going to have to open our eyes to a problem that already (silently) exists when it becomes a (loud) problem that is OUT OF CONTROL! And that'll be all the California citizens who will need assistance from the state because of all the money they've lost FROM all this "legal" gambling. Gambling that will have been authorized by elected idiots who can't come up with a better idea and who get into bed with greedy creeps who (in essence) say, "Come to papa. I'll take care of you because I love you!"

Yo, Terminator! Terminate THIS! Before it's too late!


Attention actors! May 14, the Post Office has a bad surprise for you!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I don't know who's responsible for the quote that's our headline today, but that person was and is SOOO right! There IS no business like the business known as "Show".

Here come several examples of that statement beginning with what is the show known as "American Idol". Last night, 30 million dollars (maybe more) was raised for charity. And the producers were charitable when they told the six remaining finalists that NONE of them would be eliminated last night. Two American Idol finalists will be eliminated next Wednesday which means that (maybe) Chris and Lakisha will sing a duet to close that show.

Other showbiz items...

Actor Hugh Grant. Remember him? The guy who sat still while Jay Leno said, "What the hell were you thinking?" That was after Grant was arrested while trying to have fun with a woman in a car, who....Well, she was a woman named "Divine", proving that names can be deceiving and also proving how drugs and or alcohol can alter one's view of how attractive another human being is. I mean, Hugh Grant was then living with Elizabeth Hurley, who was and is a world class beauty! Anyway, Grant is in the news again. He was arrested for assaulting a photographer with a bucket of baked beans.

Actor Richard Gere. Major, major babe magnet. A court in India has issued an arrest warrant for Gere. His crime? Publicly kissing one of their actresses. A crime that could result in Gere spending three months in prison in India. India is a place that Gere visits often while doing work that is described as benevolent. Different countries have different laws and Gere finds himself in the position of having to avoid arrest while also ending the good work he's done in that country. However, it's believed that throwing a bucket of baked beans at someone is pretty much a crime anywhere.

Actress/talk host/activist Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie is responsible for dramatic ratings increases on the television show, "The View". Yesterday, she announced that ABC wanted to renew her contract for three years, but she wanted to renew for only one year, so sometime in June she will be leaving The View. Donald Trump is doing a lot of crowing about how he's somewhat responsible for Rosie being "fired", but no one else is saying she's been fired. In fact, we're told that she'll be back occasionally. After making the announcement about her situation on The View yesterday, Rosie immediately (again) called for the impeachment of President Bush.

And here comes my "for whatever it's worth" on this subject.

Day before yesterday, democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich filed articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. You can read about Kucinich's reasons elsewhere, but this citizen (me) has had trouble with the way this adminstration has been doing business for several years.

It is my belief that this administration is the worst administration in my lifetime. Yes, even worse than the Carter administration, which is really saying something. And as time goes on, I believe that this administration will quite possibly be known in future history books as the worst administration in America's history.

I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I was raised in a military family, for a short period of time, I wore a military uniform, (nothing heroic, a good conduct medal that's highly questionable) the people in this administration ain't MY kind of Republicans and I believe that if Barry Goldwater was alive today, he'd be a Democrat.

Having said all that, I'm very slow to support an impeachment position. It never got to that point (though it was about to), but I wasn't in favor of impeaching Nixon. Why he never stood up and admitted to mistakes regarding a bush league burglary was the height of arrogance and stupidity. The impeachment of Clinton was a joke. Yeah, perjury can't be taken lightly, every guy who's ever "strayed" understood why a guy wouldn't want to admit to something his wife would hear him admitting to, but when you're the PRESIDENT, you're supposed to be truthful.
Even if it hurts.

What has made me reconsider the impeachment possibility in this administration is after listening to words spoken at hearings involving the late Pat Tillman and the very much alive, Jessica Lynch.

Oh, there's the lying about why we went to Iraq, but there's the "plausible deniability" aspect involving "bad intelligence info". Staying with the lie about Saddam Hussein somehow having something to do with 9/11, then being responsible for our "terrorism" concerns and then the, "Well he's a bad guy" argument can all be filed under the category, "That's my story/stories and I'm stickin' to it/them". Translation? It's politics. Everybody else has done it.

One of the biggest problems with the "leadership" we now have is the lack of military service any of them have had which leads to a lack of understanding about all things that are military related. The so-called planning for the Iraq invasion was off the charts stupid. We were at least 300,000 troops short of the force that should have been sent, the lack of bulletproof vests that worked, armor on vehicles. the horrible medical care, etc., etc.

And then there's the Tillman-Lynch situations. Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire. An attempt to turn him into a "hero" resulted in flat out lies being told about how he'd been killed.

Jessica Lynch was injured and captured. An attempt to turn her into a hero by referring to her as some kind of "Rambette" as opposed to "Rambo" resulted in flat out lies being told about how she'd been captured and how she was eventually released.

