Thursday, October 27, 2011

The GOP continues to bow to the rich! Uh, oh! China's bubble like OUR bubble? Radio's Armageddon! The 7 billionth person is about to be born!

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Before getting into the subjects you see in the headline above, I'd like to send a "Thank you!" shout out to long time and big time radio veteran, Jack Roberts. He writes a terrific daily entertainment column in his Hollywood Hills section and he wrote a very nice column about me in his October 26 posting. You can find him and his column by Googling, Jack also provides a link to MY blog under the weekly blog written by legendary radio columnist, Claude Hall. Jack, when you put me within smelling distance of the great Claude Hall, I am happier than a pig in slop.


I spent a lot of years as a radio rock 'n roll music guy, easy listening music guy, urban music guy and talk show guy. And along the way, I was kind of the "boss" at a couple of the places I worked at.

So yeah, I know a little bit about the radio business.

I seldom (VERY seldom) write anything about radio in this column unless it's in reference to a former or current successful radio person who has written a political rant of some kind. As you long time readers know, this is primarily a political based column along with entertainment stuff at the end. Buuuut.... because of what happened yesterday, this former radio veteran (me) feels the need to do a little "popping off".

It was President Bill Clinton who signed into legislation what has become to be known as "Consolidation". To most of you, that means nothing. But this was a big deal to the radio community because it marked the beginning of a lot of "changes", most of which were ill advised and pretty much all of which were based on greed.

The "housing bubble" wasn't limited to home owners. Home owners who had no business buying homes with no money down, etc., were home owners who had dollar signs dancing in their heads because they were imagining all the money they'd be making once they sold their homes.

Unfortunately, most of these home owners have either had their homes taken from them because they couldn't make the payments or they're on the verge of losing their homes.

What have these "pie in the sky" home buyers learned? The same thing most folks have been told but chose to ignore. "If it looks too good to be true, it IS!!!"

In the radio business when the consolidation thing got passed, some so-called "genius" and slick entrepreneurs decided to buy a lot of radio stations. I mean a LOT of stations. And these amateur jerk-offs began what appears to be the absolute destruction of a business that used to be fun (and profitable) to be a part of.

These geniuses decided that one person being the General Manager of a radio station and one person being the Program Director of a radio station was/is cost-inefficient. News flash: Operating and or programming ONE radio station, is HARD WORK!! At first, it was a General Manager and a Program Director being responsibe for two radio stations instead of one! Slowly but surely, General Managers and Program Directors were being responsible for three stations, then four stations, do I hear six stations (suddenly I'm feeling like an auctioneer), and yes, six was a number and in some cases the number was more but....

I am now being told by a very "connected" guy in the radio world that after what happened yesterday, which in my view was the beginning of Radio's Armageddon, these "geniuses" are about to have tons of radio stations that have NO Program Directors! And General Managers, unless they're related to one of these "geniuses" are now "on notice" as well. Unless no one has told them the "news" yet.

And by the way, WHAT happened yesterday was a whole lot of firing. And we're told that's just the beginning. Hundreds upon hundreds that will probably become thousands of radio people will be fired in the near future. And yes, television is being affected as well, but I don't want to get too far away from what we're usually talking about here which are things that lobbyist controled Congress people legislate. Stuff that in the final analysis, benefits the well-to-do while the rest of us are invited to "Eat Cake!"

That's exactly what's happening to the radio business. With rare exception, the entertainment we used to get from radio shows is virtually non-existent. I mean, 8, 10, 12 commercials in a row? Minor leaguers on the air instead of professional and entertaining communicators. Minor leaguers who have no security and who have no business being in a radio station unless they're there to clean it.

And con men radio bosses who know nothing about how a radio station should be run except for the brown-nosing they do while trying to impress the "geniuses" above them about how good they are at firing people.

Mark it down, folks. Yesterday was the beginning of Radio's Armageddon!

Unless.... Someone in a radio power position wakes up and has the authority to put the brakes to this nonsense!

Like the singer once sang, "If I can dream...!"


I promise. It figures to be quite a while before I do a radio rant again, but what has happened to that business is something I'm taking personally.