During her testimony, Jessica Lynch said it all when she said, "The truth is always more heroic!"

Repeat after me; The truth is always more heroic!

This is something the Bush administration doesn't understand and for the first time in my life, I'm ready to support an impeachment.


All these new slot machines will be a HUGE mistake!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Before telling you some personal observations about a television personality you're all familiar with, let's get to what MOST folks are talking about. "American Idol".

While raising a lot of money for charity tonight and watching some terrific performers sing, there's still the matter of which Idol wannabe will be told that his or her time in the spotlight has expired.

The famous trio of judges were very kind to Chris Richardson and Jordin Sparks and very nice to the other four. Lakisha was the only one who really received criticism.

Here's my take. I thought Richardson was awful. I thought Blake Lewis and his rendition of, "Imagine" was the best. Jordin Sparks' rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" was very good, but to me, not quite good enough.

Who do I think will be eliminated tonight? Richardson or Lakisha.

Now the "good guy" story.

Regis Philbin.

The three "American Idol" judges agree that one remaining contestant is very likable. Phil Stacey. But is there anyone MORE likable on our television screens than Regis Philbin on a daily basis?

After missing 6 weeks because of triple heart bypass surgery, Philbin will return to "Live with Regis and Kelly" tomorrow. His first guest will be David Letterman, who Regis filled in for while Dave was taking care of his own heart problems.

Reege (as Kelly calls him and Kathy Lee used to call him), is a bonafide "good guy" and I can say that because of two personal experiences. In the early 70's, I was a very young radio host in St. Louis. Philbin was doing a weekend television show there. A quiz show about St. Louis stuff that featured (mostly) St. Louis personalities. In those days, there was a barber shop owned by a St. Louis character named Gus Torregrossa. I mean, you never knew who might show up there. The Chief of Police, Elton John, a mobster, the Mayor, a famous actor, someone who wanted to be Missouri's next governor, Regis Philbin, etc., etc. Oh, and me. Gus' barber shop is where I met Regis and he said, "You should be a guest on my television show!" It would be my first and only television experience until I would later have a more than 10-year run as a television sports anchor here in Los Angeles. I hadn't spoken with Regis Philbin since the day I did his television show until a conversation we had during my early days of doing television sports here. He said, "I've been watching you, Scott. It's none of my business, but they're not lighting you properly. He then told me what I needed to tell the people at the television station. People who, after thinking about it, apologized, changed what they were doing and said, "He's RIGHT!"

Why did Regis Philbin DO that? I wasn't on the television station HE was on in this city. The only answer I can come up with is this; He's a good guy and when he returns to his show tomorrow, I'll be watching and I'll say (to my tv screen), "Welcome home, Regis!"


Is it time for someone to be impeached?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A lot was made of the attempt made by singer Sheryl Crow and producer Laurie David to engage Karl Rove in dialogue about global warming this past Saturday night. First of all, am I the only one who thinks Crow and David are a cute couple and what guy in his right mind wouldn't WELCOME an opportunity to have "face time" with those two? But Karl Rove is his own breed of cat. One of those "silent assassin" types that only a psychiatrist would probably enjoy conversing with and even THAT conversation would be for the purpose of a "study" of Karl Rove.

Karl Rove is a guy who doesn't converse with people when he's been asked to testify "off the record" about the latest White House shenanigans that have his fingerprints all over them.

Bottom line? Don't be offended, Sheryl Crow and Laurie David. You were simply welcomed to "Karl's World".

And speaking of "bottoms".....Sheryl Crow believes if we cut down our use of toilet paper, we would be helping the environment. I don't pretend to be any kind of environmental expert, so I'm willing to take her word for it, but there's one other thing she said that I can't get out of my mind. Sheryl Crow said something like, "If we would just use ONE piece of toilet paper...."

WHOA!!! Maybe this is another one of those great female mysteries I've yet to figure out, but speaking as a GUY, when I'm sittin' on the pot and it's time to begin the bottom cleaning process, one piece of toilet paper does nothing but get a hand messy. And after I've used that one piece of toilet paper, I'm supposed to do what? Wash my hand and go out in public? Trust me, Sheryl. If I do THAT, and you come to ME to talk about global warming, after one WHIFF of me, it'll be YOU who walks away.

Speaking of people we tend to walk away from, I call your attention to homeless people. We can't escape them. Maybe people in Beverly Hills and other walled off communities can escape them, but the rest of us can't. When I used to work at CBS in Hollywood, I would take an early morning break and walk down Sunset Boulevard to a fast food place. I would always see people sleeping up against buildings and I'd say (softly to myself), "There but for the grace of God, go I." A lot of 'em were veterans. Cast aside with their demons like veterans we've read about recently in the highly publicized veterans' health care scandal.