My thanks to Time Magazine for pointing out something that is happening in China. Yeah, the same China that we owe all the money to. We are told that China's current hot economy grew on real estate mania and easy money. We are also told we should be very afraid of "The China Bubble". And if that sounds familiar, it should. That's how OUR economy got thrown into the ditch.

The 7 billionth person figures to be born by October 31st. Halloween. And yes, we should be concerned. And scared. Birth control, anyone? Religious zealots keep us from providing birth control stuff for poor people in other countries and for that matter, what about poor people HERE! Should they have or continue to have babies when they can't AFFORD them?!?

Just askin'.

Did you hear about the proposal from "Super committee" Democrats that would have reduced our deficit by 3 trillion dollars? Republicans are saying "NO!" because the proposal would include tax hikes for the rich. Give 'em credit for being consistent. And obedient to their lobbyist masters.

If you're like me, you think the Republican debates have been entertaining. And we're not alone. The TV ratings for the Republican debates have been terrific. The next debates will be Wednesday, November 9 and will be televised by CNBC.

And speaking of "entertaining", it's time for our


How about that World Series, huh?

Lindsay Lohan is going to try to entertain us by posing nude for Playboy magazine. What is she? 25? Isn't she the oldest looking 25-year old you've ever seen? Her father was arrested again today. Her mother brokered the Playboy deal. That's a heck of family environment she's been exposed to, huh?

Because of the World Series, some of the television shows weren't showing new episodes this past week, but among those that WERE shown, here are some opinions....

Lisa Edelstein is beginning to fit like a glove on "The Good Wife", Sunday nights on CBS. Love that show.

Speaking of Sunday nights....In addition to "The Good Wife", I'm enjoying "Dexter" on Showtime and "Hung", "How to make it in America" and "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO.

"Homeland" is also on Showtime on Sunday nights and I absolutely LOVE that show. Take a bow Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and an outstanding supporting cast.

Another Sunday night show I saw was the premiere episode of "Once Upon a Time" on ABC. I've had a television crush on Jennifer Morrison (yes, she used to be on "House") for a long time. The show got terrific ratings and congrats to Jennifer, Ginnifer Goodwin and the supporting players.

Wednesday nights on ABC is a show that if you haven't seen it, you're missing out on a treat of the first order. I'm talking about "Revenge" which stars Emily Van Camp and a group of characters that you'll have an opinion about. This is classic night time Soap Opera stuff and it gets better and better and BETTER each week. Last night's episode wore me out. Yes, it was that good and the episode ended with a cliff-hanger that will be resolved next Wednesday night.

The new Friday night Kelsey Grammer show, "Boss", on STARZ? I had a so-so reaction to their premiere episode.

A 2003 film, "Owning Mahony" is on the HBO circuit now. It stars the great Philip Seymour Hoffman who is supported terrifically by Minnie Driver and John Hurt. This film is about a degenerate gambler who can't quit when he's ahead or quit when he's losing. This film (to me) was breathtakingly riveting.

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring something unforseen, next Thursday night (late), November 3 or very early Friday morning, November 4.

Meanwhile, I hope you all have a very pleasant weekend.

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Herman Cain & 9-9-9! Rick Perry's Flat Tax! Mitt Romney & Illegal Immigrants! A Short Essay From One Of Our Readers! And Lindsay Lohan!!!

Because of other things on my "plate", here comes another blog that I'm beginning a little after 3:30 in the morning (Pacific Time), on Friday, October 21. Unless this blog is shorter than usual or I end up writing real fast, you subscribers won't get this until tomorrow morning around this time.

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And speaking of Twitter, I'd like to welcome a political action committee that has joined us.


Those of you who have been with us for a while are familiar with the name, Bill Mouzis. Decorated WWII veteran, a patriot of the first order and a guy who became a legendary Engineer-Producer for Bill Drake, Ron Jacobs, Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele during "Boss Radio's" glory days on KHJ here in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of working with Bill at Gene Autry's KMPC here and I'm proud to call him a friend.

Here's his very topical essay:

At a time when the average citizen has little chance of finding affordable work, our jobs continue to be exported overseas. The unemployed are forced to seek help from our government in order to simply survive. This is the only option available in an economy of high prices and unmitigated greed. Citizens protesting on the streets of America are labeled "Socialists" and Communists" as corporations callously ignore their plight. Many of these business entities pay little or no taxes, and reject the premise that the cost of doing business in America carries with it an obligation to further the welfare of its citizens. To ignore this basic tenet is to ignore our brave service-people returning home from protecting these democratic principles.

Thank you, Bill Mouzis.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; To ignore everything that the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the Tea Party protesters are complaining/concerned about is to do so at your/our peril. None of us were alive when (many years ago) concerned Americans were grumbling quietly about how our political leaders weren't paying attention to their concerns. Then the grumbling got louder. And STILL our political leaders weren't paying attention to their concerns. And that led to.....Americans shooting at and killing each other during what was called our "CIVIL WAR"!

As I pointed out in last week's blog, we have an income/wealth disparity in America that no other country is even CLOSE to. I have no problem with people (our very wealthy citizens) being as successful as they can be while as the great Casey Kasem might say, "Reaching for the stars", but when they're doing this by outsourcing millions of American jobs to foreign countries and quietly encouraging the arrival of illegal immigrants that can be turned into "keep your mouths shut slaves" while taking MORE jobs from LEGAL Americans, we have whacha call, "A Problem"!

When millions of Americans WANT to work, but CAN'T work because millions of jobs have been sent by rich American CEO's or COO's or whatever their titles are (I don't know about you, but "greedy bastards" works for me) and you add the illegal immigrant "slave employment" problem, what you/we are then looking at is "Trouble in River City". And the only way you can't see that is if, like the ostrich, you choose to keep your head in the sand.


Did you hear ANYTHING in the recent Republican debates that made you feel "warm and fuzzy" because you had the feeling that if one of those people becomes our new president, our problems will be solved?

I didn't.

Have you heard ANYTHING from the Obama administration that makes you feel "warm and fuzzy" because you have the feeling THEY'LL solve our problems?

I haven't.

But in my heart of hearts, I believe that the way to BEGIN the solving of our problems involves a two-word solution: AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To hell with these stupid wars! We will have a lot of money to spend on America if we bring our troops home. I know. Some of you think we'll be setting ourselves up for some kind of vicious attacks if we bring our troops home. With all due respect, thinkers like that are idiots. No one but no one has the amount of lethal bombs and bullets that we have. Do you honestly think some other country would risk becoming "Japan"?!?

Deport American corporation chiefs who have moved millions of jobs once held by Americans to foreign countries. Yeah, I know. To be "fair", we give them a chance to bring the jobs BACK to America first and....
Wait a minute. That's what I've been saying! AMERICA FIRST!

And can we please stop screwing around with this illegal immigrant business? Despite assertions by "bleeding hearts", illegal immigrants aren't the victims. WE are the victims! LEGAL American tax paying citizens are paying for all the free stuff that those (poor baby, wahhh!) illegal immigrants get. Before she retired, my sister was a big deal nurse at a hospital in Arizona and she told me all kinds of horror stories about what she had to put up with from people who shouldn't even be here. Illegal immigrants! Bleeping law breakers! And why are they here? Because our political leaders, many of them who are bought off by lobbyists representing corporate titans who WANT the cheap slave like labor that illegal immigrants give them....Excuse me, I'm about to throw up....

Anyway....Our political leaders talk the good talk about doing something about the illegal immigration problem, but then....? They do absolutely NOTHING!

Except take the money from the lobbyists who got the money from Wall Street and Corporate titans and of course the money that gets handed out to our so-called political LEADERS isn't just for looking the other way about illegals, it's for looking the other way about lots of other stuff and then we wonder why the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party People are letting the rest of us know they're mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore?!?

AMERICA FIRST, people! AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Stuff:

Mitt Romney's excuse for firing illegal immigrants who were doing lawn work for him was disgusting. He said he had to get rid of them because he was "running for office". No, Governor. Your answer should have been because they were ILLEGAL!