I live in the San Fernando Valley. The Burbank, North Hollywood, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Valley Village area. The police have done a good job keeping the homeless out of our sight here except for (mostly) the early morning hours when what you see (if you bother to look) is heartbreaking. But most people DON'T look. If you want to see eyes that move faster than you thought possible, watch a person who has just seen a homeless person. A couple of days ago, I saw something I hadn't seen before. A homeless couple with a shopping cart filled with items they had gotten from dumpsters. He looked very clean and she was wearing makeup. And they were (arguably) over the top polite.

And I couldn't help but think that was their silent way of saying, "Can you see me NOW?!?"

I don't have a solution for the homeless problem, but it's not going to go away. In fact, it figures to get worse. A LOT worse. It's easy to look at these people like bums. People who are too lazy to work. And some of 'em probably are bums. But most of 'em? I don't think so.
Most of our homeless people have caught a bad break or a series of bad breaks along the way and in this country where we have more people making more money than ever thought (previously) possible, to ignore this problem is unforgivable. For you see, "There but for the grace of God, go YOU!!!"

Other items...Did you see Sanjaya doing the "Top Ten" list with David Letterman last night? It looked like they might have to call security to get Sanjaya off the stage, didn't it?

Did you see last night's episode of "24"? Man, that show can stretch all things credible, can't it? And I can hardly wait for NEXT Monday's episode.

For those of us here in the Los Angeles area, we'll be paying attention to two of our favorite sports figures tonight. Shaq and what he does in his game with Miami and Kobe and what he does in his game with the Lakers. And whether or not Miami and the Lakers are able to WIN their games.


Regis Philbin

Monday, April 23, 2007


I am so sick of the politically correct crap regarding lawbreakers. Where did this term "undocumented" come from? It is a word that is designed to make people believe that this monstrous problem we have is somehow okay. "Undocumented"? Kind of like forgetting to renew your driver's license on time or sending your stuff into the IRS on time. No big deal. All that's going on here is something that has inadvertently slipped through the cracks.

B.S., B.S., B.S.!!! People here ILLEGALLY are not "undocumented". They are LAWBREAKERS!!! And businesses who aid and abet these lawbreakers are also involved in illegal activity that can and should be prosecuted by law enforcement officials instead of having their hands tied by politicians who are scared of losing votes.

And this business of illegal immigrants having children who automatically become LEGAL citizens because they were BORN here after having been conceived by parents who are here ILLEGALLY? Am I the only one capable of connecting dots that suggest conspiracy to circumvent immigration laws with the "sympathy card". As in, "If we deport the ILLEGAL parents, what about the child?" Hey, I'm all for the "family unit" thing. When the parents get deported, the child or children go with them. How difficult is it to grasp that logic?

Folks, this illegal immigration business that's being disguised (by many) as this "little undocumented problem" is a HUGE problem. Aside from the impossible to argue fact that being here illegally is AGAINST THE LAW, visit a hospital sometime. And when you leave, if you don't see the problems illegal immigrants cause there, please send me a pair of your blinders because I'd love to sample the delusional world you're allowing yourself to live in. Maybe I'll discover nirvana and learn to love it.

When Pat Buchanan was a presidential candidate in the 90's, he got off to a terrific start when he was hammering away at the illegal immigration problem. I mean, a terrific start. He was the first high profile guy to address this issue and he struck a chord with a lot of people. But when he shifted gears and began talking a lot about a woman's right to choose (he was a fervent anti-abortion guy) and religion, he lost his support base. And the country lost a legitimate attempt at saying once and for all; "If you want to leave your country and come to this country and if you have something to offer, we welcome you. But there are laws you need to adhere to before we make you a permanent part of the greatest country in the world.

And yes, we're a country desperately in need of better leadership which will be brought about (hopefully) in the next presidential election. Mayor Rudy has suddenly become the number one Republican candidate in a lot of areas. How is this happening? Despite his liberal views on abortion and gay issues, Mayor Rudy is calling for a get tough policy on illegal immigration.

Speaking of current leadership, we often wonder who really IS running things in Washington.
President Bush? Vice President Cheney? Karl Rove? At the White House Correspondents' Association dinner Saturday night, singer Sheryl Crow and producer Laurie David walked over to Karl Rove's table. They wanted to speak with Rove about global warming. Everyone agrees that the conversation didn't go well. No problem. A lot of conversations don't go well.
At one point in the conversation, Crow told Rove, "You work for me." Rove responded with, "No, I work for the American people." Crow then said, "Yes, and I'm an American citizen."

Yes, a LEGAL American citizen who doesn't get as much positive attention from our political leaders as ILLEGAL citizens do.

Totally different subject: Are the Lakers going to win ANY games in this series with the Suns?


Like it or not, we have neighbors we can't ignore. The homeless.