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan? I'm all for a flat tax if it's put together properly. On the surface, it looks like Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is not a plan that will benefit most folks except for rich folks. And when one considers the fact that Herman Cain is tight with the Koch brothers, one shouldn't be surprised that Cain might be inclined to do their bidding.

Governor Rick Perry says that HE will soon be presenting HIS flat tax idea.

It's tough, it's hard, some say it's brutal, but I like Alabama's illegal immigrant law. And yeah, a certain group of people are calling upon Congress and the courts to do something about overturning Alabama's law. Gee, who do you think THAT might be?

Sarcasm intended.


Lindsay Lohan has nothing to do with politics or illegal immigrants, but am I the only one who thinks it's long past time for her to learn her actions have consequences? I used to feel sorry for her, but not any more. She apparently thinks the "rules" don't apply to her or all the alcohol and drugs she has consumed have made her insane. Solution? Give her several months of hard time in prison or lock her up in a mental institution until she is cured.

Sudden thought: I'm coming across as a real hard-ass today, aren't I?


Game 3 won't be played until tomorrow (Saturday, October 29) in Texas, but we couldn't have asked for more than the Rangers and Cardinals gave us in the first two games, could we? Both games were very well played and both games ended up being won by 1-run.


I saw every minute of the Republican debates and I thought they were very entertaining. Nice job, Anderson Cooper.

Television shows that I am continuing to like a lot are "The Good Wife", "Homeland" and "Dexter" on Sunday nights.

"Parenthood" on Tuesday nights.

"Harry's Law" and "Revenge" on Wednesday nights. "Revenge" gets better and better and better....

"Prime Suspect" and "Person of Interest" on Thursday nights.

And I'm very much looking forward to the first episode of a brand new show that will air on STARZ tonight and every Friday night. Kelsey Grammer will not be playing a funny guy in THIS show, a show called, "Boss".

Progress reports on two well-known shows....

I think that most viewers of "House" (Monday nights on Fox) would agree that "House" was whacha call, "off it's game" last season. They have made some cast changes this season and so far, things (to me) look hopeful. Lisa Edelstein is no longer with the show because she refused a salary cut. Trust me when I tell you that a lot of television actors have accepted salary cuts. Olivia Wilde has also left "House" because of her many film obligations. I'm going to miss her because I thought she was terrific on that show. New cast members include Odette Annable who has done very good work on other shows and she is also whacha call "easy on the eyes", but it is the other new cast member who has the potential of "stealing" this show as time goes on. Her name is Charlyne Yi.

We couldn't help but hear about "Two and a Half Men" (Tuesday nights on CBS) because of all the public complaining Charlie Sheen did before he got fired. The new season got off to a great start, but for four weeks in a row, "Two and a Half Men" has lost more than a million viewers each week. Why? Some folks think it's because of stale writing. As a lot of show business people will tell you, "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage!" And there are some folks who are saying that Ashton Kutcher might not be the guy the producers thought he'd be.

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address which means there would be no way for me to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? What can I say. This is two weeks in a row that I've begun a new blog around 3 or 4 in the morning. I'm assuming the next blog will be written Thursday night (late), October 27 or Friday morning (very early), October 28.

I hope you all have a great weekend and remember;

AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

9-9-9??? "Occupy Wall Street"! "Tea Party"! Shocking Wealth Distribution Numbers! Anybody Got Any Jobs Ideas? And Our Next President Will Be?

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Or put another way,


I'm assuming that most (if not all) of you have heard of this, right? If you watched the Republican debates this past Tuesday, you know that "9-9-9" was brought up a lot.

It is the brainchild of Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain. Or is it the brainchild of the people who invented a popular video game from a few years ago? I never thought we'd see the day when something like a "9-9-9" political gimmick would be controversial in the sense that it's (possibly) not as original an idea as we're being led to believe it is. Is this another example of "The Devil's in the Details" kind of deal? Like the announcer once said, "Stay tuned!"