Friday, April 20, 2007


A whole lot of goofiness to talk about today. Beginning with a phone message that actor Alec Baldwin left his young daughter on the 11th of April. The irate message was left on a voice tape that Baldwin's ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger reportedly released to the media. This is not the kind of message a father usually delivers to his daughter, especially one as young as this daughter and it certainly isn't a message a father will feel proud about when he hears a recording of it being played over and over again across the country. There is an argument being posed that Basinger might have violated a court order of some kind if she did, release this tape, but if you haven't heard it yet, you CAN hear it by clicking on
Other goofiness...Another shouting match between Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera because of a "debate" they were having on Fox News', "The O'Reilly Factor" about illegal immigration and a drunk driver who killed someone. The reason I'm referring to this as "goofiness" is not because of the subject matter, but because that these two "showmen" have gotten publicity for yelling at each other before and now what they're doing looks like....Well, it looks like bad acting is what it looks like.

Even MORE goofiness because MSNBC's Keith Olbermann (a look at me publicity hound if there ever was one) has been taking critical verbal shots at O'Reilly and Rivera and the two of them have been dumb enough to publicly respond to the lesser rated (TV ratings wise) Olbermann.

Even MORE goofiness when we watched our very unqualified U.S. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalez being unable to answer questions posed by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. And while I was driving back from an acting workshop last night, I heard another one of these "phony patriot" talk show hosts taking Senator Arlen Specter to task for ASKING the questions that Gonzalez was unable to answer.

And then there's poor John McCain. No one questions HIS patriotism! What he went through in Viet Nam is something none of us can relate to. Once upon a time, McCain was a very serious candidate to be our next President of the United States. But does anyone (except maybe him) really believe that NOW? Did you hear about the parody song he sang in response to a question about Iran at a Wednesday campaign stop in South Carolina? Recalling the Beach Boys', "Barbara Ann", McCain began singing, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!"
Watch McCain sing 'bomb bomb Iran:
Yesterday, McCain told Las Vegas reporters that people complaining about his "Bomb Iran" joke should "lighten up and get a life." Here's my response to McCain's response. REALLY?!? And now I'm tempted to sing my OWN Beach Boys' parody. John, John, John, John-John McCain! You get the idea. Senator McCain, this MIGHT be funny if you weren't trying to become our next President of the United States. Sadly, the JOKE here is that you think you have a chance to WIN.

We'll close with a couple of showbiz items that don't involve parody or goofiness.

Have you heard the rumors about the television show, "Law & Order"? After being on the air for 17 years, it's in serious danger of not returning for an 18th year. The "Criminal Intent" Law & Order show is in danger of not returning for what I think would be a 7th season. The "Special Victims Unit" Law & Order WILL return next season.

Attention fans of the television show "24"! I've seen every episode of that show. But we fans have been a little worried about our "24" this season because it seems to have lost its way. And I gotta tell ya that for a while on this past Monday's show, I thought "24" might be in danger of being IRRETRIEVABLY lost. But (thankfully) during the second half hour I found myself saying, "Welcome home, 24! I've missed you!"

Do we think the Lakers have any kind of chance against Phoenix in the playoffs?

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Did you see the "Title" above? No, I haven't lost my mind. Yesterday, I said my favorite music is Country music and that what Sanjaya tried to sing Tuesday, "Something To Talk About" was (I thought) butt-ugly awful. Before last night's voting results were announced, the seven American Idol finalists all participated in a song. "I Guess I'm Doin' All Right". A lot of it featured all seven singing at once, but each finalist had a couple of solo sections and in the two that Sanjaya sang, I said to myself, "THAT's the song he should have sung TUESDAY! Instead of giving us "something to talk about", which was how awful he sounded, Sanjaya would have had us believing (in more ways than one) the words, "I guess I'm doin' all right".

Decisions, decisions. When Sanjaya found out he'd been eliminated, those were real tears he was shedding folks and I shed a tear when his exit song was "Something To Talk About", because it STILL was awful. I couldn't help but think that as "original" this guy was and is in so many (weird?) ways, It's a shame he didn't go OUT being original. Like WHAT, Scott? Well, by announcing to the band, "You know what, instead of that song nobody liked, I want you guys to get the music sheets out for I Guess I'm Doin' All Right, because if I have to leave, THAT's the note I'm leaving ON!" Admit it. Wouldn't that have been a fun television moment? And wouldn't Sanjaya then have left the building REALLY giving people "something to talk about"?

And as long as the subject is television shows...

What's up with this awful habit ALL the networks have when just as we're (maybe) getting INTERESTED in a series, they take it off the air for a bunch of weeks before bringing it back. What's the logic? With a gazillion shows to choose from, the networks think we'll just WAIT for these shows to come back? NBC's "Heroes" is about to come back after a long hiatus.