Because of what appears to be the simplicity of "9-9-9", Herman Cain's proposal has hit a positive nerve with Republican voters. HOW positive? As of early Friday morning, October 14, positive enough to (in some polls) making him the Republican LEADING candidate. As we all know, that can quickly change for any number of reasons, but right now, Herman Cain has a lot of people talking about him and his proposal which has prompted a lot of other people to do some "examining" of "9-9-9" as it "appears to be". And yes, Herman Cain might soon tell us some things we don't know about his "9-9-9" proposal, but until that happens, here are a few observations from ME!

No one, but no one is more in favor of a "flat tax" than I am. And yes, when it comes to taxes, I prefer simplicity which is something we don't have now. In fact, what we do have now is something that overwhelmingly benefits the "haves" as opposed to the "have-nots".

We are told by Cain that his "9-9-9" proposal will be further explained as time goes on, but right now, here's what we know; If his proposal was approved by Congress, there would be a 9% corporate tax, a 9% federal tax and a 9% national sales tax.

On the surface, that sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

As Cain has said, he'll give us the full explanation of his proposal sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, some other "experts" are telling us that "on the surface" Cain's proposal would benefit rich folks a hell of a lot more than it would most folks and those of us in the "middle" and "below" would get financially whacked by this proposal.


Yes, these two protesting groups of American citizens have different things they're pissed off about, but one of the things they have in common is what they see as the overall way they're being screwed, wealth wise.

They have come to the conclusion that things like the so-called "Laffer Curve" and "Trickle-down" theories are theories that have benefitted only one class of people. And it ain't you and me, folks. David Stockman, the guy who sold Ronald Reagan on his "trickle-down" nonsense is now admitting that he was wrong.

But what I'm about to show you is a set of numbers that will let you better understand why there's a growing amount of people, people like you and me, who are quietly "mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore", but who are also (quietly) thinking and speaking "revolution thoughts". None of us were around when the Civil War was fought in our country, but this "mad as hell" talk I'm hearing is what makes me wonder if this was the kind of stuff that was taking place before Americans turned on each while wearing "blue" and "gray" many years ago.

Just askin'.

Okay. Here come those numbers I was referring to.

A "Ratio of Pay Chart" has been released and like with all "charts" it can change, but as of the last sets of numbers tallied, here's the difference between what average workers were paid compared to what the people at the top (CEO's etc.) of the income chart got.

Needless to say, the big numbers represent those at the top.

Japan, 11-1

Germany, 12-1

France, 15-1

Italy and Canada, 20-1

South Africa, 21-1

Britain, 22-1

Mexico, 47-1

Venezuela, 50-1

United States, 475-1

As my friend Don King likes to say, "Only in America!"


Jobs! Foreclosures! Two biggest problems we need to have solved. Did you hear ANY substantial talk about those subjects during Tuesday's Republican debates? I didn't.

Wait a minute. Am I the only one who thinks that "Drill baby, drill!" has a nice ring to it and could be a great step forward for all of us during these terrible economic times? If this drilling would cause the demise of a small fish or bug, etc., would you care? Hey, dinosaurs got eliminated, didn't they? In the final analysis, didn't that turn out to be something that helped the world move forward and prosper?

Just askin'.

During those Republican debates this past Tuesday, it was Governor Perry who brought up the "drill baby, drill" proposal. I don't think I would want him to be our next President of the United States, but I DO like his "drill" proposal.

We hear a lot of talk from these candidates about cutting our spending, etc., etc.

Have you heard ANY of these candidates talk about all the "off the books" billions on top of billions we're spending on these stupid wars we're involved in?

I mean, just THINK of the money that could be used HERE to help America get out of the economic ditch we're in if we would quit being the "Policeman of the WORLD!"


And how about all those billions on top of billions we give to other countries who then turn around and vote against us 67 to over 80% of the time at United Nations' meetings?

Think about all the money we could have to spend HERE if we weren't giving all that BRIBE money to other countries who not only don't like us, but who won't EVEN honor a BRIBE!

I mean, if we're going to get into the gutter with these countries and they STILL screw us, isn't it time to let these ungrateful bastards know that, "Your free bank has been CLOSED!"???

Just askin'.

If you could vote now, your choice in the next presidential election would be....???

Just askin'.


Because of the baseball playoffs, I didn't see as many of the TV shows that I usually see or watch or as many of the new films I sometimes see.