"Heroes" was arguably the only water-cooler hit NBC has had this season. "Heroes" is one of those kinds of shows that's hard to get involved with, but once you DO get involved and then it's taken AWAY from you?!? If the ratings suck when "Heroes" returns, somebody at NBC should be fired.

And then there's ABC with their new show, "October Road" which follows "Grey's Anatomy". Except when it's put on some kind of hiatus. Which it was after three episodes or so. Why does a show that just STARTED, get put on ANY kind of hiatus? It'll be back tonight.

CBS has done the same thing with "Jericho" and I could go on and on. Don't these network suits know how frustrating this is for viewers? Do they CARE?!?

And then there are performers who tend to frustrate the networks. Like Bill Maher. A comedian/talk show host who was unceremoniously fired by ABC after making a "cowards" analogy regarding 9/11. It was a dicey analogy, but I understood what he was trying to say. A lot of people who used deferments or daddy's influence to avoid service during the Viet Nam years put on their "patriotic hats" and demanded Maher's head, which ABC promptly gave them. I bring this up to point out that after a period of time in which Maher thought (was worried) he might be "finished", he's made a comeback by doing a Friday night (at 11pm) show on HBO. Bill Maher ain't for everybody, folks. Sometimes he makes ME cringe, but I think that most of the time he is a very interesting and (sometimes) funny guy who interviews guests on both sides of the aisle while giving them a chance to say what's on their minds. If you're a big believer in what the Bush administration is doing, you should check out Maher's show to see and hear what the other side thinks. If you don't believe in what the Bush administration is doing, you should check out Maher for a meal of "comfort food".


Is "Law & Order" OVER after 17 years?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Country music is my FAVORITE music. Superstar Country singer Martina McBride is a woman I'd make an absolute fool of myself over if I ever saw her in a bar. With Country music being the music that the seven remaining contestants on "American Idol" were going to have to sing and the fact they were being coached by Martina McBride, made the night "must-see TV for me last night as opposed to taping it and watching it later.

I felt sorry for Martina McBride. She was/is gorgeous, she was very supportive, she gave great advice to the seven finalists and then darn near every ONE of the seven went on stage and laid a giant egg.

There were a couple of exceptions. Most notably, Jordin Sparks, about whom Simon Cowell said (in essence) that he now believed that Jordin could end up BEING this year's "American Idol".

Finalist Chris Richardson responded with a bit of a "hissy" attitude regarding Simon's criticism of Richardson sounding too "nasally", by saying that "nasally" was a form of singing. Without debating the merits of that assertion, let me, the long time country fan that I am simply say, Chris, whatever you want to refer to your singing as and definitions regarding wordplay with a word like "nasally", let me make it simple for you. COUNTRY, you ain't!

And then there was Sanjaya's performance. It was sooo bad, I don't remember the name of the song he "sang". How bad was it? Butt-ugly awful was how bad it was. Randy was critical, Paula was critical and when Simon said Sanjaya's performance was "Utterly Horrendous", Ryan Seacrest jumped in (perhaps to ease the sting for Sanjaya), but what we ended up seeing was what we thought might be a catfight between Ryan and Simon. It made for good television, Ryan took another shot or two at Simon while Simon barked back, but here's the bottom line; Simon's criticism was sooo right! If Sanjaya isn't eliminated tonight, instead of pursuing a singing career, he might want to consider magic, because we'd then have to believe he might be our next "Houdini".

Meanwhile, this message for Chris Richardson. Listen to the tape.

Martina McBride will sing tonight. That ought to be what we're looking forward to, right? Well it is, but we'll also be looking for something else, won't we? Will we GET it?

Speaking of things related to music, I call your attention to a music programmer who "gets it".

Rich "Brother" Robbin.

For those of you who aren't familiar with that name, the short bio would be that he's a long time music programmer and d.j. who lives in San Diego. Rich has worked with and for some of the biggest names in the business. Before publisher Don Barrett decided to become a writer/publisher, Barrett was a radio GM who hired Robbin to work in Detroit, Dallas and here in Los Angeles.

Like a lot of us who grew up with music that isn't played on the radio anymore, Rich "Brother" Robbin was frustrated. What most of us do (who miss our music) is play CD's or maybe try that channel Howard Stern moved to. Neither of those options have been particularly appealing to me, so I've tended to listen to games or other music, like Country, when I can find a good Country station, which is an ongoing process.

Rich "Brother" Robbin decided to (in essence) build his own station and play his own music and put it on the internet. It is playing in my home office while I'm writing this.
You can do the same thing. You don't have to buy any special equipment. It's free. And if you want to hear songs you haven't heard in a long time, you WILL hear them on Rock 'n roll oldies, what we used to call MOR oldies that were crossover hits and Country crossover hits that are virtually ignored by every oldies station in America. Elvis? HAS your Elvis. When's the last time you heard, "U.S. Male"? You'll hear it on How about "Love's Been Good To Me", by Frank Sinatra? Robbin's got you covered.

How does Rich PAY for this? Well, it's been out of his own pocket, but he takes donations. If you LIKE it, why not SUPPORT it? I do. I sent a check for $93. You send checks to help KCET stay alive, don't you?

In closing, let me tell you how good I think Rich Robbin's REALLY is. I think he should be programming KRTH here in Los Angeles.

I know. He'd have to deal with COMMERCIALS if he was hired there. Wouldn't that remove a lot of the luster from what he's doing NOW? I don't think so and I'll tell you why. Rich "Brother" Robbin is playing oldies for the masses. I can hear your next question. "As opposed to WHAT, Scott?" As opposed to music that has constantly been "washed" and "re-washed" by consultants conducting politically correct focus groups.

Oldies radio needs a swashbuckling programmer with the courage to go back to the basics. Playing music for the masses. Not imagined masses. The REAL masses.

Country radio needs that too, but that's another topic for another time.

Meanwhile, if you like the oldies, I heartily recommend it.


Bill Maher

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is going to be a very good day for legendary Los Angeles broadcaster, Rick Dees. He's in Las Vegas where he'll be inducted into the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Hall of Fame. It's not the first Hall of Fame Dees has been inducted into, but the timing of THIS induction is especially sweet for Rick.

I mean, ESPECIALLY sweet!

I told the Rick Dees story in a "The Way I See It" column of mine in a few months ago, but the essence of that story is this; After 20 years of record setting ratings and money made for KIIS-FM, Dees suddenly found himself where lesser mortals (like myself) are familiar with. "On the street". Rick would say, "It was like I was in radio jail!" Less than a year ago, an opportunity at Movin' 93 presented itself, Rick said, "Yesss!" and now he's in the process of trying to help THAT station reach heights never imagined.

Meanwhile, Rick Dees will be inducted into another Hall of Fame today and as a guy who's worked with him and had the pleasure of being his friend, I find myself being happier than a pig in slop.

Congratulations, Rick!

Speaking of people who are good at what they do, I call your attention to James Woods. A many times awarded film actor who's now starring in a television series, "Shark", for CBS. The show has done well for CBS, the cast, crew and producers all like the very intense Woods, a second season is all but guaranteed, except... for whacha call a little "hitch in the get-along". Woods might choose to NOT do a second season. I don't think this is about money. I think it's more about the hours, the everyDAY hours a television series demands.

I've seen every episode of "Shark", I like the show and I like the characters Woods is surrounded with. Especially the actress who plays Woods' daughter, Danielle Panabaker. She's 19, I had never heard of her, but the first time she showed up on screen in the first episode, I said, "Whoa! Who's THIS?" I don't know about the rest of you, but I BELIEVE she's Woods' daughter. It'll be a shame if we don't see more of Danielle Panabaker next season, because if James Woods chooses to not return, the show "Shark" won't return.

A show that definitely won't return next season is "The Sopranos". The second episode of the final season was shown on HBO this past Sunday. Reviews from a tough crowd of critics have been tepid. I respectfully disagree. No, we haven't seen a bunch of people getting whacked and we're not sure of what sort of resolution or closure we'll be getting, but I can't help but be caught up in the acting we're watching and "The Sopranos" continues to prove the old adage, "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage!" This classic television show DOES have it "on the page" thanks to terrific writers who have terrific actors capable of showcasing that great writing. Enjoy it while you can. The Sopranos are about to leave the building.


A shout out to Rich "Brother" Robbin and his oldies format that "gets it".

Monday, April 16, 2007


I was originally going to title this, "Rachel Robinson, One of a Kind", but I can't get her youthful exuberance out of my head.

And this goes back to the first time I interviewed her on a radio show I was doing on Los Angeles' KMPC in 1981 or '82. Rachel Robinson struck me then as a person with a voice, personality and energy of someone in high school who had the tag, "Most likely to succeed" attached to her name. At that time, Rachel Robinson was 58 or 59. She's now 84 and if you watched and listened to her during those two innings or so she was on ESPN with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan yesterday, you saw and heard that same youthful dynamo I remember from 25 or 26 years ago. I mean, when you talk about "The power behind the throne", you are talking about Rachel Robinson.

At Dodger Stadium yesterday and last night, the 60th anniversary of the first African American who played major league baseball was celebrated. Jackie Robinson. Hall of Famer, Jackie Robinson, a man who's always been referred to as "Jack" by the woman who loved him, still loves him and who knew him better than anyone.

And what a celebration it was! Every Dodger player wore number 42, Hall of Famers Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson threw out the ceremonial first pitches, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson sang our National Anthem, Don Newcombe (who SHOULD be in the Hall of Fame) had a nice conversation with ESPN's Stuart Scott and Vin Scully was introduced to recall some moments in a way that was....Well, it was pure Vin, is what it was.