"The Ides of March": I liked this film a lot! And maybe I liked it because I'm a political junkie who has had the privilege of seeing some behind the scenes rough and tumble stuff the likes of which are portrayed in this film. But this ain't just a political film, folks. There are some very serious other twists and turns that will keep you interested. George Clooney produced, directed and starred in this film, but when all is said and done, this is a Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood film that puts the George Clooney character stuck in the middle. There are four other outstanding actors in this all star cast; Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei and Jeffrey Wright. A hundred million dollars worth of talent in a film that cost only12-million to make. I can't guarantee that you'll like it, but I CAN guarantee that you won't be bored.

Television? Another sensational episode of "Parenthood", Tuesday nights on NBC.

I'm tellin' ya, gang...."Revenge", Wednesday nights on ABC is a "killer" in more ways than one.

Same deal with "The Good Wife", Sunday nights on CBS.

New season of "Dexter" began this past Sunday on Showtime. Yay!

"Harry's Law", Wednesday nights on NBC is a show I've liked from the first day it was aired. After another very good episode this past Wednesday, the final few minutes were devoted to an "original series regular" who was/is leaving the show. That would be the "Jenna" character and the way this was written and portrayed caused tears to flow unless you tend to be an unemotional kind of person.

Two shows that were recommended to me are shows that I'm glad I was tipped off to; "Person of Interest", Thursday nights on CBS and the show "Homeland", Sunday nights on Showtime.

"Homeland" knocked my socks off. So far, I am absolutely LOVING this show!!!

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at and I will respond to you ASAP. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me know your email address which means I won't be able to respond to you. All "Anonymous" emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Welll...I was a day late with this one, but hopefully, the next blog will be written and posted late Thursday night, October 20 or very early Friday morning, October 21.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a terrific weekend.


Thursday, October 06, 2011

A quote to live by from Steve Jobs! Chris Christie! Sarah Palin! Governor Perry's Rock! Hank Williams Jr.! G.O.P.???

First of all, I'd like to welcome you new subscribers. I've been writing this blog for several years and this subscription-option idea was presented to me by long time "Entertainment Tonight" Producer-Director Kevin Gershan. This BLOG was also Kevin's idea. I met Kevin 33-years ago when he was the producer of the Robert W. Morgan radio show here in Los Angeles and I was on the air with Robert W. I have never asked to be paid for this blog and I never will. If you choose to subscribe, it costs you nothing, you'll never have to put up with ads because you subscribed, you won't get any spam because you subscribed, but what you will get is my new blog everytime I write one that will be delivered to you via e-mail between 3 and 6 in the morning.

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He had quite a life, didn't he? I could sit here and write all the things he was responsible for, but that's unnecessary because not only do you know these things, the odds are that you have bought stuff that constantly remind you of Steve Jobs.

So instead, I'm going to write something that Steve Jobs once said and I want to thank the great Don Graham for passing this along to me. I know. Some of you are thinking, "Don Graham"? Great for WHAT?!?"

Wellll....As CRN owner Mike Horn might say, "Don Graham is to music (record) promotion as Marconi is to radio!"

This quote from Steve Jobs that I'm about to write is something that I think will "touch" all of you.

Steve Jobs once said, "Almost everything--all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure--these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

Words to live by, huh? And for some of us, it's about time, right?

Long time blog reader and former radio guy Jeffrey Leonard chimes in with; "How true is THIS? Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash!"

Amen, Brother Jeffrey!!!

Next Republican Debates:

They will be held next Tuesday, October 11, the day after Columbus Day. The subject will (supposedly) be only ONE subject. THE ECONOMY and what each candidate would do to fix it if they were elected. If these candidates are going to be "specific" about our economy, the jobs situation, etc., that will be beneficial for all of us because up to now, we haven't heard anything but a whole lot of "name calling" from both sides of the political aisle. Let me repeat that.

We Have Heard NOTHING but a bunch of amateurish finger pointing!!

Just sayin'.

What Sarah and Chris are sayin':

By now, I'm sure you've heard that Sarah Palin has said she will NOT be a candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said (for the umpteenth time) that HE will not be a candidate.