One couldn't help but notice how after Rachel Robinson had spoken on the field (BEFORE her conversation on ESPN with Miller and Morgan), that the tenor of the day/evening was set to a higher than high level. I mean, did you see/hear the Hank Aaron conversation with Miller and Morgan on ESPN? I didn't know that beneath that tough Aaron exterior lies a living, breathing personality that is major league charming and funny. If Rachel Robinson was responsible for that, let's get Willie Mays to the next event Rachel is a part of and see what happens to WILLIE's personality.

During the Rachel Robinson conversation on ESPN, she told Miller and Morgan about a Jackie Robinson movie idea that is being seriously kicked around. It would/will star Robert Redford as Branch Rickey. She doesn't know (or isn't saying) who the first choices are to play Jackie and or her (Rachel). Off the top of my head, I'd like to see Omar Epps in the Jackie role if Epps can look believable with a bat and a ball. I think Epps would be VERY believable at what the rest of the role would require. The role of Rachel Robinson would have to be played by an actress who has the ability to portray someone who is BEYOND "special" and the first person who comes to my mind is Will Smith's wife, Jada, but if she's considered to be too old or whatever, an unknown actress might be the way to go. If that's the case, the producers should call me because there's a young woman in an acting workshop I go to all the time who just might be PERFECT for the role of Rachel Robinson, because if you're going to step into Rachel Robinson's shoes, you had damn well better BE perfect.

Rick Dees, James Woods and The Sopranos.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Now that Don Imus has been fired from everything, let's touch on a couple of things we know. Imus had the meeting with the Rutgers basketball players last night. The Rutgers' coach said it was a good meeting. On Imus' charity radiothon today, Imus' wife played the role of host because her husband has been banned from the building. After today, no more Imus family members of any kind will be on a CBS radio station.

Congratulations to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, sarcasm intended. Their yelling and screaming about what was unquestionably a tawdry radio moment on top of many tawdry radio moments in Imus' radio career accomplished what they wanted to get accomplished. Imus' head on a platter.

In the big picture of things, I don't have a problem with that because I'm not a fan of race-baiting, hate radio no matter how many important newsmakers support it until it gets too hot in the kitchen and we watch them run like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are media "go-to" guys when trouble hits, because....?!?

Isn't it time we put a microscope to THOSE two? And if we did, what will we learn?

That's your homework assignment, class. Al Sharpton is, has done, and has been involved with what? Same 3-part question for Jesse Jackson.

And when you put the microscope down, if you aren't saying, "Why does ANYBODY give these guys a platform?", refocus your microscope.

Oh, those drops of sweat you're seeing. Good morning, Rush. That buzzard you see circling above Don Imus' carcass? Good morning, Dennis Miller.

Other stuff...

What the heck is going on at Dodger Stadium? Filthy, stinkin' restrooms, excessively long lines at concession stands and a parking lot problem that's the mother of ALL parking lot problems which is under the jurisdiction of a guy who supposedly made his bones as a parking lot guy in Boston. What's especially sad is that this is all going on while it looks like their baseball team might be pretty good. And while the cost TO park gets your attention ($15), how about the cost of GAME tickets?!? Do you remember when going to a baseball game was AFFORDABLE?

Then there's the price of Laker tickets. And that wonderful team they're putting on the floor night after night. And the fact that tickets will (reportedly) go up substantially NEXT season. The justification will be what? I think the answer is, "Because we can!"

How about the price of gasoline? How many times have we been told recently that the price of gas would be going DOWN? Yesterday, at most stations in the L.A. area, the price of gasoline went up at LEAST 4 cents a gallon. How much for "regular" in your neighborhood? $3.30 something? Higher? MUCH higher?

Final thought. The Lakers really need for there to be something TO the rumor about Luke Walton possibly being interested in Britney Spears (as was reported on Entertainment Tonight), because right now there's nothing they're showcasing that we care about. Luke denies it and says he's very happy with the volleyball player he's currently dating. Luke, Luke, Luke, this is L.A., dude! And you're a part of a franchise that put "Showtime" on the map. Sometimes, for the good of the cause, you've got to take one for the team, because the "Show" is sadly missing and fans are thinking you and the team are becoming a waste of their "Time". I'm sure your girlfriend would understand.

Have a nice weekend everybody.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is not a comfortable topic for me. I BEGAN my career in radio. While many people here in L.A. remember me from my days as a radio/television sports anchor, commentary and editorial guy, I started off and did quite well as a rock 'n roll d.j. Along the way I had some fun in different music formats before making my bones as a general information talk show host on KMOX in St. Louis.

Race baiting, homophobic references, overt sexist or sexual references and phony "patriotism" acts were never a part of what I did on the air.