As I've told you in the last two blogs, some big money G.O.P. movers and shakers are very concerned about this current group of candidates and their ability to beat President Obama and they are sorry they weren't able to talk Governor Christie into changing his mind. I'm told that he (Christie) might have changed his mind if the big money boys and girls didn't want Christie to publicly change HIS mind about a few things he believes in. The "Purity Test" these candidates are mandated to pass might end up biting them in the butt big time if Obama ends up winning a second term.

Just sayin'.

What Rick and Herman are sayin'.

Governor Rick Perry is pretty much not saying anything about that big rock of his. But he seemed to be in trouble BEFORE the "rock revealing", wasn't he?

Just askin'.

Herman Cain is now in a virtual first place TIE with Mitt Romney?

Wouldn't it be a mind blower if the next presidential election ends up being between a former "Community Organizer" and a former "Pizza King"?!?

Just askin'.

And as long as we're focused on Republicans:

Do you know what G.O.P. stands for? Besides being something that has to do with the Republican party? A survey was run about this a few days ago and it turns out that most folks don't know what G.O.P. stands for. Here are three of the guess answers; "Gauntlet of Power", "God's Own Party" annnnd..."Grumpy Old People".

What G.O.P. really stands for is, "Grand Old Party".

A Possible U.S. Senate Republican Candidate:

Hank Williams Jr.

I'm not making this up. He's been talking about this (somewhat quietly) for quite a few months. To be a Tennessee U.S. Senate candidate.

He's certainly going to have a lot more time on his hands now that he won't be Monday Night Football's pre-game singer anymore.

Something that President Obama doesn't seem to get credit for:

He has pretty much been doing the same things that President Bush was doing regarding these two wars we're involved in, but his (Obama's) "kills" have been more impressive than the "kills" under Bush's administration. Two examples: Osama bin Laden and the treasonous American citizen who were assassinated thanks to the "go ahead" orders issued by Obama.

Here are some other things that Bush was doing and that Obama has continued to do. Two wars that because we weren't asked to pay any kind of war(s) tax have been big time responsible for our deficit rising the way it has risen and the continuing of the bail-out business that began under the Bush administration. Specifically, Bank of America who, after taking our (taxpayer) money so they could get "well" again, are now adding fees that their customers are being hurt with along with virtually no help for home owners who are trying to keep their homes from being taken from them through foreclosure.

We taxpayers give Bank of America, etc., our money and they give US , what?!?

The"FINGER" is what they give us!!!

What can we DO about it?

Take all of our money OUT of Bank of America and any other ungrateful financial institution and put that money into CREDIT UNIONS!!!

Repeat after me; I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore! I am taxpayer, hear me ROAR!!!!!


Because of all the baseball playoffs action, I didn't see a new film or films this past week. Sometime in the next few days I plan to see the new George Clooney film that's getting terrific reviews, "The Ides of March".

Sorry to hear that a new show I liked has been cancelled already. "The Playboy Club". I saw all three episodes, but just like that it's gone.

All the other TV shows I saw this past week were shows that (to me) featured some terrific writing to go along with good acting.

"The Good Wife". More great acting, more great writing.

"Law & Order: SVU". Week after week after week that show has great writing.

"Harry's Law" began their new season with a 3-episode story line featuring Jean Smart as a great guest star villain and an ending that was terrific.

Another OUTSTANDING episode of "Parenthood". That show gets better and better and better every week.

Fine, fine episode of "Glee". Now they'll be on hiatus because of baseball.

The season opening episode of "Hung" was good as was the season opener for "House", but gang, if you haven't seen "Revenge" yet, you're missing one heck of a good show. This is a show you have to focus on because of flashbacks and other things that are happening, but the person with "Revenge" on her mind is brilliantly played by Emily VanCamp and I'm enjoying this as much as I used to enjoy shows like "Dynasty" and "Dallas".

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Well, the next Republican debates will be next Tuesday, October 11 and the next blog figures to be written next Thursday, October 13 and yes, I'll definitely be writing about those debates. It'll probably be written and posted late that night or early the next morning.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a great weekend!