I've never met Don Imus. He was a good friend of a late friend of mine and as a result of that, Imus was kind enough to once sing my praises (vociferously) on his MSNBC show and I'll always be grateful for that.

Having said that, there is simply no excuse for what he said about those Rutgers basketball players. I'll admit it. I (like I bet most of YOU) laugh at things privately that I wouldn't say publicly, but there was nothing REMOTELY funny about the shots he took at the young women basketball players. NOTHING! Yes, Imus has been apologizing over and over again, but this is (for him) very possibly the straw that proverbially broke the camel's back. Here's a guy who's made a career out of being (in his words) an equal opportunity abuser, but what strikes most folks the wrong way about THIS episode of Imus abuse is the target(s) he selected. Young college girls. Politicians? Fair game. Pompous big shots of any kind or color? Fair game. Etc., etc. MSNBC has announced they will no longer carry the Imus show even though the show has almost caught up to CNN in the ratings. MSNBC says their decision was made after a large number of MSNBC employees let management know in no uncertain terms, they didn't want Imus pontificating on their airwaves. Imus begins a 2-week suspension from his radio show this coming Monday. His first day back on the air is scheduled to be April 30, but
WILL he be back? At this point, I don't think anyone knows for certain.

Okay commentary boy (me), what do YOU think? Back when Imus was doing hilarious riffs on pompous preachers, etc., I would have been proud to have him representing my station as my morning guy. Even though I know that "hate/shock" radio (couched with humor) has become a big ratings grabber for a lot of stations, it ain't my kind of radio for the exact reason we're talking about this today. No matter how talented you are, doing this kind of schtick takes you in one direction and one direction only. Constantly trying to top yourself and you end up in a situation like Imus is in today.

And that brings me to Rush Limbaugh. Another talented broadcaster. A broadcaster who has made a career out of pandering to the very lowest common denominator which sadly there are enough of to influence some elections. Phony, phony send 'em to war patriotisim (how many deferments, Rush?), hypocrisy of the first order regarding drug addiction and addicts, ethnic baiting and I could go on and on. The other day, Rush was laughing and joking on the air with another great patriot. How many deferments, Mr. Vice President Dick Cheney? And would you please tell us again how you feel about gays? Oh, you have a daughter who's one? Oops! Does this make ME sound like one of you "modern" broadcaster/patriots?

What will I write about tomorrow? No idea. I'll be as surprised as you are.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I was going to write what I hoped would be a cute analogy of teasing that goes on between human males and females and compare it to what I think I saw going on in the parking lot at a supermarket between a couple of pigeons. I believe the teasing is done primarily by the female species in the human race and if what I think I saw in the parking lot was accurate, it's done by birds as well.

Maybe tomorrow.

And I guess that's a tease from the male species of the human race.

Jennifer Lopez.

That woman gets to ME!

I've seen most of her films, I wish she'd make another film with George Clooney, but what I like most about Jennifer Lopez in a film is that she strikes me as someone I would feel comfortable sitting next to. Women (or men) who have that ability are proficient in one of two areas. Teasing or they're just real. There's seldom a middle ground or if there is, the middle ground tends to be whacha call, terrifying. Or vanilla.

Did you see Jennifer Lopez on "American Idol" last night? She was coaching the eight remaining singers. I thought she came across as adorable with a smile to die for.

It's a good thing Jennifer Lopez was there, because this was hands down the worst American Idol I've seen this season. I didn't think that ANY of the singers were good. Randy Jackson touched on it briefly when he said, "It's the music!". Yeah, Dawg, you're right. You had eight finalists who couldn't cut it with the BRAND of music they were asked to perform. Contestant Haley Scarnato is fun to look at, but I agree with Simon. She is going to need to keep wearing less and less to keep us interested if she continues to sound like she sounded on that "Turn The Beat Around" or whatever it was "song" that she (gamely) tried to sing last night.

And here's what's really weird. Sanjaya. I know. He's ALWAYS weird, right? All of a sudden, I'm not so sure. While I agree with Simon who said, "I couldn't understand a word you sang!", I also agree with Simon when he said, "But it wasn't HORRIBLE!"

Sanjaya was the show's final performer last night and he "sang" some slow song that was barely intelligible, but you couldn't take your eyes off of him. I mean, give that boy a cow because he's a PROFESSIONAL milker! I've been of the opinion that Sanjaya is a novelty act who would implode one night, we would discover him for the fraud we believe him to be and then (in my case) hope that Haley would match her looks by becoming a better singer.

Last night, "American Idol" showcased two people who kept us interested because of their charm. Jennifer Lopez and Sanjaya. And I guess this column DID end up being about teasing.

Tomorrow? Maybe I'll write about those pigeons, but there's an "American Idol" results show to watch tonight. Along with some singing and charming by Jennifer Lopez.